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ProstaGenix Review: Does the Prostate Pill Really Works?

ProstaGenix is a prostate health supplement that claims to help men with prostate problems such as waking up frequently during the night, weak stream, dribbling, and leaking.

The health of your prostate also determines your sex life, so ProstaGenix also gives a green signal to your sex life.

However, most of the male enhancement or prostate supplements end up being a scam and of no use. So, we tried to evaluate ProstaGenix to know if it was worth it.

In the ProstaGenix review, you’ll see what are the ingredients inside it, their composition, their science, and also the side effects of ProstaGenix.

So, in order to learn all about Prostagenix read, you can read the complete review.

What is Prostagenix?

ProstaGenix is a prostate supplement designed to enhance your prostate health and relieve symptoms of BPH. According to its makes, it has the highest Beta-Sitosterol content compared to any other Prostate supplement. 

Some of the prostate health problems with which Prostagneix might help include urgency, nighttime urination issues, poor intimacy, and lack of proper bladder emptying. 

Even being a brand famous enough for a prostate health supplement, the official website of ProstaGenix is poorly designed. It features video reviews of people praising ProstaGenix.

The claims made by the manufacturers for ProstaGenix include:

  • Good night’s sleep and no longer waking up in between to urinate 
  • No more dribbles and leak issues
  • Stronger streams for quick emptying of the bladder
  • Enhance bedroom performance magically. 

Though the claims don’t need to completely be true, it depends totally on the composition and the ingredients used in ProstaGenix.

Prostagenix Manufacturer

When you read through the story of ProstaGenix, you’ll find it leads you through several stages in the development of its supplement. 

The prostate pill was designed by Fred Buckley, who himself was a patient of BPH unless he received help from her wife and father-in-law. 

The page shows the rewards and recognition Prostagenix had received as a male enhancement. 

ProstaGenix is a reputed brand with no reports of getting involved in any scam thus can be trusted to not do any fraud with the customer. 

Prostagenix Benefits

Due to the presence of some scientifically proven ingredients, Prostagenix might help some people with prostate issues.

It can help with the treatment of BPH symptoms including weak stream, and frequently disturbed sleep. 

ProstaGenix Benefits include:

  • Contains 1000g of sterols that support your prostate health. 
  • Helps patients to reduce BPH symptoms like dribbles and weak stream.
  • Better emptying of the bladder.
  • Has been proven beneficial and effective for many people. 
  • Can also help enhance your sexual performance. 
  • Helps you wake up more energized in the morning. 

The benefits of ProstaGenix might differ from person to person since every individual is different and their body may react differently to the supplements. 

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Ingredients Used in Prostagenix

The ingredients in ProstaGenix or any other health supplement are a disclosure of their effectiveness and side effects. Thus, before making any further moves, you must look at the ingredient label of ProstaGenix.

Beta-Sitosterol is the main highlight in ProstaGenix. Apart from it, the pills are packed with about 11 different minerals and a polyphenol blend. 

Ingredients in ProstaGenix: Iodine, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Vitamin D3, Selenium, Molybdenum, Beta-Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Brassicasterol, Grape seed extract, quercetin, and Pomegranate Extract. Wanna dive into each one’s potential benefits and side effects? Here you go. 

1. Minerals: Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium, And Molybdenum

Minerals not just help with healthy bones, heart, muscle, and brain but they also play a major role in the formation of some important enzymes and hormones in your body. ProstaGenix is loaded with various minerals.

Your prostate contains a large concentration of zinc, thus zinc presence in ProstaGenix might improve the health of your prostate. While other metals like copper, manganese, and chromium didn’t seem to have a direct effect on your prostate. 

A study found selenium intake to have a very narrow impact on prostate cancer cells. Another study done on male dogs found out Molybdenum improves the androgen receptor in the male prostate.

2. Beta-Sitosterol

This is the specific component that makes ProstaGenix or any other prostate supplement work for males. ProstaGenix claims to contain it in higher amounts than any other supplement.

Beta-Sitosterol serves two main purposes: lowering cholesterol levels in your blood and improving symptoms of enlarged prostate. As per a scientific review, Beta-Sitosterol helped improve BPH, Urinary Symptoms, and flow measures.

3. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 helps increase calcium and phosphorus absorption by your body. Calcium also has a direct association with lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

Apart from this, vitamin D which regulates tumor cell differentiation and growth can protect you from prostate cancer. Even a study by Endocrine Connection showed vitamin D circulation in the body can decrease death chances in prostate cancer patients.

4. Stigmasterol

The cellular processes factor of the plant may have anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic effects on your body. These are also effective in protecting heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol levels in your blood.

Stigmasterol is also found to help in the retardation of prostate cancer formation and lower its progression.

5. Brassicasterol 

It is a plant sterol with a structure similar to cholesterol and thus it can help protect against Alzheimer’s disease by crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Additionally, it helps with symptoms of BPH or enlarged prostate and can help lower your cholesterol level. Coming to its side effects, plant sterols may have health risks like heart valve accumulation and may lead to stenosis.

6. Quercetin, Grape Seed, and Pomegranate Extract

This ingredient group has anti-prostate cancer benefits that are backed by science and evidence. As per the Journal of Surgical Oncology, Quercetin helps prevent cancer cells from developing and its abundant bioflavonoid properties may treat prostatitis.

Pomegranate Extract finds its therapeutic use in Alzheimer’s, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, and male infertility. You might have heard of its antioxidant properties as well, in some popular products like Goli gummies

Though it doesn’t have a confirmed result for prostate cancer, its juice and extracts are safe without any noticeable side effects.

The grape seed extract was noticed to improve male testosterone levels as per a Journal of Dietary Supplement. Some research also suggests Grape Seed Extract regulates Androgen Receptor with the help of anti-histone acetyltransferase activity.

Porstagenix Potential Side Effects

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The major component used in ProstaGenix by the manufacturers is Beta-sitosterol. The ingredient hasn’t been found dangerous for your health even at higher dosages.

Other ingredients like Vitamins and minerals are safe when taken individually and in limited dosage. However, when exceeding the dose few may cause side effects. 

Some side effects of Prostagenix you may potentially experience:

  • Nausea and Diarrhea.
  • Indigestion and Constipation
  • Worsen the acne.
  • Headaches.
  • Gas and digestive issues.

The chances that someone faces side effects from Prostagenix are very less since most people did not report facing it. 

However, in case you can afford it, consult with your doctor to check the safety of the supplement. 

You can read more details on the prostagenix side effects in the article. 

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Cost And Where To Buy

Protegenix is available for purchase through its official website and some of the popular online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. At the company’s official store the ProstaGenix will cost you:

  • One bottle for $49.95.
  • Three bottles or 3 packs for $99.95.
  • Five bottles or 5 packs for $149.95.

The cost of ProstaGenix on amazon is $44.08 and for one month’s supply and the supply at Walmart will cost $44.95 with free shipping. We recommend you to buy this supplement from Amazon and the brand website.

Important Note: Keep in mind that on Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers, the pricing of ProstaGenix varies. 

If you’re somehow unsatisfied with this prostate health supplement the company back the supplement with a 100% money-back guarantee with a refund of 90-day, they don’t charge you for shipping charges and handling fees.

Prostagenix Reviews From Users

The beta-sitosterol-based supplement ProstaGenix has a good number of positive reviews from people speaking about how effective it is. 

However, negative reviews also contribute a significant percentage of Prostagenix reviews. 

Is Prostagenix Worth your Money?

The prostate pill supplement contains enough sterols to restore your prostate health.

Most users feel satisfied with the experience they had with ProstaGenix. It helped them to have less disturbed sleep, and wake up energized in the morning.

However, a significant number of users reported it did not help them and received the wrong product.

Looking from a health perspective, ProstaGenix should be safe for most with no major side effects in common.

That was all for the ProstaGenix review. Now, we would like to hear from you. What do you think of the prostate supplement? Let us know.

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Purushottam is the founder and content writer at Health On Planet, a place where regular health enthusiasts visit to get honest reviews about the supplement. He has been reviewing popular dietary supplements with his years of expertise in the wellness industry. You can always trust his expertise on supplements to help you make informed choices.

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