Is Bang Energy Drink Bad For You? Honest Evaluation

Bang is a zero-calorie and sugar-free energy drink designed for people who want to stay stimulated and high on energy while performing their everyday tasks. 

Now, why energy drinks? Energy drinks are a way to get legal stimulants inside your body that can increase alertness, attention, and concentration along with energy enhancement.

Energy drinks are most popular among teens and adults, especially students to help them increase their energy levels to experience high alertness and mental focus.

Mostly the active and the most widely nootropic ingredient of these energy drinks is caffeine, which is held accountable for the benefits you experience. 

Energy drinks are not a suitable choice for people who do not prefer caffeine to stimulate their energy levels or are caffeine sensitive. 

A single can of Bang Energy gets you around 300 mg of caffeine, which is certainly high for one dose. So, can you actually consume Bang Energy? 

In this column, we will be looking at questions like is Bang Energy bad for you? If not, how much to drink a day? Also, we will be evaluating its ingredients to get a detailed account. 

Having said that, time to dive in. 

What Is Bang Energy Drink?

Bang Energy Drink is an all-natural energy drink that is made to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. The energy drink comes in a variety of natural flavors.

Each can of Bang contains 16oz of an energy drink containing around 300mg of caffeine. If you want to get an idea of how much it is, it’s equivalent to 3 cups of your regular coffee.

That’s pretty high. Don’t you think so?

Thus, one single Bang Energy Drink can provide you with a colossal amount of caffeine, sufficient for an entire workout. 

The sweetening property of Bangs energy drink is provided with the help of an Artificial sweetener that is sucralose, which is 300 to 1000 times sweeter than your regular sugar. 

Bang has nearly 42 flavors to fuel you with energy for any activity you want to perform.

Now, who is this energy drink designed for? Bang Energy drink can be taken by anyone who is above the age of 18 whether it’s a student, gamer, or musician in the classroom, at home, or gym.  

While unlike a typical soda or energy drink like Monster, Bang is sugar-free which makes it a zero-calorie drink. But, Is Bangs good for people trying to lose weight and reduce calorie intake? Keep, reading to find out.

Bang Energy Drink Manufacturer

Jack Owoc founded Bang Energy for the sole purpose of helping as many people as possible by providing high-quality energy drinks. 

Jack didn’t only limit himself to creating Bang Energy he also owns other nutritional supplement brands that include Vital Pharmaceuticals (VPX), Redline, and Meltdown Energy. 

The Bang Energy drink didn’t come as easy as it looks. Jack Owoc was formerly a Science teacher. On his story page, he explains how his story has several ups and downs before he started the company. 

Ingredients used in Bang Energy are backed by science and their efficacy is checked in the laboratory also called the quality control center. They run multiple tests.

Bang Energy makes a lot of claims to prove how the quality of products they provide in their Niche. You can also find Bang Energy drinks in retail outlets like Walmart. 

The company isn’t BBB accredited. Still, it is rated as a B-grade company by Business Bureau.

Is Bangs Bad For You?

Bang Energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine, which can be harmful if consumed in excess. And drinking high-stimulant energy drinks can have negative side effects.

For example, a 2021 review discovered that the most frequently reported side effects of energy drink consumption in teenagers and adults were insomnia, stress, restlessness, and mood changes.

Consuming more than 5-7 energy drinks per week, according to the authors, may not be a good idea.

Furthermore, excessive energy drink consumption has been linked to dangerous health conditions such as seizures, comas, liver damage, and heart arrhythmias (1).

The recommended daily limit for caffeine is 400 mg, also caffeine has even been linked to some death (2).

You should not consume excessive amounts of energy drinks or include them in your diet on a regular basis. To reduce the likelihood of unpleasant side effects such as insomnia and jitteriness, limit your intake of stimulants such as caffeine.

Besides this, you should also be aware that adding an extra cup or two of tea to your daily fluid and caffeine consumption will almost certainly result in more trips to the restroom.

This energy drink lacks any obvious third-party testing to back up purity and safety claims; however, the ingredients in Bangs Energy appear to be safe and healthy for most people; however, the product contains a proprietary blend of ingredients, so, the exact dosage amount is still unknown.

The product is sweetened with sucralose and is generally considered safe if consumed in moderation. However, due to the way it is processed and the fact that it contains artificial sweeteners, it is not a super drink.

However, before taking this drink, you should consult with your primary care physician. It’s advised that women who are pregnant or nursing should limit their caffeine intake, so those individuals may avoid this product.

Bangs Supplement Facts

Each can of Bang Energy Drink has almost the same nutritional facts and the difference is just seen in the flavors they use.

The supplement facts of a common Bang energy drink can include

  1. Total Fat – 0g
  2. Cholesterol- 0 mg
  3. Sodium- 40 mg
  4. Total Carbohydrate – 0g
  5. Protein- 0g
  6. Vitamin D- 0mcg
  7. Iron- 0 mg
  8. Vitamin C- 27mg
  9. Vitamin B6- 0.5mg
  10.  Magnesium- 5mg
  11. Calcium- 5mh
  12. Potassium- 85mg
  13. Niacin- 5mg
  14. Vitamin B12- 1.5 mcg

Bang energy drink is a calorie-free and sugar-free energy drink that doesn’t overdose on your vitamins or minerals when you look at their nutrition acts. 

Also, it is known to contain all 9 essential amino acids and CoQ10 in its list of ingredients used. Let’s break down the ingredients list of Bang Energy.

We think Bang uses a lot more ingredients in their energy drink than needed. However, can the Bangs energy ingredients be harmful to you? Let’s find out. 

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1. Caffeine Anhydrous

It is a highly concentrated form of caffeine made using seeds and leaves of coffee plants. The attachment of the word anhydrate means without water. As said, each can of Bang Energy will give you 300 mg of caffeine. 

It says this tremendous amount of caffeine can keep you hydrated throughout the day. Now, Is high caffeine in Bang energy harmful? As you must be aware that the safe dosage of caffeine in a day is 400 mg as suggested by FDA.

Thus, the caffeine dose as you look is under the tolerable range. However, consuming 300mg of caffeine directly at once might have some weird symptoms in a few individuals like anxiety, insomnia, and heart palpitation.  

2. Citric Acid

It is a preservative used in energy drinks to enhance their flavors and increase their shelf life. However, too much citric acid can be bad for your teeth’ health since it is also good at dissolving the upper layer or enamel of your tooth.

3. Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate

These ingredients are used to preserve the energy drink’s freshness. You must avoid food preservatives as much as possible since they can have inflammatory effects on your body. However, when taken in small quantities they’re likely to be safe. 

4. EAAs (essential amino acids)

Bang Energy drink includes all 9 types of Essential Amino Acids: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. 

These amino acids are needed by your body for various functions that include: Breaking down food, growing and repairing body tissues, building muscles, immunity, etc.

Now, is it safe or not? Essential amino acids are generally safe and can be consumed on a daily basis. It can alleviate fatigue, improve performance and promote muscle recovery in Bang. 

5. Sucralose

Even though Bang energy drink is sugar-free it will taste sweet. Have you wondered why? It is due to the use of an artificial sweetener called Sucralose. This artificial sweetener is 600 times sweeter than your regular sugar. 

Is Sucralose bad for you? When considered in moderation Sucralose is safe to consume. Too much sucralose may cause health and metabolism issues.

6. Super Creatine

Bang Energy drink is scrutinised with the Compound Super Creatine made up of Creaty-L-Leuicine (Creatine bonded to L-Leuice). 

Creatine is an important energy metabolite that is concentrated in tissues of the brain and muscles. The use of creatine could have provided strength, muscle mass, and muscle recovery still we don’t know if the dose is sufficient for the benefits provided.  

7. CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)

Coenzymes are compounds that are required by enzymes for catalytic activity. These are often derived as vitamins or their derivatives.

Also known by the name ubiquinone, CoQ10 is a coenzyme that is ubiquitous in animals. It is an enzyme that helps converts food into energy and is a powerful antioxidant. However, just like any other ingredient its dosage is not known.

8. Vitamins

Bang energy contains different vitamins such as Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin B3, B6, and B12. 

Vitamin C as we know has anti-inflammatory properties and is also known for keeping healthy while other B vitamins can help with the healthy immune system, nervous system, and brain health.

Now, are the Vitamins added making a difference in your energy level? Though vitamins aren’t directly involved in energy production they might play some role indirectly

Final Thoughts: While looking at the supplement facts and ingredients we conclude that the ingredients could have been effective if used in the right amount of dose. However, Bang Energy fails to declare the number of ingredients used, so we have no idea of their effectiveness.  

Is Bang Energy Drink Good For You?

A variety of clearly unhealthy drinks are available in your supermarket’s beverage aisle, ranging from soda and energy drinks to fruit-flavored juices and cocktails. The majority of these have little to no nutritional value and a lot of added sugars.

We think that Bang Energy Drink is good for you because Bang Energy contains no zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sugars, and zero artificial colors. 

You don’t need excess calories in your beverages because excess calories are stored as fat; when you consume too much throughout the day, you’re bound to have some leftover calories to deal with. 

So drinking or taking Bang Energy may be good for you as you don’t want to deal with any extra calories that other drinks have it.

It also contains BCAAs and EAAs, which are branch-chain amino acids and essential amino acids that contain several vitamins in them and can help you reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and promote muscle-protein synthesis.

Given this Bang nutritional profile, Bang Energy is considered an excellent source of B Vitamins, which provide numerous benefits as discussed above. Additionally, the drink has high antioxidants due to the presence of CoQ10 and Vitamin C, both of which have been shown to have anti-aging properties.

Bang Energy has received positive feedback from customers who enjoy the taste and the flavors that come with it, allowing them to select a healthier drink than the majority of drinks in the same category. Bang Energy is thus more convenient than many traditional energy drinks.

And taking these Bangs Drinks is superior to taking other drinks because it allows you to select a proprietary form of their creatine product (Bang Super Creatine), which does not provide all of the benefits of regular Bang Energy drinks but does have noticeable benefits.

Please make sure that any energy drinks cannot replace adequate sleep, a healthy diet, stress management, and treatment of underlying medical conditions that may be causing prolonged, unexplained fatigue.

Lastly, It’s not a good idea to drink energy drinks on a regular basis or to rely on them to get you through the day, even if you use them occasionally to alleviate fatigue or improve athletic performance.

How Many Bangs Energy Drink A Day?

The answer to this question is quite obvious. The recommended intake of caffeine by the FDA is only 400 mg a day and each can of Bang Energy gets you 300 mg. So, you can’t take more than one Bang Energy a day. 

It is also advisable to not consume any other high-caffeine supplement like your coffee or any pre-workout containing more than 100 mg of caffeine in it. 

If you consume any high caffeine supplement or product after having Bang energy, it is very likely that you will overdose yourself with caffeine. 

Caffeine overdosage might result in facing unwanted side effects such as headache, diarrhea, dizziness, and nausea.

Thus, it all concludes with one single thought you must not consume more than one Bang Energy in a day. Otherwise, you might invite some unwanted side effects to your lifestyle. 

Bangs Energy Drink – Pros And Cons


  • This drink has an available version of caffeine-free.
  • Easy and convenient for drinking on the go.
  • May increase energy and revitalize your mind & body.
  • Evidence to support the benefits of most ingredients.
  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee.


  • May be expensive for most people.
  • Contains artificial sweeteners.
  • Can be uncomfortable or face side effects due to high caffeine content.
  • High caffeine (300mg) in each serving.
  • Exact ingredients amounts were not provided.
  • There is a lack of independent third-party testing and research on some active ingredients.

Bangs Energy Drink Reviews

Bangs Energy Drinks are among the popular drinks in the category of “Energy Drinks” on the internet. While writing this review or article, we read many Bangs Energy reviews on Amazon and on their official website. Here is what we found:

Positive Bangs reviews

  • For most people, it’s yummy and has an excellent taste, plus great flavor.
  • While for others it’s a good and great product.

Negative Bangs reviews

  • The majority of those who have criticized the product believe it does not taste good and has a sour aftertaste, and some do not like the flavors.
  • On Amazon, some customers have complained about product-related issues.
  • Others think it’s expensive for the price.

Users Testimonials

Christine D says – “Awesome drinks and fast shipping”

Shaquiq says – “Ordered 12 pack of strawberry delish, tastes as good as I remember”

Alexander C says – “Love root beer and cake batter in other places but the Bang flavors both start sweet and end with this weird and unpleasant sour taste. It does not taste like root beer, will not buy this flavor again”

Zach says – “I am giving this 3 out of 5 stars. I purchased this for my bf to drink for work. He typically likes lemon/lime/sour flavors, except for this. He didn’t enjoy the flavor & only drank maybe 2. Luckily my son will drink any Bang Energy Drink & enjoyed these ones. It is a great value but doesn’t taste the best. Shipping was prompt and carefully packaged”

Jack says- “I love Bang, and I love this flavor. This review is about packaging and storage. The picture shows can tops popped up, and contents leaked out. It could not have occurred in delivery transit because it’s only been in the 70s at the most this weekend, and the truck could not have gotten that hot. So it must have been like that on packing (12 can transparent pack in tight fitting box). The ruined cans were clearly visible, and the person who put it in the box did not even see it. It’s too much trouble to return, and I could not find a place to just give feedback except this review”

Should You Consume Bangs?

Is Bangs bad for you? No, if you are not sensitive to caffeine and used to drinking coffee, Bang energy isn’t bad for you. 

But, as each can of Bang Energy provides you with a huge amount of caffeine, i.e. equivalent to 3 cups of your regular coffee, you can’t consume more than one in a day.

While analyzing the ingredient, even though it looks useful and can have benefits for your health, we do not know if the ingredients have an effective dose. 

As an energy drink, Bang Energy is overall a good choice but slightly more expensive than its competitors. Bang Energy contains more nutrients than other energy drinks.

In case you are looking for something slightly less caffeinated than Bangs, you can look for Celsius energy drink, which is also a popular energy drink in the category.

That was all for today’s column. Now, let us know what are your thoughts on the Bang Energy drink. Do you think you can spend a few extra bucks to get this? Let us know.

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