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Gut Connect 365 Review: Effectiveness, Benefits, Side Effects, And Safety

The awareness for better health and wellness among individuals is growing day by day. Along with it, the health issues are also taken care of by several dietary supplements in the market these days.

Gut Connect 365 is another dietary supplement for improving your overall health and wellness. The supplement claims to achieve the health goals by bringing positive enhancement to your gut health.

The article covers everything about Gut Connect 365 in one spot. It reviews the Gut Connect 365 ingredients, its benefits, side effects, pros and cons, and everything necessary. 

Excited! Time to dive in.

What is Gut Connect 365?

Gut Connect 365 is a dietary supplement formulated to nourish and strengthen your gut lining for weight loss, improved mood, and enhanced energy levels. The thing at which Gut Connect seems highly focused is the relation between your overall health and the health of your gut. 

The supplement also says to provide other benefits like reducing digestive issues, fatigue ness, improving sleep quality, and even aid with weight management. 


The company behind Gut Connect 365 is United Naturals. And this is not the only supplement made by United Naturals. It sells a wide range of supplements that include NutriProtein, Enzyme 365, Symbiotic 365, ActivMotion to name a few. 

Dr. Vincent Pedre, the founder of Pedre Integrative Health, is also the Chief Wellness Officer at United Naturals. Most of his approaches towards medication are holistic. Also, he believes that combining Eastern and Western medication is a better approach to address health problems in the coming future. 

The company doesn’t have any ratings at Better Business Bureau and also it’s a non-BBB accredited business. So the business profile of United Natural is quite skeptical.

Gut Connect 365 Ingredients

The best way you can look for the effectiveness of dietary supplementing is by looking at the ingredients used.

Gut Connect contains a variety of ingredients that might help strengthen your gut. But do they help with other claims? Here’s what research says about the ingredients.

Ingredients in Gut connect 365: Quercetin Dihydrate, L-Glutamine, Organic Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Licorice Root Extract, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Maitake Mushroom Extract, Aloe Vera, Zinc Orotate.

1. Quercetin Dihydrate (500mg)

It is a plant flavonol that is found in several fruits, seeds, grains, and vegetables. Kale, a superfruit used in Gut connect 365 is the major source of Quercetin Dihydrate.

Quercetin is rich in antioxidants and carries benefits like prevention of radical damage, and helps with a significant reduction in skin aging. Quercetin may have good anti-inflammatory and immune properties, still, more research is needed for proper validation. 

There’s very little research backing quercetin’s effectiveness for gut health, but they can help improve your gut protection.

2. L-Glutamine (5000mg)

The maximum portion of ingredients in Gutconnect is covered by L-Glutamine, i.e. 5000mg amount per serving. L-Glutamine has a direct association with your gut functioning. Being an amino acid also serves as a fuel provider to different body cells.

Studies show Glutamine has a direct role in immune cells’ functioning, proliferation, and defense of our body against disease-causing pathogens. L glutamine also has an important role in repairing your intestinal cells. 

The presence of L-Glutamine in Gut connect 365 also promotes mucosal integrity in the guts. This in turn prevents harmful bacteria from entering your system. L-Glutamine is also necessary for Gut Villi health.

3. Organic Marshmallow Root (150mg)

The organic Marshmallow is used for pain and inflammation of the mucosal membrane that lines your respiratory tract. Gut Connect 365 has 150mg of marshmallow extract which can help leaky gut by improving the health of your inner gut lining.

The study also shows marshmallow extract to carry anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties with additional benefit to your cellular integrity. The marshmallow extract is also well known for curing ailments related to respiratory, digestive, and skin conditions.

4. Slippery Elm Bark (150mg)

It’s a tree found in parts of the United States and Canada. The name of this tree is based on the slippery nature of its inner bark. Gut Connect 365 uses the inner bark of this tree in its ingredients.

Now, what’s Slippery Elm Bark good for? Slippery Elm finds its use in soothing cough and sore throat, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, heartburn, and urinary tract irritation. Slippery elm is traditionally used by Native Americans to treat cough, diarrhea, and disease related to the gastrointestinal tract. 

For gut health, it may coat and soothe your stomach and intestine with mucilage. 

5. Licorice Root Extract (150mg)

The licorice root extract is used in dietary supplements for conditions like caught, menopausal symptoms, and treatment of viral and bacterial infections.

The flavonoid glabridine and glabrene found in Licorice were found to relieve stomach discomfort. Also, it was found to help with nausea, indigestion, and heartburn. 

6. N-Acetyl Glucosamine (150mg)

The structure of N-Acetyl Glucosamine is chemically similar to Glucosamine and can help to protect your intestinal and stomach lining. Its presence also makes Gut Connect 365 helpful in reducing joint pain and stiffness.

A study shows N-Acetyl Glucosamine to help with symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, Intestinal Bowel Disease, and diarrhea. Additionally, N-Acetyl is the major component in hyaluronic acid, i.e. responsible for your skin youthfulness.

7. Maitake Mushroom Extract (30mg)

The extract of Maitake Mushroom is well known to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) without impacting your good cholesterol (HDL) level. Its use in Gut Connect 365 can even help it improve your immune functioning.

Mushroom is also used generally as a probiotic for promoting the growth of good bacteria in your gut lining. The maitake mushroom effectiveness on your gut health still requires more research.

8. Aloe Vera (50mg)

Gut Connect 365 also contains 50mg of Aloe vera in its formula. So, people allergic to Aloe Vera should avoid Gut Connect 365 in the first place.

Aloe Vera may help enhance the bioavailability of certain vitamins in your body. Its conjunction with prebiotics may help improve your gut health. 

In a study, Aloe Vera was shown to carry some side effects with it like lowering of potassium level, diarrhea, and in very rare cases leading to kidney failure.

9. Zinc Orotate (20mg)

The form of Zinc bound to Orotic acid is called Zinc Orotate. Zinc also plays a role in gut barrier functioning and ensures non-porous intestinal walls.

Zinc Orotate may enhance immune function but its effect on improving gut health is still not backed by strong evidence. 

Final Verdict on Gut Connect 365 Ingredient

The ingredients in Gut Connect 365 have decent evidence to support gut health and improve gastrointestinal tract health. But almost no ingredient directly shows Gut Connect 365 to improve sleep, mood, or energy level. Also, no ingredient had a direct association with weight loss. 

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Gut Connect 365 Benefits

The formula Gut Connect 365 uses may provide you with some health benefits. While most claimed benefits lack enough research there are some benefits backed by scientific evidence.

  1. It can help improve your gut health which can get you a strong immune system.
  2. Gut Connect has few ingrediets with evidence to improve your mood.
  3. With improved gut health, you may get relief from bloating. This could may give you some placebo weight loss effect.
  4. It may make you feel more energetic but there isn’t enought evidence to support this benefit.
  5. Gut Connect 365 may promote better digestion and help with digestive issues.

Every individual is different and thus some may experience these benefits while some may not. It depends mostly upon your body’s response and the eating habits you follow.

Gut Connect Possible Side Effects

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In general Gut Connect 365 is safe for most people even with food allergies and gluten sensitivities. But some ingredients inside Gut Connect 365 may cause or increase the risks of side effects. 

Before knowing which ingredients are those let see what are the most common/temporary side effects of Gut Connect 365. The side effects commonly seen among individuals include:

  • Constipation.
  • Gas and bloating.
  • Increases the thirst.   

The major ingredient constituting Gut Connect 365 supplement is L-Glutamine, which doesn’t appear to cause any unwanted side effects as per research. But in case you have epilepsy and take glutamate-blocking drugs, L-Glutamine may show some serious side effects. 

Also, If you are sensitive to (MSG) monosodium glutamate then you should avoid supplements containing glutamine. Because in such cases your body starts breaking down glutamine into glutamate.

According to the research on side effects of aloe vera, taking aloe vera orally may be toxic and have effects associated with the carcinogenic activity. And, viewing the ingredients list of Gut Connect 365 it is clear that it has aloe vera in it.

Previous variants of this dietary supplement were found to have some traces of shellfish and contain ingredients that are derived from shellfish. This might have been a concern for people with Shellfish allergies. But now the company claims that they have stopped using shellfish and removed have removed it from their formula.

Additionally, this product is not for you if you can’t tolerate or have sensitivities to tree nuts, because the Gut Connect 365 has ingredients named MCT oil which is derived from coconut oil.

Here’s what some Gut Connect 365 supplement users said about its side effects: 

“For all that money it was no good, all it does is bloat your stomach and make you nauseous all day” – Petal Bayley.

“I bought this because I was desperate I’ve been so miserable with gas & bloating but when I saw the ad I was sold I’m on day 2 I take it early in the morning before I eat breakfast but by 5-6 pm my stomach is rumbling with gas so I’m gonna give it a few more days to see”– Rose.

Pros and Cons of Gut Connect 365

The range of ingredients present in Gut Connect 365 can provide a few benefits for your health. Also, there are some cons to this gut health supplement like its steep pricing, insufficient evidence about ingredients, and a few more. Below are a few Pros/Benefits and Cons of Gut Connect 365. 


  1. The ingredients like Elm Bark, Maitake Mushroom, Aloe Vera in Gut connect 365 had enough evidence to prove their effectiveness for your gut health.
  2. The supplement is dairy-free, Gluten-free, and Soy-free. Thus people allergic to them are also free to go for it.
  3. You don’t need to risk your money as Gut Connect 365 comes with a 60-days return policy. 


  1. Though the ingredient had moderate evidence for altering Gut Health, the ingredient failed to show effectiveness against mood, sleep, and energy level. 
  2. Compared to other gut supplements, the pricing of Gut Connect 365 is pretty high.
  3. The presence of some ingredients like Aloe Vera may show side effects for some people. 

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Gut Connect 365 Dosage And Warnings

Gut Connect 365 supplement starting doses is 1 scoop mixed with 8 oz. of water per/day. Taking it this way makes a jar last up to one month. Also, you can increase the water amount if you want to have 12 oz a day.

You can take this Supplement as it is in powder form with your tasty snacks and in between meals. This lets you 

enjoy and get all of its benefits during lunch and breakfast time.


Before taking any dietary supplement, consulting with your doctor should always be your first priority. This helps you ensure the safety of the supplement. Also, it saves you from the side effects and allergic reactions beforehand.

For certain people in certain circumstances, this supplement might affect you and should be completely avoided if you’re in it:

  • People with High blood pressure and congestive heart failure.
  • If you’re currently on medications or prescriptions especially Warfarin (Coumadin) medications.
  • Nursing mothers and pregnant ladies.
  • Small children with less than 18 yrs and toddlers.

Also, do not take this supplement if you’re on any serious medications. In such cases simply avoid this supplement or talk to your practitioner about it. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of Gut Connect 365.

And also try your best to take it strictly with water, snacks, and meals as it can help to reduce the taste if it tastes horrible for you and side effects. 

Customers Reviews Of Gut Connect 365

Now when you know enough about Gut Connect 365 supplement, it’s time to know people’s personal experience using them. 

On Amazon, people rated Gut Connect 365 4.1 out of 5, with an overall satisfaction rate of 75% which is a lot for a supplement. And on its official stores, there is no reviews and rating section of this supplement, which is disappointing.

In general Reviews of Gut Connect, 365 were positive. While most of the reviewers praised this Gut Supplement, a few negative reviews also said it doesn’t work and doesn’t show any changes. Wanna listen to what they say? Here you go.

Let’s break down these reviews ranging from bad to good.

“Didn’t work for me and the taste of cinnamon is very strong. Local health food stores have compatible items for much less”– Cindy Chacon.

“The product doesn’t work and it was twice the price you can get it directly from the company” – Kay.

“This is a great way to start my day. It helps soothe my stomach and stops heartburn in reflux from happening that day. It is not an end-all cure-all but It helps me with the other supplements my homeopathic doctor prescribed, along with a clean diet tailored specifically for me by my homeopathic doctor. Give it a try but go see a natural doctor first to take care of the other underlying issues” – Catherine. 

“I love this! I have been taking it for almost 2 weeks and I can feel the difference in my stomach. But not only taking this, and keeping bad eating habits. I have been eating healthier. More greens, less processed foods. I am a little more active, I drink more water, fewer sodas, and I’m feeling way better. No constipation anymore. I take in in the morning on an empty stomach with an 8oz cup of water on the go on my way to work. Works wonders” – Ana Chaires.

Gut Connect 365 Cost

Gut Connect 365 typically costs you around $54.00 for 1 Jar. While purchasing 3 or 6 Jars you can get extra discounts to enjoy extra pay-off.

The Pricing of Gut Connect 365 Canister includes:

  • 1 Jar of Gut Connect 365 will cost you $54.
  • 3 Jar of Gut Connect 365 will cost you $134.
  • 6 Jar of Gut Connect 365 will cost $244.

Please make sure that the pricing of Gut Connect Supplement will vary if you purchase it from other online retail stores. So, it’s better to buy it from their official stores where you can get extra benefits and discounts related to it.

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Where Can You Buy Gut Connect 365?

If you’re thinking of giving Gut Connect 365 a try, you can buy it online from United Natural’s official stores. You as well as from Amazon, Walmart, and a variety of other online retail stores.

On the United Naturals official store Gut Connect 360 costs you $54 for one jar. If you prefer to buy it from amazon then it will cost you $119.96 for 229 grams. 

Also, if you want to get it from their official stores, you can save some money by choosing their referral programs. And by giving friends $30 off their first order, and you’ll get $30 when they make a purchase.

Besides this users can return this product within 60-days if they’re unhappy about this product or it doesn’t work for them. Also if you prefer to return their products there is a return fee of $4.95 associated with it where you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. For more on return policies, head over to the official FAQs page of the United Naturals Website.

Gut Connect 360 Reviews Takeaways

The Gut Connect 365 may show some noticeable improvement in the health of your Gut and intestinal tract. But as they claim their supplement to also help with improved sleep, mood, and energy level, none of the ingredients back these claims.

Should you buy Gut Connect 365? Well, if you want benefits related to your gut and digestive system you can give the supplement a try. But in case you want other benefits mentioned like sleep quality improvement or energy level improvement, this might not do the work.

That was all for the Gut Connect 365 review from us. Now we would love to turn to you. What do you think of this Gut Connect 365? Do you find it worth your money? Let us know using our comment box.

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