ION Gut Support Review: Does It Really Work For Guts?

Intelligence Of Nature (ION) Gut Support is a gut health supplement promoted to support your overall wellbeing by improving your gut health. 

It believes 70% of your immune system exists in your gut. Thus proper gut health is critical to a healthy immune system.

Also, your gut produces around 90% of serotonin and 50% of the dopamine utilized by your body. Thus, ION Gut Health may promote your gut-brain connection so that you can stay balanced and thriving. 

However, there can’t be everything positive about any health supplement. There might be some downside you get to face with the gut support formula. 

In the ION Gut Health Review, we looked at both the positive and negative sides of this Gut support supplement. Besides, we also tried finding if the supplement was able to live up to their user’s expectations and worked.

Having said that, let’s dive right in. 

What is ION Gut Health?

ION Gut Health is a gut health support supplement that is designed to support your digestive system, immune health, and mood by improving your gut health. 

The supplement goes deeper than any probiotics in order to strengthen your gut microbiome. This may help your microbiome diversify on its own.

ION Gut Health also fortifies your immune health since stronger gut health is key to your complete wellbeing. The manufacturers claim that their ION Gut Health has been scientifically shown to support the immune system. 

The supplement doesn’t limit itself to gut health but it can also boost your mood, promote mental clarity, and support your digestion. 

ION Gut Health has one simple ingredient that is Humic extract (ancient soil) along with purified water. Unlike most other supplements, Ion Gut provides you a risk-free 60-Days money-back guarantee.


The brand Intelligence Of Nature was started in 2012 and it all started with an obscure soil science article by Dr. Zach Bush, founder, and CEO. 

ION has gone completely nature-friendly by using HDPE plastics for packaging, which is the most common and safest form of plastic used. 

Besides their popular ION Gut Health, the company also manufactures other supplements like ION Gut Health for pets, ION Skin Support, and ION Sinus Support. 

Ingredients In ION Gut Health

As said, ION Gut Health has just one active ingredient which is Humic extract (5mg) along with purified water (inactive ingredient).

The supplement does not contain any prebiotics, probiotics, or enzymes as some of you would expect it to.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the main ingredient in ION Gut Health i.e. Humic extract from Ancient soil. 

Humic extract, 5mg

It is extracted from decaying plants and soil matter. The main active compound of the Humic extract is Humic Acid. 

Humis is the topmost layer of the soil which is nutrient-dense since it contains the decay of the plants and organic matters.

A study by the Word Journal Of Gastroenterology to evaluate the effect of Humic Acid on Innate microbial communities came up with the conclusion:

“Humic acids have a profound effect on healthy colonic microbiome and may be potentially interesting substances for the development of drugs that control the innate colonic microbiome.”

Humic Acid acts as a source of prebiotic fiber for your gut microbiome more precisely the good bacteria in your GI tract.

Thus, humic extract might have a positive effect on your gut microbiome. However, very little research exists for humic extract potentials and effectiveness.


Even though the supplement contains one simple ingredient, ION Gut Healths seems to have benefitted a good number of people with different health problems. 

ION Gut Health benefits include:

  1. Defends you from environmental toxins.
  2. Helps your gut microbiome to diversify naturally. 
  3. It May help individuals with leaky gut issues.
  4. Helps improve mood and enhance mental clarity.
  5. Promotes better digestion and helps with issues like an upset stomach.

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How Does ION Gut Health Work?

ION Gut Health clearly mentions that it works by sealing the gut lining which in turn helps toxins to stay away from your body. 

Due to this protection of the supplement, it helps your body to strengthen the terrain upon which your microbiome can diversify at its full potential. 

All of its work is based on one individual ingredient, Humic extract, and not much is known about its working. 

All we know is that it can promote a healthy gut microbiome which can help you with several benefits related to Gut health, digestion, and mood.

ION Gut Health Side Effects

There are reported safety concerns, side effects, and allergies associated with the ION Gut Health supplement.  Also on the official product page, they state that some individuals can experience the side effects mentioned below.

The most commonly reported side effects are tiredness, bloating, gas, digestive discomfort, irregular heartbeat, and sweating.

On their FAQs, this individual supplement page they have included information that this supplement contains numerous minerals and amino acids. But they also mention that the concertations of these minerals are in very fewer amounts.

So they suggest that if you face any allergic reactions after taking ION Gut Health then you should speak with a healthcare practitioner and stop taking this supplement immediately.

It’s important to note that the main active ingredient in ION Gut Health is Humic extract and considering this ingredient there is not enough reliable information available to support whether it’s safe for you or not.

But they say that they also extract minerals and amino acids from ancient soils that contain fulvic substances.

So when fulvic acid is taken by mouth at a higher dose, it may cause side effects such as headaches, sore throat, nausea, fatigue, cramps, and diarrhea.

Depending on the dosages and people with compromised immune systems you should speak to their doctor before taking the ION Gut Health.

While ION Gut Health is vegan, but itis also free from Glyphosate, therefore the supplement is suitable for people who look for a product that is free of toxic chemicals and the absence of any animal ingredients in it.

Furthermore, it’d important to pay special attention that pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should avoid this supplement due to the lack of safety information aviable on the active ingredients such as Humic extracts and fulvic acid.

Finally, these ingredients may interact with the medications or any supplements that’s why the company recommends to you that you should maintain a 30-minute separation between your medications and any supplements.

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Dosage And Warnings

On the supplement’s official product page, the usage instructions are different for different age groups.

Adults and children who are above three should take 1 teaspoon of ION Gut Health 3x/day. To achieve the best results they recommend taking 30 minutes prior to meals.

The recommended dosage for children who are under three years of age is ¼ teaspoon 3x/day. And if you want to give it to your little ones then the dosage recommendation is 1/8 teaspoon a day.

One month’s supply of ION Gut Health contains 16 oz/473 ml of liquid inside it and as per the manufacturer’s claims, this supplement is suitable for both adults & kids.


As mentioned above that there is a lack of safety regarding the active ingredients in the supplement. So you have to consider its warnings before buying or starting the supplement.

  • You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the dosage instructions because the isn’t any reliable information available of the ingredients in the supplement are safe.
  • The ingredients present in it can interact with medicines and people who are in medical conditions should talk to their doctor or simply avoid it.
  • Pregnant women should also avoid this supplement this statement is mentioned on their website.
  • People who are allergic to any of the ingredients present in it should check/read the label before finalizing to buy the product.

Where To Buy?

ION Gut Health supplement is available for purchase at Amazon and their official website. But it is recommended to make a purchase from their official website for additional features/ benefits you get like a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Below are some features and extra benefits you will get if you only purchase their products from their official stores. 

They offer you to choose different supplies and sizes which aren’t available on other sites.

You can purchase ION Gut Health liquid dietary supplements in various supplies and sizes as:

  • Six-Day Supply (3oz): $16.00/bottle.
  • Two-Week Supply (8oz): $32.00/bottle.
  • One-Month Supply (16oz): $52.00/bottle.
  • Two-Month Supply (32oz): $72.00/bottle.

By having a subscription to ION Gut Health Supplement you can save 15% on your purchases. Also, shipping charges don’t apply if you order products above $40 in the U.S.

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ION Gut Health Review By Users

Reviews on ION Gut Health efficacy are positive. Most reviewers rate the product highly and say that they recommended it to anyone and the product works well.

Other positive reviewers say that this supplement is affordable, worth every penny, easy to take, and does not worry about the taste.

On the negative side, the reviews are mixed. Most people say that they face horrible and noticeable side effects, while some say they are disappointed by the product, such as issues with the label. The product is wet because of leakage and not properly sealed.

So far there are 59 complaints and negative testimonials against the product on Amazon. There are no reviews and rating sections on their official website and only 3 positive testimonials on the product page.

Overall this supplement has a positive reputation for the effectiveness of the product and the rating is good on the Amazon site, ION Gut Health has more than 2,500 ratings with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Here is a look at some honest positive and negative reviews from Amazon:

Erika says – If you have bad issues in the gut. ION Gut Health does help

Gut issues. Worked great for me and has helped tremendously. I now no longer need to take Rx script for stomach issues due to having IBS. Would recommend. It has been a lifesaver for me. The flavor (no Taste). I just add to purified water. I take 3 tsp 30 min. Before meals 3 times a day

Larry O says- Best products ever

I’ve been taking this product for 30 days now and my body has stayed balanced and hasn’t had the occasional inflammatory episodes that lead to a migraine-type headache. I am amazed at how much difference it made so quickly. And for what this product does, it’s one of the best bargains on the planet. I love it

Alice X says- No label

It came with no label on it yeah I’m not going to put something in my body that has no label on it

Cheryl says – Terrible Product! Horrible Side Effects!

Took this for one day. ONE. Ended up with horrible gas, bloating, heart palpitations, sweating. Feel 10x worse than before I tried it. This is a horrific product, and for Zach Bush and his company to provide only the most tepid indication that this product can cause “mild” side effects, they should be ashamed

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Bottom Line: Is ION Gut Health Worth It?

ION Gut Health is a powerful formula that can help support the microbiome in your gut leading to several health benefits. 

A healthy gut provides you with a strong immune system, promotes better digestion, improves mood, and prevents the chances of several diseases. 

The presence of one simple ingredient i.e. the humic extract contributes to most of the benefits of ION Gut Health. 

Thus, we think the Gut Support supplement is safe and should work for most individuals. Most people on Amazon were satisfied with the stuff and mention ION Gut Health to affect their health positively. 

While few individuals also had to face bloating, gas, sweating, and heart palpitation as the ION Gut Health side effects. 

That was all for the review of ION Gut Health. Now we would love to listen to you. What do you think of this supplement? Do you think it’s unique anyhow? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author

Purushottam is the founder and content writer at Health On Planet, a place where regular health enthusiasts visit to get honest reviews about the supplement. He has been reviewing popular dietary supplements with his years of expertise in the wellness industry. You can always trust his expertise on supplements to help you make informed choices.

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Nancy J
Nancy J
1 year ago

This product has saved my digestive health. For five months I suffered with Severe digestive issues. But not anymore. This product has been a miracle for me. I have more mental clarity, feel happier, calmer, but best of all no more míralax 3 times a week. My engine is running better than it ever has! I couldn’t be more pleased and have recommended this to all my clients.

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