How Long Does Cirkul Flavored Cartridges Last?

What Is Cirkul?

Cirkul is a brand of water bottle that not just provides you with great quality bottles but also helps increase hydration by adding flavors to your water. 

With Cirkul hydration becomes a piece of cake because Cirkul bottles come with flavored cartridges. Thus, enabling you to choose a flavor you flavor and add it to your water. 

Their flavors do not have any sugar, calories, or artificial colors and are made from all-natural ingredients. 

Circkul cartridges are easy to insert in your water bottle and can conveniently infuse your water with the flavor you desire. 

To start with you can order your Cirkul starter kit having the reusable water bottle, the flavors, and the accessories. Also, the unique thing about their flavors is you can change the intensity of these flavors.

Thus, Cirkul is a company that is on a mission to make water your favorite beverage by offering its users personalized hydration solutions. 

What Are Cirkul Cartridges?

Cirkul Cartridges are flavor pods that are designed to use in conjunction with their water bottle and help infuse your bottle with the desired flavor. 

The flavored cartridges are designed to enhance the taste of the water and increase your daily water intake. These cartridges are easy to fix on top of your Cirkul water bottle.

After you’ve fixed the Cartridges you can adjust the intensity of flavor to suit your taste.

Even if you want to drink some plain water after you have any meal or beverage, it is possible with their flavor intensity adjustment. Simply rotate the nob to zero, to prevent it from adding any flavors. 

These Cirkul cartridges are easy to set up and once your flavor is over you can replace them with a new flavored cartridge.

The cartridges have really small and travel-friendly packaging so that you can take them anywhere you want and keep switching your flavors.

How Long Does Cirkul Cartridge Last?

Each Cirkul cartridge is designed for one-time use and Cirkul cartridges work well for 132 ounces of water. So, it will depend upon the amount of water your Cirkul bottle can store. 

Cirkul water bottles come in different containing capacities like 22oz, 32oz, and 42oz. 

For a 22oz water bottle your Cirkul cartridge will last for 6 fill-ups. After 6 fill-ups you will need to replace your cartridge. 

When you are using the 32oz Cirkul water bottle, one cartridge will last for about 4 sips, and for the 42oz bottle, Cirkul flavored cartridge will only last as long as 4 fill-ups.

Thus, you know now that how long the Cirkul cartridge will last depends entirely on the size of your Cirkul water bottle. 

However this might not be the exact time period for your Cirkul cartridge, it can depend on some other factors as well.

The type and intensity of flavor you use can also be a key deciding factor on how long does Cirkul cartridge last. If you always use their cartridges at higher intensity it might not last as expected.

Looking at how long does Cirkul cartridge last before it’s good to use, it can last for up to a month or several months.

For individuals who use Cirkul very frequently, it’s almost time for them to replace their Cirkul Cartridge. However, when used less frequently it might end up even till month.

So, looking at the time period, Cirkul cartridges might last even for months when stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Conclusion: To determine how long Cirkul Cartridge Last can depend on different factors that include: 

  1. The size of your Cirkul water bottle.
  2. How frequently do you use it.
  3. The flavor of the Cirkul Cartridge you using and its intensity.

The above factors will decide if your Cirkul Cartridge will last for 6 sips, days, or till months.

How To Refill Your Cirkul Cartridges?

Refilling a Cirkul Cartridge is quite simple. To refill, simply follow these five simple procedures, which will allow you to refill Cirkul water bottles with Cartridges of any flavor:

  1. To remove the empty cartridges from the Cirkul water bottle, squeeze the cartridges from the empty cartridges. This will open up the plastic part.
  2. The container can be removed from the top by pulling or unscrewing it.
  3. Now, empty the container and wash it with water to eliminate the previous flavors before refilling it with a fresh flavor of your choosing. 
  4. Fill the syringe with liquid, then insert it back into the cap through a funnel made of aluminum or a pre-made one.
  5. Simply screw the cap back on the bottle, and then turn the dial to change the flavor or your desired flavor level. 

Remember that some Reddit users advise against refilling the same cartridge more than once since mold can build up.

If you want to learn more about how to refill your Cirkul cartridge, here is a video that describes the exact process.

Are Cirkul Water Bottles Healthy?

Cirkul water bottle is often advertised as a bottle to enhance hydration by providing you with flavored water. 

While there is no doubt that Cirkul water bottles are healthy, their healthiness is mostly dependent on the drink mix and cartridge used.

Cirkul offers three types of pods including LifeSip, FitSip, and GoSip, these three flavors provide many benefits, because of the ingredients which the flavors contain. 

For example, the LifeSip pod typically contains vital vitamins (C, D, E, B3, B6, and B12) and antioxidants. While their GoSip flavors contain electrolytes, they are ideal for people who work out or require extra hydration. 

FitSip is a caffeinated pod, which provides a caffeine boost without resorting to unhealthy energy drinks or coffee. 

However, these flavors do contain sucralose which is an artificial sweetener, the rest of its ingredients are safe and natural. One could argue that there is not enough scientific evidence to definitively says the artificial sweeteners pose substantial health risks. 

On the other hand, some studies suggest potential health risks including digestive problems and an increased risk for certain chronic diseases are associated with the long-term use of artificial sweeteners.

While flavored water from companies like Cirkul can help to increase someone’s daily water consumption, it should not be used in place of drinking pure water.

Moreover, keep in mind that your lifestyle, diet, and physical activity are just as important to your health as what you consume. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, be mindful of the ingredients in any products you use, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and if in doubt, consult or talk with a healthcare expert.

Wish to continue further with this? Check out the detailed article on whether Is Cirkul healthy or not?

Does Cirkul Cartridges Last Long Enough?

How long does Cirkul Cartridge last? The answer to this question isn’t absolute and depends on how do you use your Cirkul cartridge.

While for a 22oz Cirkul bottle, the cartridge will last as long as 6 sips. Since each Cirkul cartridge is known to flavor 132 ounces of water. 

This might vary with flavors. Since some flavors have a slightly low intense taste than others so you might want to use them at full intensity. This can lessen the timespan for how long your Cirkul Cartridge will last.

How often are you using your Cirkul is also a deciding factor on how long its Cartridge will last. If you’re constantly or frequently using it, you need to replace Cirkul Cartridges more frequently.

But, the thing which is really good about their flavored cartridges is they really come at an inexpensive price. Thus it doesn’t break the bank.

The bottom line? The Cirkul flavored cartridge will last depending on how frequently you use it. While using it constantly, you might need to replace it within days but when used less it can end in months.

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