Animal Cuts Side Effects: Should You Buy It Or Not?

Many people struggle with weight loss for a variety of reasons. For some people, this could spell a lifetime of obesity and other health issues. Even for people who exercise regularly and keep themselves fit, stubborn belly fat can be difficult to lose, at least without some assistance.

You’ve probably heard of thermogenic supplements and wondered what they’re all about. Can this type of supplement help you improve your focus and energy levels? Can a pill or powder help you burn calories by altering your metabolism?

This is where thermogenic products/supplements come in. 

Thermogenic fat burners can help you lose a few pounds quickly or get you started on a long-term weight loss plan. They’re generally safe and effective, but each one has a unique main ingredient.

Animal Cuts is a potent thermogenic fat burner that contains natural diuretics and nootropics. It promotes physical and mental well-being by promoting focus, energy, and a boosted metabolism.

So far, studies on the side effects of thermogenic supplements have been promising, so we set out to investigate the Animal Cuts’ benefits, its potential side effects, and whether or not this fat burner is right or safe for you.

With that said, let’s get started.

What Is Animal Cuts?

The term thermogenic refers to “something that generates heat,” and your body’s temperature rises as it burns calories. Animal Cuts, like the majority of thermogenic supplements, is designed in this manner.

Animal Cuts is a natural weight-loss supplement that makes claims to boost energy, quicken fat loss, and assist with focus, motivation, or mood in a safe and legal manner.

Through their Cortisol inhibits Complex Blend, this product may also help to reduce hunger and carvings, as well as raise your blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Universal Nutrition produces Animal Cuts, a sports nutrition company that specializes in weight-loss, fat-burning, and muscle-building supplements. Their supplement is also sold in a variety of bodybuilding supplement stores.

It contains Caffeine Anhydrous, Kola Nut, Guarana, Magnolia Bark, Dandelion Root, Yerba Mate, Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Extract, DMAE, Bacopa Monierri, and many other ingredients are included in its various capsules.

It is simple to use Animal Cuts as a weight loss and fat-burning supplement. Simply take two packs a day for three weeks, one upon waking and the other 4-6 hours later.

Packs should be consumed with a small meal and water, or you should stay hydrated while using the product.

Even if you are not a sportsperson/pro athlete or a muscle builder, this supplement may help you achieve your objectives.

Animal Cuts claims to help anyone increase their metabolism and improve their body composition.

Animal Cuts Powder is also designed to be used by both men and women.

Potential Animal Cuts Side Effects

Any supplement side effects are usually based on the composition and the ingredients used in that product. The same works for Animal Cuts.

Animal Cuts uses a huge number of ingredients that might have the potential risk of carrying side effects. In most cases, the side effects occur when your body is allergic to the ingredient.

The side effects may also occur if the dose is not tolerable or you are already on some drugs and face a drug interaction. 

Let’s break this down to make things simpler. 

The very first thing to keep in mind is Animal Cuts capsules contain caffeine. If you are someone who doesn’t prefer caffeine consumption or are intolerable of it, maybe you should avoid it right away.

The exact amount of caffeine used isn’t known, which is why people who are not allergic may still face minor side effects. That may include headache, dizziness, and restlessness.

Animal Cuts contain caffeine from ingredients such as green tea extract, guarana, and anhydrous caffeine. 

Another ingredient Raspberry Ketone present in the Stimulant complex of Animal Cuts is generally recognized as safe. But no study has been done to see its effect on health. 

The use of Dandelion roots in some people might cause raised stomach acid and heartburn. People with kidney and gallbladder issues should avoid supplements containing Dandelion. 

While Uva Ursi in some cases has mild side effects like nausea and vomiting, women who are pregnant and people with high blood pressure should avoid it. 

Animal Cuts nootropic complex contains DMAE which can possibly cause irritation to your skin, insomnia, coughing, and wheezing. 

Ashwagandha when consumed in a larger dosage may cause diarrhea, Upset stomach, and vomiting. 

Just like the ingredients discussed above, most ingredients got similar side effects in Animal Cuts that are mild like nausea, vomiting, and sometimes stomach problems.

Now, it is questionable, are these side effects commonly seen. No, they are not. Then why do we include so many? Because the amount of the ingredients are not clearly specified.

The previous article where we discussed the popular Animal Pak’s side effect, it did let you know about the amount of each ingredient used. Thus, it was a little easy to discuss its safety.

Now, when you have learned so much, let’s get to some real users reviews who discussed about the Animal Cuts’ side effects.

“I got about halfway through the canister. I used as recommended with a 3 weeks on for 7 days straight each week and 1 week off. At first I noticed minimal effects with mostly just more water shedding. 

On my 3rd week, I started to notice blood when I was using the bathroom. I stopped using it immediately and let my body rest. I restarted it last week with the same effects. More blood and also a lower pain in the intestines. I decided to discontinue for good and throw the rest of the product away. I am not sure if this is my body type or a similar occurrence of others. I do not recommend for use on sensitive stomachs or any past issues with the stomach. Even when using I noticed very little effects.” – William 

“I’m in my bed right now writing this review hoping no one else has to go through this. I started taking this yesterday. I took the first packet in the morning and felt incredibly stimulated. Then I took the second packet of the day as directed and went to the gym. I had an incredible amount of energy and determination. I didn’t feel like I ever needed to rest and my heart felt like it was going to stop despite the fact that I was nowhere near my max heart rate. Odd. This morning I took the first packet and was stimulated a lot again. I ate my food with as well, as directed. It has been 5 hours since I tooo it and I am not in bed, my stomach is incredibly uncomfortable, I see vibrant colors when I close my eyes, I have the shakes and shivers, and mentally I am distraught. This product, though technically will give you an edge, is dangerous and you can get the same edge via eating properly, exercising intelligently, and resting enough without risking your life as I feel right now.” –  Quinn O’Brien

“ I’ve taken this in the past 14-15 years ago and had no side effects. This time I took it for 7 days and experienced major side effects as in metal taste for a week then all of a sudden swollen face and lips, raised hives, and numbness in the tip of my tongue and lips. I’ve stopped taking it a week so far and still have side effects. Not sure what’s going on as I’ve taken Benadryl and had to put Vaseline on to stop chapping around my lips and nose. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what do you recommend? “ – Danielle Morgan

As you can see the side effects of Animal Cuts discussed are very scary like some people even had to go to the emergency room. Even though most people nearly 80% find this product to benefit themselves.

But while we look at the side effects, we think you should not take this supplement at any cost unless you speak with a doctor. Animal Cuts isn’t recommended for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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What Ingredients In Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts contains a proprietary blend of ingredients and different capsules for various benefits.

For example, the Stimulant Complex contains 750 mg of six active ingredients; similarly, their Metabolic Complex Blend contains 750 mg of five active ingredients; and there are four more blends plus other ingredients.

The image below shows the supplement facts from their official product page.

Because it is impossible to cover all of the ingredients in this post, we will only focus on the blends with the highest concentrations and their key ingredients.

Animal Cuts contains the following active ingredients:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous.
  • Black Pepper Extract.
  • Raspberry Ketone.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract.
  • Guarana.
  • Dandelion Root.
  • Yerba Mate.
  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol).
  • Bacopa Monierri.
  • Cayenne fruit.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Part of the “Stimulant Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Caffeine has been shown in studies and research to help promote weight loss, BMI reduction, and weight maintenance (1).

These benefits or effects are due to their metabolism-boosting properties. Dosages vary, but studies with doses up to 300 mg have shown metabolic improvements. 

In a 2015 review, it was found that caffeine, when consumed in moderation, may improve mood and cognition.

Caffeine may suppress your appetite if consumed between 0.5 and 4 hours before a meal, but there isn’t enough research to back this up (2).

However, the FDA warns and recommends that adults limit their caffeine consumption to 400 mg per day.

Black Pepper Extract

Part of the “Bioavailability Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Bioperine, a standardized piperine extract from black pepper, is well known for enhancing the bioavailability of other nutrients—the number of nutrients that are actually active in the body.

Black pepper extract has the compound Piperine which has been shown to limit the creation of your new fat cells.

Some clinical evidence suggests that dosages of 5 mg to 20 mg per day of black pepper extract can aid in weight loss (4).

Adittioany, Piperine has been shown in animal studies to help improve mood, but no human trials have confirmed this benefit.

Raspberry Ketones

Part of the “Stimulant Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Raspberry extract is a chemical derived from red raspberries. It can also be found in trace amounts in other fruits such as grapes, apples, kiwifruit, peaches, and others.

Along with promoting metabolism, raspberry ketones are thought to improve the body’s capacity to burn fat.

Human research on raspberry ketones is lacking, and there is insufficient scientific evidence to support raspberry ketone as an effective weight loss supplement.

However, some animal studies suggest that it may aid in fat burning.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Part of the “Metabolic Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Green tea extract is a concentrated, high-antioxidant form of green tea. It has also been extensively researched for its weight loss properties, and it has been shown to increase thermogenesis, resulting in more efficient metabolism and weight loss.

In one study, obese women who took a high dose of green tea extract for 12 weeks on average lost 2.5 pounds, their BMI dropped, and their waist circumference shrunk.

It’s important to note that the Green tea extract was given to participants in this study at a daily dose of approximately 1,350 mg.


Part of the “Stimulant Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

A South American Amazonian plant produces guarana as its fruit. It contains antioxidants as well as a significant amount of caffeine, which can energize you and make you feel more alert (5).

This fruit may help with fat loss and weight loss. Research suggests that guarana has the capacity to control the genes responsible for the production of fat cells.

Dandelion Root

Part of the “Water Shedding Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

The diuretic properties of dandelion and its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, which may support immunity, may aid in the elimination of excess water weight.

According to one animal study, eating dandelion inhibited the digestion of dietary fat in a way that was comparable to the weight-loss drug orlistat but didn’t upset the stomach.

Yerba Mate

Part of the “Stimulant Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Yerba Mate is a popular herbal tea in South America that may give you a boost of energy without the jitters and contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Studies show that regular yerba mate use can help people lose weight and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

According to one study, obese people who took yerba mate capsules lost more belly fat than people who took a placebo.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)

Part of the “Nootropic Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Choline, which is found in fatty fish and the body naturally, is a precursor to DMAE. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in learning and memory, can only be produced by the body using choline (6).

There has been very little research on DMAE, but some research suggests that it may help improve memory deficits in people with dementia and may be used to treat ADHD (7).

Bacopa Monierri

Part of the “Nootropic Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Brahmi, also known as Bacopa Monierri, is a herb used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine to improve cognitive function. This herb can also reduce inflammation within your brain. 

Bacopa Monierri has been studied for its potential as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and has been shown to enhance language, attention, and orientation.

Cayenne fruit

Part of the “Bioavailability Complex” proprietary blend, amount unknown.

Capsaicin, the primary component of Cayenne fruit, has been shown in several studies to have anti-obesity potential due to its role in adipogenesis inhibition.

Cayenne pepper contains more than 200 active constituents, which have numerous additional health benefits due to its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

What Are Animal Cuts Benefits?

Now, we think it’s important for you to know what are the benefits of Animal Cuts before you get your hands on them. 

The use of numerous complexes such as stimulants, nootropics, diuretics, metabolic, thyroid, and others, may have some incredible fat-burning effects on your body.

Using diuretics helps Animal Cuts to cut water weight from your body, which can ultimately lead to a slimmer body structure. Nootropic complex can enhance your stress tolerance and brain functioning. 

Here are the benefits you can expect while you are using Animal Cuts:

  1. Helps you burn fat with the thermogenic action of ingredients. 
  2. Reduce body fat percentage 
  3. Can help with muscle-building 
  4. Improves your mood and brain chemistry
  5. Reduces or curbs the appetite.
  6. Regulates the level of thyroid hormone
  7. Contains a variety of blends intended for numerous benefits.

The above benefits are just the claims made by Animal Cuts for the supplement. Most of them hardly have very strong evidence to show the results.

However, many people are still satisfied with the results they have received and want to keep continuing Animal Cuts.

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Cost And Where To Buy

Animal Cuts can be purchased from their official website, Amazon, Walmart, iHerb, GNC Ubuy, and retail locations such as bodybuilding supplement stores.

On their website, Animal Cuts offers two purchase options: one-time delivery and regular delivery – in other words, their subscription program.

A regular delivery subscription will save you an additional $4.5 and 10% off your purchase.

The 42-pack of Animal Cuts costs between $39.99 and $44.95, while the same packs at GNC cost as little as $39.99 for one-time purchases.

Only purchases made through the Animal Pak website within 90 days are eligible for a full refund. Other return policies are determined by the individual retailer.

Many thermogenic supplements cost around $30, so Animal Cuts is slightly more expensive than competing products in similar categories, but it is not the most expensive on the market.

Animal Cuts Reviews From Users

The reviews for Animal Cuts were mostly positive from the users. Most said they would be ordering this product again. 

While it is always recommended to stay hydrated while you are taking this supplement. Many people have seen results and mentioned losing several lbs on Animal Cuts. 

While the people not satisfied said that the product doesn’t work while some also discussed about the horrible side effects of Animal Cuts.

Animal Cuts reviews:

“first time I took these I didn’t take the red pill because of the caffeine. still lost about 12 lbs. this is my 2nd time around but I am taking the red pill. losing weight pretty fast. about 1 lb or so a day. does not make you feel bad or have any stomach issues. I would recommend this and will definitely buy again when cutting. Awesome product.” – Joshua Mccawley

“At start I was 6ft 1in at 220lb with 31.2% body fat and 79lb of skeletal muscle (taken from Galaxy watch 4)

Note: I am also taking Anabol Hardcore with this product.

SO FAR SO GOOD! after 3 days I’ve dropped 5 pounds. Not sure if this part is a placebo but I’ve noticed appetite supression, I’ve been tracking every calorie and macros and my calories are about 400 lower than usual and I’m not crazy hungry. It’s not loss of appetite I am still a little hungry but I can control it now. Workouts in the morning feel better and longer too. TAKING THESE PILLS SUCK! I’m no good at taking pills and these make me almost vomit with every pill I take 😅. No bad side effects so far.” Ben Smith

“This is a great product. However, why am i paying for prime? My packages are not even coming on time. There is delay after delay. I am still waiting on my package. Again this product is great, coupled with workout and a primal or paleo diet. Like most of the other bodybuilders or crossfiters on here will say that this product will not have any effect on your body if you just sit on your four points of contact and watch TV. You need to spend time in the box or your garage gym and actually do a WOD.” – Thad kelhofer

Is Animal Cuts Worth Buying?

Animal Cuts is a fat burner that works on the power of stimulants, diuretics, nootropics, and various other complexes. 

The supplement helps to decrease the body fat percentage by cutting off your water weight, reducing appetite, and increasing energy levels. 

However, the claimed benefits didn’t have much scientific evidence that supported them. 

It includes a large number of stimulants and other ingredients, so it might not be safe for all. Few of the Animal Cuts ingredients can cause side effects such as increased blood pressure, high stimulations, nervousness, and stomach problems.

So it is advised to take Animal Cuts capsules on an empty stomach and drink a lot of water so that your body is hydrated. 

We do not recommend taking this unless you consult your doctor. Because the product is a proprietary-based supplement and its dosage of it is unknown. 

That was all for the Animal Cuts’ side effects. Now, we’d like to take your thoughts on this. What do you think about Animal Cuts? Let us know by comments. 

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