Can Drinking Hint Water Be Bad For Your Kidneys?

Hint water is a fresh fruit-infused water/beverage.

There’s a lot to love with Hint Water. It’s and has few ingredients, contains negligible amounts of calories and sugar, and it may even help you stay hydrated.

If you aren’t that keen on the taste of plain water but need more hydration, hint water could be your new drink of choice.

This article discusses its potential, whether this water is bad for your kidneys, and some consideration for your kidney health.

Without any further ado, let’s get started..

Hint Water Overview

In short, Hint Water is basically fruit infused flavored water brand that you can enjoy without the calories or artificial ingredients.

Today, many people like the idea of flavored water because they don’t contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners, flavors or additives.

Plus, another reason is that this water is a refreshing and healthy drink that comes with just two ingredients – purified water and natural flavors.

Hint water is a beverage widely found in the nearest supermarket or retail stores & online as well. This drink is free of sugars, sodiums, MSG, nuts, gluten, soy, sweeteners & preservatives.

If you buy fresh hint water from the retail stores, there’s a good chance you’ll like the label because each 16 oz bottle is infused with fruit flavours and has zero calories and zero grams of sugars.

Is Hint Water Bad For Your Kidneys?

Before knowing if Hint Water is bad for the kidney or not, you must ask yourself whether there is a connection of Hint Water with your kidney. 

Kidneys in humans are meant mainly to purify and filter blood to produce urine in order to let waste products out of your body. 

Hint Water is just a flavored purified water made up of only natural flavors added in purified water, so there is no chance that it has anything to do with affecting your kidneys health. 

The only ingredient it has is natural flavors. It does not include any preservative, artificial colors, or any additives that might make it bad for health. 

Hint Water comes in BPA-free bottles which is a great initiative as compared to BPA made bottles. BPA (Bisphenol A) in multiple research has indicated some major health concerns like diabetes, cancer and reduced fertility. 

Thus Hint Water can be a good way to keep you hydrated with its various flavored versions. However, the only con is you will have to pay a little extra than your regular water bottle in order to enjoy it. 

Hint Water is a good alternative to highly sweetened and preservatives added soda than can be bad for your kidneys health.

Is Hint Water Good For Your Kidneys?

Drinking sufficient water and staying hydrated is very crucial to keep your kidneys healthy and prevent chances of poor kidney functions.

Reduced or lower water intake throughout the day can lead to waste accumulation in your body that may lead to kidney damage. This can cause conditions such as dehydration. 

Dehydration may lead to problems such as accumulation of crystals forming kidney stones and increased chances of injection.

Hint Water provides you with a tasty way to increase your water intake throughout the day. Thus it’s the opposite of what you may think. Hint Water is actually good for your kidney health.

Consideration For Kidney Health

Hint water proves safe for most people to drink in regular amounts.

The good thing is that it is primarily composed of just two ingredients: purified water and natural flvaours.  Although “natural flavors” comes from a lot of different places

They specified that their natural flavors come from real fruits, vegetables and spices. 

Additionally, hint water can contribute to your daily fluid intake, it’s typically recommended to take any flavored water with diverse fluids such as water and keep in mind that this type of  drink is not a substitute for plain water and maintaining overall hydration.

There isn’t much current research conducted on the safety of hint water for your kidney health. Therefore you should consider checking with your doctor before drinking high amounts of hint water.

While rare, individuals with pre-existing kidney conditions or concerns should consult with their healthcare provider regarding their all fluid intake during a day, which would be essential helpful for each person’s need & their health status. 


Without any second thought, we are glad to say that Hint Water is not bad for your kidneys. Instead they are an amazing way to keep you hydrated and help your kidneys function at their best.

Hint Water is made using just two ingredients: Purified Water & Natural Flavors. None of these ingredients are concerning for your kidneys. 

Proper hydration is key to keeping your kidneys working healthy and prevent chances of any infection, crystal accumulation or stone formation. 

However, with any supplement even if the slightest ingredient is added to modify its properties, you should keep in mind that moderation is the key.

Normal or plain water is still the best pocket-friendly way to keep you hydrated without any worries. Thus, if you can always prefer plain water above any water supplement. 

Nevertheless, Hint Water is also a good way to hydrate with refreshing fruity flavors in your mouth. You can try them sometimes when you feel your regular water hard to intake or boring for you.

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