Is Zevia Bad For You? | Pros, Cons, And More (2021 Update)

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(Last Updated On: July 11, 2021)

Zevia soda has a good demand in the market where people are trying to find zero-calorie drinks for themselves. Many keto practitioners too are leaning towards Zevia soda for cutting calories from their drinks.

Probably you might be one having Zevia regularly! So, it gets important for you to know- Is Zevia bad for you? Or is it healthy?

In order to make the correct decision for you, we will take the following steps into our account:

  1. Review the ingredients present in Zevia.
  2. Look whether any one of its ingredients has side effects or do they harm you anyway.
  3. Does it provide any additional benefit compared to other zero-calorie drinks?

Excited! Let’s dive in.

Zevia Soda Overview

For those who don’t know what’s Zevia soda, let me make it clear to you. Zevia soda is a zero-calorie soft drink, prepared by ZEVIA company which claims to have no artificial ingredients in it.

Every ingredient Zevia uses is natural and none of them is found to contain gluten. And it’s a purely vegan drink.

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Is Zevia Soda Bad For You?

The best answer to this query will come out after having a look at each of its ingredients and reviewing them one by one. Looking at online reviews of Zevia soda and making random predictions might not do justice to your question because many of them are controversial. 

So, let’s jump up straight into the ingredients of Zevia soda and how beneficial or detrimental they are for your health!

Major Ingredients In Zevia Soda: Stevia Leaf Extracts, Carbonated Water, Tartaric Acid, Caffeine, Natural Flavors and Citric Acid. 

Stevia Leaf Extracts:

Zevia soda uses stevia as a sweetener in its ingredients which is a great alternative to artificial sweeteners. STEVIA is a zero-calorie sugar having no nutritive value and extracted from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia has long been considered a better alternative for diabetic patients as it is 200x sweeter than white sugar. And also it does not raise your blood sugar level too! 

Now, does stevia have any potential side effects? Yes, it has but only if you consume it excessively (i.e more than 4mg/kg of your body weight). Fortunately, stevia content in Zevia soda is quite little and it won’t harm your body. 

Carbonated Water:

As Zevia soda is a beverage, it’s obvious that it will have carbonated water as the major ingredient. And, there’s no evidence yet which shows carbonated water is bad for your dental or overall health. 

In fact, several studies (1,2) claim carbonated/sparkling water to improve your digestive system and better swallowing function. 

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Tartaric Acid:

Another ingredient Zevia uses is tartaric acid. Let’s face it’s cons first. Tartaric acid can potentially cause problems like overeating, nausea and abdominal pain.

But at the same time, its presence is known to improve your immunity and also tolerance to glucose if you are a diabetic patient. So overall tartaric acid in Zevia does more good than bad.

Natural Flavors in Zevia:

Zevia uses natural flavors derived from herb, spice or fruits. Natural flavors provide an added benefit over artificial flavors which may have varied side effects. Companies use artificial flavors for cost-cutting.

Citric Acid:

The tangy taste of Zevia is brought by citric acid. Citric acid is naturally found in lemon, grapes and oranges and gives soft drinks a refreshing feel.

Are there any side effects of citric acid? In rare cases, citric acid may lead to allergies but usually in sodas like Zevia, it’s risk-free and safe.

That was all about the ingredient Zevia has in it and how safe or harmful they are to you.

Now let’s show some concern about the nutrition facts of Zevia. There’s too little to discuss about it, as Zevia has zero fat, zero carbs, zero protein and no sodium content. Thus, overall Zevia doesn’t have any nutritive value.

Takeaways: The conclusion we derive from looking into the ingredients of Zevia is, Zevia isn’t bad for you. As it has very little or no side effects on your body health. But at the same time, it also does not provide any nutritional value to your body.

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Zevia- Some Pros And Cons

As you have come so far, here’s something more for you. Why not look into some pros and cons of Zevia? That would help you make a better decision whether to continue/start with it or not.

Pros/Benefits Of Zevia:

    1. Zevia is a zero-calorie drink and hence, it’s safe to have even if you are on ketosis or trying to shed some weight.

    2. As Zevia is sweetened with stevia it helps to lower your blood pressure and helps fight diabetes.

    3. Zevia contains a certain amount of antioxidants which helps you stay safe from chronic disease. And antioxidants also prevent inflammation of body cells.

    4. Some sodas contain phosphoric acids, but the good news for Zevia lovers is, it’s completely free of phosphoric acid.

    5. Finally, Zevia helps you reduce your sugar intake.

Cons/Side-Effects Of Zevia:

    1. As said earlier, Zevia has no nutritional benefits. 

    2. Many report Zevia to have bad taste. But, that’s completely a personal view. 

    3. Tartaric acid presence in Zevia might have some short term digestive issues.

    4. In the long-term, Zevia might cause diabetes. But that’s extremely rare.

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Is Zevia An Intelligent Choice For Zero Calorie Drink?

Which zero calorie soda is best?  Is Zevia better than other zero-calorie drinks? Such questions are quite obvious to arise while selecting your drink! 

Some other zero-calorie drinks popular in the market are- Coke Zero, Fresca Original, Pibb Zero, etc. These sodas use Aspartame as their sweetening material while Zevia uses Stevia as its sweetener. Let’s see some major points of difference between aspartame and stevia.

Both aspartame and stevia are 200x times sweeter than sucrose or table sugar. Aspartame is an artificial sugar whereas stevia is a natural sugar. As stevia is natural, it is very less likely to cause any side effect while aspartame may lead to an increase in insulin and glucose level. At the same time aspartame, mostly resembles sugar while stevia has a bit of liquorice aftertaste.

Takeaways: You may say Zevia an intelligent choice for a zero-calorie drink, as it doesn’t use any artificial sweetener or flavoring agent in its product. But you might get to compromise with your taste while going with the same.

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The Bottom Line

Zevia as a zero-calorie drink is a pretty good choice. It doesn’t contain any ingredient which harms your health. Even if it doesn’t provide any nutritional value, still it’s great as a healthy soda.  In fact better than having a bottle of Coke/Coke Zero. 

Now, it’s your turn! Which zero-calorie drink you enjoy the most and why? What’s your opinion on Zevia soda? Share your experience using our discussion box below. 🙂

For more on Zevia and its product, you can visit Its official website Zevia.Com.

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DAVID graham
DAVID graham
2 months ago

In the long-term, Zevia might cause diabetes. But that’s extremely rare.

WHY? it doesn’t raise blood glucose-hence it wouldn’t cause a significant rise in insulin secretion (unlike sugar loaded soft drinks/fruit juices) your comment doesn’t make sense to me

Health On Planet
2 months ago
Reply to  DAVID graham

Hy David,

Ingredient’s in Zevia don’t seem to raise your insulin or glucose level, but the effect of unspecified “natural flavors” on your insulin level is still unknown. Thus, we mentioned in the long term if you are over-consuming it.

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