Ageless Male Max Review: Is The Male Enhancement Powerful?

Testosterone is a necessary hormone for both men and women. and it’s responsible for a lot more than just keeping your male mojo high.

It helps with body fat, fertility, bone health, muscle mass and growth, sex drive, and a variety of other health issues.

This role is much more important in men with higher levels of testosterone, and as men age, their testosterone levels naturally begin to decline, contributing to unpleasant side effects.

In fact, a recent clinical study discovered that as many as 40% of men have low testosterone by the age of 45. In addition to this for reasons unknown to modern researchers, male fertility is steadily declining worldwide.

As a result of these factors, many people choose or turn to Testosterone supplements to take control of their health.

A supplement called Ageless Male Max is designed to significantly boost nitric oxide and testosterone levels. 

Using a proprietary blend and six ingredients, it aims to provide you with more energy, better sleep, faster fat loss, and improved performance in the gym and the bedroom.

Thus, in this Ageless Male Max review, we’ll look at its ingredients’ efficacy, benefits, side effects, pros and cons, and, ultimately, whether it’s right for you.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with this Ageless Male Max review.

What Is Ageless Male Max?

Ageless Male Max is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of capelets. It is designed to support testosterone production by increasing nitric oxide and claims to reduce stress, help with fat and weight loss, increase energy and libido, help build muscle and strength, and provide overall endurance.

Ageless Male Max’s balanced formula includes Vitamins, ashwagandha, and NOXPerform, a proprietary blend of herbs and plants.

This supplement’s ingredients work to raise testosterone and nitric oxide levels, which can enhance sexual health and development as well as body composition.

On their official product page, they also stated that, like many testosterone supplements, Ageless Male Max is free of caffeine or stimulants.

Which are commonly used to trick by other testosterone supplement companies into believing their formula is effective.

They also sell supplements or have product categories in men’s health, Vitamins, and two superfoods, all of which can help you with your overall well-being and health.

Ageless Male Max Manufacturer

The Total Testosterone Boost is manufactured by the company known as Ageless Male. 

It is a male enhancement supplement brand that specifically manufactures supplements focused on men’s wellness.

Ageless Male and Ageless Male Max are two of its hero products that have gained decent attention for their sexual enhancement benefits among males. 

Some of the other products manufactured by the company include Ageless Male Advance, Ageless Male Pro-T Shred, and Ageless Male Performance.

The company is located in New York. On its BBB page, Ageless Male is rated A+ but isn’t a BBB accredited business. 

Benefits Of Taking Ageless Male Max

In general, we do not see male enhancement supplements working for many people. But Ageless Male Max was different, it benefitted more than a few people. 

The benefits are mainly due to the careful selection of ingredients in the supplement such as Ashwagandha Root Extract (KSM-66) and other useful vitamins.

Benefits of Ageless Male Max Total Testosterone Booster include: 

  1. It can help increase your total testosterone levels in the body. 
  2. Having Ageless Male Max can have a positive effect on sexual competence like help maintain erection and increase arousal.
  3. It can increase your muscle mass and strength, and reduce body fat percentage.
  4. Several people reported it improves their energy levels and help them perform better.
  5. The use of KSM-66 can reduce stress and anxiety further supporting sleep.
  6. Ageless Male Max along with increasing energy can help you lose weight.
  7. Helpful for older males facing Erectile Dysfunction.

Overall, the benefits resulting from the use of Ageless Male Max Testosterone Booster are impressive and reliable. However, it is a supplement and thus the individual results may vary.

Ageless Male Max Ingredient Evaluation

Ageless Male Max contains a variety of Vitamins, minerals, and an Agshwangandha root extract, as well as a proprietary blend (NOXPerform) of herbs, vegetables, and fruit powders.

Also, there are other ingredients included in the supplement stearic acid, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, sunflower lecithin, pharmaceutical glaze, crospovidone, microcrystalline and Diaclacium phosphate.

For the sake of simplicity, we will look at the research behind the top seven core active ingredients, as the others are in minimal amounts.

1. Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol), 41.65 mcg

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that aids the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus. As a result, getting enough Vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus plays an important role in your body, from bone strength to immunity.

The vitamins are also necessary for your sexual and reproductive health, as well as muscle mass maintenance (1). 

Vitamin D, particularly in men, helps to regulate testosterone production and is essential for your sperm production.

Vitamin D supplementation has been studied for its ability to improve exercise performance and this supplement contains 208 percent more Vitamin D than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

Another study on Vitamin D supplementation find that testosterone levels improved with a daily dose of 3,332 IU.

Vitamin D in this product has a dose of 1,666 IU which means taking it two times can help in increasing testosterone levels as mentioned in the study.

However, because this is still a high dose of Vitamin D, and excessive amounts of Vitamin D from supplements, can result in a buildup of calcium in your blood (hypercalcemia), which could lead to nausea and vomiting, weakness, and frequent urination.

In addition to this, one clinical study discovered that taking too many Vitamin D supplements could result in renewal failure, heart arrhythmias, and even death.

Note: So to avoid Vitamin D toxicity, do not combine Ageless Male Max with other Vitamin D supplements when taking or consuming this supplement.

2. Niacin (as Niacinamide), 8 mg

Niacin is a water-soluble B vitamin found in some foods and available as a supplement in the form of nicotinamide or nicotinic acid. 

It is beneficial in many ways, including assisting your body in converting energy from food into ATP (2).

There is also evidence that it may help to improve cholesterol levels by increasing good HDL while decreasing bad LDL. This may help to boost nitric oxide.

One animal study found that Niacin has a positive effect on testosterone levels in both normal and diabetic rats. Make certain that there are no human studies on Niacin to demonstrate its efficacy.

3. Vitamin B6 (as a Pyridoxine HCL), 1 mg

Pyrioxidine is a B Vitamin that gets involved in over 100 enzyme reactions in your body. Plus It is essential for maintaining your nitric oxide levels (3)

Like other B Vitamins, it is useful for metabolism, immune function, gluconeogenesis, and glycogenolysis, as well as assisting the body in using energy from food.

Animal studies suggest that Vitamin B6 Diffeicines can cause significant reductions in testosterone levels circulating in the plasma, but people are rarely deficient in this widely available vitamin.

4. Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin), 1.2mcg

Another Vitamin used inside the Ageless Male Max is Vitamin B12 which is known mainly for keeping your blood and nerve cells healthy. 

While several databases were searched, it was found that several studies demonstrate a positive effect of Vitamin B12 on semen quality including sperm count, sperm motility, and DNA damage. 

Lack of Vitamin B12 is linked to showing a significant drop in your testosterone level. Thus, intake of Vitamin B12 can help your body maintain proper testosterone levels. 

5. Zinc (as Zinc Sulfate), 15mg

It is a trace mineral known to serve several purposes in the human body including supporting a healthy immune system, cell growth, healing damaged tissue, and more. 

A 2009 study on male rats found zinc can increase sexual competence. The study showed zinc promotes arousal and helps maintain an erection. 

The deficiency of Zinc is known to reduce the sense of smell. And, one study finds that a sense of smell has a positive correlation with libido. Thus, it helps your sense of smell and prevents loss of libido, especially in young men. 

Few studies also find Zinc to play a significant role in increasing serum testosterone levels in normal men. Also, Zinc supplementation can increase levels of free testosterone in the body. 

Thus, Zinc plays a vital role in various body functions including maintaining the level of your free and serum testosterone.

6. Ashwagandha Root Extract (KSM-66), 338mg

Ashwagandha is a shrub mainly found in Asia and Africa and is widely accepted for its adaptogenic properties. 

KSM-66 is a full-spectrum ashwagandha extracted from the roots of Ashwagandha and never from the leaves. It is made by Ixoreal Biomed using gentle extraction techniques.

The use of KSM-66 is very highly promoted by Ageless Male Max for its properties like reduced body fat percentage, increase in muscle size, and even total testosterone levels. 

KSM-66 can also help in conditions such as stress, anxiety, reduced memory, and cognitive function, and also improve endurance and immunity in athletes. 

During one clinical trial, Ashwagandha Root Extract (KSM-66) demonstrated significant improvement in testosterone and sexual function. 

One study on Ashwagandha found its intake for a period of 8 weeks was associated with increased levels of testosterone and DHEA-S. Studies also link ashwagandha to increase muscle mass and strength. 

Ageless Male Max has played all its bet on this single ingredient and thus has included this in the highest amount. We think the Ashwagandha extract does have the potential to live the claims. 

7. NOXPerform, 100mg

Last but not the least, Ageless Male Max also includes a proprietary blend with the name NOXPerform containing ingredients such as Quercetin, Turmeric, Coffee, Green Tea, and many others. 

Each ingredient included has its own unique benefits that can promote male enhancement mood and fat reduction. 

However, due to not knowing the number of individual ingredients, we can’t confirm the benefits are really effective and you can experience them.

Final Words:

The ingredients profile of Ageless Male Max looks decent with ingredients having sufficient scientific evidence to back the claims.

The KSM-66 used is said to be the game changer for male enhancement benefits. It can increase your testosterone levels, muscle mass, and strength. Other than Zinc and Ashwagandha Root extract all ingredients are Vitamins. 

Potential Side Effects Of Ageless Male Max

Usually, any supplement doesn’t cause any side effects on its own. It’s the ingredients that can lead to some unwanted side effects. 

As we see Ageless Male Max has made a careful selection of ingredients. The majority of ingredients are Vitamins and apart from that, there is ashwagandha and a proprietary blend.

Some of the things you must know about the side effects of testosterone supplements are their negative drug interaction. In the article by mayo clinic, you can find who should avoid testosterone boosters.

The suggested dose for Ageless Male Max is 2 capsules per day one in the morning and the other in the evening. 

A study from the International Journal Of Health Science reported that testosterone-boosting products might come with some health risks for your kidney and liver.

However no such reports were found about the Ageless Male Max specifically, still, you need to stay cautious while using this. 

While navigating through the Ageless Male Max reviews on the web, we found few people who reported it to interfere with their blood pressure and heartbeat. 

One customer reported that he experienced a drop in his blood pressure while the other found their blood pressure to increase. For some Ageless Male max led to an increase in their heart rate. 

Vitamin D content in the supplement is around 42 mcg which is high. Higher amounts can lead to Vitamin D toxicity. As per research Vitamin D toxicity may show side effects such as recurrent vomiting, abdominal pain, dehydration, and apathy.

KSM-66 or the Ashwagandha root extract when taken in larger dosages may show side effects like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and digestive upset. However, the amount used in Ageless Male Max seems to be well within a tolerable range. 

One thing you should know is that the proprietary blend NOXPerform contains gree tea and coffee, thus the supplement isn’t caffeine free. If you are caffeine sensitive look for some other option. 

Even though the cases of Ageless Male Max side effects were very few, if you are on any medication or have any health condition related to blood pressure, try to avoid this supplement. 

For others, you must speak to your doctor ones before having this supplement to ensure if it’s safe based on your health profile. Also, do not exceed the recommended dose.

Who Should Buy Ageless Male Max?

Ageless Male Max is a male enhancement supplement that provides you with numerous benefits starting from wellness to sexual enhancement. 

You can consider buying Ageless Male Max for yourself if you:

  1. Are low on testosterone and Want to notice some improvement in its levels.
  2. Have erectile dysfunction and are unable to keep up with your bed partner. 
  3. Feel tired and low on energy very soon after a workout.
  4. Want to lose some weight and gain some muscle mass, strength, and stamina.
  5. Desire relief from stress and anxiety, and see improvement in sleep. 

Cost And Where To Buy It

Ageless Male Max is priced similarly to other testosterone boosters on the market. You have a few options for bundling your purchase on the official product website:

  • A month’s supply of Ageless Male Max costs $49.95. (plus shipping).
  • The cost of a three-month supply (3 bottles) is $129.85. (plus shipping).
  • 6 bottles will cost you $239.70 while 12 bottles will cost $429.70.

When purchased from the manufacturer’s website, Ageless Male Max offers a 30-day return policy.

It is available for purchase directly from the company website or New Vitality storefront, as well as major retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, and Amazon.

If you decide to buy it, we recommend doing so through the official website to ensure a return policy. It’s also about $10 or $20 cheaper if purchased from Amazon.

You can also opt for their subscribe and save options to save 10% on any bundle options as well as free shipping and handling fees.

Ageless Male Max: Pros And Cons


  • Contains several essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Accessible at most major retailers.
  • There are no stimulants or fillers in this product.
  • All-natural ingredients and some ingredients have been shown to improve men’s health.
  • 30-day returns policy.
  • Clear contact information on the official store.


  • Some ingredients with limited human research to show benefits.
  • May interact with other medications.
  • Caffeine allergies and side effects are possible if taken in higher doses.
  • Lacks third-pasting testing.
  • The proprietary blend’s amount of each ingredient isn’t specified or effective with the dosage.

Users’ Testimonials Of Ageless Male Max

A positive thing about the Ageless Male Max Testosterone booster was its availability in online retail stores. 

Mostly male enhancements prefer selling their supplement through the official website. This prevents users from getting to know the real thoughts of other users about the supplement. 

On Amazon, the Ageless Male Max has been rated 4 out of 5 by more than two thousand users. It shows the product has worked for the majority of users.

The Ageless Male Max reviews were kind of mixed. The people on its positive side said it helped them achieve more, increased energy, and better workout results. They even reported experiencing better performance and stamina after taking this. 

While people dissatisfied with Ageless Male Max reported it to not work for them and interfere with their blood pressure. 

Here’s a copy of their real words. The reviews were picked from the product page on Amazon.

Tracy Johnson says

Before taking this product my husband was feeling sluggish and depressed. He lost all desire for anything and became very unhappy with his life around him. He began to take these to help boost some energy and found it did more. Not only did it boost his energy, but it also brought his man back. His interest came back almost immediately and he began to feel himself again. He’s been taking these for almost a year and makes sure he doesn’t do with out them.

Patrick Says

Felt results almost instantly. Energy went up and could feel the difference before and after. I felt a lower test level before I started taking it and feel a higher test level now that I’ve been taking it for about two weeks. I was gaining weight all while not changing my diet. I was feeling sluggish for no apparent reason. I started taking Ageless Male Max and felt an immediate increase in energy and even started losing weight.

Steve Feniello says

Well taking this supplement for the past 30 days did nothing for me. I was still tired and even though I stayed on a heavy workout regimen I did not lose any weight or fat. I wish they would give me my money back as it was a total waste of 50.00. I think if you want to make a difference you should seek out a doctor that will administer hormone therapy for real results.

Ron Lugos Says

I strongly believe that FDA should immediately evaluate all supplements before they get released on the market, otherwise anybody is coming up with all kinds of junk out there, God knows what’s actually in them. I bought this crap off the whole bottle, and the only effect it had on me was making my urine stink, some weird odor I have never smelled in my life, Pretty sure that would have some really bad effect on the kidney. No improvement in energy level, no endurance effect, absolutely zero effect after 2 weeks of use. 

Ageless Male Max Review: Is It Worth It?

Now, should you buy Ageless Male Max? We think it depends on what are your needs. If you are looking for a supplement providing some real male enhancement benefits, it might be worth considering as an option. 

Ageless Male Max might be slightly expensive but the first thing we look at is if it’s effective. And so far it does seem effective. 

The ingredients used in the formula had moderate evidence to show an increase in testosterone levels and nitric oxide production. Thus Ageless Male Max can improve your blood flow and provide sexual enhancement benefits.

The most commonly anticipated benefit of the supplement was it helped users to experience a boost in their energy level and stamina. They appreciated how Ageless Male Max improved their workout performance. 

Additionally, the supplement showed very few side effects which were related to blood pressure. Thus blood pressure patients should strictly avoid it. 

We strongly recommend speaking with your doctor before having Ageless Male Max and enquiring whether it’s safe and you need it or not.  

That was all for the Ageless Male Max review. Now, We would love to turn to you. What are your thoughts on Ageless Male Max? Do you plan on giving this stuff a try? Let us know. 

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