Provitalize Side Effects: Is Provitalize a Safe Probiotic?

Provitalize supplements
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(Last Updated On: December 15, 2021)

Probiotics contain microbial strains that promote friendly bacteria in your digestive system and help with issues like diarrhea and constipation. The health of your digestive system affects your overall body health.

Provitalize is another probiotic that claims to help you with your weight loss routine. It achieves this by improving your metabolism and providing good gut health.

The formula is most specifically designed for women at any stage in menopause.

With age, your metabolic rate starts to decline which may lead to weight gain. Thus Provitalize claims to solve this problem from its root. 

But, the probiotic supplement by Provitalize might come with certain unknown side effects.

Thus, In this article, we gave an attempt to find almost every possible side effect Provitalize may carry. We also looked at its ingredients to review Provitalize more deeply.

Excited! Let’s dive in. 

What is Provitalize?

Provitalize is an all-natural thermogenic probiotic manufactured by Better Body Co, that can help you with stubborn fat reduction.

The formula Provitalize uses also acts as a Natural  Menopause Probiotic, for weight gain, night sweats, hot flashes, low energy, gut health, and mood swings. 

Note: For those who don’t know what a probiotic is, these are live microbial supplements claimed to provide health benefits. They do so by producing vitamins, maintaining microbial flora, and enhancing the mucosal immune system. Mostly probiotics help restore gut flora.

The claims made by Proovitalize for women in menopause stage includes:

  • Manage Inflammation
  • Improve mood swings
  • Naturally balancing hormone level
  • Relief from night flashes and hot sweats
  • Soothe bloating and restore gut health

Provitalize achieves it by increasing your metabolic rate and simultaneously increasing calorie consumption by your body.

This mechanism helps Provitalize provide an environment that can help burn fat, even without going for workouts. 

Provitalize Side Effects

Girl showing sign of side effects

Besides many health benefits and successful clinical trials of ingredients in Provitalize supplements, some users still faced few common side effects using Provitalize.

The Provitalize side effects could be worth noticing If you have a compromised immune or any history of medical conditions.

Side effects from Provitalize probiotic supplements include:

  • Provitalize is bacteria-based probiotics and the most common side effects of such probiotics are temporary issues of gas, bloating, and constipation.
  • Many people experienced nausea using Provitalize and also stomach pain when they continued with it for a longer duration.
  • Few users may experience dizziness after using this probiotic supplement.
  • Provitalize may lead to pain in your head and discomfort in general.
  • Also in rare cases, probiotics supplements (generally in which bacteria or yeast are found) can increase the risks of infections in certain individuals (7,8,9).
  • The Better Body Co. strictly suggests Provitalize might not be used as a substitute to treat any medical condition.
  • Last but not least, checking ingredients in Provitalize is a must to ensure you are not allergic to any of it.

Ingredients Making Provitalize

The side effects of any supplement come from the ingredients it uses. So for proper information on side effects, Provitalize’s ingredients profile is a must. 

Provitalize is made from 3 key components which are clinically tested for weight management properties. The components are Natural Boosters, Probiotic Strain, and Herbal Ingredients. Let’s break down each component one by one.

Natural Boosters:

These are substances that can boost your body’s vital functioning through natural means. Provitalize contains two natural boosters: BioPerine, and Sunflower Lecithin. These ingredients boost the effectiveness of other active ingredients.

  1. BioPerine: It’s a black pepper (Piperine) extract that is known to give unique spice to supplements. Its presence in Provitalize is known to enhance the effectiveness of the active ingredient curcumin.
    Along with enhancing effectiveness, it also helps with improving metabolism, immunity, and nutrient absorption capacity of your body.

  2. Sunflower Lecithin: The next natural booster in Provitalize is Sunflower Lecithin. It can help you decrease appetite, lower cholesterol and treat eczema.
    Sunflower Lecithin might also be a great addition to improve your digestion and give you healthy skin.

Probiotic Strain:

The probiotic strain’s Provitalize uses has shown efficacy against improving gut health and fat loss mechanism. These probiotic strains are Lactobacillus Gasseri, B. Breve, and B. Lactis. Let’s see how each one of them help.

  1. L. Gasseri: The bacteria L. Gasseri is thought to suppress harmful bacteria and aid with improving your digestive system. As per a Korean Journal of Family Medicine, BNR17 administration showed to reduce weight and waist circumference without any change in diet.
    The presence of L. Gasseri in Provitalize can also help with epigastric bloating, heartburn, and feeling of reflux.

  2. B. Breve: The probiotic strain B. Breve in Provitalize has functions equivalent to other gut bacteria. It promotes skin health, respiratory health and can even prevent yeast infection in women.
    In a double-blinded controlled trial, B. breve showed to have the potential to reduce fat in pre-obese individuals. This is the most abundant bacterial group in the infant’s gut.

  3. B. Lactis:  The B. Lactis BB-12®  in Provitalize can help improve bowel functions, Diarrhoea, and also prevent side effects of other antibiotics used during Diarrhoea.
    B. Lactis presence in your gut can prevent tumor growth, aid with improving the digestive system, and also enhance immune system functioning. 

Herbal Ingredients

The next group of ingredients Provitalize uses is herbs. The herbal ingredients in Provitalize Probiotic are Turmeric Leaf Extract, Moringa Leaf Extract, and Curry Leaf Extract.

Some people are allergic to a few herbs. So checking this list is important to determine Provitlalize safety for you. Let’s break down the benefits and potential of each ingredient. 

  1. Turmeric Leaf Extract: Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin. And thus its extract can help with the management of inflammatory and oxidative conditions, arthritis, anxiety, and hyperlipidemia.
    Turmeric also has potent antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Its presence in Provitalize can help relieve fatigue and muscle pain. A study showed turmeric to show positive alteration in your gut bacteria.

  2. Moringa leaf Extract: Moringa is an antioxidant herb that also includes chlorogenic acid and quercetin. Its extract in Provitalize can help raise antioxidant levels in your blood.
    Extracts of Moringa find its use in a wide variety of medical conditions like arthritis (and several other joint pain), stomach pain, high blood pressure, and symptoms of menopause.

  3. Curry leaf Extracts: Extracts of curry leaf carry pain-relieving properties, and are effective against nerve pain and diabetes when tested on animals. Again its presence in Provitalize acts as a good source of antioxidants.
    Curry leaves also help detoxify your body, hinder fat accumulation and burn more calories. Chewing raw curry leaves can help cleanse your body and remove harmful toxins.

Bottom Line

None of the ingredients used in Provitalize seems harmful to your body. Most ingredients are clinically tested for their benefits and some can even help burn calories and fat. Thus overall the ingredients of provitalize do not carry any extreme side effects.

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Customers Reviews about Provitalize

There are currently more than 1100 reviews on a better body website, with more than 1017 5-star reviews. On amazon too, it’s reviewed 3,000+ times and rated 4+ stars. There are only a few negative reviews on the site and amazon. 

The consensus is that their Provitalize supplements mainly target the age groups of women passing through their menopausal state. A common complaint is that the product does not work or the user doesn’t see any difference in taking Provitalize and does nothing for weight loss. 

However, only a few face side effects from using probiotic constipation. They said Provitalize to make them constipated and bloated.

Let’s look at some critical reviews and positive ones of customers already using Provitalize Supplements. 

“I have noticed absolutely nothing in the way of results. I gave it a good run; 6 months. Zero weight loss, zero tummy loss, just literally nothing. The pills are pretty big, too. And the recommendation is to take 2 a day. I just don’t see any value. Maybe it’s just me, though, because there were so many good reviews”

Willam Sandlin. Critical

“I took this for 30 days and gained 3 pounds, with no change to diet or exercise frequency. I felt bloated and constipated for the whole time I took it. It was not a good fit for me”


“I have been taking this since I received it (almost 2 weeks) with no discernible weight difference. I will give it a full month but, so far nothing”

Blythe Luetkehoelter

Menopause has not been fun. Then, I needed an emergency hysterectomy. I eat healthy and exercise but was having a hard time losing any weight. I have tried several products without ANY success. I have been taking Provitalize for 3 weeks and all I can say is wow! I have more energy, sleep better and have lost 3 pounds! I will be ordering more!

– Terri Ferret

It works. I LOVE this product. It really helped my hot flashes and weight stability and I can’t afford it, but I’m staying on it anyway. He’s now sharing it with his patients and I’m recommending it to my friends. I found it via Facebook and can say, I’m so happy that I did. I very rarely rate stuff on Amazon, but this product just deserves it.

– Laura K. Davis

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Benefits of Provitalize: What Is It Used For?

Probiotics have many uses in our day-to-day lives despite having few side effects. The good bacterial strains in these probiotics help your body to remain healthy and work well. The same goes with Provitalize. They have numerous health benefits for your body in the long run.

Benefits of Provitalize Probiotics Include:

  • Provitalize supplements promote digestion and the microbial strains help it provide good gut health.
  • The supplement can have several health benefits for your skin. Even several studies (1,2) reported probiotics to have a positive impact on your skin health.
  • These supplements may benefit your weight loss program. As some ingredients in it are clinically tested to boost metabolism and also suppress your appetite. Research even says that your metabolism tends to decline with increasing age. 
  • Provitalize can certainly accelerate your fat-burning process.
  • The probiotic supplement can help relieve constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and even bloating issues in some cases. 

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Provitalize Side Effects Takeaways

Probiotic supplements are considered safe for most people while some may face side effects using the same. While some people experience dizziness, bloating, and stomach as Provitalize side effects, it was generally mild and short-term.

The probiotics made by Better Body Co, Provitalize is helpful for many people while there were also consumers who didn’t find this effective.

Still, this probiotic can certainly help you with boosting your metabolism, curbing your appetite, and improving your skin health. However, every individual is unique so results may vary.

Now, we would love to hear from you. What’s your take on Provitalize? Did you ever use a probiotic supplement? If yes, how was your experience? Share with us down below.

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Brooks klepper
Brooks klepper
3 months ago

Why is it for people 30-44 but marketed to menopausal women?

19 days ago

I wanted to like this & am on my second bottle. I began to notice significant daily hair loss. My gums are bleeding as well as mouth sores & cracks. Additionally having a roseacea flare. Scalp & overall skin had constant itching & tingles. Looked more closely at ingredients due to inordinate amounts of hair loss to discover curry leaf the likely culprit. I eat curry without problems & wouldn’t say I’m allergic but taking 2 capsules daily has apparently been too much for my constitution.

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