Musely Spot Cream Reviews: Does It Work For Dark Spots?

With aging, your skin starts looking dull, saggy, and wrinkled which might make some women lack confidence. Thus, for these purposes, many companies come up with skincare solutions to help heal the skin.

Musely Spot cream is a skincare product from a famous brand, Musely. It is meant to correct or remove the dark spots and help diminish aging signs with the use of hydroquinone. 

However, since there have been several scams in the name of skincare solutions, trusting something blindly isn’t really the right decision. 

In the Musely Spot Cream review, we did detailed research on the skincare supplement, to learn about the product and its effectiveness. Along the way, we also tried looking into the side effects, benefits, and users’ concerns about Musely Spot Cream. 

Having said that, let’s dive into the Musely Spot Cream review. 

What is Musely Spot Cream?

Musely Spot Cream is a skincare product by Musely designed to make your dark spots fade away and provide you a bright glowing skin. 

The brand has several reasons to make itself stand out from others. Musely first makes you complete a 3 min online doctor’s visit. 

Then they freshly compound the treatment with doctors’ approval and finally ship the Dark Spot cream to your doorstep. 

Musely Spot Cream contains claims itself to be the best choice for hyperpigmentation. It’s because their formula contains 12% hydroquinone compared to other similar products that have only 4% of hydroquinone. 

Since Musely provides a customized service for its Spot Cream, it comes in 4 different formulations. Their details include:

  1. Erase (12% hydroquinone)
  2. Nurture (6% hydroquinone)
  3. HQ Free+ (Hydroquinone Free)
  4. M+ (12% hydroquinone)

However, they don’t provide it on prescription and demand. It is provided to you after evaluating your medical history and skin condition.


The Spot Cream is manufactured by a popular skincare brand Musely. The uniqueness about them is their formula is customized by their pharmacist based on your skin condition.

Musely Spot Cream Ingredients

The effectiveness of a skincare supplement is solely dependent on the ingredients and the dosage present in it. Thus, we now turn to the ingredients in Musely Spot Cream. 

As you already know, the main highlight of the Musely spot corrector is hydroquinone. 

However, besides hydroquinone, The Spot Cream also contains Niacinamide, Hydrocortisone, Tretinoine, and other ingredients.

Here’s the list of ingredients of The Spot Cream:

Let’s cover some of the key ingredients responsible for dark spot correction in brief.

1. Hydroquinone

The most promoted ingredient in Musely Spot cream is hydroquinone which is known for bleaching your skin and treating conditions of hyperpigmentation. 

Hydroquinone prevents your skin by preventing the formation of melanin and reducing the dark spots. 

Melanin, if you don’t know is the pigment responsible for dark spot formation over your skin. It is produced from the cells called melanocytes, whose number is decreased with the application of hydroquinone. 

In a comparative study, 4% hydroquinone showed better results for facial hyperpigmentation than the Kojic acid cream. 

Now, since The Spot Cream contains 12% hydroquinone it may show better results for hyperpigmentation.  

Thus, overall hydroquinone in Musely Spot cream can be an effective remedy to correct and remove dark spots on your face. 

2. Niacinamide:

Another ingredient used in the Spot Cream is Vitamin B3, commonly called niacinamide or niacin. Just like most B Vitamins, niacinamide’s main role is to metabolize fats and proteins.

Now, since niacin is also responsible for maintaining healthy cells, it can provide your skin cells protection against sunlight and other factors. 

On the other hand, niacin can also provide you with some great anti-aging benefits. One study on topical application of niacinamide found it to improve skin elasticity and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. 

Thus, niacinamide can improve aging signs and protect your skin by reducing inflammation of your skin. 

3. Tretinoin

First of all, what is tretinoin? It is a medication often used to treat acne and sun-damaged skin. 

Besides it also can reduce the appearance of surface wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and fine line. 

Tretinoin can fasten your cell cycle, meaning your old cells would die fast and new cells would appear fast. The process may sometimes cause skin irritation.

Research on tretinoin finds that its anti-inflammatory properties enable it to help early-stage acne. Also, its combination with antibacterials like benzoyl peroxide can help in the treatment of acne.

Overall, tretinoin presence in Musely Spot Cream can help it treat acne along with lightening dark spots.

4. Hydrocortisone

Another key ingredient in Musely Spot Cream is a steroid, what they call a mild steroid, hydrocortisone. The formula is used to treat inflammatory conditions like eczema and rheumatism. 

Topical Hydrocortisone can be effective in the treatment of skin conditions like redness, itchiness, swelling, and discomfort. 

Hydrocortisone should be well tolerated by most people above 10 years of age. However, in case you have an allergy to hydrocortisone or a skin infection.

Thus, even though Hydrocortisone isn’t studied extensively it can help inflammatory skin conditions like eczema. 

5. Vitamin C

Another important Vitamin for youthful and glowing skin is Vitamin C. It is a potent antioxidant that helps to rejuvenate or repair your skin cells.

Vitamin C also helps with collagen production, which is well known to provide you with anti-aging benefits. 

Studies show Vitamin C is able to decrease melanin synthesis. This can help reduce dark spot formation and get you bright skin. 

Reducing dark spots including melasma, age spots, and sunspots is also a key benefit of Vitamin C. And there has been strong evidence for this. 

Thus, Vitamin C in Musely Spot Cream can be effective for correcting your dark spots along with providing you with anti-aging benefits. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to get you youthful skin.

Ingredients Verdict

 The manufacturers of Musely Spot Cream have made a thoughtful decision in selecting ingredients for their formula. 

Ingredients like Hydroquinone and Vitamin C have strong evidence for healing dark spots. While other ingredients have moderate evidence for the purported benefits. 

How Does Musely Spot Cream Work?

Now, since you know the composition of Musely Spot Cream, you must have understood partially how it works. 

The Spot Cream contains 12% Hydroquinone, which is sufficient to show the expected results. 

Things you already know are Hydroquinone interference with the melanin production from melanocytes. This has a significant impact on lightening your dark spots.

Also, it reduces the extent of skin discoloration due to melasma. Vitamin C is clinically proven to reduce aging signs such as wrinkles, sagginess, and fine lines.

Other ingredients such as tretinoin and hydrocortisone reduce the inflammation of your skin. This can be helpful for treating various skin conditions like eczema, redness, and itching. 

Musely Spot Cream Benefits

The Musely Spot Cream besides reducing and removing your dark spots can also provide some other incredible benefits. 

Benefits of Musely Spot Cream include:

  • Prevent dark spot formation by inhibiting melanin formation. 
  • Reduce aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Help treat inflammatory conditions like acne, redness, and itchiness. 
  • Provide even skin tone and bright skin. 
  • Improves your skin’s health and helps you gain confidence.

Potential Side Effects Of Musely Spot Cream 

The side effects of Musely Spot Cream depend on what type of active ingredients they are using. The Hydroquinone that is currently in the formulations of this cream may cause skin problems like burning, skin redness, cracking, stinging, skin dryness, and many more.

Just like one of the ingredients present in the Musely spot cream can cause side effects. Here is the list of the ingredients that can cause the side effects or you might develop one:

  • Excessive redness and Allergic reactions.
  • Worsening or persistent skin irritation and, skin bumps.
  • Red patches and temporary changes in skin color.
  • Burning and swelling.

Additionally, there are also other ingredients in Musely that can cause side effects in a diffrent way, for instance, there have some reports that Hydrocortisone can lead to thinning of the skin and easy bruising.

Also, it can get through the skin and goes into the bloodstream which could lead to cause side effects on other parts of your body.

Currently, there is no research on Musel Spot creams that shows that it doesn’t have or cause any negative side effects.

So, it’s important to discuss taking this cream or any creams with your doctor to ensure that it’s safe for you.

How To Use Spot Cream?

Before you apply Musely Spot cream, make sure your face is clean. Just wash your face and pat it dry properly.

Important Note: When applying this cream be gentle don’t try to be a rough and excessive wash or rub your face doing this can cause irritation.

Steps to use or apply this cream on your

  1. Apply this cream once a night, before going to the bed.
  2. Second, apply the cream all over your face and gently apply it to the affected areas where you need it to work.
  3. Finally use an oil-free moisturizer and keep in mind that you can also use this cream during the daytime but make sure your doctor recommends using this.

After using this cream for a while if you don’t see any improvements or don’t notice any difference, talk to your doctor and start using this cream less frequently.

Cost And Where You To Buy

How much does this cream cost? Probably you’re wondering because they don’t show their pricing unless you feel some questions or answers on their official website during the checkout process. 

The treatment of Musely spot Cream costs between $60 and $76. If you purchase only the spot cream it will cost you $60 for a 2 months supply.

And if you choose their spot cream set it will cost you $76 for 2 month’s supply.

Important Note: The Musely service and all of their products is isn’t available outside the USA.

Where to Buy

Some FaceRx products are available on third-party partnered retailers like Amazon but the only place to buy this cream is via visiting their official stores:

Musely Spot Cream User’s Reviews

Musely Spot Cream has excellent customer reviews and feedback on its official stores. The spot cream is rated by 239K people online with a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. 

Also, most people after using this cream share theirs before and after photos of people who have used this cream. This is good to consider when skimming through the review section.

Important Note: When considering the below reviews or reading the reviews on their official website. 

You will only see a set of positive reviews of this product because most of the time these reviews are manipulative or only show good reviews so that you have a good impression the first time when landing on their website.

Let’s have a look at some of the written testimonials or reviews by consumers of Musely spot Cream:

Norma P. says

“This is the best cream ever, I tried microdermabrasion, Lazer, and countless creams, and nothing worked but I found this Musely and finally I see change on my dark spots, 🙂🙂”

Stephanie D. says –

“I really satisfied as you can see, everything has changed since I started with Musely I tried everything and nothing worked and it was going back and forth”

Valeria. B says –

“I was amazed at how well this stuff worked. Before one month of use, my skin was already looking much better and continued use kept getting better and better. I am now able to go out w/o makeup. I haven’t done that in over five years. I love it and recommend it to anyone with Melissa or dark spot issues. I could go on and on about this spot cream but my before and after pics speak for themselves.”

Nital P. says –

“It’s been 10 days. I’ve been applying twice a day. No change yet. I am Indian so I always question if these correctors work on brown skin. My skin is dry and reses (almost darker shade) in the applied area. I’ll continue to apply, but so far there haven’t been any changes”

Musely Spot Cream Review: Worth It Or Rip-Off?

Now, is Musely Spot Cream worth a chance? Even though it’s a personal decision we think, yes it could be worth a try. 

The Spot Cream contains a powerful formula that could be effective at reducing dark spots and treating inflammation of the skin. 

Besides, some ingredients like Vitamin C and niacin can also provide you with some anti-aging benefits like fading the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Coming to the side effects part, while you consult dermatitis before ordering, let them know if you have sensitive skin or any allergies. We appreciate how Musely appoints doctors for their customers instead of distributing the same supplement to everyone. 

That was all for the Musely Spot Cream reviews. Now, we would love to turn to you. What’s your thought on The Spot Cream? Let us know.

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