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Is Bai Good For You And Actually Healthy?

If you’ve ever been to a grocery or convenience store, you’ve probably noticed bottles and cans of cold brew coffee, juice, iced tea, kombucha, and flavored water lining the shelves.

Some drinks even have labels that say things like “immunity boosts,” “sparkling with an antioxidant infusion,” or “with antioxidant vitamin C,” but what does this drink mean?

These are Antioxidant drinks, and antioxidants drinks are types of beverages made with one or more antioxidant-rich ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, coffee, or tea.

One among the many antioxidants-containing drinks, there’s Bai antioxidants drink. The drink has a low-calorie profile and also contains caffeine.

With so many/multiple drinks available or sold under the label “healthy drinks” that turn out to be full of unhealthy components, it can be difficult to find healthy antioxidant drinks that can play a role in health and disease.

This article reviews the antioxidant drink Bai, which turns out to be much healthier than soda. We go into great detail about the drink. Our main aim behind the review is to find is Bai good for you and does it have any health benefits. 

Without any further delay, it’s time to dive right in.

Bai Drinks Overview

Bai is a flavored antioxidant infusion drink with low sugar and few calories, unlike most traditional sodas that are loaded with sugar and calories. Bai drinks are promoted as a healthier alternative to soda.

Bai claims that their antioxidant-infused drinks and exotic flavor contain no artificial sweeteners and only 1 gram of sugar.

The drinks are also claimed to be free of artificial preservatives, gluten, and soy, low in calories, vegan, and non-GMO.

On their official product page, the Bai line of drinks has over ten different exotic flavors of Bai drinks based on your needs and preferences.

Each bottle of Bai drinks contains 3-6% fruit and vegetable juice, with the remaining 94%-97% liquid base most likely being filtered water, as stated on the label. It comes in an 18-ounce bottle (approximately 540ml).

This line of drinks contains potent antioxidants such as polyphenols and the antioxidants are intended to protect your body against a variety of diseases (including certain cancers), as well as to improve and boost brain health and aid digestion.

Bai Drinks Manufacturer

The antioxidant is originally manufactured by Bai which is co-founded by Ben Weiss. Their main motive was to discover a healthy drink that tastes good at the same time. 

Bai has a huge line of healthy energy drinks and a variety of natural flavors to choose from some of which include Cartago Pineapple Passion Fruit, Molokai Coconut, Bolivia Black Cherry, and Lemonade. 

Besides they have some unique products like antioxidant water and Supertea. On their official website, they also feature blogs containing recipes and DIY using Bai drinks,

We did not find and buy option on their official website, So you can’t buy the Bai drinks from their official website.

Is Bai Good For You And Healthy?

Many people consider Bai drinks healthy and enjoyable for them. But Is bai good for you in reality? We think it can be. 

The antioxidant infusion drink is loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants that give you the benefit of fighting free radicals damaging your body. 

Bai drink contains only 10 calories and has 1g of Stevial while 10g of Erythritol. Erythritol as found during studies can show antioxidant properties too. 

Bai antioxidant drinks are sweetened with stevia and erythritol which are widely used as sweeteners in calorie-reduced food. Thus, Bai antioxidant drinks can reduce your calorie intake compared to regular soda. 

The main source of antioxidants in Bai drinks is the coffee fruit. Bai drinks also contain 55mg of caffeine per bottle. It can benefit your metabolism and increase fat burn.

Each bottle of Bai drink offers your body 13.5g of Vitamin C which constitutes for your 15% of this antioxidant intake in a day. Vitamin C has also several health benefits for your body.

Thus you can say Bai drinks are good for you and have negligible chances of doing any harm. Coming to Is Bai Healthy? It can increase your antioxidant intake, keep you hydrated, and may show health improvements. 

Also, compared to other soda drinks, Bai can reduce your calorie intake per bottle. However, Bai is healthy among its alternatives but not compared to whole foods. 

Consumption of whole foods exposes you to a variety of useful antioxidants needed by your body. But Bai only provides one type of antioxidant that is found in coffee fruit.

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Ingredients In Bai Drinks

Bai drinks’ ingredient profiles are consistent across flavors. The drinks contain active ingredients such as sodium, potassium, vitamin C, and caffeine. 

The only difference in its proprietary blend of ingredients between the Bai drinks is that each flavor contains different fruit extracts.

The ingredients also contain carbohydrates in the form of sugars and erythritol for energy and protein, fat, and fiber to help you feel full and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Caffeine is also an active ingredient in the Bai line of drinks, with the same amount of 55mg per bottle across ten different exotic flavors.

Sodium and Potassium 

Bai drinks contain sodium, which is one of the primary electrolytes used by your body to perform vital functions (1).

For example, electrolytes are minerals that conduct an electrical charge when mixed with water. They help to regulate a variety of your body’s most essential functions, including nerve signaling, pH balance, muscle contraction, and hydration (2).

Electrolytes support the body’s fluid balance and play a role in muscle and nerve function (3).

These antioxidant infusion drinks contain filtered drinks as stated in the above example of how this sodium as an active ingredient can help your body.

If you drink a beverage that does not contain sodium, you run the risk of developing low sodium blood levels, so if you’re sweating for a long time and try to rehydrate with the Bai drink, it can help you because it contains electrolytes and sodium.

If you didn’t know, potassium is an electrolyte with benefits similar to sodium. However, keep in mind that some of the flavors of Bai contain a high amount of potassium

Also, when you look at the nutrition facts of Bai’s drink flavors based on your preference, there is a percentage of a daily value. By doing so, you can consult with your doctor.


Since 1990, erythritol has been produced artificially as a sweetener in addition to its natural form, and it can be found naturally in some foods.

Erythritol, a type of carbohydrate also referred to as a sugar alcohol, is used as an alternative to sugar. Sugar alcohols, on the other hand, are primarily derived from sugars such as glucose but contain fewer calories than sugar.

The erythritol in Bai’s drinks assists our bodies in not processing calories in the same way that sugar would. This distinguishes Bai’s line of drinks from most regular soda, which contains sugar, which isn’t a good or safe sweetener.

Vitamin C, 100mg polyphenols from tea and coffee fruit extracts

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that our body needs for healthy functioning and getting adequate vitamin C in our daily diets helps in benefits including cancer survival, cardiovascular health, and fighting macular degeneration.

Consuming fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C may reduce your risk of getting cancer, according to some studies.

One study results in that taking fruits and vegetables before getting diagnosed with cancer increases the likelihood that some cancers will survive (3).

The coffee plant produces coffee fruit, a kind of stone fruit. These fruits are now primarily used in drinks and supplements and may help with fat loss and brain health.

The coffee fruit is a powerhouse of health-promoting antioxidants and polyphenols as well as chlorogenic acid, which has been researched, and several studies showed its potential to aid in weight loss and increase fat burning (7,8).

Numerous studies have found evidence that coffee fruit may protect brain health and delay the onset of aging (4,5,6).

Polyphenols, which play a significant role in reducing oxidative stress and defending against various diseases, work in synergy with vitamin C to define the antioxidant properties of juices.

Health Benefits of Bai Drinks

Bai Antioxidant infusion has some health benefits, especially when used as a soda substitute.

Most regular soda contains a lot of sugar and calories, which can lead to obesity and weight gain, as well as diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, non-alcoholic liver disease, and type 2 diabetes.

The following is our summary of the available evidence for the claimed advantages of Bai drinks based on the research that is currently available, based on its active ingredients:

  • High in antioxidants, which may help to reduce or prevent the risk of a variety of diseases (including heart disease and certain cancers).
  • Helps with weight loss and brain health.
  • Bai drink is a great source of antioxidants that aid in the removal of free radicals from body cells and the prevention or reduction of oxidative damage.

Possible Bai Side Effects

Looking at the ingredient in Bai Antioxidant drink, we do not think it has many side effects. Still, at some point, Bai might not be completely healthy since it contains flavors along with two artificial sweeteners. 

Stevia is mostly safe when consumed within the limit amount however Bai drinks contain a large amount of stevia sweetener which may show some side effects. 

Possible side effects due to stevia may include gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, bloating, indigestion, and vomiting.

Erythritol’s side effects also generally include gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, gas, and cramps. The amount of Erythritol used in Bai is safe. 

The excessive use of flavors in any drink might lead to allergy and food hypersensitivity. Almost all Bai Antioxidant Drinks contain flavors, which could be a cause of concern for some people.

Each flavor of Bai has 55mg approx. caffeine. So, people who are caffeine sensitive should avoid Bai in the first Place. Side effects of caffeine can include jitteriness, insomnia, and headache.

Many people have complaints that most Bai drinks are oversweetened and would have been better if they had used less sugar. 

Thus, even though Bai drinks are antioxidant-loaded and have lesser calories, you should always consume then moderate amount, like one bottle a day. 

Also, if you are diabetic or face any other medical condition, do check your doctor before you take over Bai Antioxidant infusion drinks. 

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Is Bai Good For Weight Loss?

Bai drinks are effective for weight loss due to the active ingredients they contain, which include polyphenols and plant compounds from the coffee fruit in all of their beverage and flavor lines.

If you want to lose weight, this drink may be a good choice because the coffee fruit is high in chlorogenic acid and may promote fat loss; many research studies have been conducted to demonstrate this benefit (9).

For instance, a one-test tube study on coffee fruit extract revealed that it slowed the growth of new fat cells while promoting the breakdown of existing fat cells.

Another 12-week study involving 150 overweight people discovered that drinking coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid significantly reduced both body and belly fat when compared to a control group.

In this way, bai drinks’ can be a good choice for your weight and fat loss; additionally, unlike soda drinking, bai drinks’ do not have or provide you with significantly more calories to add to your diet than regular soda.

Should You Buy Bai Drinks?

Bai drinks are healthy soda alternatives that can reduce your calorie intake compared to traditional soda and also provide you with some antioxidant properties. 

The antioxidants in Bai come from coffee fruit and Vitamin C. Besides with every bottle of Bai drinks you also receive a decent amount of caffeine, which can make you feel energetic and enhance your metabolism. 

Many users have complained Bai tastes excessively sweet, still, most users love Bai and some find it a healthy way to have caffeine for diabetes. 

Bai drinks also fulfill the need for an energy drink since it has caffeine. You get 10+ flavors of Bai which make it easy to choose according to your preferred taste.

So, Is Bai Good For You? Yes, it is since it has low calories compared to regular soda and can help fight free radicals and increase your energy levels. 

Is Bai Healthy? The answer is controversial. It is healthy but not more than having whole foods. With Bai, you only get one type of antioxidant i.e. from Coffee fruit compared to whole foods which have many different types. 

One more alternative to diet soda is Zevia which is also based on the sweetener stevia. You can read our article Is Zevia Bad For you?

That was all for the quick review of Bai drinks. Now we would like to know you thoughts on this. What do you think of Bai antioxidants infusion drinks? Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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Lisa Barrett
Lisa Barrett
2 months ago

***BUYER BEWARE!!! Bai just changed their formula on the cherry and other flavors and INCREASED SODIUM from 10mg to 115 mg!!!! More MALIC ACID too, so that’s definitely not appreciated! At same time, they shrunk the bottle size from 18 oz to 14 oz! I will NEVER buy Bai again as long as I live! It also tastes terrible now, so no big loss! They are crazy to think people will pay $10 a pack for this garbage!! I returned mine for a refund!! This was a DIRTY, criminal move that is not appreciated at all!! I have been a faithful customer for over 10 years and they will surely go out of business with this move. They must have been bought out. Sell outs!!

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