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Arbonne Detox Tea Side Effects And Effectiveness 2023

Arbonne Detox is a herbal tea made from clean ingredients and focused on cleansing your digestive system. Arbonne markets it with the name Cleantox Herbal Detox Tea. 

The Detox tea is also a part of Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy living program. The program is their holistic approach to healthy living to help jump anyone into a healthy lifestyle.

Arbonne Detox hasn’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for its safety. Thus making a decision on your own requires little extra effort. 

The article is a guide to the side effects and safety of Arbonne Detox Tea. To give you the most satisfying answer we evaluated ingredients in Arbonne, their safety, and looked at customer opinions on the same. 

Excited? Time to dive in. 

What Is Arbonne Detox Tea?

Arbonne Detox Tea is a Herbal tea designed to support your liver and kidney health. Detox tea is one of the only teas that combine several herbal tea varieties. 

The herbal detox tea by Arbonne is a part of their Essentials Range lineup. Arbonne’s Essential range also includes Protein Shake, Superfood Green, and Gut Health & Microbiome Support.

Arbonne Detox tea is prepared at North Macedone while distributed by Arbonne International LLC, Canada, US. The company runs on a multi-level marketing scheme and their business is BBB accredited

Arbonne Detox Side Effects 

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As you know that Arbonne Detox Tea comes with 9 botanical ingredients and is marketed as caffeine-free herbal tea. Still, the active ingredients in this detox tea can give you some side effects occasionally in certain conditions.

Some common side effects of Arbonne Detox Tea ingredients include:

  • Indigestion and stomach pain.
  • Bloating and gas.
  • Nausea and diarrhea.
  • Loss of appetite and heartburn.
  • Vomiting and discoloration of urine.
  • Headache and loss of interest.
  • Can cause some allergic skin reactions.

The above side effects of Arbonne detox tea are likely to occur if you exceed its recommended dose and are allergic to any of the ingredients. Also, there is no clarity of ingredients amounts in this detox tea. This makes it really hard to make a straight decision about its side effects.

A higher dose of Ingredients like Licorice in Arbonne Detox may lead to some serious side effects. It may lead to high blood pressure, low potassium levels, weakness, paralysis, irregular heart rhythms, and heart attack. 

People who have digestive problems and high blood pressure should avoid products containing Uva Ursi. It is also unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

We personally advise you to consult your doctor before you start with this detox tea. It’s because they do not disclose the amount of ingredients used in their detox tea and the ingredients aren’t completely safe.

Ingredients In Arbonne Herbal Tea

Arbonne Detox Tea contains several herbs and antioxidants to help cleanse your body. Evaluation of ingredients is a must to make a conclusion on the safety of a detox tea. 

Each container of Arbonne Detox contains 20 tea bags. The serving size of Detox Tea is 1 bag each in 8 fl. oz. of boiling water. 

Each bag contains 2g of tea in it. Also, Arbonne doesn’t mention the number of ingredients used on their supplement facts label. 

Ingredients in Arbonne CleanTox: Milk Thistle, Peppermint, Dandelion, Sweet Fennel, Elderflower, Nettle Leaf, Parsley, Uva Ursi, and Licorice.

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With that being said, it’s time to make a decision on the safety and effectiveness of these ingredients.

1. Milk Thistle:

Silybum Marianus or Milk Thistle is a herb found primarily in Mediterranean Countries. It’s a traditional herb used for gallbladder problems and liver disorders. 

Looking at the safety of milk thistle, it is well tolerated if you don’t exceed the dose. Also, very occasionally digestive side effects were reported in people.

The compound Silymarin is sometimes used as a natural treatment for gallbladder disorders, jaundice, and hepatitis. During a study, Silymarin was found to protect liver disease by acting as a free radical scavenger.

2. Peppermint:

The ingredient Peppermint in Arbonne is known for its calming effects. It can be used in conditions like nausea, menstrual pain, nerve pain, indigestion, and anxiety.

For safety, peppermint is safe when taken orally by mouth for 8 weeks. It also has antioxidant properties which help peppermint to produce desired effects. 

The menthol in peppermint makes it safe for migraines, headaches, and anxiety. During a randomized clinical trial on 35 people with migraines, peppermint was found to have pain soothing effects. 

3. Dandelion:

Another medicinal herb used in Arbonne Detox tea is Dandelion. Similar to milk thistle this herb is also a traditional medicine for acne, liver disease,  and digestive disorder. 

Speaking about the safety of Dandelion, people intolerant to milk thistle may also face side effects with dandelion. Since both these plant belongs to the same family i.e. Daisy Family. 

In some studies, dandelion was found to protect the liver by inhibiting oxidative stress causing its injury. Also, Dandelion has anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative properties.

4. Sweet Fennel:

The fennel is a flowering plant indigenous to the Mediterranean but recently spread throughout the world. Also, like Arbonne Detox tea uses sweet fennel, most other detox teas do not.

Sweet fennel is mostly safe when used in appropriate doses. During a study on women with knee osteoarthritis, the sweet funnel was found to show a significant decrease in knee pain.

Sweet fennel was found to have a hepatoprotective effect (liver-protecting) in rats with diabetes. So it may help prevent the liver but more studies are needed to prove its effectiveness in humans. 

5. Elderflower:

What is elderflower? This is just the flower of a tree that is used to make medicines for different purposes. Its medicine can be used for purposes like constipation, diabetes, sinus, and influenza.

There’s very little reliable information available about the safety of Elderflower. 

6. Nettle Leaf:

This plant is especially popular in western herbal medicine. Tea made with stinging nettle is densely nutritious. Its presence could provide Arbonne with good anti-inflammatory properties. 

Stinging nettle is generally safe if taken as recommended. But occasionally it may cause side effects like sweating, upset stomach, and diarrhea. 

Nettle tea may also help people with BPH and help them with long-term as well as short-term urination problems. Nettle tea may also help with elimination problems. 

7. Parsely:

The herb Parsley is used to make medicine for several purposes like Gastrointestinal Disorder, Bladder Infection, and also for constipation, and blood pressure.

When taken in appropriate amounts, parsley is generally considered safe. But in higher doses, parsley may lead to kidney and liver problems.

Parsley on the other hand is nutritious, has antioxidant benefits, and also has antimicrobial properties. Also during a study on rats, Parsley was found to help reduce stress-induced gastrointestinal injury.

8. Uva Ursi:

Bearberry or Uva Ursi is another ingredient used in Arbonne Detox Tea. Uva Ursi is used sometimes in conditions like a bladder infection and UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection).

Generally, for a time period of one month, Uva Ursi is safe. But consuming it for more than a month is unsafe and may lead to greenish-brown urine discoloration and digestive issues.

Several test-tube studies (1, 2, 3) showed Uva Ursi to prevent the growth of bacteria causing UTIs. It also helps soothe an upset stomach, constipation, and detoxification of your body.

9. Licorice:

The next popular ingredient Arbonne Detox tea includes is Licorice. The Licorice root extract is a traditional herb being used for around a thousand years to treat respiratory and digestive conditions. 

As an ingredient Licorice root is generally considered safe. But,  higher doses may lead to serious side effects like a decrease in potassium level increase in blood pressure. While during pregnancy its consumption may lead to premature birth.

Despite these facts, licorice roots have more benefits to give than its chances of side effects. It can help relieve symptoms of acid reflux, indigestion, and upset stomach.

Conclusion: The overall ingredient profile of  Arbonne Detox Herbal tea is safe and effective. Just a few ingredients may lead to digestive issues if you exceed its dose.

How Do Detox Tea Work?

Detoxification is a process where your body eliminates harmful substances with the help of several organs. These organs include your liver, your kidney, pancreas, spleen, etc.

When you consume foods in the modern trend i.e. high in sugar, chemicals, and even alcohol, your detoxifying organs need to work extra hard. 

Detox tea on the other hand also has a laxative effect, i.e. it makes your food passage easy. They can help reduce bloating and cut down water weight to make you feel light.

Thus, due to the laxative effect and less water retention, detox tea may help you get a flat belly.

Doses And Warning Recommendation

There is no official recommendation of doses on their official product page. But they mention not to exceed one teabag quantity per day.

Each bag of this dietary supplement contains 16 to 20 ounces of tea which is about 2 cups of tea. To get the most out of this detox tea use the tea bag twice a day.


  • People with any underlying conditions especially with anything related to hormones should avoid Arbonne Detox Tea. As in such cases, you may face allergic reactions like skin hives, rash, and swelling.
  • Also, some of the ingredients are not safe/suitable for individuals under the age of 18 so discuss with your child’s doctor before giving it to your child.
  • If you’re on certain medications conditions or taking some prescribed medicine should avoid this tea as it can lead to some serious drug interactions.
  • Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should avoid this supplement before having this and immediately stop taking it if taken speak to your healthcare provider.

Does Arbonne Detox Tea Have Any Benefit?

On their official stores, the product name has changed to Cleantox and doesn’t claim many benefits as other detox teas. Below are some of the benefits claimed by the Arbonne Detox tea:

  1. It can help to remove toxins from the body.
  2. This product helps in reducing pain and discomfort in a part of the body.
  3. It also aids in body hydration and overall Well-being.

Other than these above benefits this detox tea comes with some additional advantages like it is B corp certified, Kosher certified, Non-Gmo verified and Vegan certified. For extra detailed information check this pdf from Arbonne – PDF.

Where To Buy Arbonne Detox Tea?

Arbonne international company is an MLM/Direct Selling company so If you know any Arbonne distributor then directly buy it from them. 

If not then simply head over to their official website and buy it from them. Also, you will be able to save some bucks if you buy it from the website.

Customer Reviews About Arbonne Herbal Detox Tea

The Arbonne Detox Tea isn’t available in third-party retail stores, so finding out customers’ experience is quite a difficult task.

Also, their official site doesn’t feature any reviews from consumers. However, if you know someone close to you using this tea, contact her and consider their experience.

Final Verdict on Arbonne Detox Side Effects

Arbonne Detox tea uses a number of powerful ingredients. So the chances of side effects are high, especially when they don’t mention the amount of each specific ingredient. 

The most disappointing part of this detox tea was, it didn’t have many ratings available on the web. Also, the product isn’t available in many online retail stores. 

Finally, we would like to conclude that for more information on side effects consult your doctor. That’s all. Now we would love to listen to you! What’s your take on Arbonne Detox Tea? Let us know down in the comment section.

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