Vigor Labs Reviews – Are Their Supplements Worth It? (A 2021 Update)

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(Last Updated On: June 13, 2021)

Vigor Labs is a men’s health supplements company that focuses on creating products for men’s general health, body-building and fitness, and also their sexual wellness. There is something for every man at the Vigor Labs website with an extensive selection of products available.

However, Vigor Labs products are also affordable which makes easy decisions for you while ordering. But, are their products safe and worth giving a try? 

This article reviews Vigor Labs and determines what it does, its benefits and side effects, and helps you decide whether you should give it a try. It also covers what customers say about Vigor Labs’ efficiency and what ingredients each of their products uses.

Excited to explore! Let’s dive in

What Is Vigor Labs? – Company Overview

Vigor Labs is a supplement provider company that specializes in supplements that can boost men’s sexual health, help them build muscles, and improve general health. They claim they have something for every man at their company. Their brand is completely devoted to males health.

A few popular products from Vigor Labs include Vigor Snake, Wrecking Balls, Ball Refill Gold, Chain Saw, and Gut Cut. Every product has its specific benefit for males. 

When it comes to company legitimacy, though the company was listed on BBB, it didn’t get any certification, which is disappointing. But, as they manufacture their product under a cGMP verified laboratory, you may trust it. 

Ingredients In Vigor Labs and Their Benefits

Ingredients give us the best understanding of any product, so let’s check out the ingredients label of Vigor Labs. After it, you can easily identify if the product is for you or not, and also whether Vigor Labs contains any ingredient you are allergic to.

Vigor Lab manufactures a wide variety of products. Hence, we decided to pick the top 5 from them. Here you go.

1. Ball Refill:

Ingredients in Ball Refills: Longjack, Graminex Flower Pollen, Tribulus Terrestris, Niacin, Yohimbe, and Ginkgo.

Vigor Labs Balls claim to elevate prostate health and amplify the potential of male’s genitals by the presence of potent botanicals.

A brief benefits of ingredients in Vigor Labs Ball Refill:

  • Longjack presence can improve testosterone level, male fertility, muscle mass, and athletic presence.
  • Studies show Graminex Pollen Extract to help with the treatment of Prostatodynia and Prostatitis. 
  • Tribulus Terrestris can help keep the urinary tract healthy, enhance libido, and can increase your testosterone level.
  • Yohimbe’s presence in Ball Refill can help with erectile dysfunction, weight loss, and diabetic neuropathy.

2. Chainsaw By Vigor Labs:

Ingredients in Chainsaw: Niacin, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Cnidium, Rhodiola, and Ginseng.

Vigor Labs chainsaw is also designed to enhance stamina, erection and achieve more satisfying orgasm and sexual drive all night long.

A brief overview of Chainsaw ingredients:

  • Niacin presence could have several benefits like lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good one, improving brain functioning, and reducing symptoms of arthritis.
  • Chainsaw uses Horny Goat Weed which contains chemicals that may improve sexual functioning in men.
  • Cnidium can be taken directly by mouth to sex drive and performance in males. It may also help treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Rhodiola presence in Vigor Labs can help increase strength, energy, stamina, and mental capacity.
  • Ginseng is a potential source of antioxidants that can improve erectile dysfunction and help fight tiredness.

3. Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls:

Ingredients in Wrecking Balls: Niacin, Potency Wood, Ginkgo, Royal Jelly, Longjack, and Tribulus Terrestris.

Wrecking Balls by Vigor Labs is claimed to support natural testosterone levels, help gain lean muscle, feel energized and boost stamina.

A short overview of ingredients making Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls:

  • Niacin, Longjack, and Tribulus Terrestris are already seen to benefit testosterone levels, fertility, and stamina in males. 
  • Ginkgo in Vigor Labs makes it an antioxidant hub and can provide benefits like improving blood circulation, reducing anxiety, and improving vision.
  • Potency wood is used to improve sexual interest, prevent sexual disorders, and is often used in menstrual disorders.
  • Royal jelly can help with sleep troubles(insomnia), menopause syndromes, and PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

4. Black Snake:

Ingredients in Vigor Lab Black Snake: Niacin, L-arginine, Muira Puama (Potency Wood), Orchic, Stinging Nettle, and Longjack.

Black Snake by Vigor Labs can boost sex drive, show noticeable improvement in erection and improve endurance in males. Below are some characteristics of ingredients present in Black Snake.

  • Niacin, Longjack, and potency wood have the same benefits as in the case of other Vigor Lab products.
  • Orchic extract can help men maintain healthy testicular function and it is made from cattle testicles.
  • L-arginine presence in Vigor Labs can help men between the ages of 25-40 to treat erectile dysfunction. But it can achieve it with other supplements not alone.
  • Stinging nettle may help with prostate symptoms and help lower blood pressure.

5. Gut Cut By Vigor Labs:

Ingredients Packed in Gut Cut: Sesame, Ashwagandha, Chitosan, White Kidney Bean, and Yerba Mate.

Vigor Labs Gut Cut, establishes a weight-loss connection with your thyroid and claims to make you lose weight by maintaining a healthy thyroid. The botanicals present in Gut Cut work in synergy to help you lose weight.

A brief description of Vigor Labs Gut Cut Ingredients:

  • Chitosan has been clinically studied to inhibit dietary fat and carb absorption.
  • Sesame in Vigor Labs is a good source of fiber, vitamin B and can support healthy bones.
  • Ashwagandha is found to help assist thyroid health and can also boost testosterone and fertility in men.
  • White Kidney Bean is a rich source of minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. Thus it may aid in weight loss.
  • Yerba Mate in Gut Cut has the potential to boost immunity, physical performance and help you lose weight.

TAKEAWAY: The ingredients in Vigor Labs carry several potentials from boosting your sexual performance, testosterone level to making you lose weight. Most of the ingredients seem safe and healthy with little or no side effects.

Vigor Labs – Pros and Cons

Some of the best things/pros of Vigor Labs products are:

  • They claim that their tablets are Easy to Swallow.
  • Vigor chainsaw may enhance your endurance and stamina.
  • Some products of vigor labs’ product pricing are less than $20 which makes it affordable.
  • Gut Cut extreme fat burner supports metabolism and energy.
  • On their official website, they have an FAQs section for any queries regarding their products. If you have any problems regarding customer service you can email or contact them.

Although the vigor labs products offer many great benefits for your health and wellness, there are few cons of Vigor Labs you must consider including:

  • The Better Business Bureau hasn’t rated Vigor Labs.
  • Vigor Labs has No BBB reviews.
  • Return policy is not applicable on amazon for some products.
  • No review segment available while purchasing any product of vigor labs from their official website.
  • Several active ingredients of Vigor labs products overlap across their supplements. 

Benefits of Vigor Labs

Each product by Vigor Lab is claimed to carry different benefits. Let’s look at the benefit of each Vigor Labs Product in short.

  1. Wrecking Balls: Its benefits include lean muscles gain, improving stamina, strength and provide better bedroom performance.
  2. Ball Refill: It helps elevate your prostate health and increase your semen volume. And it assures you an amazing climax.
  3. Black Antler: This can enhance your body-building workout result and result in the greatest lean muscle mass gain. Black Antler turns you into a long-lasting strength trainer.
  4. Chainsaw: One of the most popular products of Vigor Labs after Ball refill, Chainsaw, can help enhance your endurance and erection. It claims to keep you strong all night long.
  5. Hangover Gold: Vigor Lab’s Hangover Gold, can help you wake up re-hydrated and re-energized to again get back to work at the same potential.
  6. Black Snake: If you really care about the size of your erection, then Black Snake could be the right choice for you. It is a potent blood flow stimulator and enhances your endurance for a more satisfying experience.
  7. Gut Cut: It is a weight loss supplement and helps you get a healthy gut or thyroid health. Vigor Labs believes that there’s a direct relationship between your thyroid and weight loss.

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Are There Any Side Effects of Vigor Labs?

Some users did face some side effects and these side effects of Vigor Labs varied from person to person. Thus it is best to discuss with your doctor before adding any supplements to your routine. Still, below are some commonly reported side effects of Vigor Labs supplements.

Some side effects user faced while having Vigor Labs products includes:

  • Nausea and enlarged prostate.
  • Increase heart rate.
  • Increase in blood pressure. 
  • Diabetes.
  • Breathing problems.

The side effects mostly depend upon how your body reacts to the active ingredients of the Vigor Labs products. Since these supplements are not evaluated by the FDA, specific interactions with your body are difficult to determine.

Also, if you are on medications then the active ingredient of Vigor Labs products could possibly interact with you negatively.

Where to buy Vigor Labs?

You can purchase Vigor Labs products through amazon and from their official website. On their official website, Vigor Labs products’ price range goes from 46$ to as low as 20$.

At Amazon, their product’s return policy varies and most of the products available at amazon have no return policy. And if the return is applicable then it’s for very few days.

For instance, at amazon, their Vigor Labs wrecking balls product is applicable for return but only for 10 days. And another product from Vigor Labs, chainsaw gold limited edition, is non-returnable. 

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Pricing Of Vigor Labs Products

As for the Vigor Labs products prices, they are listed on their official store in the category of All Vigor Labs Products. The pricing of Vigor Labs products are as follows:

Vigor Labs ProductPricing (Official Store)
Raw IGF 1 Muscle Growth$39.99
Raw H.G.F Growth Support$39.99
Wrecking Balls$24.99
Ball Refill$24.99
Black Antler$39.99
Chainsaw Mint Flavoured Sublingual Tablet$19.99
Hangover Gold$14.95
Chainsaw Gold Limited edition$30
Black Snake Gold Limited Edition$45.99
Black Snake$39.99
Vigor Male Multivitamin$14.95
Gut Cut$19.95
Price Chart For Vigor labs

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Are Vigor Labs worth your money?

Vigor Labs clearly mentions that their supplements aren’t FDA approved. Also, they mention results by every individual may vary. The same applies if you go for Vigor Labs. You may feel Vigor Labs working for you or you may feel yourself looted.

As far as the products are concerned, every product of Vigor Labs uses ingredients that show some of the other benefits (mostly related to boosting sexual performance). If you find yourself lower at this end, like having a low sex drive, endurance, and stamina with your partner, then giving it a try might be worth it. 

Note: Most ingredients in Vigor Labs lack evidence from researches to help with these benefits. And, also making some healthy changes in lifestyle habits and diet patterns can enhance your bedroom performance to a good extent. 

Customer Reviews Of Vigor Labs

Reviews of vigor labs products are mixed. While most of the reviewers praised their products, some reviewers also said, it’s a waste of money and doesn’t work.

Note: The reviews we found aren’t please make sure that we didn’t find any reviews of any products of vigor labs from their official website because there is no review segment of any product available for evaluating their products.

Here are some positive and negative reviews from amazon of vigor labs products which includes:

“It works, Period. If you think taking a couple of pills and your junk grows to 10 inches, this is NOT for you. This works amazing for guys who are already great in the sack. Adds an extra advantage to support hardness and tons of baby juice. Bring a towel and two pills” – F. Fletch.

“Works great! Increases sensitivity and definitely increases volume. Not everything works for everyone but this definitely works for me. I recommend this one hundred percent!” – Ken R.

Made me nauseous, anxious, very uncomfortable” – Lewis D Gartenberg.

“Does not increase the count or does not do what it says. Made me feel sick each time I took it” – Carlos Gonzalez.

“Didn’t work at all. Just made me nauseated for two days straight. Thought it had a guarantee, but apparently not” – Rob R. 

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Vigor Labs Reviews Takeaway

The supplements by Vigor Labs are completely focused on men’s health, body-building, and their sexual performance. Most of their products claim to help you perform better in your bedroom at night. Some products seem to help you with strengthening your body-building workout and making you lose weight.

Among those who used Vigor Lab products and also those who are still using them, some got satisfactory responses using their product. While some seemed pretty disappointed and even felt few side effects using it. So, whether you should go for Vigor Labs or not is completely a personal choice.

That was all from us. Now we would love to listen to you. Ever tried any product from Vigor Labs? How was your experience? Share with us if you are comfortable. 🙂

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