Flo Vitamins Side Effects: Are They Safe For Helping PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS is a group of symptoms that women experience most typically between ovulation and periods. 

Some of the most common PMS symptoms that a woman experiences include cramps, acne, and mood swings. 

However, few innovative supplements claim to help get rid of these pesky PMS symptoms. 

Flo Vitamins has come up with its unique Flo PMS gummies that claim to help deal with PMS symptoms. These gummies are scientifically designed and gluten-free which makes them suitable for most women.  

However, the supplement uses several ingredients as a part of its formula. These ingredients might be a potential source of Flo Vitamins’ side effects. 

Thus in this article, we tried evaluating the safety of Flo Vitamins PMS Gummy and found out every potential side effect it may cause. Besides, we also looked into the ingredients and the science behind the same to see if it really can help PMS. 

Having said that, let’s dive right into the article.

What Is Flo Vitamin?

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Flo Vitamins are donut-shaped gummies that promise women to help fight PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating, mood swings, and even hormonal acne. 

The formula contains a unique proprietary blend of vegan-friendly and gluten-free ingredients like Chasteberry, Dong Quai, and Lemon Balm. 

In short, the Flo Vitamins make PMS suck less for a woman. Also, the Flo Vitamins comes up with two options for you i.e. a capsule and a gummy form.

Flo Vitamins is dairy, gluten, nut, and soy-free. Aso Flo is vegan and has never been tested on animals.

The capsules are suitable for those who want to go sugar-free while the Flo PMS gummies are for those who prefer the taste. The gummies are flavored with strawberries. 

Flo Vitamins has a well-designed and informative site where you get almost every piece of information (except side effects) you are curious about. 

Let’s come to what’s not available on their website i.e. Flo Vitamins’ side effects. 

Potential Side Effects Of Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamins has provided limited information about the potential side effects on its official web page. 

However, they do state that their ingredients may cause side effects with low risk. Also, they do recommend checking in with your physician before trying any of their products.

The reported side effects of ingredients in Flo Vitamins include:

  • Nausea and headaches.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Gas, burping, and stomach pain.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Dizziness and wheezing.  
  • Vomiting and Itching.
  • Painful urination and increased body temperature.

Furthermore, these ingredients are generally considered to be safe for healthy individuals when taken in proper dosage amounts. The side effect of the ingredient Chesteberry in Flo Vitamins is generally mild.

For a completely safe approach, speaking to your doctor before trying this supplement yourself is needed especially if you have any medical condition. 

For instance, before taking any Vitamin B-6 supplements, they are not recommended if you are on anti-seizens, cycloserine, and theophylline.

Also, taking supplements containing Chasteberry during pregnancy or breastfeeding might be dangerous and you should avoid it.

So, as you saw these were the potential side effects Flo Vitamins may come with. But for most healthy women it should be completely safe. 

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Flo Vitamins Ingredients: Are They Safe?

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A look into the formula and the ingredients that make the supplement is of utmost importance if you want to know the safety and effectiveness of a supplement.

A disappointment while going through the supplement facts of Flo PMS Gummy was it lacked information on the dosage. We only know it contains 20mg of Vitamin B6. 

The main ingredients of Flo Vitamins are included under a proprietary blend that amounts to 111mg in the gummy and 86mg in the capsule. 

Even though coming to the exact conclusion on the safety and side effects of Flo Vitamins ingredients isn’t possible, we can see if they work. 

Here’s a brief overview of the key ingredients in Flo PMS Gummy vitamins.

1. Chasteberry Extract (Vitex Agnus-Castus)

As its name reflects, the Chasteberry plant promotes chastity. Traditionally the plant was used for a variety of purposes like gynecological disorders and skin conditions. 

Modern science finds it useful as a dietary supplement for premenstrual syndrome. Chasteberry can help with breast tenderness, infertility, hormonal acne, and mood swings. 

A 2019 study on Chasteberry found that it was effective at helping women with a reduction in PMS symptoms. Women who took Chasteberry were 2.57 times more likely to experience remission in symptoms compared to those on placebo.

While Chasteberry is usually safe and well-tolerated, one must avoid it during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Some mild side effects include nausea, headache, and GI disturbance. 

2. Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis

This herb is a member of the mint family and is also known as a calming herb. Lemon Balm was traditionally used as an aid to relieve anxiety, stress, and discomfort from bloating and promote sleep. 

Bloating and anxiety are common symptoms that a woman experiences before her periods. Lemon Balm can be used to get relief from these. 

One study on a group of 100 high school girls found that Lemon Balm was quite effective at reducing PMS symptoms. However further investigation is still needed. 

Lemon Balm is usually safe for up to 500mg. Side effects as a result of its use in Flo Vitamins are usually mild and could include increased appetite, dizziness, and wheezing. 

3. Dong Quai (Angelica Root)

Another popular herb that is used to find helpful in treating premenstrual symptoms and menopausal symptoms is Dong Quai.

It is also known by other names such as female ginseng and Angelica sinensis. Even though the herb has limited research it is suggested to be used in menstrual cramps, infrequent periods, and menopausal symptoms.

Even though the safety profile of Dong Quai was found to be strong during studies, it was not able to show high efficacy for PMS. 

Still, Dong quai use in Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins can be thought to help PMS symptoms like fatigue, cramps, bloating, and breast tenderness. 

4. Vitamin B6, 20mg

The only Vitamin that seems effective at helping PMS symptoms is Vitamin B6. It mainly targets the psychological symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. 

Several small research pieces show Vitamin B6 supplementation can be effective for moodiness, irritability, and anxiety. 

There are several foods containing Vitamin B6 that you eat regularly like chickpeas, fish like tuna and salmon, and potatoes. 

However, in most cases, our body is unable to fetch enough of these vitamins from our diet.

So, you may consider yourself supplementing a dose of 50mg to 100mg of Vitamin B6 daily. The amount of Vitamin B6 you receive from Flo Vitamins PMS Gummy is likely to be safe. 

However, too much Vitamin B6 may lead to side effects like heartburn, nausea, numbness, and painful skin lesions.

Flo Vitamins Ingredients Verdict

Even though Flo Vitamins doesn’t list the dose of ingredients in PMS gummies or capsules, it should likely be safe and shouldn’t cause side effects for most. 

It is because the amount of proprietary blend doesn’t exceed the maximum dose of any supplement. Also, most ingredients seem effective at relieving PMS symptoms and thus it may work for you!

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Benefits Of Flo Vitamins

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Based on the available evidence of Flo Vitamins ingredients benefits and their claimed benefits on their official website, The following is a benefit of Flo Vitamins:

  • Reduce hormonal acne.
  • Relieve bloating and cramps.
  • Helps with psychological symptoms like stress, anxiety, and mood swings.
  • Can help relieve breast tenderness before periods. 
  • May improve digestion and reduce cravings.

How To Avoid Flo Vitamins Side Effects?

To avoid the side effects of Flo Vitamins you need to keep certain things in mind and follow some guidelines. Let us see what they are. 

Since the FDA does not regulate it, there is a risk of medication interactions in case you’re taking certain prescription drugs or have medical conditions.

Check the active ingredient’s safety and consult with professional healthcare before starting this.

You should also talk with a doctor if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in Flo Vitamins before trying this supplement.

Lastly, do not exceed the recommended dose Flo Vitamins mentions on its official website. For more details and guidelines consider checking their FAQs page.

Flo Vitamins Real Users Reviews

Carolyn Marie, a YouTuber, shared her experience using FLO Gummies to treat her PMS.

Reviews found on the Flovitamins Website are generally positive, with most people noting their appreciation for the claimed benefits of the supplement. 

On their website, however, users have reported negative side effects such as increased acne, bloating, cramps, and more.

Satisfied and happy customers also say that they have noticed a change in their hormonal acne. It tastes and smells great, and they love the flavor. Usually, the result was noticed in 2-4 months of using it.

It has an overall rating of 4.3 on its official website by a total of 4485 reviewers.

In contrast, the people who have given this supplement a low rating said that their hormonal acne is still on their face and doesn’t work and they didn’t notice any difference.

Flo Vitamins supplement isn’t available in any popular retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, and Walgreens so we can’t able to find any reviews on those sites.

Below are some of the positive and negative customer reviews of Flo Vitamins:

Vanessa S. Says – The 2-month rule was true but after it helped!

Results started to happen by 2 months and after that, I do feel like it has helped eliminate my hormonal acne. It has helped a ton with the acne flare-ups which I was struggling with. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an approach without a doctors visit

Shmeika H Says –  Help my Hormonal acne

I was definitely a skeptic BUT FLO has been just what I needed. I suffered from hormonal acne for years and nothing topical helped. I went to a dermatologist (only provided short term help), tried more water, better dieting, and exercise, and those things helped slightly but not as much as I needed them to

Laura C. Says – Didn’t do anything for my acne

I don’t doubt that this works for some peoples’ skin, but it didn’t for my acne. My PMS symptoms are normally nothing major, so the main reason I bought this was to help my skin. With absolutely no change after months of taking it, I canceled my subscription

Megan H. Says – No Diffrence

I was so excited to try this product for my hormonal acne, and after 2-3 months of diligent use, I have seen absolutely no change whatsoever. Quite frankly, I am disappointed I wasted my time and money

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Flo Vitamins Side Effects: Should You Still Try It?

As far as we think Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins should be safe for most women. It’s because most of the ingredients are natural and well-tolerated. Some mild Flo Vitamins side effects you may experience include nausea, irritability, and dizziness.

Flo Vitamins do contain some effective ingredients that have the potential to help relieve PMS symptoms. The ingredients as said are rockstars in relieving symptoms.

However, since the exact amount of ingredients isn’t mentioned, predicting effectiveness is not possible. If the amount is lower than the effective dose, it might not be worth it. 

Most of the people (including those for whom it didn’t work) on the website said Flo Vitamins gummy does not have any side effects and is safe. 

That was all for the Flo Vitamins side effects. Now, we would love to hear what you think about the Flo PMS Gummy vitamin. Let us know.


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