How Long Does Kombucha Last? Can You Drink It Expired?

Kombucha Overview For those who aren’t aware of what a Kombucha is, it is a fermented drink made by fermenting sugared tea with the help of bacteria and yeast (more commonly known as SCOBY).  The cultured bacteria is added to the sugar and tea, and then the mix is left to ferment.  Kombucha can either […]

Can You Drink Orange Juice If You Have Throat?

You’ll find some people suggesting you drink orange juice while you have a sore throat. But does orange juice work for a sore throat?  Orange juice is always known for being one of the many good sources of Vitamin C which is always known for its immune-enhancing properties.  The article discusses if orange juice is […]

Q Science Reviews: Is The Supplement Worth Paying For?

Q Science is a product line of health and wellness products manufacturing supplements related to digestive health, focus, mind, weight management, and energy. In the name Q Science, Q stands for Quintessentials meaning the best of the best in supplements.   The company markets and sells its products under a Multi Level Marketing scheme (MLM) that […]

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