Mito Male Review: Is Mito Male Effective And Worth The Price?

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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2022)

When it comes to a male enhancement supplement most of us imagine and see it in capsule form. But Ouro Vitae has something different, its male enhancement comes in powdered dietary supplement form, which makes it slightly unique compared to most others.

The real question is, does its form make a difference in terms of effectiveness? And if yes, what expectations to have from Mito Male? Well, we are gonna dig deeper into these questions today. 

Our Mito Male covers what ingredients it uses, how effective they are, what benefits you receive from Mito Male. And of course, we will be looking at its side effects and consumer reviews to check whether it’s worth it or not.

Excited? Let’s dive in.

What is Mito Male?

Mito male is a male enhancement supplement that promises to make you perform as you always wanted before. It claims to focus on the root cause of performance decline that is your mitochondria’s efficiency. 

They believe low testosterone is not a cause of reduced performance, it’s just a symptom. Mito Male claims to enhance your mitochondrial performance and ultimately boost your testosterone level to improve your libido. 

Also with a boost in testosterone, it says to help improve your sperm count, erection, and stamina. The brain and heart functioning are quite dependent on mitochondrial performance, thus it says to improve your cognitive and cardiac function too.

Mito Male Manufacturer

The dietary supplement Mito Male is manufactured by OuroVitae which is currently situated in Virginia Beach. OuroVitae is a subsidiary of the company First Finisher LLC. Besides Mito Male, the company also makes whey protein, a Vitamin C supplement, and a supplement that helps with sleep crises. 

The company is BBB accredited. It has received a B+ rating at Business Bureau which is a decent rating for a supplement business.

Ingredients in Mito Male

Mito Male contains a total of 6 ingredients out of which a few are herbal extracts, while some are minerals and amino acids. We believe ingredients and the amount used in a product are the best way to make a judgment for their effectiveness.  

Ingredients: L-Citrulline, Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ), Shilajit Extract, Zinc, Boron, LongJack Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, and L-Carnitine.  

Let’s discuss some major ingredients, their purpose, and their effectiveness in Mito Male.

1. L-Citrulline (2500 mg)

The ingredient which has the highest concentration in Mito Male is L-Citrulline. The compound L-Citrulline is known well for improving conditions of Erectile Dysfunction and boosting heart health. L-Citrulline also helps your body to increase energy level and athletic performance. 

Also, studies suggest supplementation of L-Citrulline increases the availability of arginine more than arginine supplementation. Also, L-Citrulline boosts Nitric Oxide Production in your body which acts as a neurotransmitter which is also a signal for penile erection. This can thus help maintain the erection for long.

2. Zinc (As Zinc Gluconate) (30 mg) 

The next power ingredient used in Mito Male is Zinc in the form of Zinc Gluconate. It contains around 14% of elemental zinc. Keeping it simple, it’s just a form of zinc in dietary supplements. Now, why is Zinc needed in male enhancements?

Zinc can have a dramatic impact on men’s testosterone levels. Mato Male also speaks of a study conducted on men, in which men’s testosterone levels dropped by 75% in 20-weeks of a low zinc diet. Also at the same time, the study showed Zinc to double the T-level in older men. Thus Zinc is tested positive to help men with Erectile dysfunction. 

3. Boron (As Boron Glycinate) (10 mg)

Your body needs around 1-13 mg of Boron per day. So, Mito Males contain sufficient boron for your body requirement. Boron is a vital element for maintaining estrogen and testosterone response in females and males respectively. 

Also, boron is essential for bone health and faster healing of wounds in your body. It can even improve vitamin and mineral metabolism which can result in healthy sexual functioning.

Few studies (1,2,3) even suggest boron deficiency to reduce mental alertness and impair executive congenital function.

4. LongJack Extract (50 mg)

This is extracted from a shrubby tree native to southeast Asia and is used for a long as a natural vitality booster in local places. This herb is suggested to be used for improving fertility, testosterone, and athletic performance. So, we think this has importance in Mito Male.

This particular herb carries so many benefits for you like faster recovery, muscle strength improvement, reducing stress and weight loss, and a greater sense of well-being.

During a study on 63 individuals, it was found that Tongkat Ali (another name for Longjack) improved sexual libido by 11% in the first 6-week while 14% in 12-weeks. 

5. Ashwagandha Extract (200 mg)

The extract of Ashwagandha is the one that Mito Male uses for enhancing the performance of Mitochondria. Ashwagandha is well recognized as an adaptogen that gives a boost to your energy level and helps your body with better stress management. 

Ashwagandha may help prevent mitochondria from free radical damage due to the presence of “Withanolides” in them. During a study, ashwagandha was found safe to be used for stress reduction and it didn’t have any serious health effects. 

6. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (500 gm)

This chemical also helps your body to improve energy levels. L-carnitine has the main function to help your body turn fat into energy. Studies also found out L-carnitine to help with reducing cellular damage markers and alleviate faster recovery after a workout. 

At the same time binding with L-tartrate helps your body to absorb Carnitine better than other forms available. 

Verdict On Ingredients

The ingredient profile of Mito Male is pretty strong to show effects. It has ingredients that can improve libido and prevent conditions of erectile dysfunction. Also, Mito Male ingredients could give a good boost to your energy levels. But there were insufficient ingredients to help with cognition and mood.

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What Benefits Mito Male Can Provide?

As you know, the Mito Male supplement consists of mostly natural ingredients, minerals, amino acids, and some herbal extracts. Such ingredients present in it can help you to achieve numerous benefits such as:

  • To maintain your better performance levels this supplement may help to increase muscle mass and strength.
  • It may help in maintaining the balance of hormones in your body and can elevate sexual interest.
  • Improve the blood flow all over the body and as well as to your heart to improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Mito Male may support general self-confidence in your body such as improving Better memory, focus, and mood.
  • This product may help to restore energy/stamina and shilajit extract in Mito Male supports cognitive functions.
  • This supplement can help to slow down the oxidative and age-related damage done to your body.
  • Mito Male may boost your physical energy and endurance levels.

Benefits In Short: Mito male can help with libido, stamina, drive, and athletic performance. Also, some ingredients in it could improve your immune system and cardio health.

Mito Male Potential Side Effects

Girl experiencing side after using supplement

The Ingredients used in Mito Male Supplement are organic and contain no colors and artificial sweeteners. To showcase its effectiveness the official product page of Mito Male supplement claims that it is backed with evidence and clinical trials.

Besides several health benefits of Mito Male, this dietary supplement may have some side effects on your health. These side effects are important to know before you experience them. Also, it mostly depends on whether if your body is allergic to any ingredient used.

Here are some of the side effects associated with active ingredients in Mito Male:

  • Stomach upset and heartburn.
  • Cough and changes in urination.
  • Constipation and diarrhea.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Dermatitis and seizures.
  • Chest pain and weakness.
  • Headache and indigestion.

These side effects are not very common, are temporary, and may disappear as your body adjusts to the supplement. Also, these side effects are likely to occur when Mito Male isn’t taken in appropriate amounts or recommended dosage.

Ingredients like Glycine Propionyl-l-Carnitine and Zinc gluconate could lead to a few side effects too like chest pain, weakness, upset stomach, headache, and nausea.

While going through customer reviews of Mito Male supplement we didn’t find anyone facing side effects after using it whether it’s on Amazon or their official stores. But if you experience any side effects using it or in case it persists/worsens immediately consult with your practitioner and also let us others know by commenting.

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Mito Male: Pros and Cons


  1. Most of the ingredients used in this dietary supplement are backed by several types of research and clinical studies.
  2. As a vitality enhancer, Mito Male provides a lot of important benefits needed for overall men’s health and well-being.
  3. Comes with little to no dangerous side effects.
  4. Mito Male supplement uses natural ingredients and has overall positive customer reviews and ratings.
  5. This dietary supplement is also rich in antioxidants, which may support immune health.


  1. Some benefits seem to have no evidence to support the claims.
  2. Most people prefer to have these supplements in capsule form rather than powder form.
  3. Mito Male supplement is quite expensive and the benefits claimed by the supplement may vary from user to user.
  4. This product does not boost testosterone level and most of the reviews which are on the official stores are likely biased.
  5. Mito male isn’t available on other popular retail sites like Amazon. If available, it isn’t sold by the original manufacturer.

Dosage and Warnings


Each container of Mito Male supplement contains 30 servings which makes a container last for a month. And the recommended dosage by the manufactures is to take one scoop of the supplement per day with 8oz to 12oz of water.

Each scoop of the Mito Male weighs approximately seven grams. Before drinking you should ensure that it’s mixed well with water. Also, you may take it with any beverage of your choice or without food. 


If you’re on medications or with prescribed medicines you should always get the approval of your doctor before starting any dietary supplements.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage by the manufacture or on the official website. also if you’re in certain health conditions talk with your doctor. 

Consumer Reviews Of Mito Male

On Amazon, the product received an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5.0. This is pretty average for a supplement and there are just 24 ratings, which is again very low to determine how much it helped its users. 

At the same time, there are almost no reviews about the product on amazon. Their official site had a handful of reviews about Mito Male but we think that they got the control, so it’s very easy to manipulate. Thus the most disappointing thing about it is you won’t get many people to listen to before giving Mito Male a try. 

“This stuff is amazing, after about 1 hour of taking my first scoop ever of your product I felt very at ease and mentally awake and I also slept like a log, I do feel half asleep and tired as s*** when I wake up, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it physically just as anything takes time to adjust. I’ve never tried anything ever that has an extremely noticeable effect and so fast. I’m glad I bought 3 months’ worth cause it’s great, also only one scoop a day is insanely great! Thank you!” – Jack P.

“It’s definitely a good supplement, after a few weeks I feel the positive effect in both strength and stamina as well as mental alertness and more restful sleep. BUT, I don’t like the taste at all. I wish they had another flavor…” – Remy L.

“Customer service is non-existent. Phone numbers are not working. Email isn’t working. Can’t get in touch with anyone to get my money back” – Amazon Customer.

Important Note: The above Mito male reviews ae taken from their official website. Thus we can’t be sure if they are manipulated.  

Mito Male Review: Bottom Line

As a male enhancement supplement Mito Male can get the job done for you. But we think it’s slightly overpriced compared to other male enhancement supplements serving the same purpose. Also, most users complained that it was sweeter than a normal supplement. 

A good thing could be it comes in powdered form which is different from capsules and may promote better absorption by your body. Though some users also faced side effects with Mito Male like nausea, cramps, and abdominal issues it was not common. 

That was all for Mito Male Review. Now, we would love to turn to you! What do you think of Mito Male? Do you prefer male enhancements in dietary supplement form? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. 

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Gary Gibbons
Gary Gibbons
15 days ago

I get Quizzy and diarrhea after 7 weeks of taking it daily. Definitely didn’t effect my LINDO at all and the taste sucks!

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