Ketokor Reviews (2021 Update): Does This Ketogenic Pill Help?

Ketokor Supplement and It's Pills
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(Last Updated On: July 22, 2021)

The Ketogenic formula for weight loss is getting quite popular these days. Many supplement providers also seem quite focused on making supplements based on keto formula in the Keto run. One such brand/company is Ketokor.

Ketokor makes several claims with its supplement like it can help burn fat, support weight loss and it’s made from only natural ingredients. Though losing weight through keto is a great decision. Still, you really need to be careful while selecting any supplement for the same. 

Thus in today’s section, we gave an attempt to review Ketokor, the science behind this ketogenic pill, and how effective it could be. We almost covered everything you need to know before going with it.

Excited! Let’s dive in.

What Is Ketokor?

Ketokor is a ketogenic supplement maker brand that claims its keto pill to help with metabolic ketosis and aid with healthy weight loss. Ketokor is manufactured under FDA registered facility in the US and thus ensures a healthy and hygienic environment.  

The supplement meets the cGMP standard for the purity and safety of its product. Its official website also features other supplements like Vitakor and Probitranol, which almost do the same work as Ketokor. 

Company Making Ketokor

The company behind Ketokor is Health Research Institute, which operates from Los Angeles, US. Not just Ketokor, the company also owns the credit for some other popular products like Haironex, Viritenz, Thyrogenix, Flexitrinol, SizeTrexx, and many more.

Health Research Institute is not BBB accredited and received an F (lowest) rating for its business which is disappointing from the business perspective. 

Note: The BBB rating doesn’t determine the quality of any product. Evaluation is done based on services by the company and how good it is at resolving complaints.

Ketokor Ingredients

Another claim made by Ketokor is, every ingredient it uses is natural and safe for consumption. Let’s see what ingredients are present inside Ketokor and are they really safe!

Ingredients In Ketokor 

  1. Sodium BHB: The compound sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a ketone compound that helps deliver ketone into your body.
    During a study by the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, out of 6 volunteers, one volunteer faced a severe reaction in her body after Sodium BHB intake. Due to the reaction, she faced vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. The remaining 5 were normal after their intake.
  1. Calcium BHB: Next ingredient Ketokor uses is Calcium BHB. The BHB group is bonded to calcium in this case.
    Though this is also a method to deliver ketone this method helps retain calcium in your body. Calcium presence can help support metabolism and burn fat in your body.
  1. Magnesium BHB: Another element bonded with BHB and contained in Ketokor is magnesium. Ketone helps burn the fat while magnesium can aid with the healthy growth and functioning of bones, muscles, and nerves.
  1. Potassium BHB: The presence of potassium BHB helps introduce ketone for a fat-burning process and potassium can help keep your blood clean. Potassium also supports healthy nerve function and combat the adverse effects of sodium on your blood pressure.
  1. Bioperine: The active ingredient in black pepper i.e. Bioperine is rich in antioxidants properties. Thus it saves your body cells from free radical damage.
    Bioperine can enhance the nutrient absorption capacity of your body. It can also boost cognitive function, that’s why it’s even used in qualia mind
  1. MCT Oil: Along with being a good energy source, MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Oil can promote weight loss.

It can also help increase your exercise performance and increase metabolism. The MCT fats are fats that burn differently than other fats, this oil also helps with it.

Ingredients Takeaway: The majority of ingredients used in Ketokor is BHB bonded with elements like calcium, magnesium, and other metals. Along with supplying the necessary ketone for your keto, they also help with other body functions.

What Does Ketokor Do?

Ketokor supports your keto routine by adding more ketones into your body. But, this is not the only function it performs. 

Here are the benefits of Ketokor if you take it. 

  1. Normally your body uses carbohydrates for deriving energy from the food and the fat is left accumulated. Ketokor helps your body derive energy by melting fat. 
  2. If you are already on keto, Ketokor helps accelerate ketosis. So your body starts using fats in spite of carbs faster, to generate energy.
  3. The presence of ingredients like Bioperine helps Ketokor to improve your endurance and mental focus.
  4. Ketokor may help to control fat and sugar level in your blood. 
  5. Due to the various form elements it uses, Ketokor can help boost metabolism and can prove to be a clean energy source.

Pros and Cons of Ketokor Diet Pills

Some pros of Ketokor supplement include:

  1. The supplement is reasonably priced for $34.99/per bottle for what they claim to include in the bottle.
  2. The company’s official site provides you a lot of information regarding this supplement from how
    Ketokor supplement works for Faqs.
  3. Its ingredients are natural and non-GMO as this may help you to minimize the adverse side effects of Ketokor.
  4. After purchasing Ketokor you get a 100% money-back guarantee and also a multiple-bottle discount is available through their official site.
  5. As a gift, the company offers you a free e-book named Keto Diet Plan. 
  6. The ebook helps you to understand what foods to avoid and what to eat, covers different types of keto diet plans, and makes you understand the basic principle of a keto diet. This is helpful, especially for beginners.

Some cons of Ketokor supplement include:

  • Ketokor supplement is sold online only and it’s not available in any retail shops.  Thus the manufacturer’s proclamation by thirdly used research laboratory assessments may be false or untruthful. 
  • Very few and no reviews from actual/real users are available and if available most of them do not satisfy what Ketokor claims as per their own official website.
  • No trial period and sample are provided for early use. Also, the company has obtained an F rating from the better business bureau (BBB).
  • Ketokor is not clinically proven to withstand competitors or to show the efficiency of taking pills.
  • Official sellers sell Ketokor only through eBay and there are no reviews and ratings of this supplement where official sellers sell it.

Does Ketokor Support Weight Loss?

Ketosis is a process in which your body starts utilizing your fats to provide energy instead of carbs. Ketokor can help accelerate ketosis due to the presence of a good amount of ketone in its ingredients.

So, the faster the ketosis, the more fat your body burns, and ultimately you can feel yourself losing weight. Along with providing your body with ketones, the presence of different salts and MCT help favor the environment for fat loss.

So, yes Ketokor can be effective for weight loss but along with it you also need to follow the Keto diet rituals. 

Ketokor Side Effects

hand showing the side effects board sign

Currently, there’s limited and less reliable information available on the side effects of ketokor supplement. This is mainly due to two reasons: first, there are very few or no customer reviews who experienced any side effects; second, all its ingredients are natural.

But you may face some side effects if you are allergic to their ingredients. In most cases, side effects of Ketokor are related to the abdomen. Common side effects include. 

  • Mood swings and bad breath.
  • Constipation and diarrhea.
  • Fatigue and dehydration.
  • Indigestion and stomach pain.

Also on their official website, there is no mention regarding the dosage of these pills. At the same time, Ketokor ingredients are harmful to pregnant women and children below 16. Thus, it’s always a better idea to consider consulting your doctors before using it.

Caution: Before taking these pills it’s always your first responsibility to consult with your doctor. By doing this you can save yourself the side effects and allergic reactions beforehand.

Ketokor Pricing Details

Mostly, the cost of Ketokor supplements ranges between $34.99 – $35.99 for 60 capsules and you can find it on a popular e-commerce site Amazon and eBay.

Note: Online stores keep changing the price so make sure you buy from a verified seller or manufacturer to get the exact/real value of Ketokor.

Also if you purchase it from their official website you will get a 70% discount on 3 bottles of Ketokor diet pills with a redirection to the eBay page for making the purchase.

Their official website claims that they do not sell or provide Ketokor in stores. This is done so that you can get the Ketokor at the lowest price, by direct supplying to you and cutting the price of middlemen.

Customer Reviews Of Ketokor

In general reviews of Ketokor supplements are quite good whether it is from their official stores, or from google reviews. The vast majority of reviewers praised this supplement. But there were also some who faced some health issues after taking the pills.

Also while looking and evaluating the online reviews of Ketokor we found it difficult to discover the experience of negative customers. 

Here are some customer reviews from positive to negative:

“Me and my husband decided to try fastening and used Ketokor to boost our ketones from the start to avoid hunger the first few days and it worked great! We did almost a week with nothing but coffee and water and took one capsule each and never felt hungry at all. I’m pretty sure it worked so good because this supplement has correct amounts of BHB” – Ashley.

“Eating Keto diet – I’ve been on this for about a month now and while I’m not losing any weight, I’m also not gaining any weight. I would see-saw back and forth with weight before using this product and now I’m maintaining. So, it’s doing something, but I’m not losing weight either, which is why I purchased this product” – Tina  Watson.

“Absolutely no results, nothing more than a placebo. Very disappointed” – Victoria D.

“This product did nothing for me. Did NOT perform as advertised” – Tom Berry.

Takeaways from Ketokore Review

Ketokore pills might help accelerate ketosis and make you lose some weight. The ingredients used in it are good sources for ketones. Thus, it can shift your body functions from carbs to fats for deriving energy.

But as there’s no mention about the doses and safety precautions of Ketokor pills, we suggest you consider talking to your dietitian or doctor before use. 

That was all for Ketokor Reviews from us. Have any further queries related to Ketokor? Let us know in the discussion box.  

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