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VivaSlim Reviews | Does It Actually Work? (2023)

VivaSlim Review Overview 

VivaSlim from Simple Promise Company is a dietary supplement that is intended to assist minimize fluid retention, enhance metabolism, aid in hunger control, and support weight loss.

It does this by, in theory taking 10 drops of this liquid supplement three times every day. It is also supposed to kickstart your healthy lifestyle and habits, allowing you to attain long-term weight loss outcomes without restrictive diets or intense workouts.    

Right away we can see this product is too good to be true. There is no possibility that a single product can help you lose more weight than proven lifestyle behaviors like diet and exercise.

The dosage recommendation for VivaSlim drops is to add 10 drops in water or a beverage of your choice for a total of 3 times consumption daily.

This supplement contains a synergetic proprietary blend of 11 plant extracts, vitamins, proteins, and minerals including African mango extract, L-ornithine, L-carnitine, L-glutamine, maca, niacin, Pygeum Africanum, beta-alanine, Rhodiola, and astragalus.

VivaSlim drops contain several ingredients in its proprietary blend. Here are the claimed benefits: 

  • Increase metabolism.
  • Help with appetite control.
  • Help reduce fluid retention.
  • Supports weight loss efforts.

VivaSlim contains all 11 natural ingredients and is free of gluten, hormone, and stimulant & coffee free. This product is also vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly.

In the VivaSlim review, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the benefits claimed, the side effects involved, and the cost of purchasing VivaSlim. 

VivaSlim Benefits

The VivaSlim drop’s main benefit to count is, it helps you lose weight by reducing fluid retention by your body and giving a boost to your metabolism. 

VivaSlim helps burn fat cells by increasing your metabolism helping your body convert food into energy more faster than ever. Though it’s only a claim made by VivaSlim, we don’t know if the claim can be trusted. 

The main benefits of VivaSlim as proposed by the manufacturer are:

  1. Stimulates fat burn with the help of premium ingredients included.
  2. Boost metabolism to store less fat.
  3. Suppresses your appetite so that you.
  4. Reduces fluid retention to feel lightweight
  5. Higher energy level.

Besides the aforementioned benefits of VivaSlim, it also reduces blood cholesterol, sugar, and pressure level. The benefits sound too good to be true to us. 

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The Ingredients – What’s Packed Inside?

What is VivaSlim packed with? VivaSlim works on a synergistic blend of 11 natural ingredients. So, before you think of trying it out, you should understand more about the ingredients used.

The ingredients in VivaSlim drops are

African mango extract, L-ornithine, L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-Glutamine, Maca, Niacin, Pygeum Africanum, Beta-Alanine, Rhodiola, Astragalus.

The dose of particular ingredients isn’t mentioned. Most companies do this to prevent exposing the secret of the blend. However, as a concerned user, it is always best to know how much of the ingredients are you consuming. 

Nevertheless, even though we do not know the dose of ingredients, let’s see the purpose of including them in VivaSlim.

1. Amino Acids

VivaSlim has 4 different Amino-acids packed in their weight loss drops. These amino acids are L-ornithine, l-arginine, l-carnitine, and l-glutamine. 

L-orthinine is an amino acid that might not have a direct role in creating protein but help increase levels of hormones that help build muscles. 

Other benefits of L-ornithine can include an increase in athletic performance and liver functioning. Higher levels of this amino acid can relieve stress and also promote sleep.

L-arginine is an essential amino acid that can help convert the fat reserve of your body into usable energy and play an important role in weight loss. Research shows that this amino acid can reduce adiposity and increase muscle mass. 

Next on the list is L-carnitine. One review of over 37 studies came to the conclusion that L-carnitine supplements may reduce your BMI, body weight, and fat mass. 

Glutamine can prevent your body from gaining excess weight by reducing food cravings and providing your body with a higher energy level. A randomized controlled trial showed L-glutamine has a positive effect in favoring weight loss and enhancing metabolism. 

2. Niacin

It is a B vitamin that can help keep your digestive system, skin, and nervous system healthy. And similar to most other B vitamins it helps convert food into energy in your body. 

Niacin doesn’t have enough evidence for supporting weight loss. The only benefit it can help in obese individuals is helping convert food to energy at a faster rate.

3. Maca

Peruvian ginseng or maca is a natural ingredient known mainly to give a boost to libido and fertility. However, this ingredient is also good for supporting your mood and energy.

There is a study on maca that showed, taking 3g of maca helped improved energy scores in the participants. Maca also doesn’t have any evidence showing It is effective for weight loss in VivaSlim. 

4. Rhodiola

This herb is an adaptogenic herb that increases your body’s tolerance to stressful environments. Rhodiola was traditionally used for increasing endurance and work performance. 

During a study, the participants were given 300mg of African mango extract for 10 weeks, at the end the participants reported a net 28 pounds (12.8 kg) of weight loss. 

But, it is highly uncertain if VivaSlim uses the right dose of this ingredient due to the lack of dosage data. 

Rhodiola can have some effect on weight loss since it promotes glucose and lipid metabolism. Even though it can assist you with higher energy and endurance, Rhodiola doesn’t seem very effective at weight loss as a standalone supplement. 

5. African Mango Extract

This ingredient has some serious weight loss properties. African mango extract can help boost fat breakdown, lower your appetite, and prevent fat cell growth.

All these properties can together enable this natural ingredient to show some fat loss benefits. 

These were the key ingredients that we think can have some role in promoting weight. However, with unspecified dose information, there’s no guarantee that these ingredients will work.  

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Does VivaSlim Have Side Effects

Vivaslim Side Effects img
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Side Effects from 11 different natural ingredients present in VivaSlim are possible, ranging from mild to potentially severe.

Irvingia Gabonensis is known to be safe for adults, with the only negative effects including flatulence, headaches, and sleep disturbances.

The niacin in VivaSlim, on the other hand, may induce diarrhea, headache, stomach discomfort, and bloating. Niacin at high doses (50 mg or above) can induce negative effects.

When taken for 6-12 weeks, Rhodiola may be safe, but it may cause dizziness, dry mouth, or excessive saliva.

Astragalus is probably the safest of the 11 ingredients when used orally and appropriately. (Doses up to 60 grams daily for up to 4 months have been used without reported adverse effects.

Although infrequently observed, this ingredient’s negative effects with oral use may include rash, irritation, nose problems, or stomach discomfort.

Second, L-ornithine is a component of VivaSlim, which may be safe when taken at doses of up to 500 mg per day for up to eight weeks (1).

Beta-alanine may interact with erectile dysfunction medications and several cardiac medications. Furthermore, its safety for use by children, persons with specific illnesses or conditions, pregnant or nursing women, or anybody else has not been proven.

The remaining ingredients in VivaSlim, other than L-ornithine, are probably present in relatively low amounts compared to what has been studied in the research. 

Vivalsim’s proprietary blend, which contains all of its ingredients, does not specify how much of each ingredient is present.

Because in the VivaSlim case, we are less aware of the precise individual doses, we often avoid products that contain blends.

Always talk or consult with your doctor before beginning this or any supplement, especially if you are already using prescription drugs for heart disease or erectile dysfunction.

The Cost Of VivaSlim

VivaSlim is available for purchase directly from Amazon and the company’s website. However, Amazon does not provide a money-back guarantee for 365 days.

When you choose the one-time purchase option and add shipping and handling fees at the checkout, VivaSlim costs $49 per month for one bottle.

There are other options offered as “Multiple bundles” on the website where you may be able to save money by purchasing many bottles of VivaSlim drops.

This is probably only worthwhile if you require many products or a bundle of the same product.

You can save 25% by joining up for their monthly subscribe-and-save subscription from their official website dependent on the amount of bottles you select. 

We’re not sure if the product is worth the high price because there hasn’t been enough reputable research to back up its efficacy.

Dosage And How To Use 

The recommended dosage for VivaSlim drops is to add 10 drops to your water or beverage of choice three times each day.

The safest way to supplement with Vivalsim is to stick to the suggested dose; do not try to add additional drops or extra doses during the day as this can raise your chances/risks of negative effects. 

Since VivaSlim drops are a liquid-based supplement, you will need a glass of your preferred liquid to utilize/use it. Mix it thoroughly and drink it three times a day.

Finally, the drops can be taken with or without food.

Real VivaSlim Reviews You Can Trust

VivaSlim reviews are only available on the company website, and the official product page and review section of the website are exclusively filled with good or positive reviews, with no rating section.

On their websites, there are some reviews, but these reviews are primarily manipulated and regulated by the brand. This is perhaps the reason that all of the testimonials on their website are positive and say nothing bad about VivaSlim. 

Here are some of the featured reviews on the company website:

Ilma says – I lost 6.6 lbs!

When VivaSlim arrived I started using it right away. I was a bit skeptical, but after a week I started to notice some changes. I lost 6.6 lbs! I was so happy! I can’t wait to see how much I lose after using this for 3-months

Charmaine says – Amazing RESULTS!

This really works! I lost 8.8 lbs in just 2 weeks which is a lot for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the scales! I recommend this to all my friends and family. They all can’t wait to try it. I actually had to give them a few bottles from my second order, which I just received. Obviously, I will keep taking these drops because I’m blown away by the results

Zikomo says – So far so good

I’ve been taking the product for a week. I’ve been having more energy and not having that groggy tired feeling when I wake up. I’m sure the more I take, the more weight loss will begin. Looking forward to seeing what more results will come from this!

Toni says – Wow!

I have been amazed! I had gastric bypass surgery 13 years ago. 5 years after the bypass I started to gain weight again. I gained 30 lbs. I have fought this enemy since I was 5. Diet, exercise, 1000 calories or 700 calories nothing has worked. These so-called professional doctors, nutritionists, and exercise gurus don’t know anything. Now, with VivaSlim I only eat when I’m hungry. I eat slowly because I can’t eat a lot. I put this product in my coffee, just a few drops. Bless you, and your product!

Do We Recommend VivaSlim?

We simply think VivaSlim is clearly not the product worth putting your time and money into. There are more than a few reasons behind this advice. 

In the VivaSlim review so far, we saw several downsides to using this supplement. The first one is the lack of dosage information. This is a very critical concern. 

For any weight loss or dietary supplement to work, the right dose of ingredients used is a must. However, with this supplement, there is no disclosure of the amount of ingredients used.

Thus, most of the claims made by VivaSlim fail to validate themselves. The next thing we do not like about it is, even though VivaSlim’s main concern is weight loss, there are ingredients that have the least role in helping you lose weight. 

Considering the above two reasons, VivaSlim might not be worth your money and we clearly do not recommend this product.

The rest is up to you. If you have got this recommendation from a close friend of yours or anyone else, make sure to check through every detail of VivaSlim.

Also, a major con of this supplement is the lack of trustworthy reviews. This product is not available on online stores like Amazon or Walmart, so it is hard to find any real reviews of VivaSlim. 

That was it for the review of VivaSlim drops. Now we would like to hear from you. 

How did you happen to know about this weight loss supplement and what do you feel about it? Drop your comment to let us know.

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