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Energy drinks are popular beverages that are intended to boost your energy, alertness, and concentration. These energy beverages contain caffeine, B vitamins, amino acids such as L-taurine, and herbal extracts, all of which are meant to boost our both physical and mental performance. 

There is no doubt about the growth in the popularity of energy drinks among teenagers and adults. While they can deliver benefits, energy drinks like C4 have a number of associated health concerns related to excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar, as well as their artificial sweetener content.

One of these key concerns in energy drinks is getting addicted to it and dependence on it which could result in long-term health-related issues or problems.

And this article explores one of the popular carbonated energy drink C4 Energy its side effects and symptoms, and whether its side effects are dangerous or not. 

Having said that. Let’s dive into the C4 energy drink side effects.

What is C4 energy drink?

C4 Energy is a carbonated energy drink mix aimed for gamers, athletes, and those wishing to boost their energy, focus, alertness, attention, and reaction time. 

This beverage has a combination of caffeine, B vitamins, taurine, and electrolytes to provide you with the energy you need to stay motivated and focused. Other than this claims the brand also claims that their ingredients are made with clinically studied ingredients. 

This product includes an extra credit ingredient named CARNOSYN® BETA-ALANINE outside of the normal ingredients in most energy drinks which we have discussed above, and which may be helpful to support muscular endurance and combat muscular fatigue.

It’s worth mentioning though that each can of C4 energy drink contains about 200mg of caffeine per serving. 

Cellucor’s C4 energy drink is one of its products, and the sports nutrition company also focuses on and sells other supplement categories such as nutritional and bodybuilding supplements.

Unlike many energy drinks, the C4 energy drink is free of sugar and artificial color or dyes and NSF certified. This energy drink is available in eight flavors including Frozen Bombsicle, Orange Slice, Cheery Limedade, Arctic Snow Cone, Purple Frost, Tropical Blast, Midnight Cheery, and Strawberry Watermelon Ice.

C4 Energy Drink Side Effects

C4 Energy drink side effects are one of the major health concerns for people who are about to get started with it or even for those who are already drinking it.

The side effects of C4 Energy drink can have multiple reasons such as ingredients that make you allergic, overdose, or high consumption. 

So, let’s begin with their ingredients and the side effects they might show when used in C4 energy drinks. 

The major ingredients used in C4 are Beta-Alanine, Malic Acid, L-Citrulline, BetaPower, Caffeine Anhydrous, Niacinamide, Alpha Size, and Vitamin B12.

Besides these, it contains carbonated water, natural flavors, and artificial sweeteners (sucralose and Acesulfame potassium). Now, get ready to learn more about these ingredients’ side effects.  

A larger dosage of Beta-Alanine may show skin rashes and paresthesia although they aren’t severe and shouldn’t worry you much.

The malic acid in the C4 drink is generally safe but can have side effects when used in higher doses such as headache, diarrhea, and nausea.

Niacinamide and Vitamin B12 are two different Vitamins used in the C4 Energy drink. In almost every individual these Vitamins are safe to take but excessive intake can cause headaches and stomach-related issues like stomach upset, gas nausea, and vomiting.  

C4 Energy Drink Is Safe until…

Everything about the C4 side effects fits perfectly in the equation but they are also found to use natural caffeine and artificial sweeteners. 

This might be a little concerning and you should know that neither artificial sweeteners nor caffeine are completely safe.  

Research on sucralose finds out that it can upset your gut microbiome which can make you more prone to inflammation, obesity, and type two diabetes. But, when consumed in moderation (which most people do) it is safe. 

The performance energy blend of C4 contains 200 – 300mg of caffeine depending on the flavor you select.

Some of the most noticeable C4 Energy Drink side effects might occur due to their high caffeine content. 

Though caffeine is really effective when it comes to alleviating mood and promoting alertness, focus, and concentration, side effects of it can include insomnia, headache, and dizziness.

Even studies from reputed resources show that higher dosages of caffeine can cause restlessness, nervousness, and irritability. 

Conclusion to C4 Energy side effects…

C4 Energy drinks may have side effects such as insomnia, headache, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, and anxiety. Most of these side effects are due to their high caffeine content. Thus, it is best to not make a habit out of it. 

Are C4 Energy Drink Side Effects Dangerous?

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Energy drinks, such as C4, and others, can be dangerous if you become addicted to them since they contain potentially habit-forming ingredients such as caffeine and other components.

The negative effects of C4 energy drinks could be dangerous, especially if you consume an excessive amount of C4 energy drinks without being able to control your consumption.

Regular consumption of energy drinks has been associated with chronic health issues such as weight gain and kidney problems, as well as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and renal problems (2), (3).

While C4 Energy is a sugar-free energy drink option that may appear more appealing due to its low sugar and calorie content, it does include as much caffeine, which can cause adverse effects such as sleeplessness, headaches, dizziness, restlessness, shakiness, and many more.

For starters, energy drinks are acidic, and consuming them on a frequent basis will discolor your teeth and wear down your enamel. This may raise your chances of getting dental problems such as cavities (1).

Last but not least, knowing that consuming energy drinks on a regular basis may impair your health and result in the aforementioned effects. As a result, purchasing one, two, or more energy drinks per day may be as costly as smoking.

How Much C4 Energy Drink In A Day?

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If you don’t know or haven’t discovered how much C4 energy drink you really need to drink every day to boost your performance, power, energy, and endurance, as well as to determine the side effects of drinking too much.

The company suggested you to consume one can of C4 energy drinks for 20 to 30 minutes before dominating exercises.

The FDA recommends a daily caffeine limit of 400 mg for healthy adults, and you should not consume more than one can of C4 energy drink because each serving contains 200 mg of caffeine, 

And, surpassing the FDA caffeine limit, which will be exceeded if you consume two cans of C4 Energy, and can result in undesirable, hazardous side effects such as restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, and, in some cases, seizures.

Are C4 Energy Drink Side Effects Tolerable?

The C4 energy drink has a safe ingredient profile but some reasons that can lead to side effects are its high caffeine content. 

The Energy Carbonated version of the C4 drink has 200mg of caffeine per can while the C4 Ultimate Carbonated Drink has 300mf of caffeine per can. 

While consuming one can a day is completely safe, exceeding its intake even to 2 cans a day can lead to side effects. 

The recommended daily intake of caffeine is 400mg per day which you can enjoy safely without any health concerns. Dosage higher than 400mg can have side effects such as insomnia, headache, anxiety, and heart palpitation. 

Hence, the C4 Energy drink’s general side effects may include insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and headache. If you are experiencing these while using this drink, go for a break from it. 

Taking a break from C4 can help solve the side effects. However in case it is more frequent and intense, speak with your healthcare provider. 

Also, artificial sweeteners are thought to lower the health of your gut microbiome when consumed in excess. But, for most people moderate consumption is safe.

Thus, moderation is the key while you are drinking the C4 energy drink. Make sure, you don’t form a habit out of these drinks. 

Even with popular energy drinks such as Monster, Bang Energy, and RedBull, C4 Energy drink has its own consumer base and they are doing pretty well at it.


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