Energy Drinks

Potential Mud Water Side Effects: Know Before Consuming

Mud water is a no-to-low caffeine drink that claims to replace the habit of your morning coffee ritual with a better and healthier alternative with similar benefits.  The part that makes us excited about Mud water is the energy coming from it is crash-free and jitter-free making it look like a stand out from your […]

Does Sierra Mist Have Caffeine? How Much Caffeine In Sierra Mist?

Sierra Mist (Now Starry) was a PepsiCo lemon-lime soda-flavored drink that was designed to compete with other popular lemon-lime soft drinks such as Sprite and 7 Up.  The demand for soft drinks is high, and most of the caffeine in the drinks is safe in moderation. As a result, many people are worried or unsure […]

Is Sting Energy Drink Alcoholic? The Real Answer

Sting Energy is a carbonated energy drink from Pepsico International that comes in various flavors. It contains caffeine, taurine, and a variety of other ingredients which are thought to enhance your physical and mental performance.  However, recently a rumor has been emerging and people are questioning if Sting Energy contains alcohol or if it is […]

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