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Health Benefits Of Mud Water | Better Than Your Regular Coffee?

A cup of Mud Water contains less caffeine than coffee, making it a good option for anyone who experiencing negative side effects from consuming too much caffeine.  Mud Water’s Rise is an organic alternative coffee made from powdered mushrooms, cacao, black tea (Masala Chai), and several spices. It contains some caffeine from cacao and black […]

Is Fresca Sparkling Flavored Soda Bad For You?

Fresca is arguably the popular zero-sugar and zero-calorie, fat & carbs sparkling water by Coca-Cola, like other diet sodas it may provide many beneficial benefits. On one hand, it is widely consumed for its zero-sugar and zero-calorie, and it appears to have many benefits such as reducing weight loss, decreasing your sugar intake, and many […]

Karma Probiotic Water Side Effects: Dangerous Or Safe?

Karma probiotic water is a potentially good source of probiotic cultures, which can promote gut health, and immune support and prevent constipation. It can also keep you hydrated, which is important for improving stool consistency and promoting regularity. Karma probiotic water comes with their ”patented push cap” which contains a proprietary blend of 6 essential […]

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