Can You Drink Orange Juice If You Have Sore Throat?

You’ll find some people suggesting you drink orange juice while you have a sore throat. But does orange juice work for a sore throat?  Orange juice is always known for being one of the many good sources of Vitamin C which is always known for its immune-enhancing properties.  The article discusses if orange juice is […]

Is Cirkul Healthy? | Is It The Best Water Bottle In The Market?

What Is Cirkul?  Cirkul is a water bottle brand whose main purpose is to turn water into your favorite beverage and keep you more hydrated than ever.  The company sells both stainless steel and BPA-free water bottles. We would like you to go for their stainless steel water.  So, what magic does the Cirkul water […]

How Long Does Cirkul Flavored Cartridges Last?

What Is Cirkul? Cirkul is a brand of water bottle that not just provides you with great quality bottles but also helps increase hydration by adding flavors to your water.  With Cirkul hydration becomes a piece of cake because Cirkul bottles come with flavored cartridges. Thus, enabling you to choose a flavor you flavor and […]

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