Author : Purushottam
Purushottam is the founder and content writer at Health On Planet, a place where regular health enthusiasts visit to get honest reviews about the supplement. He has been reviewing popular dietary supplements with his years of expertise in the wellness industry. You can always trust his expertise on supplements to help you make informed choices.

8 Sheep Organics Comprehensive Review: Should You Trust It?

You are not alone if you are having hip pain during pregnancy. Around 32% of women experience some type of hip pain during pregnancy. The pelvic girdle region as a whole or the side or rear of the hip may be the specific location of the pain. It may appear gradually or quickly, and it may feel […]

NourishVita Vs Nutrafol: Which One Is Better For Your Hairs?

With a tremendous number of hair-dedicated supplements out there, choosing one that is effective, affordable, and most importantly shows results, is a true hassle.  Having conducted much research and looking into the companies, two hair wellness supplements have become the spotlight i.e. NourishVita and Nutrafol. But which one of the two is better for your […]

Nature’s Bounty Vs. Nature Made: Which Is Better?

Nature’s Bounty and Nature Body are two prominent supplement brands, especially in the United States. Both these companies sell a wide range of nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals, and supplements for different health needs. However, sometimes it might be confusing for people to choose one among these two supplement brands. Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made […]

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