Q Science Reviews: Is The Supplement Worth Paying For?

Q Science is a product line of health and wellness products manufacturing supplements related to digestive health, focus, mind, weight management, and energy. In the name Q Science, Q stands for Quintessentials meaning the best of the best in supplements.   The company markets and sells its products under a Multi Level Marketing scheme (MLM) that […]

Is Smart Water Good For You? The Hidden Truth

Water is essential for our survival and health. Still, not all water is created equal, and the study indicates that 20% to 70% of adults worldwide are not drinking enough water for optimal wellness. How do you figure out if your water intake is healthy? If you’ve noticed that your urine is dark yellow, or […]

Are BodyArmor Drinks Good For You? Really Worth A Shot?

Having sports drinks can help you maintain your fitness goals and recover faster by replenishing electrolytes, calories, and carbohydrates, These drinks are particularly helpful when participating in intense exercise or working out.  And, commercial sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are high in sugar and caffeine, and experts concur that the presence of these additives […]

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