Celsius Drink Side Effects: Is It Safe To Consume?

Celsius Energy drink is a dietary supplement designed to accelerate or heighten your metabolism and increase energy levels besides burning calories.  

Many people rely on energy drinks for a much-needed “pick-me-up” to get them through the day. It could be for a long day at work, a strenuous exercise session, or late-hour studies. We all need a little extra energy every now and then. 

In reality, most of us rely on caffeine-containing stimulants like coffee to get us going through the day. According to the National Coffee Association, 62% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis.

We can confirm the popularity of energy drinks, the phrase “healthy energy drink,” and caffeine-containing stimulants as a result of seeing the aforementioned report.

There are several energy drinks claiming to help you lose body fat and provide the energy you need, enabling you to replace coffee, sodas, and drinks. These drinks may provide additional advantages, like a healthy metabolism and an increase in vitality.

However, the majority of these energy drinks have tons of added sugar, sometimes even exceeding soda. While some are highly caffeinated, which can cause jitteriness, nervousness, or agitation.

Celsius energy drink doesn’t have any added sugar and it claims to be clinically proven to show thermogenic properties and accelerate metabolism, thus providing high energy.

Since we found Celsius Drink to have slightly higher caffeine content than most energy drinks. So, we decided to look for Celsius Drink side effects and if the Celsius Drink is good for you. We assure you that you are definitely gonna find it by the end of this article. 

Let’s get started.

What Is Celsius Energy Drink? Overview

Celsius Energy Drink is a weight-loss drink that may aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism. This dietary supplement, as the name implies, helps to provide an energy boost while also burning calories and body fat. It’s a liquid nutritional supplement that comes in 18 flavors.

This energy drink is marketed as a tasty fitness drink that also activates thermogenesis to boost metabolism and caloric burn. 

It contains Metaplus, a proprietary combination of ingredients such as green tea, EGCG, caffeine, guarana seed extract, taurine, and ginger root extract, is included. When combined with other components of Celsius, these components of this mixture increase your metabolic rate.

Celsius Energy Drink can also help with:

  • Can also help you maintain your energy levels during workouts.
  • Helps you recover from fatigue by supporting your adrenal glands.
  • It also helps your immune system, tissue repair, and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters.
  • The product also claims to improve your blood lipid profile and increase your endurance.
  • This drink may also aid in the reduction of hunger and cravings.

Celsius made its market debut in 2004 as a beverage for dieters looking to lose weight. However, in response to widespread public outrage, Celsius Holdings decided to rebrand and market its product as an energy drink.

Celsius Drink is a product of Celsius Holdings, a dink nutrition company that specialises in a unique, clinically-proven formula for premium and flagship supplements sold under the Celsius brands.

Celsius Drink was created to assist people who want to live healthy lifestyles in achieving their goals. It provides a continuous energy source that is specially designed to work with your body.

Even if you are not a seasoned athlete, this supplement may help you achieve your goals. Celsius drinks claim to improve anyone’s body composition and speed up metabolism.

Although it may be effective for people of all levels of activity, the company discloses that active adults who follow a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis will see the best results.

Celsius Energy Drink Side Effects

Celsius Drinks is gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO. It also contains no sugar, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavours.

Each can of Celsius Drinks contains 200 mg of caffeine, and the heat version, which is designed for extreme acts, contains 300 mg. 

Approximately three to four cups of coffee, or 400 mg, of caffeine, should be consumed every day, according to the FDA (1).

Even at lower doses, 200 mg of caffeine for those who are caffeine sensitive may be enough to produce some of the following symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, palpitations, inability to focus, dizziness, dehydration, and agitation.

Because this supplement contains between 200 and 300 milligrams of caffeine, it’s critical to stick to the daily dose.

Excessive or higher-than-recommended caffeine consumption has been linked to seizures, digestive issues, a faster heartbeat, high blood pressure, muscle breakdown, addiction, and even death.

Sucralose is a zero-calorie artificial sweetener that is 400-700 times sweeter than sugar and is widely used in energy drinks. It appears to be present in this supplement, and it could be a potentially harmful ingredient in Celsius (2).

Additionally, it contains pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and in amounts higher than the RDA so, the higher doses of this ingredient may cause diarrhea and may increase the risk of bleeding (4).

Niacin can also result in a rapid heartbeat, itching, gout, diarrhea, liver damage, abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, extreme skin flushing, and vertigo, to name a few. It’s possible that the riboflavin in Celsius Drink will make your urine appear more yellow than normal (3).

Take note of the negative side effects listed above because the daily amounts in the supplement facts are higher than the recommended daily intake.

Make sure the adverse effects listed above are likely to occur, especially if you consume too many Celsius drinks or exceed the recommended dosages.

In the amounts present in a daily serving of Celsius Drink, negative side effects from vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, chromium, and biotin are unlikely for most people.

This supplement is only recommended for people over the age of 18. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid taking this supplement.

Talk to your doctor before using this supplement, especially if you have any known medical conditions or are currently taking any medications.

Is Celsius Energy Drink Bad For You?

Celsius Energy drink can be either bad or good depending on some factors that we are about to discuss. 

We saw each serving of a normal Celsius drink offers you about 200mg of Caffeine which can actually be a higher amount at a single time. 

If you think your body is caffeine sensitive, we do not think Celsius energy drink is even an option for you. Since just one can of Celsius Drink can show the worst symptoms. 

Even though Celsius drink is sugar free, it does use artificial sweetener for the sweetness which is Sucralose. The artificial sweetener is around 400 to 700 times sweet than sugar.

Thus, Celsius Energy drink might be a good option but drinking only in moderation, like not exceeding one can a day. 

Also you should pay extra attention to your caffeine intake if you are having Celsius Drink. Cuz it already contain 200 mg and if you are getting caffeine from other source, it might get overdosed. 

You can have at most one serving of Celsius Drink one day if you want to see the benefits and not adverse effects. 

So, Is Celsius Drink bad for you? It is not when consumed in moderation, higher doses may show negative side effects like insomnia, jitteriness and headache. In moderation Celsius Drink Can show some positive effects.

Celsius Energy Drink Supplement Facts

Celsius Energy Drink is vegan-certified. Furthermore, clinical studies and other research back it up, demonstrating that Celsius products are made with healthier, energy-boosting ingredients that work with your own body’s physical exercise. These studies also show that Celsius has thermogenic properties.

It consists of several essential ingredients as well as a few other ingredients or ones that improve flavor and delivery. The full list of ingredients and supplement facts for Celsius Drink is provided below:

  • Calories:  10
  • Total carbohydrate: 2g 
  • Total sugar:
  • Vitamin C: 60 mg 
  • Vitamin B complex: 
  • Riboflavin: 1.7 mg 
  • Niacin: 20 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 2 mg 
  • Vitamin B12: 6 mcg
  • Biotin: 3 mcg 
  • Pantothenic acid: 50 mg 
  • Chromium (chelate): 50 mcg 
  • Sodium: 0 mg

The following is a complete list of the ingredients in Celsius drink, which includes a proprietary blend of six ingredients and other ingredients:

  • Taurine
  • Guarana extract seed
  • Caffeine: 200 mg (Heat variety contains 300mg per can!!) 
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Ginger extract (root)
  • Green tea leaf extract: ECCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) (15%)

Other Ingredients: 

  • Carbonated filtered water (base)
  • The citric acid (preservative)
  • Vegetable juice (color) 
  • Natural flavor 
  • Sucralose

Here is more information about each of the Celsius beverage’s main ingredients is provided below:

Green Tea Extract: Green tea has numerous benefits, including preserving brain health and maintaining healthy skin. It also contains a lot of antioxidants. Green tea extract contains caffeine and catechins, two ingredients that may help with weight loss. A clinical study discovered a link between drinking green tea and weight loss.

Guarana Seed Extract:  Unlike most guarana beverages, Celsius drinks use the seeds (rather than roots), which have more than twice the caffeine content of a typical coffee bean.

Ginger root: Ginger root has a delicious spicy flavor, and studies have shown that it can help with digestion and promote thermogenesis.

Chromium:  Chromium helps to maintain glucose levels, which impacts energy, metabolism, and fat loss. Studies have demonstrated that dietary chromium supplements can improve growth.  It is also an essential trace mineral that helps to regulate blood sugar levels and improves protein, carbohydrate, and lipid metabolism. It is also known to aid in the regulation of hunger.

Vitamin B and C: B-Vitamins are essential for energy production and help to regulate metabolism and cell health. They also support your adrenal glands, which aids in the recovery from exhaustion

According to studies, those who are vitamin B deficient have a lower capacity to engage in higher-intensity exercise. Regular exercise also increases the need for specific vitamins, such as riboflavin and vitamin B6 (5).

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an important nutrient that helps the immune system, aids in tissue repair, and aids in the enzymatic production of some neurotransmitters. 

According to studies, prolonged activity lowers our blood levels of vitamin C. There is no known cause as of yet. However, research has shown that regular exercise does not necessitate a higher intake of vitamin C.

However, research on the subject has produced contradictory results, with only a few trials demonstrating a decrease in muscle soreness in 3 out of 14. (6)

What Is Good About Celsius Drink?

Celsius Drink isn’t necessarily bad when you consume it in moderation. But it actually can do some good results if you take it. 

It could be helpful in case you are on weight loss and exercising regularly. A Celsius drink can enhance your energy levels and help burn more calories.

Since the drink also has EGCG and high caffeine content, it can actually help to raise your metabolism which can eventually lead to keeping you energized with high metabolism. 

The energy from Celsius Drink can be useful in several ways like when you workout, or plan to stay awake late night, have a rough day and also when you are feeling fatigue.

Some of the good things about Celsius Drink we personally feel includes: 

  1. Provides energy you need to start your day. 
  2. Can be taken in your pre-workout for higher energy and endurance.
  3. Doesn’t give the jittery and crash feeling like with coffee.
  4. Can accelerate metabolism to burn calories and even fats. 

Celsius Drink can replace your regular coffee requirement since it contains enough caffeine to last for a day. It is one of the popular energy drinks in the market, there must be something special about it for users to love. 

How Much Celsius Drink A Day?

You should drink one can of Celsius Energy Drink every day, according to their website. They also claim that people who follow the dosage recommendations notice physical improvements.

Take one can of Celsius Take as directed:

  • Early in the morning.
  • At lunchtime
  • Before working out or prior to physical activity.

Taking this energy drink every day is safe as long as you take or consume it carefully or in the proper manner.

To avoid experiencing any negative side effects from some of the ingredients, always consume less than the recommended dosage and avoid overdosing.

Who Should Not Have Celsius Energy Drink?

Celsius drinks should only be consumed by people over the age of 18. Do not take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. As a result, this product should be kept out of the reach of children and teenagers.

Celsius Energy Drink contains both green tea extract and caffeine, which are both enhancers.  Those who are sensitive to stimulants should avoid this substance.

Furthermore, people with GERD, gastric ulcers, or compromised digestive systems should not use this substance.

On their official FAQs page, the manufacturer states that this dietary supplement is not suitable for caffeine-sensitive individuals, children under the age of 18, or pregnant or nursing women.

Additionally, this product should not be consumed by anyone suffering from heart disease or arrhythmias.

Finally, if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, you should avoid drinking energy drinks.

Celsius Energy Drink Reviews

When looking for reviews of a specific supplement, consider the source of the reviews. Testimonials on the official website may be skewed or filtered because the company has the incentive to highlight positive feedback while suppressing negative feedback.

The total number of reviews as well as the dependability of reviewers should be considered.

Third-party retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Trustpilot are excellent sources of reviews because they often have more reviews and a more diverse range of reviewers.

There is only one place to buy Celsius Drinks in this case: Amazon. The product has received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 95,785 reviews from customers all over the world.

Furthermore, 84% of reviewers gave these energy drinks a 5-star rating, with the majority of them saying they liked the flavor and taste and that, unlike many other energy drinks, they had no negative side effects.

Also, most of the positive reviewers state that this energy drink helps them in boosting their energy, fat burning, and many other claims benefits.

There aren’t many people who give it a bad review or a low rating because of how expensive it is, how some of their cans were smashed or expired, or how they experienced some side effects after consuming it.

Here are some Amazon reviews, both positive and critical:

Daisy says – My go-to energy drink

I bought these because my other drink was on back order for months. Too bad for my other drink, which I canceled because I have found a new go to energy drink. My new go to is the Raspberry Acai Green Tea, non-carbonated. This drink gives me the energy I need to start my day and I have another around noon

R Franklin says – Actually very good! No jitters

I only bought this to get to the free shipping quick shop.. but I drank one Sunday morning and headed to rehearsal.. I really like the flavor.. No sugar. Vitamin B’s.. etc. I did not have a cup of coffee.. I didn’t need one. And I’ve been cutting back.. so this is a good thing!. I recommend this product

Tracy L McDermot says – Expired and ranacid

Opened one and right away the smell was off, it just smelt so weird. I thought it might of been me so I took a sip and it was so bad. I didn’t know that my daughter had also taken one to school with her and she and her friends said the same thing it was horrible. I talked with Amazon and got a refund but I won’t ever order these again from Amazon. Ordered the apple ones and they are fine. Watch the dates!!!

Marissa Bonyun says – Came damaged

The cans came damaged (dented and opened) and when I tried to document this or find a way to get even a partial replacement or refund I was told I cannot. Very disappointing

Celsius Energy Drink Side Effects: Is It Safe?

Considering the side effects of Celsius Drink we do not think there are any side effects that were reported by the majority of users. But, for people who are caffeine sensitive might have complaints related to headaches, jitters, sleep issues, or upset stomachs. 

Also, Celsius Drink uses sucralose as a sweetening agent, which is 400-700 times more sweeter than sugar. Excessive intake of sucralose has been linked to high blood sugar and bowel problems in some people.  

When consumed in moderation, Celsius Drink can actually have some impressive results that you can experience throughout the day, and long-term

Celsius Drink is thought to keep you energized throughout the day without making you feel crashed. It can increase your metabolism and help your body burn calories. 

You must keep in mind not to use more than 2 cans of Celsius Drink in a day. The tolerable and healthy amount of caffeine as explained by the FDA is 400 mg and Celsius has 200 mg of caffeine in each of its drinks. 

If you are a beginner trying out Celsius Drink, it is advisable to start with only one can each day for a week. And if you find it comforting you can increase it to 2 cans. 

That was it for the Celsius Side Effects and If Celsius Drink is bad for you. Now, we would like to collect your opinion on this. Let us know what you think of Celsius Drink in the comments.

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