Huel Hot And Savoury Review: Tasting-All The 10 Flavors

Most of us are aware of what meal replacements are and the insane popularity of Huel meal replacement among other companies.

But when we think about meal replacement shakes we usually think of it like some ready-to-drink powdered mix which can be quick and easy to make. 

However, Huel Hot and Savory isn’t the same typical meal replacement shake. It’s a nutritionally complete meal replacement that you can enjoy eating. 

Huel Hot & Savory is a high fiber, high protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids that can make up for a perfect meal replacement. The meal replacement is available in a range of 10 different flavors matching different taste preferences. 

Also, the price of Huel Hot & Savory is lower compared to your regular meal options making it affordable to have them as much as you want. 

In the review, we discussed how we liked different flavors of Huel Hot & Savory after we tried each one of them personally. You’re going to like it if you are about to try these meal replacements and are worried about which one you should actually begin with. 

Let’s dive in.

Huel Hot And Savory Overview

Currently rebranded as Huel Instant Meals, Huel Hot & Savory is a nutritious as well as delicious meal replacement option that isn’t like your ordinary powdered meal replacement.

You’ll actually need to cook this meal replacement with the right amount of water before you can have it. Thus the Huel Hot & Savory is more like a real food with real taste and real nutrition. 

The best part about these meal replacements is their affordability. While a regular meal will cost you around $15-$25, one meal of Hot and savory will cost you less than $3.

Huel Hot & Savory gives you 26 g of pea protein per serving which is good to help muscle recovery if you are a gym rat. Also, it has abundant fiber, carbs, and 27 other nutrients required to keep your body functioning at its best.

What Are The Different Flavor Options?

Huel Hot & Savory comes in 10 different flavors some of which we found to be really pleasing to taste buds while others weren’t as expected.

The different flavor options of Huel Hot & Savory are:

  1. Mac & Cheese.
  2. Mexican Chilli.
  3. Cajun Pasta.
  4. Chicken & Mushroom Pasta.
  5. Pasta Bolognese.
  6. Yellow Coconut Curry.
  7. Thai Green Curry.
  8. Sweet & Sour.
  9. Spicy Indian Curry.
  10. Tomato & Herb.

We discussed in detail how we like the taste of each of these flavors in the next section of this article.

Here is a video where Little Tipple, a hand-crafted artisan kitchen knife maker reviews Huel’s Hot and Savoury.

My Honest Opinion On Huel Hot & Savory Flavors

How much you will like or dislike the taste of Huel Hot & Savory flavors can vary between individuals. Here we present our opinion on the taste of different flavors of Huel Hot & Savory. 

We will be starting off with their Mac & cheese flavor and discussing Tomato & herbs. 

1. Mac & Cheese

One of the most demanded flavors of Huel’s Hot & Savory, Mac & Cheese, felt to me like a Macaroni and Cheese cooked at home. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as thick as expected but it is still a perfect fit for meal replacement lovers who are lactose intolerant. The flavor is unique, tasty, and not on the very overpowering side. 

2. Mexican Chilli

With ingredients like Peppers, Black Beans, and Quinoa. Mexican Chilli might be for someone who is more into Mexican foods. The flavor along with beans makes it feel richer in taste. While I liked it moderately, I did not love the taste of this Huel Hot & Savory as the other flavors. 

3. Cajun Pasta

I don’t know how people are raving about the taste of this flavor, for me it was below my expectations. It didn’t have a creamy mixture of pepper with paprika as it promised but it was more on the thin side. But, if you are expecting a basic pasta to eat while cooking, it can be a good one. It also has sweetcorn. 

4. Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta

Since chicken is always a great dish for me, I was quite very excited to try out this flavor. It has chicken flavoring with the taste of wild mushrooms. However, as excited as I was to taste this flavor, it didn’t really stand up to my expectations and the flavor was more subtle. It is quite easy to quick with the thick texture of the sauce. 

5. Pasta Bolognese

I’ve made Bolognese pasta so many times myself at home and it takes a good amount of time for me to cook. So I didn’t really expect this flavor to get any likes for me as a meal replacement meal. 

But, it really surprised me how on the spot it tasted like a real homemade Bolognese Pasta. It has juicy tomatoes along with penne pasta and is a hit among the Huel users. 

6. Yellow Coconut Curry

Even though clearly mentioned as coconut curry, it doesn’t taste like it has even a pinch of coconut in it. The taste is pretty bland and can be compared to wet cereal. 

Though it has some raisins present in it trying to make it taste good. But I do not like it for myself. 

7. Thai Green Curry

The smell of this Thai Green Curry flavor of Huel Hot & Savory is exactly like how I would describe the smell of a freshly made Thai Curry. It has ingredients like spring onion, peppers, and sweetcorn with a chili touch. It is really good if you like something which is milder and smoother to enjoy.

8. Sweet & Sour

If you want something that is more inclined to fill you up over everything else, this could be for you. The thick texture of Sweet & Sour makes it feel more filling than others.

It has ingredients like pineapple, pepper, spices, and spring onion. I did not feel like this was for me but you can definitely choose this if you are looking to fill yourself up.

9. Spicy Indian Curry

Indian Curry is my favorite for its spices. Though I tried many Indian curries myself, the Spice Indian curry did not make me feel too spicy. It was moderately spicy but I liked the taste it produced. 

10. Tomato & Herb

 Being one of Huel’s top flavors, Tomato & Herbs has rice starch, tomatoes, and herbs giving it a thick texture that can fill you up in no time. You’ll be delighted to have it because it tastes more like pasta sauce.

Some flavors of Hot & Savory are spicy some are medium and some aren’t spicy at all. You can confirm this by looking at the number of chili marked red in the flavor description.  

But we still suggest that each of us has different taste buds and our opinions might not be the same. So, to understand better you can choose to try it yourself.

How To Prepare?

So, you’re ready to prepare your Huel instant meals! Making and remembering these tips to prepare for Huel Hot & Savory is crucial for avoiding adding much water and enjoying the overall taste of it.

Here is a list of tips or steps that you can do to prepare for your Huel Hot and Savory.

  • Before scooping, give the bags or pouches a good shake to mix up all the contents and ensure you get a little bit of everything.
  • If you use the Huel pot or a plastic tub with a lid, there will be a line to indicate how much water to add.
  • Simply add two scoops from the bags and boiling water to the black cups.
  • If you want to spice up this meal, consider adding hot sauce for more flavor and texture.

As a follow-up to these steps, there isn’t much of a difference between producing this instant meal and other meal replacements. The only difference is that hot boiling water is used instead of cold water.

On the official Huel product page, they provide you with two preferred instructions to make/prepare your Hot & Savory meal Boiling water, a Microwave, and a Kettle.

For boiling water, the steps are simple:

  • First, you have to add 210 ml of boiling water and stir in a bowl.
  • Second, cover the lid and wait for some or 5 minutes. 
  • Save

What Are The Benefits?

Huel Hot & Savory are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and are full of nutritional vegan meals, high in protein, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

This instant meal is fully plant-based and includes 24g of protein from pea protein, quinoa, rice, and lentils, and contains 400 calories.

Each flavor bag of Huel Hot and Savory is great for calorie counting and precise calorie intake, which may be a convenient option for managing your calorie consumption.

Plus, this instant meal is much more satisfying than most meal replacement shakes out there because this can be eaten for lunch or dinner and provides a fast, hearty, and reasonably healthy option. 

Here is an available research behind the claimed health benefits of Huel instant meals:

  1. May improve brain functions – Iron is essential for brain growth, and the iron content in Huel instant meals may help you maintain your normal cognitive function.
  2. Can help to build muscle mass and metabolism – The addition of 25g of protein and vitamin B12 can build your muscle mass and contribute to your normal functions of the immune system.
  3. Provide you with the necessary energy – Although it includes magnesium, the amount necessary for energy is insufficient to reap these benefits; however, for people who do not receive enough through their diet, it can be a fantastic alternative to meet the RDA.
  4. Improve your immune function – Huel contains 27 vital vitamins and minerals, and consuming these enough levels of vitamins and minerals may improve or be important for the proper functioning of your immune system.

Drawbacks Of Huel Hot And Savory

Although Huel instant meals may offer several health benefits, there are a few drawbacks to consider.

For some people, the flavors of Huel Hot and Savory lack punch, and flavors such as tomato & herb, lack taste, and kick which can be improved by adding spice.

Due to the dehydrating and rehydrating process in between consuming this meal, it affects the crunchiness and texture of the ingredients.

It’s also important to keep in mind that although it may include several essential vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, and with an easy-to-prepare option, it does not substitute a home-cooked meal.

Additionally, you’ll find this quick meal is likely to be more expensive in Europe when compared to other nations, and for the price, you will receive only 7 meals in each bag, which is pretty small.

Therefore, rather than relying solely on Huel Hot and Savoury, it is best to base your diet on home-cooked meals to maximize its health benefits.

Huel Hot And Savory Review Conclusion

If you enjoy a cooked meal but feel bored waiting to get your meal cooked, Huel Hot & Savory or Huel Instant Meals is the thing you should be looking for. 

Most of the flavors of Huel Hot & Savory have pasta but they have an abundance of flavors to make each one of them unique and taste differently. The versatility among the flavors is what keeps me wanting more of it. 

However, any meal replacement shake should not be taken as an alternative to a healthy balanced diet however nutritionally complete it is. 

Huel Hot & Savory can very well make up for your high protein, high fiber, and most importantly affordable meal. You may include it in your pre-workout or post-workout meals. 

Most other instant meals that are powdered have lower nutrition and don’t really even feel like a meal, but this problem doesn’t occur with Hot & Savory. 

You can cook it in no more than 5 minutes with the right amount of water and you are as ready as you are about to have an actual meal.


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