Energy Drinks

Is Propel Water Good For Your Kidneys Health? (2023 Updated)

Propel Water is a well-known brand of flavored water bottles from the famous sport-drink manufacturer Gatorade. The product has been gaining a lot of attention lately due to its effect on kidney health.  People have started wondering, Is propel water good for their kidneys? Or, are they effective solutions to kidney stones?  These questions are […]

Mud Water Side Effects: Can It Harm Your Health?

Mud water is a no-to-low caffeine drink that claims to replace the habit of your morning coffee ritual with a better and healthier alternative with similar benefits.  The part that makes us excited about Mud water is the energy coming from it is crash-free and jitter-free making it look like a stand out from your […]

Is Ghost Energy Bad For You? The Real Answer

Energy drinks are a rage these days, especially the Ghost Energy Drink. The increasing popularity of these energy drinks is due to the fact that they claim to keep you focused and energized. The case might not be true with every energy drinks. Some energy drinks might be added with a colossal amount of sugar […]

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