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What are the side effects of Relaxium?

Relaxium is a sleeping aid supplement that is designed for people suffering from lack of sleep to help get them extra hours of sleep. The working of this supplement is similar to any sedative, tranquilizer, or antidepressant without any habit formation. 

According to a report from the CDC, 1 in every 3 adults in the USA does not get enough sleep, equivalent to one-third of the population.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, an adult aged between 18-60 should get at least 7 hours of sleep. 

Sleeping less than 7 hours can lead to an increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, or mental distress. Thus, if you aren’t sleeping for seven hours or more, you might call yourself sleep-deprived. 

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia could be some of the reasons why you suffer from a lack of sleep. Relaxium Sleep has anti-stress effects that can help you sleep by relaxing your body.

Sleeping supplements aren’t always for your benefit, they can have some unwanted side effects you need to stay prepared for. And thus we are discussing the Relaxium side effects.

Along with Relaxium Sleep side effects the article also discusses on what should be the effective dose of Relaxium, its cost, and other essential details.

Having said that, let’s dive into the article.

What Is Relaxium?

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Relaxium is a natural sleep aid supplement made using ingredients like GABA, chamomile, magnesium, and melatonin to provide stress relief and longer sleeping hours if you are suffering from insomnia.

The makers of Relaxium sleep claim it to be “Non-Habit Forming” or non-addicting, unlike many drugs and tranquilizers used for sleep. It also doesn’t make you dependent.

Relaxium promises to help treat insomnia with its triple-action formula. It is designed by Dr. Eric Ciliberti who himself is a sleep expert and clinical neurologist. 

Here’s a jot down of the claims or benefits of Relaxium Sleep:

  • Fell asleep faster 
  • Stay asleep longer
  • Clinically proven in human trials
  • Boosts immune health

The formula can help you get a restful and undisturbed sleep throughout the night to wake up refreshed and non-groggy in the morning. Relaxium also helps restore your natural sleep cycle.

Do you know, Relaxium Sleep also helps your immunity?

The rejuvenating sleep you receive with Relaxium Sleep can impact your immune health positively. It’s because sleep deprivation is also responsible for suppressing your natural immune functioning. 

Relaxium Sleep Side Effects

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Going by the manufacturer’s claim, they claim Relaxium is natural and vegan. But, the harsh truth about any supplement is that it’s very unlikely to not have potential side effects.

The side effects of Relaxium Sleep can be broken down based on the different ingredients used by it. 

Some of the expected ingredients that have side effects potential in Relaxium sleep are passionflower extract, melatonin, GABA, and L-theanine. 

What are the side effects of Passionflower extract in Relaxium Sleep?

Confusion drowsiness, dizziness, and uncoordinated movement are some side effects seen due to a higher concentration of passionflower extract.

Looking at the drug interaction history of passionflower, we found that passionflower-containing supplements do not interact severely with any drugs.

Thus, passionflower is not likely to show any Relaxium sleep side effects when used.

What are the side effects of Melatonin in Relaxium Sleep?

Melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for treating delayed sleep and the circadian rhythm sleep cycle. It doesn’t make you dependent which makes it a safer choice as a sleep aid.

Drowsiness is seen as a common Relaxium sleep side effect due to the use of Melatonin. You may also face headaches and dizziness as a result of its use. 

To better understand why health professionals warn against taking melatonin, watch the video below, which explains Melatonin’s side effects.

What are the side effects of GABA in Relaxium Sleep?

GABA or Gamma-aminobutyric acid is an amino acid that is used as a neurotransmitter to facilitate communication between brain cells. Not enough research has been done speaking about the side effects of GABA.

Minimal side effects of Relaxium Sleep could be digestive issues, headache, and sleepiness due to the presence of GABA. 

Also, people having blood pressure issues should be careful about GABA-containing supplements to avoid drug interaction. 

What are the side effects of L-Theanine in Relaxium Sleep?

L-theanine is an amino acid commonly found in green or black tea and mushrooms. This compound is known for increasing ur brain wave activity to show deep sleep results.

Difficulty in concentration and headache are two potential Relaxium sleep side effects that can be noticed among users.

What are the side effects of L-Tryptophan in Relaxium Sleep?

Blurry vision, headache, and drowsiness can also be Relaxium sleep side effects since the supplement contains L-Tryptophan in higher concentration. Each pill contains 500mg of L-Tryptophan. 

Additional Ingredients Side Effects In Relaxium-

  • Relaxium sleep contains magnesium (100mg) which in higher dosages may cause side effects like insomnia and digestive disorders. 
  • Chamomile, on the other hand, may cause allergic reactions when consumed at a higher dosage. 
  • Other Relaxium side effects could be dizziness and restlessness due to Valerest. It contains around 228.9mg of Valerest in each serving.

Minor side effects can be tolerable, but if the side effects annoy and disturb your daily lifestyle, you should immediately stop using the supplement. 

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What do users think of Relaxium Sleep Side Effects?

Let’s see what side effects people face related to this supplement. These are some real user testimonials hand-picked from Amazon.

Becky B says – Not for me

‘“I did not have success on these sleep aids. I continued to wake up in the middle of the night. Each time I woke up I felt sweaty and had a headache. I only experienced these symptoms when I took the pill”

Janet Krouse says – It Made me violently Ill

“Six hours after taking this I woke up with extreme dry heaves violent diarrhea and was sick all over the following day. The first time it happened it was so much like food poisoning I thought it was something I ate. A week later I took some again had the same reaction at the same time and feel just as horrible the next couple of days. I don’t know what’s in this that makes me so ill but I hope others speak up because there’s something wrong with this”

Summary Of Relaxium Side Effects- The use of ingredients does seem to have potential side effects in Relaxium. However, in most cases, the side effects are caused due to its high dose. Except for L-Tryptophan and Valerest, most ingredients used are under safe limits.

How To Not Have Relaxium Sleep Side Effects?

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In order to not have Relaxium side effects, you must keep in mind the safe dosage of it. 

With each bottle of Relaxium Sleep, you are provided 60 capsules, which are required to be taken in 30 days. As recommended by the manufacturers, you should take two capsules before sleep.

But how long before sleep? You should take Relaxium at least 1hr before you are sleeping. We recommend having only one pill for the first day to know if Relaxium will cause any side effects.

If you are comfortable with one pill from the next day, you can start taking two. 

Want to look out for some patches that are beneficial to make you sleep? You can check our review of the Zleep Patches, which are cheap and effective.

Below are some warnings related to this supplement you should consider before purchasing or starting:

  1. This supplement is not intended for pregnant women and children. Also, If you’re taking other sleeping pills or any other antidepressant drugs it’s recommended to speak with your doctor.
  2. People who are allergic to the active ingredients present in it should also avoid taking the pills and should consult with their healthcare provider.
  3. If combining this sleep aid with other alternative sleep aids or medications may result in excessive effects like being drowsy or tired.
  4. If you’re on medications or taking medicines stop taking this as it interacts with the medicines which results in side effects.

Other than avoiding Relaxium sleep side effects. Below is an infographic about the 5 tips for better sleep” suggesting various useful tips you can apply in your daily lifestyle for getting quality sleep.

infographics with tips for better sleep and different practical tips provided
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Image courtesy of: Rafiico Studio

Cost And Where To Buy

The Relaxium supplement comes in a one-month supply bottle of 60 pills (2 per day) and costs $44.95 per bottle.

It’s kinda expensive when compared to the other sleep aids which typically cost $17 to $28 for one month’s supply. 

The above cost is applicable only if you choose their one-time purchase option otherwise they have another option called the “subscribe and save option”.

Here you get this supplement at a discount of 10% only if you choose to sign up for their Subscribe program.

Coming to popular third-party retail stores like Amazon and eBay, unlike others, this supplement is available for you to purchase. The cost is relatively lower at Amazon when compared to their official stores.

On Amazon, the cost of the same product is $29.68, and on eBay, the pricing is $48.50 which is higher than their official stores also the seller is different and doesn’t accept returns. 

In case you want to give Relaxium a try, we think Amazon is a better place with fair pricing of the product. Also, the seller is verified and they provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We recommend you buy this supplement from Amazon where you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee with low pricing and the original seller sells this product.

Want to get your hands on a popular gummy that can help you sleep? You can check out the Olly Sleep Gummies which are delicious and have sleep benefits.

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Relaxium Sleep Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Relaxium Sleep look pretty much mixed. It means some found it to help treat insomnia, stress, and anxiety, while others mention it has faced side effects and is expensive. 

When considering the reviews we mostly take the help of Amazon or any other trusted seller. Official website reviews are mostly found to mislead people. 

Relaxium sleep is globally rated 3.2/5 by almost 14k people. Meaning the supplement even though is in high demand, doesn’t work for more than a thousand users.

Below are some real user reviews of Relaxium Sleep you should have a look at.

Nancy Frailey says – It absolutely works

I take two capsules about 30 minutes before I go to bed and I stay asleep most of the night. When I have to get up to use the restroom, I come back to bed and go right to sleep. The only drawback is that it gives me strange dreams.

Shanda Stephen says- I’m Impressed 

I usually don’t write reviews, but this one deserves one. These little pills are incredible. I’ve had insomnia my whole life, and these relax me and get me to rest every single night. First time in my life, I’ve been able to go to sleep at 11 and stay asleep. My husband has the same results that I have had with these as well. I know not everyone may have the same results, but they are worth trying

Liz Says – Taste like a Crap 

The product tastes disgusting, and u shouldn’t buy it.. ur better off paying for a thanksgiving dinner

Michale D. Says – Not worth the price 

As expensive as this product is, I thought that I would give it a try. Well, I have, and it has not worked for me. Even taking 3 or 4 didn’t work. Do the math $40.00 for 60 capsules. Even if it worked, at 4 capsules a day that is almost $40.00 for 2 weeks’ worth. It didn’t work and I won’t buy it again. I would like to return the unused portion for a refund.

Relaxium Sleep Side Effects: Still Safe To Have?

So, what conclusion do we come up with after going through the entire evaluation? Drowsiness, headache, and stomach issues are some real common side effects of Relaxium sleep. 

Even if a higher percentage of people found it to help them and provide relief from stress and lack of sleep, not all were satisfied. 

In most cases, Relaxium sleep side effects can be raised due to excessive use of any ingredient or your body being allergic to them. Relaxium sleep has certainly higher amounts of L-tryptophan and Valerest, which you should be aware of. 

While ingredients like GABA, Melatonin, and L-Theanine could be useful for sleep benefits like making you sleep quickly. It might also calm your mind to improve the quality of sleep. 

Being a dietary supplement, it’s hard to imagine Relaxium being free of side effects. However, you already know how to avoid side effects as discussed earlier.  

The benefits felt may vary from person to person, and you may regret following a random person’s advice to use Relaxium as your sleep aid.

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That was all we had for the Relaxium Sleep Side Effects. Now we would like to give you a chance to express your thoughts on the topic. Do let us know what are your thoughts on Relaxium sleep as a user. 

FAQs on Relaxium Sleep

Relaxium sleep has helped a number of individuals to get their sleep back as before. Thus, we can’t deny the fact that Relaxium sleep can be worth it.

Relaxium sleep can have some minor side effects due to the use of ingredients such as Melatonin and GABA. In some cases, these ingredients can cause drowsiness and vivid dreams.

Relaxium sleep isn’t habit forming and thus you can leave it whenever you wish to. It wouldn’t show any withdrawal symptoms.

Yes, if you are not feeling like using Relaxium anymore you can immediately stop the use of this supplement. It wouldn’t cause anything wrong.

Yes, Relaxium can be helpful with relieving stress and anxiety since it has some calming ingredients like GABA and melatonin. Also, since it makes you sleep better, you can eventually feel more relaxed.

No, Relaxium Sleep isn’t recommended to be used in pregnancy or while breastfeeding. So, do not try this while you are pregnant.



About the Author

Purushottam is the founder and content writer at Health On Planet, a place where regular health enthusiasts visit to get honest reviews about the supplement. He has been reviewing popular dietary supplements with his years of expertise in the wellness industry. You can always trust his expertise on supplements to help you make informed choices.

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Doris J. Ebert
Doris J. Ebert
1 year ago

I am considering starting to take Relaxium but I need to know if anyone knows if a person in AA recovery can take this. I need to be so careful taking sleeping products for that reason.

1 year ago
Reply to  Doris J. Ebert

My blood pressure stay higher than normal while taking it. I am in AA as well and have decided to stop for two weeks as a test , i was taking three each night which may have caused the higher blood pressure.

1 year ago

Made my 79 year old Dad violently ill! Not safe at all!

Linda deml
Linda deml
3 months ago
Reply to  Carey

I had severe vomiting and diarrhea for hours and thought it could be the Relaxium.
I tried Relaxium a second time a month later and experienced the very same symptoms!
This product is certainly not for me and obviously l will not take again.

Connie Alcorn
Connie Alcorn
1 year ago

Have tried Relaxium on two separate trails. I have had vomiting and diarrhea around 3:00 a.m. each time.
The first time was so violent that I waited two weeks to try again. I was concerned that perhaps I had food poison. I had only eaten the same as my husband and he didn’t get sick. But still I thought I should try again. I had vomiting and diarrhea again. Will not try again

1 year ago
Reply to  Connie Alcorn

Like the person mentioned above…I took Relaxium for weeks (1tablet a night). I started having sever watery diarrhea each day for three weeks. I really didn’t know it could be coming from this pill. I would also wake in the middle of the night with violent spells of vomiting and dry heaved. I eventually ended up in the hospital dehydrated. They ran every test (parasitic and viral infection). All test came back negative but I stayed for 4 days for fluids. After a release from the hospital about two weeks home…not realizing it could be related to the Relaxium pills…I took one more and the vomiting and diarrhea started again. I will never try that again. That is just too odd to be coincidental.

Leslie Brunk
Leslie Brunk
1 year ago

I have tried for two months, at first it didn’t work, then started again and it does work a bit, sometimes I wake around 3 or 4 take 2 more then sleep until 8 or 9. started using with beezybeez gummies and I do fall asleep quicker and sleep longer. have diarrhea but so many other things can be the cause just not sure

Eileen Larson
Eileen Larson
1 year ago

Relaxium does not work any better than less expensive herbal supplements available at the drug store. I ordered their “free sample” and am now being charged for it.

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