Zipfizz Review: Is The Energy Drink Worth Your Money?

ZIpfizz is a popular low-calorie sugar-free energy drink that is made of multivitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and caffeine. 

Now, why are energy drinks in demand? The main purpose why people take energy drinks is to boost their energy and concentration.

However, some health professionals believe energy drinks in the long term may have some health consequences. Thus, it makes people question the safety of an energy drink before getting started with the same. 

In the Zipfizz review, we looked if the Energy drink is safe and effective. Also, we tried evaluating the potential downside of the energy drink and some selected users’ testimonials to know the real results.

Having said that, let’s dive into the Zipfizz review. 

What Is Zipfizz?

Zipfizz is a Multivitamin and B12 containing energy drink designed to enhance your performance and boost immunity 

The energy drink contains 104,167 % of the daily value of your Vitamin B12 requirement by the body. This can help improve and restore mental clarity, recharge energy, and provide emotional balance by reducing stress. 

Zipfizz is a sugar-free energy drink that has low calories and is likely to provide 4-6 hours of constant energy. It comes in a powdered form which you can mix easily to prepare the drink. 

Claims made by Zipfizz energy drink include:

  • Immune Support
  • Higher energy level
  • Enhanced performance
  • Improved mental support

Also, the Zipfizz energy drink comes in a variety of flavors so you don’t need to compromise your taste. 

However, to assure that Zipfizz stands by the claims it makes, detailed research of its composition is important. 


The Zipfizz energy drinks are manufactured by the company name Zipfizz corp. They are in the business since 2003. 

Zipfizz was dedicated to developing a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks and thus they came up with their energy drink. The energy drink from Zipfizz is clean-burning energy without any sugar crash. 

Their business is BBB accredited, and no issues about the business have been reported by the customers on Business Berau. 

Zipfizz Benefits?

Zipfizz contains several ingredients that have the potential to provide different benefits besides giving you an energy boost. 

The benefits of Zipfizz Energy drink include:

  • Gives an energy boost enough to last throughout your day.
  • Some nutrients like Vitamin C and Magnesium may promote immune health.
  • Keeps you hydrated alongside providing an energy boost. 
  • Higher Vitamin B12 levels can improve mental clarity, focus, and stress.
  • Provides a good amount of antioxidants and electrolytes to keep you healthy.

How Does Zipfizz Give Energy?

Zipfizz has ingredients that can increase the energy levels and mental performance of your body. Here is how the ingredients present in it can give you energy?

It contains natural caffeine to stimulate mental clarity, focus, stress, and increase alertness. 

With the help of Vitamins B12, it enhances the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and the hormone dopamine. These two play important roles in regulating and maintaining your good mental state.

By helping in this way it makes you stay active throughout the day thus helping you in giving energy by eliminating the above-mentioned problems. 

It’s also loaded with Magnesium, so during the exercise or depending on the activity you’re doing. Your body needs Magnesium and the presence of Magnesium helps to move blood sugar into your muscles and dispose of lactose.  

It gives you energy as it contains Niacin which is a B Vitamins that helps to convert food energy into by aiding enzymes. Niacin is also a major component of NAD and NADP which are coenzymes involved in cellular metabolism.

Additionally, it contains Vitamin C which is also involved in energy-yielding metabolism. Vitamin C is needed for two dioxygenase enzymes and Vitamins C helps in the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria.

Zipfizz Composition

The ingredient profile and supplement facts of Zipfizz Healthy Energy drink are impressive since it has all the details a user would like to know. 

It contains detail like what amount of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients you receive from each serving and its daily value. 

Thus, it makes it easy to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Zipfizz. Want to have a look at their supplement facts? Here you go.

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Zipfizz Supplements Fact (Source: Amazon)

As you see most of the vitamins and minerals’ daily value is well within the acceptable range. However, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 daily values are incredibly high. 

Let’s evaluate the science behind the nutrients of Zipfizz and learn about their safety in brief. 

1. Vitamin C, 500mg

The major portion of Zipfizz energy drink is Vitamin C. This Vitamin is particularly needed for the growth and repair of your body cells.

Vitamin C is also known for its immunity-boosting properties. It helps your body improve the production of white blood cells or lymphocytes that provide your body with defense against infection. 

This Vitamin also has antioxidant properties which prevent your skin cells from free radical damage. It thus strengthens your skin barrier function.

An adult body needs around 50-90mg of Vitamin C per day. So, Zipfizz contains a higher amount of Vitamin C than recommended. However, research shows your body can tolerate up to 2000mg of Vitamin C a day. 

Overall, Vitamin C can provide Zipfizz with good immune-boosting properties and can also enhance your skin health. 

2. Vitamin B12, 2500mcg

One of the main highlights of Zipfizz energy drinks is the higher amount of Vitamin B12. It says high levels of Vitamin B12 can heighten your focus and alertness. 

The primary role of this Vitamin is to maintain healthy nerves and blood cells. However, Vitamin B12 can also help improve mood and depression symptoms. 

In a study, combining Vitamin B12 with antidepressants for depressive symptoms showed better results than antidepressants alone. 

Also, supplementing Vitamin B12 can enhance memory even when the patient isn’t diagnosed with its deficiency.

But since the levels of Vitamin B12 is quite high in Zipfizz, it might show side effects like headache, dizziness, and diarrhea. The safe dose of Vitamin B12 is 2000mcg. 

Overall Vitamin B12 has sufficient evidence to prevent depressive disorder and improve mood. However, no studies have been linked to Vitamin B12 providing an energy boost. 

3. Caffeine, 100mg

Yes, the Zipfizz energy drink does contain Caffeine and thus is not suitable for people who are caffeine intolerant. 

Caffeine is known to stimulate your energy levels and thus increase alertness. Also, it might boost your energy levels, which is one of the main reasons why many people start their day with a cup of coffee. 

Studies also show coffee can stimulate metabolic rates and promote greater oxidation of fat. 

Overall caffeine can boost energy and improve metabolic rate by stimulating your nervous system. Also, it can help your brain increase alertness and improve memory. 

4. Niacin, 8mg

Vitamin B3 commonly called niacinamide or niacin has the primary role to turn food into energy by helping metabolize fats and protein. 

Even though it helps convert food to energy, studies don’t link it to providing a direct energy boost. Niacin is widely used in energy drinks since it helps the food convert into energy. 

Studies show niacin restores a healthy lipid profile and prevents inflammation of your skin. 

Overall, niacin is useful at metabolizing the fats and protein present in food to convert to energy and restore a healthy lipid profile. 

5. Magnesium, 1.15mg

The main role of this mineral in the human body is to maintain a healthy immune system, support strong bones and regulate normal nerve and muscle functioning. 

Also, it is said that magnesium is also required for energy production and glycolysis in your body. It does so by active ATP, the fundamental unit of energy. 

Without sufficient levels of magnesium, your body would not be able to convert the food you take into energy properly. 

Thus, magnesium in Zipfizz has an important role in the metabolism of food into energy and ensuring the proper functioning of enzymes. 

6. Potassium, 950mg

The next key mineral you receive from Zipfizz energy drink is Potassium. It is an electrolyte that helps your body cells to maintain optimum levels of fluids. 

What’s more, it is needed to support normal blood pressure and has a vital role in muscle contraction. It also regulates your heartbeat and promotes protein synthesis in the body. 

Potassium is also known to provide athletes with high endurance. Also, studies show Potassium deficiency is the main reason why your body is unable to retain K during hypokinesia. 

Hypokinesia is a condition when your body parts’ movements are not as wide as they should be.

Overall, potassium helps your muscle contraction and maintains fluid levels in the body. Lower levels of potassium can lead to low energy and fatigue. 

Zipfizz Nutrition Profile Verdict

The nutrients in Zipfizz have been used intelligently to provide you with an energy boost. However, the composition doesn’t have very strong evidence to boost immunity. 

Also, Vitamin B12 levels are higher than their safe dose. Even though it can improve your mental health, it might even lead to some adverse side effects.

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Potential Side Effects Of Zipfizz

Now, after the benefits, the next instant question that strikes us for any energy drink or supplement is, does it have any side effects too? Well, let’s see what you should know about Zipfizz’s side effects. 

First of all, people who are intolerant to caffeine and products containing it should strictly keep away from Zipfizz since it contains 100mg of caffeine. 

Also, the Zipfizz energy drink has a higher amount of Vitamin B12. Generally, such higher doses are used to treat deficiencies and can show unpleasant side effects.

Side Effects of Zipfizz energy drink due to the use of nutrients like Vitamin B12 and caffeine include: 

  • Nausea 
  • Jitteriness
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Sleeplessness

However, even though Zipfizz may cause side effects mentioned above very few users reported the side effects.

We found only one user who reported feeling nauseated after taking Zipfizz. Rest had only complaints about its taste and the price difference. 

Pros And Cons

Here are a few of the pros and cons to consider before trying this Energy Drink


  • Provide detailed information on ingredients sourcing of all 14 flavors.
  • Widely accessible at major retailers
  • The product is free of gluten, no preservatives, sugar-free, and no artificial fillers or flavors used.
  • Available in both powder and liquid.
  • If you want to taste and try all the flavors then they offer you a sample pack for just $15.
  • Wide selections of 14 different flavors to choose from.
  • Positive customer reviews and A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.


  • More expensive than many other supplements in the similar category.
  • Contains coffee and a pinch of Sucralose which is an artificial sweetener.
  • No return policy is accepted through their website only has a contact us form.
  • Some reviewers dislike the taste of powders and liquid shots.
  • It contains artificial sweeteners and No customer or review sections available on the official website.

Zipfizz: Cost And Where To Buy

Zipfizz energy drinks are available through their official/brand websites and across various popular and other large and small retailers like Amazon, Walmarts, iHerb, and Costco.

The price of Zipfizz may be different in different online stores with a difference of $1 to $5.

For example, the cost of 30 tubes at Walmart will cost you $34.69 similarly in iHerb the cost of the same tubes is different for different flavors ranging from $25 to $30 but on their official website the cost of all flavors is the same.

So, the cost of Zipfizz will depend on which retailers you have purchased from and whether it’s on sale or not. 

The official store’s pricing of 20 counts of the drink and different flavors is $37.99 with shipping charges. And the combo pack will cost you $45 and the sample pack will cost you $15 with shipping charges.

The ready-to-drink Zipfizz is mainly sold in 20 tubes and for a variety of packs, it’s sold in 30 tubes.

The cost per count serving is approximately $1.52. On the Zipfizz website, the cost of 30 tubes is $44.99 which is higher than the pricing of the same combo pack of 30 tubes available in Walmart for $34.69.

Where To Buy

As mentioned above that these energy drinks are available across various online platforms so you can choose to buy them on Zipfizz’s recommended websites such as Costco, Amazon and iHerb, and sam’s club.

The above-recommended websites are where the Zipfizz official sells their products. Also, you can buy from sites like Walmart but make sure you read through reviews and check the seller status before purchasing.

Zipfizz Customer Reviews

Online reviewers generally appreciate Zipfizz for taste and Bragg about all of their flavors, as well as for energy boost and transparency about natural ingredients, and fast shipping.

And this results in, that Zipfizz energy drinks have received very optimistic reviews on popular global retailers like Amazon, Costco, iHerb, and Walmart.  

Zipfizz holds a 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon, at Walmart it has a 4/5 star rating, Influenster’s rating is 4.2/5 and iHerb has a rating of 4.8/5. The grape flavor especially has received many hearts for its taste. 

Generally, customer complaints about the drink are thought of as mixed. Their concerns are related to issues like tastes horrible, varying in prices, having artificial sweeteners, and being on the expensive side.

Here are some of the positive and negative testimonials of real customers of Zipfizz that may help you with decision making:

Zipfizz a friend of mine gave me 1 I was feeling a little sluggish and I put it in a bottle of water and it give me really good energy. There’s no burnout at the end of it like other energy drinks. The fact that it’s all-natural it’s a nice benefit. I take them before I go on a hike or go skiing or snowboarding. I’m going to work out I take one. I am sold. Pretty much all the flavors are pretty good. I recommend getting the ride back your first time find out what flavor you like the best. I don’t like monster or Redbull or any of those other energy drinks. I feel this is the best energy drink you can have. It gets you some zip. – Amazon Customer.

“It is tasty and like real fruit punch. The vitamin contents are sufficient. I mix it with bottled water. It reacts with water and produces gas, so be careful when you mix it with bottled water. The caffeine contains is the same as that of canned energy drinks, but the effects are tender compared to canned energy drinks. However, I recommend taking 1 to 2 bottles per day as written in the description. The quality is very nice and I highly recommend it as a B12 supplement” – iHerb Customer.

I don’t recommend it. When consumed these gave me heart palpitations, and diarrhea and they made me very dizzy. I would completely pass up. They are not worth it…..TOO expensive -Tania. ”

The only reason I bought this was for the supposed energy benefits. Unfortunately, it did nothing for me AT ALL. I was extremely disappointed as the product wasn’t cheap. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Also, the taste wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible, but I certainly wouldn’t drink it solely because it tasted good. Save your money! You’d be better off having a cup of coffee in the morning– Amazon Customer.”

Is Zipfizz Worth Your Money?

Zipfizz energy drink surely provides an energy boost which is easily reflected by the massive amount of positive users reviews/feedback. 

The energy drink can improve alertness and focus since it uses a whopping amount of Vitamin B12 in its composition. However, this might even lead to some adverse effects like vomiting and nausea.

A good thing about Zipfizz is they offer a sample pack to their users, which you can avail of by going to their official website. 

That was all for the Zipfizz review. Now we would love to listen to your thoughts on this. What do you think about the Zipfizz energy drink? Let us know.

Meta Description: Zipfizz energy drink is highly reviewed and liked by people. But since it is high in Vitamin B12 and has caffeine, it might not be suitable for some people.

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