Total Body Enhancement Reviews (2021 Update): Pros, Cons, and Safety of Red Light Therapy

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(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

Total Body Enhancement is a therapy booth that uses infrared lights for healing your body in various ways. It is said to benefit you in several ways from reversing your aging skin to helping you lose weight.

The machine is available at Planet Fitness gyms at various locations in the USA. Total Body Enhancement is also known as Beauty Angel RVT 30, as beauty angel manufactures this machine. The Total Body Enhancement uses whole-body vibration and red light therapy together to help you achieve the desired result.

The article covers every single aspect of Beauty Angel Total Body Enhancement at a place. It reviews the pros and cons of total body enhancement, red light therapy benefits, and side effects, how you use it, safety measures you must follow, and specifications. 

Excited! Time to dive in.

What is Total Body Enhancement?

Total Body Enhancement is a machine installed at the popular fitness and training Gym franchise, Planet Fitness. The telephone booth like machine uses the Red Light therapy mechanism to help your body relieve stress, fight wrinkles and aging, and heal joint pain. 

The Total Body Enhancement is very much similar to a tanning booth. But the mechanism it uses is completely different. The tanning booth is based on UV rays, but the red light therapy makes use of Infrared lights. Also with red light therapy, Total Body Enhancement uses a whole-body vibration mechanism that trains your back, abdomen, and legs muscles. 

You can use Total Body Enhancement only if you are a premium Black Card member at Planet Fitness gym. For your optimal body needs the Total Body Enhancement has four different programs in its system. There’s a lot more left to explore about it. Just stay tuned.

Who Owns Total Body Enhancement?

Angel Beauty makes Total Body Enhancement but it is owned mostly by the Planet Fitness gyms. You can only benefit from this if you are a Premium black card member at planet fitness. Other plans don’t cover Total Body Enhancement, also called the Red Light Therapy Booth. 

Total Body Enhancement: Pros and Cons

Let’s take a broader view of the Total Body Enhancement pros and cons. 

Pros of Total Body Enhancement

1. Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms

Total Body Enhancement also helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a condition where you feel tingling and numbness sensation due to a pinched nerve in your arms. The condition mostly arises if you have to work continuously sitting in one place.

So, if you return to Planet Fitness gym directly after your work hours, Total Body enhancement can really be a good reliever. Although, the relief is for the short term. 

2. Reversing the Ageing Process:

Red Light Therapy is already very popular for these benefits. Most people who got wrinkles on their skin found it to diminish after a few weeks of using Total Body Enhancement. 

When you use red light therapy over your cells, they release more collagen. An improved collagen level helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles and ultimately reverses the aging process. 

3. Enhancement in Wound Healing:

For people who recently faced some sort of trauma or surgery, Total Enhancement can show them noticeable wound-healing effects. It makes the wound healing cells of your body more active than usual. 

The wound could be of any type like a burn, infection, skin grafting, etc. So feel free to take a Total Body Enhancement therapy session if you find yourself in such a case. 

4. Reduction in Pain And Inflammation:

Inflammation of your tissues and cells is a major reason for pain. The infrared rays used by Total Body Enhancement can help relieve pain by reducing inflammation of your tissues. Just always remember to keep the area exposed where you want to experience/feel the result. 

5. Stress Relief

An increase in your stress level could be a consequence of several day-to-day activities like your day job, not being able to take much rest, and so on. Total Body Enhancement is also known well for its stress reduction ability.

For better stress relief you can use this machine for a continuous 30 minutes duration. The vibrating technology within Total Body Enhancement also plays a major role in reducing stress. As vibrating pads relax your muscles you feel more relaxed and eventually find relief from stress. 

6. Increased Blood Circulation

A session at Total Enhancement Booth can improve blood circulation throughout your body. The vibration of your body cells is the major driver of this benefit. Improved blood circulation helps increase your endurance and performance at the gym. 

Also during a peer review, it was found that the red light therapy helped prevent muscle soreness after the workout. This can also help with symptoms of varicose veins. As the infrared waves irritate those veins and thus improves the circulation.

7. Improves Your Energy Level and Metabolism

Another benefit from Red Light therapy is it enhances your mitochondrial performance and triggers it to synthesize more ATP (the energy currency of your cell). This enables your body to perform more energetically throughout your day. 

The Total Enhancement Booth also improves metabolism. As your body synthesizes more energy, the more food you eat.

Cons of Total Body Enhancement

1. Lack Of Guidance to Operate:

You don’t receive any guidance about how to operate the Total Body Enhancement at the Planet Fitness Gym. You only get the details of the benefits written outside on the door of the machine. So, you must learn to control everything by yourself.

2. You Need To upgrade your Basic Membership;

To use Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness gym, you need to upgrade your membership to Black Premium Card. The benefits aren’t available at the basic membership. This could be a problem in case you only want to use Total Body Enhancement and not other features under the Premium Black membership.

3. Not Suitable for People Who have Skin Issues;

Red Light Therapy isn’t a suitable option for those who have skin irritability issues. As your skin is directly exposed to the red light area, conditions like itching, and irritation.

4. Drop-in Blood Pressure:

Using Total Body Enhancement may lead to a rise in your blood pressure and this could cause symptoms like nausea, difficulty breathing, and irregular heartbeats. You may also face vertigo or loss of body control. 

5. Sleep Problems:

Many people after using Total Body Enhancement face sleeping issues. After coming out from the booth your cells are highly active, so it takes some time for them to recover. So, also take this into account if you 

Takeaway: Though Total Body Enhancement has some cons its pros or benefits make the Red Light Therapy worth giving a try. Most people use this machine to heal stress in their muscles and reverse the aging process.

How Does Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Work?

Total Body Fitness at Planet Fitness uses body vibration and red light therapy to heal skin cells, relax your body, and burn fat. Let’s understand how it helps you with every benefit.

If you’re not sure how the whole thing works, you must look at the complete functioning beforehand. Once you get inside of it then you would know that apart from red light therapy the floor also has a vibrating pad and you also get to listen to music while being inside.

Also, the “working principle” of this machine is very simple: it uses combinations of red light therapy and whole-body vibration. The Total Body Enhancement emits low light wavelengths and the vibrating pads send vibration from the ground through your whole body. 

Red Light therapy increases collagen levels in your body cells. And as most of you are already aware that collagen can help improve your skin health. The improved collagen level helps lessen cellulite and prevent wrinkles over your skin. Thus in a way helping your skin look more youthful.

The body vibration feature of total body enhancement helps muscles of your body to relax when they are stressed. As you already know, Total Body Enhancement takes your whole body into account. The Vibration also helps you calm your mind and keep it in a good mental state.

Total Body Enhancement can help you lose weight. It makes this possible in two ways. First, the vibration helps relax your muscles and provides you faster post-workout recovery, thus it enables you to work more on your body. 

Secondly, red light therapy also helps get rid of cellulite. You may not know that the overflow of cellulite in fat cells increases the girth of your waist, hips, and thighs. Thus reducing cellulite shows a significant impact on reducing your body’s girth, especially thigh fat. This was all about how Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness worked. 

How to Use Total Body Enhancement?

Using Total Body Enhancement is not rocket science and takes very little effort to learn. Once you are comfortable with its controls, you can use it the next time without any manual. 

Here are the 7 simple and easy steps to use the Total Body Enhancement machine are as follows:

Step 1: Just open the door and enter inside the Total Enhancement Booth.

Step 2: Using the remote control provided press the start button. 

Step 3: Now, turn the vibrating pad on. You can do this by double-tapping the VibraShape icon on the upper left part of the remote. (A white led flash indicates that you turned it on.)

Step 4: Next you need to choose the favorable vibration intensity program for yourself. You can do this by switching between different programs using the plus button at the bottom.

Step 5: After you are done with choosing suitable vibration intensity, it’s time to clear the display.

Step 6: Turn the fan on using the white button on the right. Double-tap that button until the fan light doesn’t show up.

Step 7: Now use the white + button to adjust the speed of the fan. 

The above steps are all the basic settings you can use if you are new to this machine. And once you are used to these settings, you can explore more of the Total Body Enhancement when the controls are in your hand.

Want a video tutorial on how to use Total Body Enhancement? Well, here’s the one!

Red Light Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects

Before getting deep, you must know what red light therapy is? Red light therapy is a light treatment process that aims to solve skin problems like aging, wrinkles, scarring, wounds, and other skin conditions. It also promotes the healing of your muscles tissues. 

The machine uses infrared rays, rays that are not visible to us, to heal your body. Infrared rays are easily absorbed by your body. If you are thinking of giving Total Body Enhancement a try, considering red light therapy’s benefits and side effects is a good decision.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy 

  1. Red light therapy can help to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and thus can help reverse the aging process. The benefit was also found during a clinical trial by Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. During the trial, volunteers who took part found their skin to rejuvenate and improve in terms of skin complexion and feeling. 
  2. Red Light Therapy can enhance the healing of tissues and wounds. It is able to achieve this by reducing inflammation in your tissues and promoting its formation. 
  3. It is also found effective at reducing your body pain. To achieve this benefit, you know to expose the specific area inside the Total Body Enhancement booth. 
  4. Mood Improvement is another benefit you receive from Red Light therapy. 
  5. The infrared rays used can reduce the cellulite level in your body. Apart from improving skin tone, this also helps you to reduce the girth of your body parts and lose weight. 

Red Light Therapy Side Effects / Dark Sides 

In general Using red light therapy is a safe and natural treatment for solving a variety of pain. But in some rare cases, people have reported side effects from using Red Light Therapy. 

  1. Some people reported burns and blisters from using Red Light therapy. It occurred due to two reasons. First, they fell asleep inside the unit/booth. Secondly, the unit was corroded or experienced a short circuit.
  2. Infrared light therapy may give mild headaches.
  3. The rapid drop in your blood pressure and vertigo symptoms.
  4. Irritability and using this machine at night may lead to disturbances in your sleep pattern. 
  5. Also, some people may face eyestrain issues after using this booth, and also there’s a potential risk of eye damage. So proper eye protection is necessary.

The side effects may differ as different bodies have different reactions to different stimuli and thus such individuals need to be careful while using it.

So if you’re unsure about these side effects or in case you experience any of the above side effects from using this machine that could make the case worsen. You must immediately stop using them and contact the health provider in such cases.

Who Should Avoid Total Body Enhancement?

Besides having many benefits to most of the individual this machine come with certain restriction to certain people and this machine should not be used if you are or have:

  • Bodyweight over 300 lbs.
  • Dvt (Deep Vein Thrombosis).
  • Fresh wounds and recently undergone following operation or surgery.
  • Pregnant ladies.
  • Suffering from epilepsy or generally sensitive to light.
  • Cardiac pacemakers users.
  • Acute osteoporosis or suffering from retinal detachment.
  • Extremely photosensitive people.
  • On a lot of medication or taking herbal remedies which cause light sensitivity such as antifungal agents, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory agents.

The manufacturers also state the above restrictions so that people with these above conditions should completely avoid it and ensure that this machine doesn’t give any side effects or harm you.

Types of VibraShape Programs

The vibration pad fitted inside the Total Body Enhancement has 4 different types of vibration intensity programs. Let’s look into each of them. 

Safety Measures for Total Body Enhancement

Most of the time Total Body Enhancement is safe to use and doesn’t require you to follow any safety precautions. But in case you find the machine damaged from anywhere, contact the Planet Fitness owner before use. 

A damaged machine may have some electric issues which may damage your body, and you don’t want that. Also, remember if you are too tired and can’t stay awake even for 20 minutes, then do not enter the machine. As if you fall asleep inside Total Body fitness infrared rays may damage your skin and cause burns. 

Specifications of Total Body Enhancement

The specification of Total Body Enhancement are given below:

Electricity Requirement230 V
Power consumption8,700 watts
Ceiling Height9 feets
Room Size8 X 7 ft
Open Dimensions55 x 55 x 93 inches
Closed Dimensions55 x 55 x 93 inches 
Weight1,055 lbs
Specifications of Total Body Enhancement Machine

Total Body Enhancement Reviews: The Bottom Line

Total body enhancement by Planet Fitness could be a great way to heal your entire body after or before your workout. Using Red Light Therapy and the whole-body vibration technique, the machine can heal your tissues, muscles, skin cells and more importantly reduce cellulite levels. The holistic approach that it takes into account makes it worth giving a try.

Taking the Safety and Health risk aspect, Total Body Enhancement is safe for almost everyone. Just keep in mind, not to fall asleep within the machine and do not use it if it has problems, like short-circuit or corrosion. Below we have some FAQs you must take into account before you go into the booth. 

That was all about the Total Body Enhancement reviews. Now, we would love to turn it over to you! What’s your take on this Red Light Therapy machine? Let us know in the discussion area. 

Faqs On Total Body Enhancement

Q 1. Is using Total Body Enhancement Safe?

The red light used in the Total Body Enhancement machine is Non- UV or non-Damaging rays, that are completely safe for your skin and don’t hurt it even a bit. Also, non-UV rays ensure complete safety from Skin Cancer too. If you are detected with a tumor, then too much red light therapy is safe

Q 2. How often should you use Total Body Enhancement?

You can use the Total Body Enhancement whenever you like to use it. But the manufacturer’s and Planet Fitness recommends using this machine 2-3 times for 12 minutes over 90 days. After using this machine you have to take 24 hours of break between the sessions.

Q 3. Can you wear clothes, eye protection like sunglasses in the Total Body Enhancement Machine?

Yes, absolutely you can wear clothes while using this machine. But ensure to keep the area where you want the red therapy effect to remain exposed. For your eyes, red light isn’t dangerous but if you feel uncomfortable with the red light you may wear sunglasses or protective glass similar to the ones used in the tanning booth.

Q 4. Does Total Body Enhancement help to burn your calories?

Yes, you can burn calories in the Total Body Enhancement. Here’s how. After using this machine you will feel or have more energy in your cells the next time when you are going or doing workouts. And thus the booth can withstand you much longer than before by giving the energy throughout the whole body.

Q 5. Should I use Total Body Enhancement before or after my workout?

Depending upon your purpose you can use Total Body Enhancement before or after the workout. If you use this machine before the workout, then there is a high chance you will feel more energized. Whereas after your workout it can ease muscle pain and inflammation of your joints.

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