Is Cirkul Healthy? | Is It The Best Water Bottle In The Market?

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2023)

What Is Cirkul? 

Cirkul is a water bottle brand whose main purpose is to turn water into your favorite beverage and keep you more hydrated than ever. 

The company sells both stainless steel and BPA-free water bottles. We would like you to go for their stainless steel water. 

So, what magic does the Cirkul water bottle do to make you like their way of hydration more than your plain water? Cirkul does this by making your water flavored. They have around 50+ flavors for you to ensure you find your perfect taste. 

Unlike flavored drinks like soda or energy drinks, Cirkul flavor isn’t added all at once. With Cirkul water bottles you get a cartridge that can easily be filled with a flavor of your choice.

Not only you can choose the flavor but also the intensity of it in your water. This adds up to make your water boosted by natural flavors without any calories or color. 

The brand got viral on TikTok and so many of our readers look interested to know if Cirkul water bottles are perfect and if is Cirkul a healthy way of hydration. 

Today, we got you covered. We are going to answer if Cirkul is healthy with their flavored cartridges placed on top. Also, we looked carefully into the ingredients used in Cirkul flavors to make you aware if they have any health concerns.

Having said that, let’s dive in. 

Is Cirkul Healthy?

This is the most concerning question for anyone who is about to use Cirkul water bottles along with their flavored cartridges. To understand first let’s take a look at typical Cirkul flavor ingredients. 

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Cirkul LifeSip Ingredients

These are the list of ingredients from Cirkul’s watermelon flavor of the LifeSip cartridge. The content of vitamins as we observed from their nutrition facts was significantly lower than Daily Value. 

Citric acid is mainly used as a food preservative and is considered safe for everyday consumption. It can help keep food fresh for a longer time. It may have a protective effect on your body.

Lactic acid has hydration benefits and can be useful for conditions of dry and sensitive skin. 

Sucralose is an artificial zero-calorie sweetener. Even though this artificial sweetener is declared safe in many studies, sucralose might be less healthy. 

A clinical trial in 2020 found that consuming sucralose with carbohydrates might impair glucose metabolism. Also, consuming Sucralose every day might make you susceptible to type 2 diabetes

Sodium Benzoate and Potassium sorbate are two synthetic preservatives added to food. The Food and Drug Administration and other government health organizations consider these chemical preservatives to be safe when consumed under recommended quantities. 

All flavored cartridges of Cirkul contain natural flavor. We don’t think there’s any added advantage of having natural flavors over artificial flavors. Even though they are made using natural sources they might still be lab-processed.

Thus, Cirkul isn’t unhealthy but there are also not any cool health benefits to drinking water using a Cirkul water bottle than plain water. 

Cirkul also won’t add up to your calories since it is sweetened with sucralose. 

The Cirkul water bottles can be a healthy way to keep you hydrated as long as you don’t mind taking in some preservatives and sucralose.

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The Benefits Of Cirkul Water Bottle

Now, so far we saw that Cirkul isn’t really bad for your health. So, what health benefits does the Cirkul water bottle carry?

We’ll, hydration is the only benefit that attracts us towards Cirkul. Cirkul comes with flavored cartridge options to make your regular water taste no less than your favorite beverage. 

Some more health benefits of Cirkul Water Bottles include:

  • Cirkul plastic water bottles have 84% less plastic than regular plastic bottles.
  • The bottles are BPA-free meaning they do not contain any toxins in the creation of those bottles.
  • Cirkul flavors have zero calories and no added sugar making it a suitable choice for a healthy beverage.
  • Add flavors to your water to encourage hydration and make it easier than ever.
  • There are over 50+ flavored Cartridges that you can choose from according to your preference.
  • The intensity of flavor can be adjusted, making it easier to choose the strength of flavor.

So, that was for the benefit of Cirkul water bottles. Some additional benefits are their design is very ergonomic as well as leak-proof preventing chances of water spill.

Does It Have Side Effects?

For most people, Cirkul water can be safely be enjoyed with minimal risks of adverse symptoms or side effects.

Allergic reactions, toxicity, cancer risk, migraines, and digestive problems can occur when you drink Cirkul as it contains and uses natural flavors (1,2,3).

Customers prefer natural flavors over artificial flavors since they are sourced from organic sources such as plants, animals, or fermentation. 

Some natural flavors, on the other hand, can still be modified and are highly processed in a lab, increasing the risks of potentially severe adverse effects.

Cirkul contains citric acid, which can wear away the enamel (the outer covering of your teeth), making cavities more likely. This might also make your teeth more sensitive and yellow (4).

Another side effect of Cirkul water is that It contains sucralose, and its use has been linked to leukemia, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, liver inflammation, metabolic dysfunction, and other ailments.

Additionally, when choosing Cirkul flavored waters, there are plenty of options to compare. It’s always a good idea to examine the nutritional information and ingredients list on any packaged items, including flavored waters.

If the inclusion of any of the ingredients such as added sugar content, artificial ingredients, and Natural flavors present in any commercial flavored water then it is a concern for you, like in Cirkul’s case.

Finally, there isn’t much current research conducted on Cirkul water during pregnancy. Therefore, before consuming large amounts of Cirkul water while pregnant, you should think about consulting your doctor.

Summary: Cirkul flavored water is generally safe for most healthy people because it is calorie-free and does not contain any added sugars or artificial additives. It does, however, contain unwanted additives such as natural flavors and other substances such as sucralose or stevia and many more, which might have negative side effects.

Safety And Hygiene Concerns Of Cirkul Water Bottle 

If you don’t use your Cirkul water bottle properly, you can follow some ways or tips during the day and before bed to enhance your drinking habits.

Let’s take a closer look at three Cirkul Water safety and hygiene concerns:

1. Keep a consistent use of glass or stainless steel 

The Tritan plastic used to produce the Cirkul water bottle is BPA-free and safe to use. However, because of the possibly reduced concerns of plastic leaching, some users may prefer glass or stainless steel bottles.

If you have a problem with their Tritan Plastic versions, make sure you purchase a glass or stainless steel bottle on a regular basis.

2. Clean your bottle and cartridges 

Clean the container and flavor cartridges thoroughly and on a regular basis to prevent the formation of bacteria, which can generate unpleasant odors and pose health risks.

If the water bottle is not fully cleaned, bacteria might grow and taint the water within. As a result, clean the cartridges and water bottles thoroughly after each usage.

3. Properly insert the cartridges 

Try to insert the cartridges properly; if not, the cartridge may leak and the liquid inside will come into contact with the water bottle, contaminating it.

So, inspect the cartridges for leaks before inserting them into the water bottle.

There are also some more methods to help you reduce the risks of Cirkul water bottle safety and hygiene concerns:

  • Do not share the water bottle with other people. 
  • Do not use the water bottle if it is damaged.

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Cost Of Cirkul

Cirkul flavored water is available online from the brand’s website, and Amazon. Pricing depends on choosing your subscription plan and the inclusion of Cartridges.

If you purchase their only flavors, means a one-time purchase, pricing is as follows:

  • 4-pack of cartridges: $3.75 per cartridge 
  • 6-pack of cartridges: $3.33 per cartridge. 
  • 8-pack of cartridges: $3.38 per cartridges.

If you purchase this flavored water with a subscription plan, pricing is as follows:

  • 8 Cartridges: $27, includes a bottle for free 
  • 16 Cartridges: $49
  • 24 Cartridges: $67

You can also choose a larger subscription plan based on your preferences and save up to 35% on your bundle if you choose their try options. Bottles are available for purchase as add-ons to their core flavors.

You will also need to purchase a Cirkul water bottle. The water bottles range in price from $15 to $40 per bottle, depending on the variety or models of water bottles you wish to include. 

Cirkul is a more expensive option than regular bottled water. However, many people believe they find the convenience and variety of flavors make it worth the cost. 

Cirkul Review: What Real Users Think?

Cirkul is available on Amazon, which we believe is a more objective source of user feedback than a brand’s website. However, the brand’s starter kit and two flavor cartridges have received only two global ratings.

As of writing this their official product page or the company website hasn’t had any reviews section available.  

Currently, the product has only had one buyer evaluate it and had a terrible rating of 2.5 out of 5, but this is based on two global ratings to make or come to conclusions regarding this water. Here’s what one consumer had to say:

Ryan Foster says – Best Invention ever

Easy to put together, the flavor is great, and the only small issue is I don’t love the color. other than that I strongly suggest if you are trying to drink more water this is the way to go

On third-party platforms like Trustpilot, the Cirkul water bottle has very poor ratings and negative reviews. With more than 240 reviews on Trustpilot, the company has an average rating of 1.8 out of 5 stars.

Plus, Cirkul isn’t currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau. But the company does have a 1.66 stars ratings out of 5. However, it is based on an average of 1,018 Customer Reviews.

Here are some of the positive and negative customer reviews of Cirkul Water on Trustpilot:

Melissa M. says – I am absolutely IN LOVE with this…

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product! Can’t thank Cirkul enough for making water my favorite beverage. I was able to cut out my Diet Coke addiction. All of the flavors are absolutely delicious, with a great variety to choose from. The subscription plan is awesome as well! Thanks, Cirkul! 💙

Nicole Post says – I love Cirkul

I love the Cirkul water bottle and the flavors are so yummy. My fav is the watermelon and fruit punch. I don’t like drinking plain water and since I used their product last month I’m drinking it on a regular and even lost 10 lbs so keep up the great work Cirkul cause you definitely have a repeated customer right here!!

Susan Prescott says – Be careful what you buy

Be careful what you buy. The cartridges are full of black mold. You can actually see the mold in the sipper part. The lid also molds easily. Make sure you scrub all parts and don’t just rinse after using

Juanita Allison says – I placed an order for stainless steel…

I placed an order for a stainless steel bottle and did not realize they have many more options. I am tempted to locate an edit order or cancel the same day. Cirkul does not allow you to edit or cancel an order and does not even have a money-back guarantee for their product. I would urge no one to do an online order for their products and be sure when you pick your products up at Walmart that they will at least give you that 30-day money back. I have spent close to 90.00 on this order and am unsure if it will be any issues with it but was already told they do ot stand behind their product

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Unsponsored Video Review Of Cirkul Water Bottle

Sometimes, learning what professionals think of Cirkul water bottles is more exciting.

To learn about the Cirkul water bottle, one of our friends with the youtube channel Freakin’ Reviews created a detailed video review of Cirkul. 

Is Cirkul Healthy Or TikTok Scam? Final Words

Cirkul has two water bottle variants, one made from BPA-free plastic and the other stainless steel. Both these water bottles come with flavoring cartridges allowing you to get the taste you always desired.

Whether Cirkul is healthy or not depends on your response to the added natural flavors and preservatives. If you are comfortable consuming natural flavors and preservative-containing beverages, you may find Cirkul pretty good.

Besides, they may have some nutritional benefits like added Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12 and potassium. However, the amount used is quite insignificant for providing the benefits.

The stainless steel bottle of Cirkul has a slightly steeper price than what’s commonly available in stores like Amazon.

We would recommend trying Cirkul only when you aren’t able to meet your daily water intake. For such a person, Cirkul can be a lifesaver since it can help hydrate you in a more convenient manner.

But drinking regular water without any added preservatives is always better than any Cirkul flavor.

Always keep in mind to maintain the hygiene of your Cirkul water bottle to keep away from bacteria or fungus. Even if the flavors aren’t as attractive, the ergonomic design of the Cirkul water bottle might really come in handy.

That was it for letting you know about Cirkul’s health. Now we would like to know your opinion on the same. What are your thoughts on the Cirkul water bottle? Let us know.

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