Does Poppi Have Caffeine? | If Yes, How Much?

Introduction To The Popular Poppi

Poppi is a brand of prebiotic soda that offers a refreshing beverage option by combining fresh fruit juice with apple cider vinegar (ACV). 

Its goal is to create a modern soda that not only tastes great but also supports a healthy gut and immune system. 

The brand describes its soda as having a “bubble with benefits.” Each can of Poppi sodas contains infused ACV, less than 5g of sugar, and fewer than 25 calories. The ingredients include sparkling water, fruit juices, apple cider vinegar, and organic cane sugar. 

The components of Poppi Soda are made using minimal ingredients and may vary slightly depending on the chosen flavor. Most of the ingredients in Poppi soda are naturally derived, and they do not contain high fructose corn syrups. 

Moreover, the cans of Poppi sodas are gluten-free Non-GMO, and vegan friendly. 

Poppi is considered a healthy functional soda due to its infusion with ACV, which provides several benefits such as promoting intestinal health. 

Reducing cholesterol levels. Supporting healthy metabolism. Regulating blood sugar levels. And promoting energy. This functional soda comes in various flavors including grape, strawberry, lemon, orange, cherry, limeade, ginger lime, raspberry rose, watermelon, conventional cola, doc pop, and root beer. 

It serves as a healthier alternative to traditional sodas that are often high in sugar and calories while lacking nutritional value. In fact, these healthier sodas have seen remarkable growth year over year indicating an increasing demand for better beverage options. 

Also, these drinks have even gained popularity among celebrities such as Mila Kunis, Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Olivia Munn.

Does Poppi Have Caffeine? 

Poppi Prebiotic Soda does not contain caffeine in most of its flavors except the two. The two Poppi flavors that do have caffeine are Doc Pop (the Dr. Pepper version) and Classic Cola.

The caffeine in Doc Pop as well as the Classic Cola flavor of Poppi is due to the presence of Geen Tea in both of these flavors. 

Just like most other tea, Green tea contains naturally occurring caffeine. The good thing about this source of caffeine is, it isn’t as high as present in your regular cup of coffee.

Thus, this level of caffeine is not harmful to health. However, if you are caffeine sensitive, you should surely not take Poppi flavors that have caffeine in them. 

So, every Poppi flavor isn’t caffeine-free and Doc Pop and Classic Cola contain some amount of caffeine in it. But how much caffeine do these Poppi flavors have? Let’s get to it. 

How Much Caffeine In Poppi?

Now that you know Poppi does have a certain amount of caffeine in its Doc Pop and Classic Soda flavors, you surely need to know how much caffeine they have. 

According to their nutrition facts label, each of these flavors contains 32 mg of caffeine from Green Tea. The caffeine is called natural caffeine which means they are extracted from plants and then used in Poppi.

Considering the amount of caffeine in Poppi i.e. 32 mg it is very insignificant to cause any side effects when you take it. 

But individuals who are caffeine sensitive or in simple terms do not have any tolerance to caffeine might find even this amount of caffeine disturbing. 

To get an idea of how much caffeine you consume with the Doc Pop and Classic Soda flavors of Poppi, let’s look at a brief comparison. Your regular cup of coffee contains near about 95 mg of caffeine at once.

So with Poppi prebiotic soda caffeinated flavors, you are consuming one-third the amount of caffeine as with your regular cup of coffee which isn’t unhealthy.

But in case you do not prefer, a beverage containing caffeine, make sure to not have these two flavors of the Poppi prebiotic soda. Having said so, let’s explore some alternatives to Poppi that are completely caffeine-free.

Caffeine-Free Poppi Alternatives

If you like everything about soda except the sugar and caffeine levels, there are some tasty Poppi alternatives on the market that match the flavors and come in varieties that rival fruit juice.

If you are looking for caffeine-free alternatives to Poppi. Here are three alternatives to Poppi soda you can try or use.

1. Zevia Soda

Zevia Zero Calorie drink is a popular drink among people seeking healthier beverage options. It’s a caffeine-free stevia-sweetened soda. It is available in various caffeine-free flavors including cola, ginger ale, cream soda, and black cherry flavors.

The ingredients in Zevia Soda, such as tartaric acid and citric acid, may aid your immunity and digestion. 

Zevia is a better choice than other zero-calorie drinks because it uses natural sweeteners. Zevia offers “energy drinks” that contain caffeine in it and their soda is vegan and kosher.

2. Olipop Soda

Olipop is a healthier alternative to traditional soda, with natural sweeteners, prebiotics, and 9 grams of fiber to promote digestive health. 

This Soda is gluten-free, GMO-free, and free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and sweeteners. It is low in calories and suitable for vegan, Paleo, and Keto diets.

Olipop contains a unique blend of botanicals, plant fibers, and prebiotics that distinguish it from regular sodas, with each can containing less than 6 grams of sugar.

Just like Poppi soda, the majority of Olipop flavors are caffeine-free, some do contain caffeine due to the inclusion of green tea leaf extract. The caffeine-containing Olipop flavors are Cherry Cola, Vintage Cola, and Dr. Goodwin.

3. Dry Soda

Dry Soda is a soda brand that aims to offer a more sophisticated and refined option compared to traditional soda. It is made with four simple ingredients: pure carbonated water, cane sugar, natural flavors derived from fruits, flowers, or herbs, and phosphoric acid. 

This caffeine-free soda comes in various flavors like lavender, cucumber, rhubarb, and blood orange. 
It is sweetened with cane sugar and does not contain any artificial sweeteners, added colors, salt, or gluten. Additionally, Dry Soda provides a range of zero-sugar organic sodas that are bursting with vibrant flavors.

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

The consumption of caffeine can have both positive and negative effects on our bodies. 

Although caffeine is generally safe for most healthy adults excessive intake may lead to unwanted side effects and health issues. 

In comparison to other caffeinated beverages or sodas, Poppi soda offers a better alternative if you wish to reduce your caffeine intake. 

Each serving of this soda contains approximately 32 mg of natural caffeine. 

The recommended daily limit for caffeine consumption is 400 mg; however, individuals who are sensitive to caffeine may experience adverse symptoms even with lower amounts found in Poppi Soda. 

For teenagers, It is advised to consume no more than 100 mg of caffeine per day. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their doctors regarding the restriction of caffeine use to less than 200 mg per day. 

Poppi soda is safe for both of them because it does not contain a significant level of caffeine. 

Therefore if you are already consuming substantial amounts of caffeine from other sources like coffee, tea, or energy drinks it is important to be cautious as they contribute significantly to your overall caffeine intake rather than Poppi soda

Some people may experience common symptoms of too much caffeine such as jitters, headaches, nausea, anxiety, an increased heart rate, insomnia, agitation, restlessness, difficulty drifting off to sleep, and tremor.

Lastly, It’s crucial to note that everyone’s caffeine tolerance varies, thus what’s “too much” caffeine to trigger symptoms might vary from person to person. If you’re concerned about your caffeine intake from Poppi soda or any other sources, consult your doctor or talk with your healthcare provider.

Is Caffeine In Poppi Bad For You?

Thus, the truth about Poppi caffeine is, except the Doc Pop and their Classic Soda, every Poppi flavor is caffeine-free. These two flavors contain 32g of natural caffeine from Green Tea. 

So, is this caffeine in Poppi bad for you? No, the amount of caffeine Poppine have is just one-third of your regular cup of coffee, 32g. 

This is quite an insignificant level of caffeine and wouldn’t show any bad consequences to your sleep, anxiety, or headache. Thus, it is completely fine to consume Poppin even with caffeine, unless of course, you want to eliminate it completely.

Individuals who prefer beverages without caffeine should look for Poppin flavors other than Doc Pop and Classic Soda. 

Also, we shared an entire list of alternatives to Poppin that are completely caffeine-free and you can ensure that you are not taking a caffeine-based beverage. 

So, now that you are well aware of, does Poppi have caffeine or not, we want to take your opinion on this. Do you think a beverage with 32 mg of caffeine is worth rejecting? Let us know.

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