Neuroq Review: An Effective Brain Health Pill Or Scam?

Neuroq Review Overview

Neuroq is a brain health support supplement by Life Seasons that contains six active ingredients – Gotu Kola Aerial Extract, Turmeric Rhizome Extract, Ginkgo Leaf Extract, Phosphatidylserine, Neurofactor Coffee Fruit Extract, and Propolis Extract.

It is classified as a nootropic since it supports brain functions such as memory, focus, and mental speed. Life Seasons claims that these ingredients help to improve your focus, memory, concentration, mental clarity, learning, and accuracy.

In the world of nootropics, Neuroq might be just as important for what’s not in their formula as for what is. Its formulations are, making it one of the nootropics with the lowest allergen profiles, as its formulas are:

  • Vegan.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Yeast and corn free.
  •  No milk.
  • Synthetic or Artificial colors free.

Neuroq brands offer a variety of formulations that target or are based on brain-boosting products. Also, this product is clinically tested for its safety and efficacy.

The target market for nootropic supplements is also diverse, ranging from kids attempting to increase their test scores to elderly people suffering from memory loss and cognitive decline.

You should note that any nootropic supplements have not been shown to improve dementia caused by aging or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Although various nootropic supplements and individual ingredients are being studied in dementia trials, the FDA has not yet approved any nootropics for use as prescription medications.

We delved into the company, its benefits, negative side effects, dosage, and the science behind them to help you understand whether or not Neuroq will work.

Company Behind

Neuroq is developed by LifeSeasons which is a health supplement brand. It was a result of leading neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen teaming up with the company.

Dr. Bredesen has been dedicated to studying ways to reduce Alzheimer’s and dementia throughout his career. Somehow he managed to come up with a groundbreaking approach to protect memory and support the brain to grow new neurons. 

As claimed by the Neuroq manufacturer, LifeSeasons, the company use clinically studied ingredients selected by expert formulators to achieve the maximum efficacy with their products. 

Neuroq isn’t BBB accredited with a C grade rating at Better Business Bureau.  

Neuroq Benefits

What are the benefits of Neuroq? The question is obvious if you are trying out a new supplement. The benefits of Neuroq are linked to the ingredients in its formula. 

According to the company, Neuroq is a brain health supplement that provides cognitive benefits such as supporting memory, boosting focus, enhancing mental clarity, and increasing brain speed. 

The benefits unlike most other brain supplements have been demonstrated during a clinical study. Here are some prominent or key benefits of Neuroq Brain health supplement.

  1. Healthy brain function: Neuroq is designed with the purpose of increasing mental performance and supporting your brain health.
  2. Supports Memory: Taking a Neuroq Brain Health supplement can positively improve your memory and knowledge retention capacity.
  3. Focus And Concentration: The ingredients used by Neuroq are also purported for enhancing your focus and concentration. It does so by increasing blood flow to the brain. 
  4. Clear thinking: Neuroq claims to support your recall power besides focus which can help your brain think more clearly. 

These were some of the cognitive or mental benefits that come with Neuroq. However, the supplements aren’t FDA-regulated and hence individual results might vary. 

Ingredients Breakdown Of Neuroq

There are two things that we feel are really good about the ingredients of Neuroq. The first thing is it’s natural and vegan-friendly which is generally considered safe for all. 

Besides, the individual dosage of each ingredient is mentioned making it easier to know the effective dose of ingredients used. 

Neuroq is mainly formulated using natural extracts of ingredients like turmeric, ginkgo leaf, and Gotu Kola. Here is the supplement fact and detailed breakdown of Neuroq ingredients. 

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1. Gotu Kola Aerial extract (250mg)

The extract of Gotu Kola can have some real cognitive enhancement benefits. It is known for supporting cognitive function to enhance memory, concentration, and mental clarity.

Gotu Kola by its unique cognitive properties can help your brain think more clearly. 

According to research, Gotu Kola is shown to have a neuroprotective effect and is helpful in decreasing oxidative stress, dopamine neurotoxicity, and conditions of Alzheimer’s disease. 

There’s another study that finds Gotu to be effective in memory enhancement and cognitive functions. 

Besides brain enhancement, Gotu Kola has also been studied for helping with sleep disorders in individuals such as insomnia.

However, the dosage used in studies for memory enhancement was much higher (750mg) than used in the Neuroq Brain health supplement (250mg).

2. Turmeric rhizome extract (250mg)

Turmeric is also a popular ingredient for brain health products due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is useful for fighting dementia. The curcumin presence in turmeric is well-known for Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies on animals have found turmeric to help age-related decline in brain function. 

Curcumin can increase the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the brain. However, the effective dose of turmeric is considered to be around 500mg and Neuroq has only 250mg.

3. Ginkgo Leaf extract (120mg)

Ginkgo is one of the most widely used herbs in Europe used for the treatment of Dementia. While it can also protect your damaged nerve cells in dementia, it can show a positive effect on memory and thinking in people with Alzheimer’s. 

There are numerous benefits that ginkgo can provide when used by Alzeihmer’s patient including lesser feelings of depression and improved thinking learning and memory.

Also, during studies, Ginkgo is found to have an improvement in working memory. 

4. Coffee fruit extract (NeuroFactor) (100mg)

It is a patented extract by Future Ceuticals that is clinically shown to increase levels of key neuro protein BDNF. It is made from Coffee arabica extract.

NeuroFactor is known for restoring BDNF levels to help neuronal development, maintenance, and protection against neural degeneration. 

BDNF stimulates the growth and differentiation of your neurons as well as synapses. It can play a vital role in memory, learning, and higher cognitive function. 

5. Propolis extract (75mg)

Propolis extract is clinically shown to alleviate neurological disorders and symptoms in the brain and has a protective and therapeutic effect on your brain cells. 

The extract has both neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects to improve cognitive function and promote BDNF production in your brain. 

There has also been research showing the cognitive effects and safety of dietary supplements with Propolis extract. 

Summary: Pretty much all the ingredients in Neuroq seem to carry cognitive and brain health benefits. However, we are not certain if the low dosage will make you achieve similar benefits.

Neuroq Potential Side Effects

Researchers from Neuroq stated that supplement ingredients are safe with no serious side effects. However, on their FAQs page they do state that if you get headaches, they recommend temporarily lowering your dosage to one capsule per day. 

The Ginkgo leaf extract in NeuroQ, which increases blood flow to the brain, can cause headaches in people who aren’t acclimated to it.

Some people might experience nausea and stomach pain with Gotu Kola Aerial Extract when taken by mouth.

The turmeric rhizome extract may cause mild side effects including stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea. And these side effects are more common when taken at higher doses.

The supplement’s other three active ingredients have not been subjected to show any typical,  common, mild, or dangerous side effects, according to studies. 

It is critical to remember that if you face any unpleasant symptoms or changes after using this dietary supplement, you should discontinue use and talk to your doctor.

Also, the manufacturer recommends not to take Neuroq if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications, or with a known medical condition unless you have consulted a physician.

Neuroq is dairy-free, gluten-free, corn-free, and yeast and clinically tested. And, it’s vegan at this time.

If your memory is fading or you are having difficulty concentrating, you should seek medical assistance. Speak with your doctor right away.

What Is The Cost?

Neuroq can be ordered directly from the Neuroq website, the price per bottle for one-time purchases is:

  • NeuroQ Memory & Focus: $59.95
  • NeuroQ Extra Strength: $69.95
  • NeuroQ Memory DHA-400: $24.95

If you subscribe to their monthly auto-ship program, you will get a recurring order based on your delivery schedule and your desired frequency. Plus, you can save an additional 10% off on your order.

Also, whether you decide to buy Neuroq supplement for a one-time purchase or from their monthly ship the shipping cost is free for both options.

All products purchased directly from Neuroq are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, whether opened or not.

Notify the company that you wish to receive a refund. Make sure that your returns are only accepted from the original, end-user purchaser. And, returns are accepted for both regular-priced and discounted items and will be refunded to the payment method used.

Neuroq is also available on Amazon for the discounted price of $49.80. The company cannot process exchanges. Although purchasing Neuroq in bulk from Amazon is less expensive, you may want to start with a smaller quantity to see how well it works for you. 

If you choose to buy the Neuroq supplement from Amazon the price may differ, and the 90-day money-back guarantee won’t apply.

Neuroq Reviews Of Users

As you may know, LifeSeasons manufactures the brain health supplement Neuroq, which has piqued the interest of consumers seeking mental clarity and focus. It scored an incredible 4.5/5 from 597 reviews on its own website. 

The concurrent popularity of the same product by the same company on Amazon shows that this one may be able to bring noticeable improvements in your overall brain health.

Here are some of the positive and negative customer reviews of Neuroq from Amazon:

Kristen McConnell says – I highly recommend 

After suffering with brain fog for a number of months, I feel as though the fog has lifted. I’m so thankful for this product, it’s a game changer!!!

Debi Brady says – has really helped my husband 

I could tell a difference within a week of my husband starting this memory medication. His mind seemed to be much sharper and he could get his words out easier

Ray says – Complete game changer 

I am new to the nootropic space. I am 33 and I really have been feeling incredibly foggy and off my game the last couple of years. My friend recommended NeuroQ and let me tell you- it has been a game-changer. I am on week 3 and I literally feel like my head is clear. I am able to stay on task and stay focused until projects are done. Also, I have been able to cut back on caffeine because I noticed after day one that I had way more energy

Cecie Brown says – No Change at all for me

Sorry to say the product did absolutely nothing for me. Very expensive waste of money for someone with a fixed income

Amazon customer says – Caused headaches, and had to stop taking it

Caused bad headaches, could not take it very long. Tried it twice, same results. Do not waste your money

Ernman says – expensive and does nothing.

took for a month, and noticed absolutely no change in any of my brain capabilities.

Should You Buy Neuroq? Summary

Neuroq Brain health supplement seems to have worked for some individuals to increase retention ability but it doesn’t have the right dosage of ingredients.

The individual dosage of ingredients used is far too less to claim the benefits. Like for example, while the effective dose of Phosphatidylserine is 200-400 mg daily, Neuroq contains only 100mg of this ingredient. 

Phosphatidylserine if used in the right dosage could have been effective to improve short-term memory, concentration, and mood. 

Besides, most of the Neuroq reviews seemed manipulative since users rated positive even though they did not see the result. 

Overall, for the price given the dosage of ingredients used in Neuroq brain is unfair and disappointing. So, we instead suggest our reader to chose something better and more high-quality ingredients. 

Want us to let you know about some better choices than Neuroq? Let us know. Also, we would be glad to hear what you think about the Neuroq review.

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