Ka’chava Unbiased Review (2022 Updated): Side Effects, Benefits, And More

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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

Ka’chava meal replacement shake is high in protein, contains more than 70 organic ingredients in its blend, and is quite convenient to use. Is this sufficient for a meal replacement to stand out? The article will answer every doubt related to it. 

In the present scenario, where people are occupied by their work more than ever, meal replacements have already started to set their space. The basic expectation from these meal replacements are, they should be nutritious, shouldn’t create hassle of health issues, and must not break your bank.

Ka’chava powder contains everything in it from protein, fiber adaptogens, digestive enzymes to super greens. The whole mix can be taken instantly and at any time of the day. The article reviews Ka’chava meal replacement, taking almost every aspect into account.

Let’s dive straight into it.

What is Ka’chava?

Ka’chava is a meal replacement shake manufactured by the company named “Ka’chava” in the US, the county known as state-of-art. The claims made by the Ka’chava include improvement in digestion, weight loss, better immunity, and better look.

Each serving of Ka’chava contains properties of 70+ ingredients that can provide almost every nutrient your body needs. The formula also includes a blend of probiotics, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

You can achieve almost every nutrition from whole foods in your daily meal. Ka’chava just simplifies the process and makes it less time-consuming. The meal replacement isn’t verified by any third party but they did self-test the product.

Ka’chava – Background Story & Company Overview

Simon Malone started Ka’chava back in 2014. The company has become quite popular as a meal replacement brand. The parent company of Ka’chava is tribal nutrition.

When Simon Malone (Ka’chava founder) was traveling in Thailand a few years ago, he wanted to have a whole body meal that would provide him with essential nutrients directly. Well, at that time he was unable to find any supplement that met all the requirements he wanted. So he decided to create his own product. And that’s where the Ka’chava company led its foundation.

Ka’chava mainly aims to create a healthy lifestyle by bringing together all the best superfoods into a single ready-to-go meal. With its main focus on people’s health, Ka’chava also focuses on helping the environment. They have a partnership with rainforest trusts and have saved over 29,635 acres of rainforest since 2017.

The company offers you an exclusively whole body meal powder in two flavors- vanilla and chocolate. Recently they launched a third flavor Coconut Acai.

Each flavor of Ka’chava is a blend of several ingredients ranging from high plant-based protein with added green powders, fibers, fruits to vegetables

As a meal replacement shake, Ka’chava has no dairy, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors and is also soy and gluten-free. This is something people always prefer while selecting a supplement.

Ka’chava Ingredients

The ingredient profile of Ka’chava becomes crucial if you are out to analyze the effectiveness of a meal replacement formula. Also, ingredients provide quite a good glimpse of the benefits and side effects of the product.

As Ka’chava uses 70+ superfoods in its supplements, looking at them one-by-one is a hectic process. So, they already grouped all their ingredients in 7 different blend types. The serving size for Vanilla flavor is 60 grams while for chocolate it is 62 grams, which is two scoops. 

Let’s understand the groups and their amount in each serving.

1. Plant-Based Protein Blend

Amount: 27.75 g (45% of a serving)
Group Ingredients: Organic Sacha Inchi Seed, Organic Amaranth Seed, Organic Quinoa Seed, Yellow Pea Protein, Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein.

Coming to proteins, Ka’chava contains a blend of 7 plant-based proteins. The protein blend includes brown rice, quinoa seed, inchi seed, and some more protein-rich sources. 

Proteins are known for a number of useful benefits including cell repair gain in lean muscles, and improved energy. There have been separate studies that showed both pea protein and rice protein to increase muscle gain in the adult male. 

The amount of protein in Ka’chava is higher than most other meal replacement shakes. And, there have been studies that showed high protein meal replacement can help you lose body fats.

Plant-based protein is also an enriched fiber source that promotes good gut bacteria, improves heart health, and makes digestion smooth. As these are plant-based proteins, they are safe for most individuals.

You can use the protein calculator to manage the intake protein through supplements.

2. Omega EFA / Fiber Blend

Amount: 9.62g (16% of a serving)
Group Ingredients: Organic Acacia Gum, Chia Seed, Flax Seed, Organic Pure Whole Grain Oat.

Ka’chava also has omega EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) blends that are high in fiber. This fiber is specially sourced from chia seeds, flax seeds, and acacia gum.

A good meal replacement must provide EFAs, as they are not synthesized within your body. High-fiber diets have always been known for their digestion benefits

Also, fibers help regulate your bowel movement, improve satiety feel, help lose weight, and can also help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Overall they are great for health and help can improve longevity. The amount of fiber is also incredibly high in Ka’chava meal replacement.

3. Antioxidant Blend of Superfruit

Amount: 6.1g (10% of a serving)
Names of Superfruits: Organic Cabbage, Organic Parsley Leaf, Organic Brussel Sprouts, Organic Green Pepper, Organic Cucumber, Organic Celery, Organic Garlic, Organic Green Onion, Organic Cauliflower, Organic Asparagus, Chlorella, Organic Beet, Organic Carrot, Organic Spinach, Organic Broccoli, Organic Tomato, Organic Kale.

Ka’chava meal replacement has around 17 antioxidant sources in its blend which is obtained from superfruits like pepper, garlic, chlorella, and kale. 

You must be already aware that antioxidants help fight free radicals and protect your body from their damage. The superfruits are also rich in vitamin C that protects your body and skin from harmful environmental conditions. 

Antioxidants are completely safe and in fact, protect you from chronic illnesses like cancer and heart attacks. 

4. Adaptogen Herbs Blend

Amount: 1020mg (1.6% in a serving)
Names of Adaptogen: Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Mycelia, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Maitake Mushroom Mycelia, Organic Reishi Mushroom Mycelia, Organic Maca Root, Organic Shiitake Mushroom Mycelia.

Ka’chava also has 7 adaptogen herbs within them like maca, shiitake, and ginger. The adaptogen blend helps your body to adapt to the stressful environment. 

Adaptogens are also known to produce stress-protective effects in your body. Ginger as an adaptogen has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on your body. Overall the adaptogens fulfill the Ka’chava promise to help with boosting the immune system.

The adaptogenic blend in Ka’chava is also safe and doesn’t contain any side effects unless it’s allergic to your body. 

5. Super-Greens / Vegetables Blend

Amount: 500mg (1% of a serving)
Names of Super-Greens: Organic Cabbage, Organic Parsley Leaf, Organic Green Pepper, Organic Cucumber, Organic Celery, Organic Garlic, Organic Green Onion, Organic Beet, Organic Broccoli, Organic Tomato, Organic Kale, Organic Brussel Sprouts, Organic Cauliflower, Organic Asparagus, Chlorella, Organic Carrot, Organic Spinach.

There are around 17 super-greens or vegetables in Ka’chava. Though these are some of the top super-greens known for their benefits, their amount is very low. 

The vegetables are high in minerals, vitamins, and fibers. They are low in calories and can have a good number of benefits. But considering their amount, it’s very likely that you won’t receive each benefit. 

Super-Greens are safe to consume and do not carry any health risks with them.

6. Probiotic And Prebiotics Blend

Amount: 50mg (0.01% in a serving)
Group Ingredients: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Inulin, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus.

The Ka’chava also has a probiotic blend of L. Acidophilus and L. Rhamnosus. These bacterial strains help promote your gut and gastrointestinal flora.  Probiotics help improve the growth of friendly bacteria in your gut.

Though the bacteria can help with issues like diarrhea and IBS, their amount in Ka’chava is quite low to show such effects. The prebiotic inulin acts as a food source in the form of fiber, for friendly bacteria in your guts, in turn providing them nourishment.

The prebiotic profile of Ka’chava is good but again, considering its amount, it is quite difficult to make a judgment for its benefits.

7. Digestive Enzymes

Amount: 50mg (0.01% in a serving)
Group Ingredients: Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase, Amylase, Protease

Ka’chava also includes a digestive enzyme blend of cellulase, lipase, amylase, and other enzymes in its meal replacement shake. 

Enzymes help break complex substances into simpler ones and increase nutrition absorption efficiency. More enzymes faster the breakdown. 

Thus for people whose digestive systems are enzyme deficient, Ka’chava can synchronously help you with your meals. 

Some other ingredients in Ka’chava include coconut milk, natural vanilla flavor, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, and Soluble Vegetable Fibre. Coconut milk helps to improve digestion, relieves constipation, and also reduces cholesterol levels. 

At the same time, Guar and Xanthan Gum provide thickness to Ka’chava shakes. That’s all about the variety of superfoods/plant-based ingredients Ka’chava uses.

Ka’chava Ingredients Summary:

The Ka’chava meal replacement was successful at impressing its users with the ingredients. There were no ingredients that would make you uncomfortable using Ka’chava. The best part we personally feel for Ka’chava was its protein and fiber content.

Is Ka’chava Healthy? What side effects could it have?

Girl showing side effects board
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There’s is very little or limited information available out about Ka’chava side effects. It is mainly due to the ingredients are natural/safe and the majority of online reviewers don’t face any effects to it.

Some ingredients in Ka’chava can experience side effects that were mainly related to your abdomen, were mild, and did not last long. But other than that Superfoods may show some side effects, especially when your body is allergic to them.

Below are the possible side effects you may face due to the allergy to this superfoods.

  • Stomach pain.
  • Bloating and gas.
  • Aches and pains.
  • Nausea.

The above side effects mostly depend on your body’s reaction to the active ingredients in Ka’chava. 

Another ingredients profile you must have noticed is that it contains probiotics and prebiotics blend and in rare cases, probiotics have been known to cause adverse effects that included nausea, diarrhea, and gas.

Ka’chva does contain enzymes and enzyme supplementation is often seen to show side effects like cramps, gas, and sometimes an allergic reaction. 

Also, if you started using this superfood it contains 6g of sugar per serving which is high. 

Especially if you are a diabetic patient looking for a meal replacement, Ka’chava might not be a perfect choice. High sugar in Ka’chava may increase fat accumulation in your body.

Here’s what some Ka’chava users have to say about its adverse side effects: 

”I had an inflammatory allergy to Ka’chava. I have the disease lipedema and it causes my legs to get swollen. I’ve been on an anti-inflammatory diet for a year and have had no leg pain. I drank Ka’chava for three weeks and my legs slowly got swollen and I slept so much from fatigue. I really wanted to love the stuff. Wish I knew what ingredient was causing the allergy :(” – Mel B.

“Don’t fall for the hype. Was NOT filling at all… Also! My body totally rejected it and it caused me to be totally bloated, gave me gas, and even some upchuck of the product in my mouth. Gross. Deeply Underwhelming. Fell for a great ad campaign. Lesson learned” – Sharla Davidson.

My other issues were that it upset my stomach, to the point where I was running out of class to relieve myself, and the bag that it came in was supposed to be resealable, but that didn’t work” – Anne Wilhelm.

In case you face any side effects using Ka’chava, then simply stop having this meal replacement shake. And, if you still don’t feel relief even after stopping it, then don’t fail to consult your doctor before the case worsens.

Pros and Cons of Ka’chava

Every supplement has some pros and cons. Likewise, let’s see what are the pros and cons of Ka’chava meal replacement shakes.

Benefits Of Ka’chava

  • Ka’chava is a great option for people who are too busy with their schedules and are forced to skip their meals sometimes. In no time, you can mix Ka’chava shake and fulfill your meal nutrition to a good extent.
  • As Ka’chava tribal superfood is 100% plant-based, it is completely safe to have them. 
  • It has a 30 days money-back guarantee for 1 bag of each flavor, which prevents you from risking your money. (In case you didn’t like Ka’chava)
  • Ka’chava claims to give a boost to your daily intake of nutrients just with one shake a day. And it claims its shake to be the most nutrient-dense shake you can imagine.
  • Ka’chava is a clean product meaning it is gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and uses no artificial colors, flavors, and sweetening agent.
  • Finally, Ka’chava can help with your weight loss routine by giving a feeling of fullness for a longer time span. 

Cons Of Ka’chava

  • You can’t say it is super expensive, but still, Ka’chava meal replacement shakes are quite expensive for a normal US resident. 
  • You need to be consistent with the shakes and take them every day to see results, which may frustrate you.
  • Though it helps with weight loss, still it isn’t Keto-friendly, which is sad news for keto practitioners. 
  • Ka’chava only has three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coconut Acai.

Ka’chava Warnings And Doses

How much Ka’chava should you take? The recommended dosage of Ka’chava meal replacement is taking two scoops dissolved or blended with 12 to 14 oz of water once a day (at any time).

Also, Ka’chava clearly states a few warnings about its products on the package. The warning information says: 

Warning: Keep Ka’chava out of children’s reach. In case you are pregnant or a nursing mom, consult your physician. 

Some research even shows that using meal replacements, in the long run, can lead you to gain weight more than having other dietary sources (1,2).

PRECAUTION: The only precaution we suggest you take is, have Ka’chava as per the recommended dose i.e. 2 scoops a day. And, consult your doctor in case you have any health conditions like allergies.

Lastly, not a warning, Ka’chava meal replacement shakes are much more expensive than having or preparing your own meals at home. Preparing your meals yourself is the safest way to gain nutrition.

Ka’chava Customer Reviews

Now when you know enough about Ka’chava meal replacement shakes, it’s time to know people’s personal experience using them. 

On Amazon, people rated Ka’chava 4.5 out of 5, with an overall satisfaction rate of 86% which is a lot for almost any supplement. And on its official shop, it’s rated 4.8 out of 5, by 17,259 people, which is again insane.

Generally, people were quite positive about the results they saw using Ka’chava. While the majority of the reviewers praised this meal replacement, a few reviewers also said it’s overpriced and tastes terrible. Want to have a look at what they say?  

Here are some customer reviews ranging from good to bad.

“I don’t understand where all these negative comments are coming from… This product is great. Add fruit and peanut butter and jam great for hours… I am on the subscription and I have no complaints… The price is right. I waste more money at the vitamin stores .. Yall buggin this is my go-to meal replacement and I am losing weight” – William Gupton.

“I almost didn’t buy this because I was reading all the negative reviews about the taste. I made one for my husband and myself this morning and I pre-warned him before he drank it that some people said it tasted horrible, He drank it and said “How could someone not like that”. I made myself one and I thought the same thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the taste. I plan on using this as a meal replacement every day. I am wondering if all the negative reviews are from competitors” – Mc Laugh.

“Be very careful purchasing this there’s no return and it’s very expensive. I did not like it because it does not shake well with water almond milk etc. even when blended it’s uncontrollably thick” – Dorothy.

“ I’m not really sure on the nutritional value yet because I’ve only been able to choke down four shakes so far. Absolutely disgusting. Oh, and it has gross stevia after taste. The last two I put a heaping serving of peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate syrup. Was able to get it down however I basically added a bunch of calories to my shake. Bottom line tastes horrible”- Mrs. Kelley.

Note: The reviews were picked from Amazon and the official store of Ka’chava.  

Ka’chava cost

At their official store, Ka’chava costs you $69.95/bag for one-time purchases + $7.95 shipping charges. If you feel the product suits your needs, you can save $10 on each bag by their subscription program. (In their subscription plan you need to order 2 bags of Ka’chava each month.) 

In case you want to get regular with Ka’chava, it will still cost you $4 a day (after subscription). If you feel you can afford this much for your meal replacement, then you must go for it undoubtedly. 

Where Can You Buy Ka’chava?

If you have already made up your mind to try Ka’chava, you can buy it online from Ka’chava official stores or from Amazon. Walmart and a variety of other health food stores/third-party supplements retailers also sell Ka’chava offline.

Ka’chava meal replacement costs you the same everywhere till the time you don’t avail of its subscription. And getting a subscription could really be a good deal if you love Ka’chava and want to get regular with the same. 

Many other meal replacement powders are available that offer similar ingredients and protein sources as the Ka’chava.

1. Garden of Life:

Raw organic meal shake by Garden of Life is another alternative of Ka’chava you may opt for. It is also comprised of multiple organic nutrient blends including vegetables, vitamins, minerals, greens, fiber, flavor, fruit, protein and prebiotics, and enzyme blends.

The meal replacement shake is a USDA-certified organic product, NSF-certified gluten-free, Non -GMO, kosher and vegan. The supplement has 130 calories per serving, making it the lowest calories count shake compared to others. Garden of Life is also high in protein.

2. Huel:

Just like Ka’chava, Huel is also a popular meal replacement powder made from plant-based sustainable ingredients like oats, rice protein, pea protein flaxseed, coconut oil, and several other dietary supplements.

Huel too is available in flavored and unflavoured/unsweetened variants. Also, Huel allows you to order their powder individually or sign up for their subscription discount to enjoy additional savings.

Another similar meal replacement is from Orgain, Orgain Meal Powder. It uses only organic protein, veggies, and green in its formula. 

Still, if you want more choices for a meal replacement, check this list. Find your favorite ones and let us know. 

Looking for more info?

If you want to learn more about Ka’chava below is a video guide you can watch out for if you want to. 

The guy helps to answer your important questions such as how it works, can it help to lose weight, and last how it tastes using 72 bags of Ka’chava after 2 years of experience.

Conclusion: Is Ka’chava Worth It?

Ka’chava can be a healthy choice as a meal replacement shake. It doesn’t have any side effects in common on your health and provides enough nutrients per serving. It’s easy to prepare and doesn’t taste bad like some other meal replacements.

The only thing which might hurt is its price and a little higher sugar content than other meal replacements. If you are ok with the same, then Ka’chava meal replacement is ready to make your lifestyle easy.

Now we would love to listen to you. What do you think about Ka’chava meal replacements? Ever tried it? How was your experience? Do let us know using our discussion box.

Faqs On Ka’chava Meal Replacement Shake 

Is Ka'chava good for weight loss?

Yes, Ka’chava meal replacement shake can help you to lose weight because it contains high plant-based protein inside. Studies show high protein meal replacement can help you lose weight and fats. Also the high fiber content helps promote satiety feel.

Can you drink Ka'chava at night?

Yes, Ka’chava is a great speedy and convenient meal replacement shake option for the night. Drinking it at night provides the added benefit of not feeling your stomach too heavy and having a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Does Ka'chava have caffeine?

Ka’chava chocolate flavors do contain some trace levels of caffeine content because of the ingredients name cocoa powder which contains natural caffeine. So to avoid caffeine completely opt for its vanilla flavor.

Is it worth buying Ka'chava?

Ka’chava is quite expensive compared to other meal replacements but for benefits, Ka’chava is undoubtedly a worthy buy.

Does Ka'chava have stevia?

Ka’chava comes in two flavors vanilla and chocolate flavor both flavors of Ka’chava contain Luo Han Guo also known as monk fruit that is 250 times sweeter compared to sucrose. Also, Ka’chava uses stevia separately. So yes Ka’chava has stevia in it.

Is Ka'chava safe?

For most healthy individuals, Ka’chava is generally considered to be safe because the ingredients profile of Ka’chava is natural/safe and has very few side effects related to it.

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Donnie T Rump
Donnie T Rump
1 year ago

My momma said it tastes like a poo poo platter. Not sure if that is the chinese food or what…..

dan phillips
dan phillips
11 months ago
Reply to  Donnie T Rump

momma not always right

1 year ago

I never leave reviews but I feel like this is necessary to warn people of possible risks. My friend told me about this product. She likes it. So I thought I’d try it for when I’m busy and don’t feel like stopping to eat.

I Purchased from ka’chava website but leaving review here since others reviews have said ka’chava hid reviews on their site.

Two hours after drinking less than 1scoop (suggested serving is 2) .. I was so ill, vomit, faint, couldn’t even move to get off bathroom floor to get my phone to call for help. I have no allergies, sickest I have been. Like my body was trying to vomit up my organs. No joke. It hurt SOOO BAD. major dehydration. Wasn’t certain what caused this the first time this happened. Waited a Few weeks and tried again yesterday morning. Same exact thing!!! Lasted almost 24 hours!
Now I know the ka’chava caused it. I haven’t thrown up in probably 8 years before this.

There should be more info as far as serving sizes based on your weight. And warnings about vitamin sensitivities. I read tons of reviews and some customers are noting synthetic vitamins. That they can be harmful and had bad reactions for some.
I’m also wondering if the company doesn’t have good quality control and if my bag was miss measured and I was getting way too much of some things. Still odd since I didn’t even have half a serving.

Just please take with caution. Felt it was the right thing to do , to let people know… and hopefully the company becomes aware..

I am not the only one describing severe illness from this product. Many others and posting reviews noting reactions very similar to what I’ve had.
Other reactions people posted are very close: having sever nausea, stomach cramps , painful bloating, bad reflux, diarrhea, skin reactions, hives, rashes, chest tightness, elevated heart rate.

This information should be listed as a warning..

Haven’t heard back as far as a refund yet. Lots of other reviewers stated the company is pretty bad with customer support/refund. We shall see. Would suck to have lost 48 hours in severe illness caused by the product as well as $130ish ..

Charles Horn
Charles Horn
1 year ago
Reply to  Stephanie

You have an allergy to one of the ingredients

dan phillips
dan phillips
11 months ago
Reply to  Stephanie

I love the stuff

7 months ago
Reply to  dan phillips

Me too. On first batch chocolate like the taste . Fills me up shake well. How can all the organic veggies make you sick , maybe all these people aren’t use to eating well. Love so far. I think the negative reviews are bs.

Karen Tressler
Karen Tressler
3 months ago
Reply to  Sara

This product contains a lot of ‘gums’ which can be very disruptive to the intestinal tract. Add that it contains stevia and monk fruit which are also taxing for some, it’s not bs, it’s very real reactions. Just because you are blessed with a gut that doesn’t react, doesn’t mean those who do aren’t eating healthy. Healthy eating is highly individualized. I cannot do either gums or alternative sweeteners. I would bet I eat healthier than you ever have because my life depends on it.

6 months ago
Reply to  Stephanie

I agree with Charles. I’ve never heard anyone I know say anything negative about the effects of Kachava. It’s only done wonders for my body. I have it every day and love it!

Last edited 6 months ago by Amanda
1 year ago

I understand that this might work for a lot of people and some of us don’t have the same review. I finally found out about the allergy response and GI response to Kha Chava after drinking it according to package directions and being really ill 2 hours later->nausea, vigorous vomiting, diaphoresis and diarrhea. It’s too bad because the ingredients look great.

1 year ago
Reply to  mercedes

” I finally found out about the allergy response and GI response to Kha Chava after drinking it according to package directions and being really ill 2 hours later->nausea, vigorous vomiting, diaphoresis and diarrhea.”

Finally found out what? That you’re allergic to something? WTF? If you’re lactose tolerant do you drink milk and then bitch about it?

6 months ago
Reply to  JoeD

Joe, your ignorant! I woke up on day a few years ago having an egg allergy, ate eggs all my life without an issue, til that point. A year later, I woke up allergic to walnuts, ate em all my life without an issue til that point. It’s called adult late onset allergy. It happens!

Dan Benavidez
Dan Benavidez
1 year ago

Not sure if these comments were posted by Ka’Chava competitors or what but I find it gives me energy, has accelerated the healing of my joints, and tastes way better than any of the other meal-replacement shakes out there. I mean with a name like “Donnie T Rump” , would you take a person posting with a name like that seriously?

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan Benavidez

Not with a name like that. Sounds like a Leftist.

Freddy Kanaka
Freddy Kanaka
3 months ago
Reply to  JoeD

JoeD. Why are dragging politics into the discussio?

dan phillips
dan phillips
11 months ago

they have three favors not two .

Health On Planet
11 months ago
Reply to  dan phillips

Yeah. You are right. ‘Coconut Acai’ is a new flavor launched recently by Ka’chava.

Rob Reaume
Rob Reaume
9 months ago

How is the taste of the Coconut Acai?

Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson
5 months ago
Reply to  Rob Reaume

It has a taste sort of like how my azz smells after a long hot day.

9 months ago

After trying this “great and healthy:” product I was sick for weeks>

Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson
5 months ago
Reply to  edward

It is junk.

Sylvia Young
Sylvia Young
9 months ago

I have been using Kachava for myself and family for several months. I blend the powder with ice, almond milk and fruit. It is delicious and I simply feel good putting something in my body that is healthy! No chemicals!

8 months ago

I want be using this I guess the bad out weigh the good , especially people feeling really bad after using it.
Think I’ll pass.

6 months ago
Reply to  Tony

I think you should give it a shot tbh… I took terrible care of my body over the past two years (extra bad because I am vegetarian and was getting absolutely no protein) and started drinking these when my roommates started drinking them regularly. I never had any issues. Unless you are allergic or sensitive to an ingredient, I would think you would be perfectly fine

8 months ago

I guess I want be approved for my reply neither, non bias my butt.
This stuff must really be bad iv read 2 good reviews outta 15.

7 months ago

A lot of these comments are unnecessary complaints. If you are somebody who consumes animal products (dairy, eggs, meat), overweight, or somebody looking to get back into shape, then Ka’chava is quite a contender to your dietary needs. Reading the negative comments had one thing in common, and that was detox most people went through. The thing about getting healthy is the need to detox. If your stomach hurts after consuming Ka’chava, you most likely have an internal (gut) issue going on that needs to be assessed.

I remember consuming Ka’chava for the first time and after a while I felt constant stomach pain. I stopped drinking it for a while and my stomach felt better. I would then drink it time-to-time and would feel the pain come back. Consulting with a doctor I was told I had digestive issues with seeds. My body needed some time to heal.

I went plant-based, alcohol-free, and recently discovered I tested positive for celiac. Once I let my body heal I went back to Ka’chava, felt the detox, and now I am making a Ka’chava smoothie every day without issue.

Ka’chava is about promoting health. You get to health by detoxing. You get through detoxing by feeling the pain leave your body. That’s the power of Ka’chava my friend!

Senellia Gomez
Senellia Gomez
5 months ago

I love to have it for my hubby because of its exceptional health benefits

1 month ago

Ok, I have been reading the reviews on Ka’Chava and I need to throw my opinion into the ring. I LOVE IT!! during the first week, I did have some gassy, bloating and a short bout of loose BMs, but I figured that was the detox phase. This is my 3rd week, and I am feeling light and lovely!! My poops are more thorough and more normal than they have been for years. I have energy (my metabolism was dragging badly before starting this journey) and I am losing weight. Where has this been all my life!! I am regaining my energy and I sleep GREAT at night! my eczema is clearing up (no more weird rashes and constant itchiness), my alopecia infected hair is growing and I just feel good. My friends and family are asking me.. What am I doing? because it is starting to look good on me!! and I am very picky about taste.. I LOVE the taste. I use cold Coconut milk or Almond milk or even oat milk as the base, and frozen fruit serves as the Ice portion of the process.. it is easy and gets me going in the morning! I am even starting to exercise more, as I now have the energy!! Everything is not for everybody and people have their own preferences for taste, but mix it with the right fruits/veggies and it is like having dessert for breakfast

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