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Hero Rescue Balm Review: Is It Effective For Post-Blemishes Treatment?

If viruses, infections, sun exposures, and the development of clogged pores on your face are among the common causes of blemishes that you, your family members, or your friends face struggle with then, you are not alone.

Over one in every five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. Although most blemishes, such as acne scars, are harmless and do not require treatment, some may indicate a more serious condition, such as skin cancer.

Whether the post-blemish affects you or your family members but finding an all-natural, clean & conscious ointment cream that is designed only to help you with the post-blemish solution can be a struggle.

We recently investigated Hero Rescue Balm, an all-natural, safe for all skin types, and dermatologist-tested recovery cream that nourishes and calms dryness while also soothing redness and flakiness after a blemish. 

Read our full in-depth review below to determine whether Hero Rescue Balm is a viable ointment cream/product for you or your loved ones.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Hero Rescue Balm?

Hero Rescue Balm is a post-blemish recovery cream that soothes and restores the natural appearance of your skin. The Rescue Balm uses Panthenol, Beta Glucan, and Oligonucleotide.

The replenishing ingredients used can heal your temporary redness, dryness, and bumps so you can bounce back faster. 

Hero Rescue balm also acts as a moisturizer for your skin so that it can look more smooth, firm, and glowing. 

Three prominent actions ingredients in Hero Rescue Balm include:

  1. Panthenol – is used to retain moisture content
  2. Beta Glucan – Rapidly soothes upset skin
  3. Oligopeptides – Rejuvenates and fortifies skin

Rescue Balm doesn’t use any fragrance, artificial colors, parabens, or silicones, which makes it safe to use over your skin. They even claim it to be clinically tested and dermatologists reviewed. 

To understand the benefits and its effect on blemishes, you must go through the ingredients profile that we discussed below. 


The popular hero rescue balm is manufactured by Hero Cosmetic which is a US-based company specializing in skincare. 

Hero Cosmetic is co-founded by Ju Rhyu who is originally from Korea. Besides the Rescue Balm, the company has several other products for your skin wellness.

Another popular product from them is the Mighty Patches, which removes blemishes using a patch over your skin. 

A few other products from Hero Cosmetics include: 

  • Pore Release
  • Gentle Milky Cleanser
  • Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer
  • Superfuel Serum Stick

Hero Cosmetics has a collection of 30+ products in their shop out of which many are unique and some you never heard of before. 

Hero Rescue Balm Usage 

We know Hero Rescue Balm is a post-blemish recovery solution for your skin that reduces the redness, dryness, and bumps, and soothes your skin. 

Some of the Usage And Benefits of Hero Rescue Balm include:

  1. Nourishes Post-Breakout Skin: Rescue Balm makes it easy to kick post-bumps and dryness-related red spots in order to curb blemishes. 
  2. Restores Pre-pimple Glow: The intense moisturizing property of this leaves your skin soft, silky, and renewed. 
  3. Replenishing Post-pimple Cream: Hero Rescue Balm calls itself the post-blemish essential. As soon as you have removed the pimple dab the balm on the area to improve the texture of your skin.
  4. Long Lasting: Just a tiny dab of Rescue Balm is sufficient to deal with your blemishes
  5. Zero Artificial Fragrance: The Rescue Balm doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance or ingredient that causes skin irritation. Thus making it safe to use. 

Thus Rescue Balm can help people reduce the sign of blemishes and prevent them from forming scars in the future.  

Evaluation of Ingredients Used

Hero Rescue Balm post-blemish recovery cream contains a variety of natural ingredients designed to combat the four post-blemish issues on your face/skin, including red spots, bumps, scaly patches, and dark marks, while also supporting a healthy skin structure.

Many of the product’s active/key ingredients have been shown to improve the four signs of post-blemish skin health and overall skin health. However, since they are a part of the blend, we are unable to determine the precise dosage levels.

The following section goes over the research behind the key ingredients in this product.


Hero Rescue Balm contains Panthenol, Panthenol, also known as vitamin B-5, is a chemical substance derived from pantothenic acid that occurs organically from both plant and animal sources.

It is used as an additive in a variety of cosmetic products all over the world to moisturize the skin and help maintain the skin’s barrier against irritation and water loss.

Panthenol has some research backing up its skin moisturizing effects, and it was discovered that products containing just 1% panthenol can rapidly hydrate skin, resulting in a more supple feel and appearance.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Panthenol is a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties that can help improve skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness. It also relieves red skin, inflammation, and minor cuts or sores (1).

Beta Glucan

A polysaccharide sugar called beta-glucan is a component of Hero Rescue Balm that can be found in the cell walls of oats, algae, yeasts, and plants, among other things. They can aid in calming sensitive skin, reducing fine lines, and smoothing wrinkles.

Due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, beta-glucans are fantastic ingredients for minimizing the appearance of redness and other symptoms of sensitive skin (2).

According to a 2014 review and meta-analysis of the effects of natural beta-glucan derived from cereals and microorganisms on health promotion, it poses many challenges.

The preceding discussion focuses on antioxidant activity, anti-wrinkle activity, anti-ultraviolet light, wound healing, moisturizing effect, and absorption through skin permeation.

Furthermore, because of its antioxidative properties, it protects your skin from free radical damage and helps to prevent signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and cell damage which can cause skin cancer (3).


Peptides are classified into two types: oligopeptides, which contain few amino acids, and polypeptides, which contain many amino acids (between two and 20).

Oligopeptides are peptides that help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkling, and the volume and plumpness of the skin by increasing protein levels such as collagen (4).

Due to their potential to stimulate the production of collagen and promote healthy cell functioning, oligopeptides have been shown in some benefits and references on blogs to be useful in anti-aging formulations.

Recent research suggests that treatment with various biologically active peptides, such as tyrosinase inhibitors for hyperpigmentation disorders and collagen synthesis modulators for skin laxity, can result in favorable clinical outcomes.

While Oligopptides used in Hero Rescue Balm have some evidence to support their use in hyperpigmentation disorders and collagen synthesis, there isn’t much research confirming that it helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkling, and plumpness of the skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant and nutrient that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It may also help prevent UV skin damage.

Researchers discovered that products containing Vitamin E can moisturize the skin, and people who use vitamin E to moisturize their skin should stick to topical products containing vitamins.

Another recent study and 26 clinical trials found that Vitamin E supplementation has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce inflammation in adults, which is important because many common skin conditions, including acne, cause inflammation.

Furthermore, Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that may be useful in reducing UV damage to your skin. When applied topically, it has the potential to fight and protect your skin from free radical damage.

Hero Relief Balm contains several ingredients that have been shown to aid in post-blemish recovery; however, because many of them work in the same way, it is impossible to cover them all in this review.

So, if you’re curious about the ingredients in Hero Rescue Balm, you can find it here.

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How Does Hero Rescue Balm Work?

Hero Rescue Balm is formulated with natural, safe ingredients that help to even out skin tone and texture while also replenishing, renewing, and moisturizing your skin. The following are their key active ingredients and how they work to help your skin in post-blemish situations:

Panthenol: Panthenol is a chemical compound with anti-inflammatory and skin-moisturizing properties.

Beta Glucan: Extracted from the cell walls of oats, algae, yeasts, and plants, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as being effective for moisturizing and absorption via skin permeation.

Oligopeptides: Oligopeptides are types of peptides. It improves collagen synthesis and reduces hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant and essential nutrient that is good for moisturizing, fading the appearance of dark spots, softening skin, improving texture, and calming the skin.

Hero Rescue Balm’s active ingredients have been shown in studies to provide the above-mentioned benefits by Herocosmetics. Vitamin E, for example, works with the skin cell renewal process to improve skin tone and texture while reducing the appearance of dull skin and dark spots. As a result, the skin appears brighter and more awake.

Hero Rescue Balm distinguishes itself from other skincare or skin-brightening products by using plant-based, natural ingredients and marketing itself as an ointment cream free of fragrance, artificial colors, parabens, silicones, and sulfates.

All of these claims contribute to Hero Rescue balm avoiding harmful chemicals that could further harm sensitive skin.

Does It Have Side Effects?

As claimed by Hero Cosmetics, Rescue Balm doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients that make your skin allergic to the same. 

Still, you should keep in mind that no skincare product is completely safe or effective for every skin type. And you should keep in mind the potential side effects.

Before applying Hero Rescue Balm or any other product, we recommend doing a patch test over any other area of your body like your hands or arms. This can let you know if the product is safe for your skin type. 

The first primary ingredient used in Rescue Balm is Panthenol is likely to be safe for most skin types without any irritability or sensitivity.  However, it is regarded as likely safe means no evidence is there to show it causes harm. 

Beta Glucan works for locking moisture to keep your skin hydrated. What’s more, for most skin types it is safe but in some cases, it may cause skin rashes. 

Peptides in some people may cause skin symptoms like rashes, itching, and skin sensitivity. However, when used by a reputable brand they should mostly be safe. 

The topical application of Vitamin E may cause some side effects like irritation burning and redness. But when used in a controlled amount it should likely be safe. 

Hero Cosmetics ensures that their product is clinically tested so there are fewer chances of experiencing any noticeable side effects of Hero Rescue Balm. 

Thus, it is recommended to perform a patch test before directly applying it over your face. 

Also, in case you have an acne breakout instead of trying random skincare products, it is recommended to speak to a dermatologist.

How To Apply Hero Rescue Balm on your skin?

Before Applying Hero Rescue Balm, make sure your face is thoroughly clean. After removing all of your makeup, wash your face. Be considerate. Additionally, excessive washing and scrubbing can irritate the skin.

Steps for Applying Hero Rescue Balm

  1. Once your patch is opaque, remove your mighty patch.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of cream, no more than half an inch, onto your fingertips.
  3. Gently rub or apply to the areas of your skin that need to be treated or that have to your post-blemish. 
  4. Reapply once a day, preferably before bed.

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Hero Rescue Balm Reviews

The Hero Rescue Balm has shown results to thousands of people and is rated very positively on online stores like Amazon

For people who tried the product say, it doesn’t really help to get off scars but it has helped heal their acne. It can be a relief in case you’ve popped your pimples or messed with them. 

Most Hero Rescue Balm reviews are found discussing how fast it helped to get rid of acne and also prevent dryness by hydrating their skin. 

“I’m the type to pick at my acne, and I’ve had some acne on my face for the past month that hadn’t gone away because I just kept reopening it. I put this on 3 times a day and even 24 hours later, I was seeing incredible results !! it’s only been a few days but my face is mostly healed. doesn’t do much for scars or preventing acne (so far), but it really helps heal acne !! 10/10” – James Gossard

“I don’t have a picture but omg this works wonders. I popped a pimple and left this ridiculous mark- red and open, and trying to cover it up was insane bc it would flake and be dry. I got this in the afternoon after work, left it on for maybe 4 hours while I made dinner and cleaned- and when I washed it off there was a huge difference already. By the next day after sleeping in it the flakiness and soreness were completely gone- 2 days and it’s as if it was never on my face. I can’t believe I didn’t find this earlier- life saver! “– Maurene Goodman

“Waited to type a review to see if this would even work. It doesn’t. The pimple patches work way better than this cream. A few instructions are on the box but it doesn’t say if it stains your pillowcases or clothing. It goes on white and even if you barely apply a small amount you can see where you put it. So if you go out in public people will see it if it’s on your face. A plus is that it’s made in South Korea” – Julie

“Used this as a spot treatment after seeing TikTok reviews on it. Did nothing to help my acne spots fade. I used it for multiple weeks and the pimples would not get better until I stopped using it and switched it out for hydrocolloid bandaids instead “– Cammy

Can Hero Rescue Balm Help You?

The Hero Rescue Balm contains a powerful formulation that pushes your skin to heal the acne blemishes in very little time.

Panthenol is known for soothing red skin, inflammation, and skin irritation due to its anti-inflammatory property. While beta glucan can prevent dryness and keep your skin hydrated.

Also for most skin type Hero Rescue Balm should be safe and shouldn’t cause any allergy. It has been clinically tested and reviewed by Dermatologists.

In case the intensity of acne breakout is large, get some help from the dermatologist of your choice. 

While Hero Rescue Balm can heal blemishes that occurred after you popped your pimples, you must avoid popping pimples as much as you can. It can lead to visible scars after your skin has healed.

That was all for the Hero Rescue Balm Review. Now we would like to hear from you. What do you think of Hero Rescue Balm? Let us know your thoughts on the product.

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