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Tenzo Tea Review: Is Tenzo Tea Worth It Over Coffee?

Matcha’s popularity has recently soared, with matcha lattes, shots, desserts, and teas appearing in health food stores and coffee shops alike. Due to its popularity and its claimed benefits  Matcha has entered the field of wellness.

As many of us want to improve our wellness, we have a few options when it comes to selecting the best supplements. Today, many individuals are looking for ways to incorporate more green vegetables into their daily lives.

Even though choosing whole plant foods is the greatest method to take advantage of all the nutritional advantages that greens have to offer, not everyone likes the way that they taste. Customers that fit this description are in luck because the greens powder business has surged recently.

In this review,  we’ll help you make a decision about this product/supplement by examining:

  • Whether Tenzo Matcha Green Tea is worthwhile to try out in order to increase your focus, concentration, immunity, and other health benefits (without causing a crash or anxiety).
  • The potential health benefits of Tenzo Matcha Green Tea.
  • It’s potential side effects.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Tenzo Tea?

If you are unfamiliar with Matcha Green Tea Powder, you need first learn what matcha green tea is and what benefits it offers. Here is a definition of it and the benefits it offers.

Matcha is grown by farmers who cover their tea 20–30 days before harvest to protect it from the sun. As a result, the plant produces more chlorophyll, has more amino acids, and is a deeper shade of green.

Matcha Green Tea Powder is made by grinding the tea leaves into a fine powder after the stems and veins have been removed from the harvest.

Matcha has more caffeine and antioxidants than normal green tea since it contains minerals from the complete tea leaf.

Numerous advantages of matcha and its components have been discovered through research, including the ability to protect the liver, support heart health, and even help with weight loss.

Tenzo Tea is a matcha green tea powder supplement that aims to help you achieve or improve your overall wellness with its potent formula, rich in ingredients that have been clinically proven to improve energy, focus, and concentration as well as to boost immunity without the jitters and energy crash associated with coffee.

One serving of Tenzo Tea provides the following:

  • Calories: 5
  • Carbohydrates: 1 gram
  • Protein: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 1 gram

Tenzo Tea is kosher, vegan, non-GMO, and 100% USDA organic certified.

Tenzo Tea boasts that it gives the highest-quality Matcha and No B.S. 1 ingredient throughout testing, and one serving has 36 mg of natural caffeine.

Furthermore, they assert that the following characteristics set this green tea supplement apart from other varieties:

  • They collaborate closely with the growers in Kagoshima and Japan to give you tasty matcha powder.
  • from young buds as opposed to the mature leaves used in other tea products.
  • While other green teas use second or third leaves, they use the first flush.
  • Some of the leaves used to make the powder are grown in the shade and others in the sun.
  • Tenzo Matcha green tea leaves are laid flat to dry as opposed to other green tea leaves, which are rolled to dry.

Brand Overview: Tenzo Tea

The most successful brand has some successful and inspiring story behind its creation of the company. Tenzo tea too is co-founded by two friends Robbie and Steve. 

When these two friends experienced across the power of clean energy while consuming Match, they were surprised. They were tired of drinks that were loaded with sugar and making them feel crashed.

Thus, they decided to put everything into a matcha tea to let the world experience its benefits. They experienced extreme success when more and more people started to swap with Tenzo tea and loved how they felt. 

Companies with a mission that is of high value to their customers usually compete well in modern times. 

Tenzo Tea’s mission is to empower people to live a better life every day and reach their full potential in both body and mind. 

The company is BBB accredited yet, we have no idea of the reason why they are not accredited. While they have received a B- rating from them. 

How Do You Prepare Tenzo Tea?

Tenzo Tea can be consumed in two different ways. You can first make matcha tea by blending 1/2 teaspoon of Tenzo Tea with water. The second method to enjoy this tea is to grab your preferred milk and quickly make it into a matcha latte. It also blends well with sweetened lattes, tea, and smoothies.

Here is a quick, five-step process to make/prepare Tenzo tea:

  • Step 1: Fill a glass with 2 oz of water and 1 spoonful of Tenzo Tea.
  • Step 2: Blend it with your Tenzo tea Matcha frother to make a matcha shot.
  • Step 3: Fill your cup with the proper amount of ice.
  • Step 4: Add 6 ounces of milk or water, or pour your preference.
  • Step 5: Now, enjoy your Tenzo Matcha Green Tea.

Tenzo Tea Ingredients

Tenzo Tea utilizes Matcha Green Tea Powder as its active ingredient.

The ingredient in the Tenzo Tea is said to support various aspects of health, such as, may help to protect the liver, boosting brain function, may help to prevent cancer, may promote heart health, and help you to lose weight.

Matcha Green Tea

Green tea is produced by the camellia sinensis plant and is available as matcha green tea, a powder.

Matcha has a specific antioxidant composition as a result of its growth in the shadow, which increases the nutritious content of its leaves.

Green tea is rich in several types of polyphenols, such as quercetin, vitamin C, chlorophyll, and theanine, with epigallocatechin-3-gallate being the most potent catechin.

Researchers discovered that Japanese Matcha provides a variety of health advantages in a recent 2020 review (1). 

It has been demonstrated to have anti-cancer properties as well as cardiovascular disease protection, inflammation reduction, immune system support against viruses, carbohydrate metabolism regulation, and cognitive function enhancement.

There is still more to learn about the advantages of matcha and how much is required for people to experience health impacts, according to the researchers who conducted this review.

Summary: Japanese matcha green tea is produced by raising the number of nutrients it contains, which is related to the multiple health advantages it has for preventing disease.

Tenzo Tea Benefits

Because it contains matcha, a kind of green tea, Tenzo Tea has many of the same health benefits as green tea.

Yet, due to matcha’s increased content of antioxidants, one cup (237 ml) of matcha may be comparable to three cups (711 ml) of regular green tea.

The following are the main health benefits of drinking Tenzo Tea.

Packed with antioxidants

Antioxidants from food fight free radicals in the body to shield cells and tissues from deterioration.

Catechins, in particular, are abundant in matcha’s antioxidant content. Epigallocatechin gallate is its most potent catechin (EGCG).

Animals have been used in a variety of studies on EGCG. It might lessen bodily inflammation, support the maintenance of healthy arteries, and encourage cell repair (2).

According to one study, matcha has up to ten times the antioxidant content of normal green tea (3).

May aid weight loss

Green tea and weight loss are frequently linked. In fact, it’s a frequently used component in supplements for weight loss. 

Tenzo Tea can assist you in burning excess calories as a result of Matcha’s high antioxidant and caffeine content, which will speed up your metabolism and raise the daily caloric expenditure of your body. 

Human studies indicate that drinking green tea speeds up your metabolism, which increases the number of calories you burn overall, though the evidence is mixed (4,5,6). 

Tenzo Tea also stimulates the thermogenic activity that burns fats and encourages the use of fats as an energy source.

A 2018 research found that drinking matcha tea can significantly reduce body fat, waist circumference, and BMI (body mass index), further proving the good benefits of matcha tea for weight loss.

Support your immune health

Tenzo Tea helps to maintain a healthy immune system by preventing the spread of germs, fungi, and viruses.

This green tea powder supplement also improves memory and other mental abilities and is loaded with antioxidants.

In addition to these advantages, it also enhances liver health, may shield you from cardiovascular illnesses, and is packed with antioxidants that fight cancer.

Tenzo tea helps to enhance our immune health in this way by proving the advantages mentioned above.

May boost energy, relaxation, and alertness

This supplement’s caffeine and L-theanine combination provides sustained energy without a crash, jitters, or anxiety.

Green tea is a fantastic source of antioxidants and it has an uncommon amino acid called L-theanine.

In comparison to other forms of green tea, Tenzo Tea’s matcha has much higher levels of L-theanine.

Your brain’s alpha waves may be boosted by L-theanine. These waves have a relaxing effect on the mind and may work to block stress signals (8,9).

Moreover, L-theanine can boost your brain’s supply of feel-good neurotransmitters, which will enhance your mood, memory, and focus (10).

Tenzo Tea’s L-theanine also changes how caffeine affects your body, enhancing alertness without contributing to the tiredness that frequently accompanies coffee use.

May reduce your risks of heart disease

The leading cause of death in the world is heart disease. Heart disease risk is increased by a variety of variables (11).

By regularly consuming Tenzo Tea, you can protect your cardiovascular system from disorders like stroke, angina, heart attacks, myocardial infractions, and other heart ailments.

Green tea drinkers had up to a 31% lower risk of heart disease than non-drinkers, according to studies (12, 13).

This is mainly attributed to the antioxidants and plant compounds in green tea, which are found in even higher amounts in matcha green tea powder.

How Does Tenzo Tea Work? 

Tenzo is purely based on the benefit of one ingredient which is the Japanese Matcha Green Tea. Thus how you feel after having a cup of Tenzo Tea entirely depends on the Matcha Green Tea. 

Matcha Green Tea is a hub of antioxidants, amino acids, and many useful compounds that can enhance your immune health, focus, clarity, and long-lasting energy to prevent you from crashing. 

Green Matcha tea used in Tenzo is also high in a catechin called EGCG that has cancer-fighting effects on your body. 

The brain-boosting function of Tenzo Tea could be due to the fact that Matcha Green Tea also contains some amount of L-theanine which alters the effect of caffeine. Thus, promoting focus and alertness.

Since matcha is high in antioxidants, Tenzo tea is able to provide claims for helping support your immune health. 

Also unlike coffee matcha, Tenzo Tea includes amino acids like L-theanine, flavonoid, and phytonutrients, that slow down caffeine absorption by your body. Thus, resulting in a prolonged period of alertness without any crash.

Possible Side Effects Of Tenzo Tea

Tenzo Tea is recommended to be consumed at least twice daily to help you stay healthy, and energized, and to provide support for your needs.

As you are aware, Tenzo Tea contains matcha green tea powder, which is extremely concentrated with both good and hazardous elements. 

As a result, it is typically not advised to drink more than 2 cups (474 mL) every day, and this is also the recommended amount on the official Tenzo Tea product page.

By consuming matcha powder, you are really ingesting the whole tea leaf – along with everything it contains.

Due to this matcha leaves may harbor contaminants including heavy metals, fluoride from the soil in which the plant grows, and pesticides (14, 15).

The risk of exposure to pesticides may be decreased if you use organic matcha as Tenzo Tea does. But, even organic leaves may still include compounds from the soil that might be toxic if consumed in high quantities.

As discussed above Matcha powder contains about three times more antioxidants than high-quality regular green tea.

Some individuals’ tolerance varies, consuming high levels of plant compounds found in matcha green tea powder may cause nausea, and symptoms of liver and kidney toxicity (16, 17).

Despite the fact that some research highlights toxicity symptoms, others reveal that matcha may have preventive benefits. According to one study, the antioxidant EGCG found in green tea may guard against kidney damage.

To find out which supplement is best for you, always talk to your doctor before beginning a new one.

Cost And Where To Buy

A single jar of Tenzo Tea Matcha Green Tea powder costs $50 for a one-time purchase on its website.

If you get a membership/or subscription then you can save 20% on your purchase. With your membership, you can choose to have your product shipped every month.

A single jar of Tenzo Tea contains 30 days with a serving size of 60 grams and costs $0.83 for one cup.

You can get further discounts by using a coupon code which is on their homepage with a ticker widget also you can enter your email to unlock 10% off on their products from their website.

You can also purchase Tenzo Tea from Amazon, but currently, it’s not available in stock or out of stock.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns, you can learn more about it on their refund page.

As a courtesy reminder, Tenzo Tea also provides you with a personal success team. For 3 weeks following the delivery of your Tenzo trial kit, the team will send you an email to check in and offer you helpful advice and assistance in customizing your purchase.

Lastly, you can arrange a one-on-one training session via Zoom with their team. This implies that you have the option to completely cancel, change the items, amount, and delivery date, or even break our hearts.

Tenzo Tea Review: What Users Think Of It?

The majority of Teznzo Tea reviews are extremely favorable, with consumers complimenting the product for its non-grassy flavor, convenience, and customer service as well as the fact that it does not cause crashes when consumed.

Like other varieties of green teas that have a bad aftertaste and are unappealing, many consumers have asked whether Tenzo is the greatest brand of Matcha or not.

A few reviewers on the Tenzo official product page boast about its lower prices in addition to the benefits it offers, such as providing long-lasting energy.

Only a few customers have left low ratings, unfavorable reviews, or other indications that they were dissatisfied, and they frequently voiced comments about how pricey and worthless the supplement was.

Below are some of the following positive and negative reviews from Amazon and their official website:

Lester B. says – Matcha Is “ BUSSIN BUSSIN”

I have recently started the twice-a-day routine and I feel absolutely awesome. I don’t get that end-of-day crash as hard as I used to. I will admit I cheat and throw a shot of Espresso and make it dirty! I am pleased with my purchase and plan on making Tenzo Matcha a habit! On another note customer service is awesome!

L. Hanson says it – Much better than coffee

I love matcha tea and have tried multiple brands. Tenzo tea has won me over. Superfine consistency, which makes for easy whisking. I love that they included a whisk with the order. My old one was just getting to the place where I needed to replace it. The taste is fantastic, gives me great energy and it is all organic. A perfect combination!

Melissa P says – Not worth the price

Not worth the price

Amazon customer says – Never again

$24.95 for a bag the size of a pen. Are they kidding me? Be aware before you buy this

Final Verdict: Is Tenzo Tea Good?

Tenzo Tea is a Green Matcha Tea that is unique because it sources its Green Tea supply directly from the farmers in Kagoshima, Japan. 

The Green Tea is kept in shade for some days before harvesting which increases the chlorophyll content in the leaves. This produces a very rich and deep green color when steeped. 

Also, Tenzo Tea is easy to prepare and takes very little time in comparison to brewing your coffee. You can enjoy Tezo Tea just with water, it’s that easy to go along.

Looking at the Green color some of you might be wondering what Tenzo Tea will taste like. 

Tenzo Tea tastes as natural as it looks. Since this is made from 100% Organic and Ceremonial matcha, it tastes a little earthy with a smooth sweetness. 

Thus, if you want to try some clean, crash-free energy that is also healthy, Tenzo Tea is definitely worth a try. The taste of it might not certainly beat coffee but the benefits can. It can work straight for up to 4-6 hours without any jitters or crashes.

That was all for the Tenzo Tea review. Did you ever try a Matcha Green Tea? If not, Tenzo Tea can be the first one! Let us know your thoughts on Tenzo Tea and if you find something better than this.

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