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Is Propel Water Good For Your Kidneys Health? (2023 Updated)

Propel Water is a well-known brand of flavored water bottles from the famous sport-drink manufacturer Gatorade. The product has been gaining a lot of attention lately due to its effect on kidney health. 

People have started wondering, Is propel water good for their kidneys? Or, are they effective solutions to kidney stones? 

These questions are often a topic of discussion among the lovers of Propel Water. Thus, to end your curiosity and doubts, we are writing a detailed article explaining the relation between propel water and kidney stones.

So, hold on to your seats and stick with us till the end to solve your every doubt on Is Propel Water good for your kidneys. 

Propel Water: What Is This Stuff?

Firstly, What is Propel Water? If you don’t know yet, Propel Water is a brand of flavored bottled water that is not just zero calories but also more nutritious than your regular bottle of water. 

The word ‘propel’ means to drive or to push to move, which indicates the aim of Propel water is “sweat propel repeat”.

Propel water is added with numerous antioxidants, Vitamins, and electrolytes in order to make it extra nutritive. The brand is owned by the popular sports drink manufacturer Gatorade. 

By giving you the taste of your choice, Propel water makes hydrating more enjoyable and exciting. 

Now, where did the discussion on whether propel water is good for your kidneys begin?

Well, it all began with the fact that Propel water has electrolytes for better hydration. Thus, its electrolyte presence fills users’ minds with curiosity about whether propel water is good for your kidney health. 

So, let us begin by looking into the ingredients of Propel water and what it contains. 

Diving Into The Ingredients of Propel Water

Basically, Propel Water is all water but with some added nutrients to enhance the nutritive value of your water and give a flavor to make it taste better. 

Keeping in mind the ingredients is important to if Propel water is good for kidneys. Propel water mainly contains two electrolytes namely sodium and potassium.

Both these electrolytes are important to ensure healthy fluid balance in your body. Even though they do not show any certain benefits, these electrolytes are critical for proper kidney functioning.  

But, that’s not all. Too much of any of these electrolytes may prove fatal for your kidney by putting more strain on the kidney than required. 

The impact of too much sodium can be accumulated in your bloodstream and your body might not be able to remove it. This can lead to high blood pressure. 

Also, having a high blood potassium level (hyperkalemia) can also be dangerous leading to heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and chest pain among other symptoms. 

Besides the electrolytes, Propel water has essential Vitamins such as Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, and E. 

Vitamins have several functions including providing energy by helping food metabolism, providing immunity, keeping nerves healthy, and looking after your overall health. 

The ingredients are healthy however overconsumption of Propel water not only may increase potassium and sodium levels but also can cause high fluid content in the body. It can lead to your kidneys working excessively.

Thus, always watch out for how much Propel water are you drinking and make sure to keep it under the recommended dose.

Ingredient’s Impact On Kidney Health

So, are the ingredients in Propel water good for kidneys? Well, to understand this let us first look at the amount of ingredients Propel water has inside.

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To be fairly honest drinking a few bottles of Propel water in a day might not do any harm to your kidneys since the ingredients used are within the recommended dose. 

As per the FDA, the daily recommended intake of sodium for an American adult is 2,300 mg per day. So you can very well consume more than 2-3 bottles of Propel water without worrying. 

The potassium content of Propel Water is also not very significant to risk your kidney health. Also, the Vitamins are under the recommended daily intake except for Pantothenic Acid. 

Propel water has 100% DV of Pantothenic acid which means consuming it one time can fulfill your daily intake of Vitamin E content. However, even at a higher dosage, it is safe and should not cause any side effects. 

Thus, the electrolyte and vitamin content of Propel water are within healthy limits, and consuming a few bottles of it shouldn’t affect your kidney health. 

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Is Propel Water Good For Your Kidney?

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Propel Water has added Vitamins and electrolytes such as Sodium and Potassium. But, does this mean Propel water is good for your kidneys? Let’s take a look. 

Propel water is great for keeping you hydrated by ensuring that your body receives adequate electrolytes from it. Sodium and Potassium also play a key role in maintaining the fluid balance within your body. 

Hence they can support your kidney health by helping assist and regulate your body fluids. Too much of these electrolytes however might not be good. 

Several B vitamins present in Propel Water such as Vitamin B3, B5, and B6 are also important for your kidney. Experts also believe that the electrolyte blend of Propel water can reduce the risk of kidney stones.

While Propel water can have good benefits for kidneys, excessive consumption might put a strain on your kidneys causing them to overwork. Also, higher dosage can raise concerns of electrolyte imbalance within your body. 

Propel water has zero calories and doesn’t contain any added sugar, which makes it a healthy alternative to sports drinks that are high in calories and added sugar. 

Thus, Propel water is good for your kidney if you are healthy and do not have any underlying or unknown kidney disease. But, always keep in mind to drink this in moderation. 

Can Propel Water Benefit Kidney Stones?

There is no straight answer as to whether drinking Propel Water can benefit your kidney stones or reduce them. But wait, that isn’t everything. 

Propel encourages hydration which means when you use Propel water you are getting hydrated simultaneously. This can help prevent the formation of kidney stones. 

Research, it has shown that people who drink more than 2.5 L of water/per day have a reduced risk of kidney stones compared to those who drink 1.5 L of water/per day or below. 

Since Propel water is flavored and has zero calories it can boost hydration without making you worried about your calorie intake. Hence it can help prevent kidney stones. 

Additionally, Propel water works as a diuretic by helping out flush excessive water and toxins from your body. This can especially be helpful for people with kidney stones. 

People who are already diagnosed with kidney stones can try out Propel water and see whether Propel water is proving helpful to them. But if the kidney stone is prolonged, seeking medical attention should be your first priority.

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Is Propel Water Good For You?

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Photo by: Jacob Wackerhausen

Propel water is surely a good alternative to high-calorie sports drinks which are loaded with sugar. There are also other factors that make Propel Water better than some sugar-laden sports drinks.

Along with cutting sugar and calories, Propel flavored water contains some essential Vitamins and electrolytes that can help with several bodily functions. 

It has two essential electrolytes Sodium and Potassium that have a role in balancing your body fluids as well as the proper functioning of your nerves and muscles. 

So, should you be replacing your regular water with Propel water? Unless you are exceeding the recommended intake, it is right to replace your regular water with Propel.

But, we never recommend a complete switch since Propel is sweetened with artificial sweetener sucralose and potassium acesulfame. These artificial sweeteners can have health risks and may alter your gut microbiome.

To sum up, Propel Water is good unless you are consuming it at a limit. 

Benefits And Side Effects Of Propel Water For Kidneys

Speaking about Propel Water and its benefits for the kidney, this topic gets seriously controversial. While some are hardcore supporters, others show no interest in it. 

The main benefits of drinking Propel Water include:

  • Rich in electrolytes such as sodium and potassium it can enhance kidney health by maintaining body fluids.
  • Zero-calorie and no added sugar. 
  • Contains B Vitamins such as Vitamin B3, B5, and B6 along with Vitamins C and Vitamin E. 
  • Keeps you hydrated thus preventing the risk of kidney stones. 

While it carries multiple benefits, Propel Water also has some notable drawbacks which include:

  • Sweetened with artificial sweeteners Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium can have health risks when overused. 
  • Each bottle costs $5 which most people might not be willing to spend.
  • Might not be suitable for those who have diabetes and want to keep their blood sugar levels low. 

Propel water might look like a blessing to kidneys but this might not be actually true since Propel water doesn’t have any scientific evidence to back up their claims. 

Also, drinking plenty of your usual plain water might be as beneficial for kidneys as Propel Water as believed by some doctors. 

How Much Propel Water Is Too Much For Kidneys?

Now that you know Propel Water is good for the kidney, how much of it is okay to drink in a day?

You may drink between 4-5 bottles of 16.9 oz (500ml) Propel water in a day without any worry. Excess consumption of Propel water might increase your electrolyte and fluid level in the body and thus put much strain on your kidneys. 

While Propel Water is only plain water added with some electrolytes and flavors, you can always choose to drink it in combination with your regular water. 

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How Does Propel Water Compare To Other Energy Drinks For Kidneys?

Propel water is definitely a healthy alternative to sugar and calorie-loaded energy drinks. It can make hydration enjoyable, especially during workouts without adding calories. 

Most other energy drinks like for example, Gatorade contain around 36 g of added sugar, Propel is completely free of added sugar. However, it has 6 g of artificial sweetener added to provide it with a sweet taste. 

Even though Propel Water is seen being frequently advertised for its kidney health benefits, there is no solid evidence to prove the claim. Thus, it might not be completely healthy and safe for the kidney. 

Even during research published in the International Journal Of Epidemiology, they came up with the conclusion that people drinking excessive Propel water might have a higher risk of developing kidney disease. 

So, it is never recommended to drink Propel water in the first place and the best thing is to stick with your regular water. While for those who like having their water some flavor, can drink Propel water keeping in mind that they are consuming it in moderation.  

Conclusion: Is Propel Water Good For Kidney Health?

Propel water’s main purpose is to make hydration enjoyable and healthier since it adds some flavors, electrolytes, and vitamins to the water. 

But, we didn’t find any concrete evidence that suggests Propel water can actually benefit your kidney health in any way. Though hydration alone can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. So, plain water can do the job too. 

If you have kidney disease, it is best to speak with your preferred doctor before you start consuming Propel water or any other drink. 

One good thing about Propel water is it has electrolytes that aren’t available in plain drinking water. These electrolytes can maintain fluid balance in your body and may support kidney health. 

With any of these drinks, moderation is the key, and hence you should always consume Propel water in recommended doses to avoid any risk.


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