IntestinePro Review: Can it Improve Your Intestine And Gut Health?

If you haven’t heard of the term “leaky gut”, it’s used to describe a condition known as intestinal permeability, which basically means that your intestines stop filtering toxins out as often as they normally would.

This particular condition causes toxins to flow into your bloodstream which may affect everything from your ability to keep a healthy weight to the efficiency of your immune system.

Our gut health is extremely important to us. Studies have shown that gut health is linked to our mood, immune system, mental health, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, and many more. 

IntestinePro is a dietary supplement company that aims to support your intestine and help to prevent above mentioned leaky gut conditions. 

We believe that the cost of IntestinePro may be justified given its nutritional approach, which places an emphasis on improving intensive health, removing toxins, and reducing inflammation.

This article reviews the IntestinePro Gut Health supplement, which includes an ingredients evaluation, side effects, potential health benefits, and its drawbacks.

Without any further ado, let’s dive right into our IntestinePro review

What is IntestinePro?

Intestin­ePro is a gut health supplement containing a proprietary blend of 18 premium ingredients and Zinc glycinate.

Overall, this product is designed to help stabilize your intestine and soothe it, thus helping treat gastrointestinal issues, including “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

According to the website’s product page description, their formula is the best in the market making it a preferred substitute without any unwanted side effects.

IntestinePro comes as a capsule form that can easily be taken at any time of the day. To get the most out of this product, you should take it daily for 20 days with your meals.

Regardless of the product, its ingredients are formulated in FDA-approved GMP-compliant and the supplement manufacturing facilities are based in the U.S.

The biggest advantage of this supplement may be its transparency: as because It’s been third-party tested to ensure stability and quality of ingredients.

About the Manufacturer

The company behind this gut health supplement is Teraputics. They’ve been selling their products for over ten years and sell it in over thirty countries worldwide!

The company makes a variety of nutritional health supplements, including ones for liver health, sexual health, and many others, all of which are completely free from artificial ingredients.

Out of all the supplements available on the market, IntestinePro is probably one of the most popular products, with a tremendous number of customer reviews.

IntestinePro Ingredients Evaluation

A serving of IntestinePro has 737.5 mg of the proprietary blends, which include 18 individual ingredients to support gut health, and 5 mg of zinc glycinate.

The rest of the other ingredients include – vegetable stearic acid, rice flour, magnesium stearate, and vegetable cellulose.

Continue reading to find out what scientific studies have to say about the ingredients in the supplement and how they support intestine health and help your body to get rid of toxins.

Zinc (glycinate), 5mg

Zinc is an essential nutrient that is important for human growth and health, and has several benefits.

It is often used for treating and preventing zinc deficiency and diarrhea. Zinc has a strong link to improving your immune function. Additionally, consuming a dose of 5–10 mg seems to lessen diarrhea.

Zinc supplements have been found to improve and increase zinc levels in your overall bloodstream effectively.

According to a review of studies, zinc aids in the healing of stomach ulcers, the repair of gut mucosa, and the prevention of gut permeability.

A review found that taking zinc supplements can aid in the prevention of GI-related issues and disorders.

Proprietary Blend, 737.5mg 

1. Cranberry fruit extract, 11%

Cranberry fruit extract is the extract from red small and tart berries. The extracts of Cranberry have antioxidant properties and antiulcer effects.

It contains certain compounds that are found to protect against stomach ulcers, for example, it reduces (H.) pylori bacterial functions in your stomach thus reducing the risks of stomach ulcers in your stomach.

A 2005 study, analyzing the efficacy of cranberry juice found that it is effective in suppressing (H.) Pylori infection. And this bacteria tends to attack your stomach lining which causes ulcers.

Another study on the effect of cranberry juice found that it helps in the eradication of (H.) pylori infections in pateints treated with antibiotics.

2. Apple pectin fruit powder

Apple pectin is extracted from apple fruits and apples are the richest natural source of dietary fiber. It is connected to several health benefits in which one such benefit is that it can aid in gut health.

The Apple pectin is prebiotic; if you don’t know, then a healthy gut microbiome depends on it. 

Furthermore, multiple prebiotic studies demonstrated that the healthy bacteria present in prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of helpful bacteria (1).

This probiotic has been shown to stop the growth of dangerous bacteria including Bacteroides and Clostridium in your digestive tract (2).

Additionally, one study suggests that Apple pectin may assist to treat diarrhea by reducing the signs and symptoms of diarrhea.

3. Carrot root powder

Carrots are a rich source of nutrients, including fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. One such benefit carrot carries is that they help promote digestive health.

Medium carrots contain 1.7 grams of fiber which is 5 -7.6% of a person’s total daily needs of fibers. In addition to this, adequate fiber intake from high-fiber diets and foods can support gut health and improve bowel health (3).

4. Papaya fruit powder

Papayas are good for digestion. Papaya contains an enzyme known as (papain), which can aid digestion.

Plus, It is also high in water and fiber content which may promote a healthy digestive tract and help to prevent constipa­tion.

5. Pumpkin seed powder

Pepitas are also known as pumpkin seeds. When these seeds are bought up from the supermarket, they don’t usually come with shells.

The pumpkin seeds are rich in dietary fiber and the shells contain 1.1 grams of dietary fiber in one single ounce serving.

And as mentioned in a study above that suggests that a high-fiber diet and foods can help promote good digestive health.

6. Pau D’ arco bark powder

Pau’d arco is a herbal supplement made from the inner bark of several species of Tabebuia trees grown in Central and South American rainforests.

This Tabebuia tree extract is high in naphthoquinones, a plant-based compound with antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

The formula contains Pau’d arco extract, and research indicates that this ingredient has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Just like cranberry fruit extract, A study on Pau D’ arco extract showed to prevent the growth of (H.) Pylori Bacteria grows in your digestive tract which could lead to cause ulcers in your stomach.

Because there are no current human studies on pau d’ arco extract, the effectiveness and safety of this ingredient and other infections remain unknown.

7. Cloves seeds powder

Cloves has a role in reducing your stomach ulcers and have properties both antibacterial and antimicrobial.

It contains several compounds and some research found that the compound in cloves has been shown to treat stomach ulcers.

Animal studies show that taking clove extract and essential oil from cloves can increase gastric mucus production and help protect against stomach ulcers.

8. Oregon grape root powder

Many diseases, including stomach upset, colds, flu, cancer, skin disorders, and others, are treated with Oregon grape root.

It contains a powerful active compound called Berberine, which helps to relieve stomach problems such as diarrhea, IBS symptoms, and abdominal pain.

In a 2015 study, people with IBS symptoms and diarrhea who were given berberine hydrochloride experienced relief from diarrhea, abdominal pain, and IBS symptoms.

Overall, berberine in Oregon may aid in the relief of symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders or diseases.

Also, this same compound Berberine has antibacterial properties, and multiple studies have found that this active compound help combats MRSA and other bacterial functions (4, 5, 6).

Another study on the antimicrobial activity of Orgon grape root extracts against harmful bacteria, protozoa, and fungi.

Still, more human research on the effects of Oregon is needed. 

9. Wormwood herb powder

It is a perennial herb that is used for its distinctive aroma, herbaceous flavor, and many health benefits including fighting inflammation, fighting parasitic infections, alleviating pain, and many more.

The herb, woodworm has some pretty strong research to support healthy digestion and it can reduce spasms in your intestine and stomach.

Then, according to one study, Wormwood can help to produce enzymes, saliva, and proteins that support metabolism and lead to healthy digestion.

10. Goldenseal root 5%

This ingredient is added to IntestinePro to help the body remove toxins and treat gastroenteritis and stomach ulcers.

According to a few studies, Goldenseal fights the H. pylori bacteria, which has been linked to stomach ulcers.

Berberine, one of the main active compounds in goldenseal, is responsible for protection against the C. jejuni bacterium. And C. jejuni is the leading cause of gastroenteritis (7).

Thus, it has multiple benefits, one of which is that it may aid in detoxifying your body, which means removing toxins and other harmful substances from your body.

However, there is little evidence that Goldenseal can aid in the detoxification process.

IntestinePro Benefits

With so many varieties of ingredients, the InstestinePro surely comes with certain benefits for your gut, intestine, and overall immunity. 

Some of the known benefits of IntestinePro include:

  1. Help with leaky gut issues.
  2. Optimize digestive flora and encourage nutrient absorption by eliminating toxins.
  3. Can reduce bloating, gas and stored fats thus reducing discomfort
  4. Restore your energy levels for a healthier and happier mood
  5. Curbs cravings for both carb and sugar 

How does IntestinePro work?

Just like most gut health or intestine support supplements, This supplement is made up of a variety of natural ingredients that work together to support your immune system.

To know how this supplement works, you should know that some of the ingredients in it act as antioxidants. 

And this gives your intestine and stomach muscle mass, and this muscle mass provides strength to your intestine and stomach.

This formula contains antimicrobial and antifungal agents, which help to kill or limit the growth of bacteria/microorganisms in your intestine.

Also, due to its strong microbial profile, which means a higher percentage of good bacteria can help it to assist healthy digestion.

Last but not least, it does contain ingredients that can help protect against stomach ulcers and stomach flu.

IntestinePro Possible Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, IntestinePro has no negative side effects and is made entirely of natural ingredients. As a result, seeing these claims implies that it has no side effects.

However, the product contains some ingredients that have been linked to side effects, symptoms, and allergic reactions. Let’s have an overview of ingredients that come with the potential of some side effects.

While wormwood may be safe in the short term, it is important to note that unaltered wormwood contains thujone, which is potentially dangerous and can cause serious side effects such as nausea, dizziness, sleeping problems, vomiting, and seizures.

Then there are reports of Oregon grape root powder causing diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, kidney irritation and inflammation, liver toxicity, and allergic reactions.

Oral intake of Pau D’ arco bark is possibly unsafe causing severe nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and internal bleeding. Also, there is little information available on the long-term safety of this ingredient.

Even if apple pectin is taken in small doses, it may cause mild side effects such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, gas, and loose tools.

Nonetheless, this supplement contains ingredients such as cranberry fruit powder and papaya fruit powder. This may cause some people to experience mild diarrhea, stomach upset, vomiting, and nausea.

What’s more, since the product contains an ingredient derived from tree nuts (Black walnut), it should be avoided by people who are allergic to this ingredient.

Now, that you have read about all the ingredients that can show IntestinePro side effects, you must have figured out vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and upset stomach are some common ones. We even found a few reviews where people reported facing constipation after they had it.

Thus it is always best to check or consult with your healthcare provider before taking this product.

Pros and Cons of IntestinePro


  • May resolve issues with your intestine and other GI problems.
  • Featured ingredients that have undergone third-party tested.
  • IntestinePro is CGMP certified, non-GMO, and made in the United States.
  • Although limited, some ingredients have some benefits to cleansing the lower parts of your intestines.
  • It is a natural product, which means that the ingredients in it come from natural sources.
  • There are thousands of IntestinePro reviews on Amazon. And has secured good and average ratings and reviews.


  • Some ingredients lack abundant studies for gut and intestine health.
  • It contains allergens such as tree nuts and black walnut.
  • IntestinePro uses use proprietary blends; therefore, exact dosages of ingredients are not provided.
  • Contains side effects and there are some reported side effects of taking this supplement.

Price and Buying Options

IntestinePro gut health supplement costs $24.95 for 60 capsules, which is less expensive than similar products offered by its competitors.

This supplement is currently unavailable on Amazon and other retail outlets such as Walmart, eBay, Walgreens, CVS, and GNC. And the best place to get this supplement is from

On their official refund policy page, you can request a refund if the product did not work for you.

Also, there are no discounts, free samples, or subscription models available for you on their website.

Who Should Buy IntestinePro?

We think the following people should consider IntestinePro as a solution to their problem.

  • Folks who are especially looking for an Intestine concentrate – this product is made from all-natural ingredients with a ingredients strong link to support Intestine.
  • Anyone who wants fibers included in their supplements such as apple pectin, carrot,  papaya, and pumpkin seed.
  • If you’re looking for a product that is third-party tested and sourced from a GMP-certified faculty

Who Should Avoid IntestinePro?

While you saw who should have it, here’s a mention of those who shouldn’t.

  • While this supplement is designed to improve your intestine if you have certain allergens related to foods and fruits present in this supplement then find alternative blends that meet your needs.
  • Anyone with a medical condition or taking medication should avoid this and pregnant ladies or nursing mothers should also avoid this.
  • Those who do not want or prefer not to use proprietary blends. Because proprietary blends pose health risks and determining the efficacy of any supplement is dependent on its ingredients and, similarly, the amount included in the formula.

Customer Reviews About IntestinePro

There are no user reviews or rating sections on the Teraputics website with customers describing how they’ve improved in eliminating parasites from their intestines and helping with GI issues.

However, the product has received generally positive feedback and ratings on Amazon. If you look at the customer reviews for IntestinePro on Amazon, you will notice that many people have shared their opinions on the product.

Based on over 6480+ customer reviews, this intestine support supplement has a global rating of 4.1/5 stars.

We discovered that, on the whole, the IntestinePro reviews had very positive things to say about this brand after reading and going through a wealth of consumer reviews.

The majority of customers raved about its incredible benefits for keeping the intestine clean and eliminating toxins.

Furthermore, the majority of negative reviews and people who have given it low ratings state that they experience side effects and are not impressed by its claimed benefits.

Here are some of the positive and negative customers reviews of IntestinePro from Amazon:

Ladybug says – worth every penny

I am so glad I ordered this. Gentle and super effective. I have had issues with leaky gut and inflammation for years, and problems processing certain foods but all tests came back negative. Within 24 hours of taking this, I feel amazing. I am having zero negative symptoms not even unpleasant ones and it’s working. I ordered this to be proactive to clear my worries that I possibly had not addressed this and wow. I saw what I thought I would never see I will spare you the details suffice it to say it was not a lot but it was there and it’s only day one. What I do feel is a relief, in my intestinal tract. Bloating deflated, and discomfort is gone

Amazon customer says – works 

Actual 2-day shipping with Prime. Started working overnight. A few pinworms, multiple kinds of Ascaris, liver flukes, and even a tapeworm and tons of various other life stages without panning through poo. A few other tiny wormlike things worked their way to the surface through my skin. Seemed like each day has been a new biological adventure. Combined a dose of Reese’s Pinworm around day 3. Starting day 7 tomorrow. Minimal side effects. Recommend and would love to do a follow-up cleanse in a few weeks. Already noticing fewer episodes with my IBS, which I’m hoping was 25 years of poor diagnosis and just worms

Muster says – Don’t do it 

I have never been more uncomfortable in my life. The headaches and constipation are horrible. I even took a strong laxative with it and nothing. The constant taste in my mouth is horrendous. Don’t do it. I feel like something is wrong. I’m thinking about going to the doctor. I just feel like a cleanse should not constipate at all. A cleanse should clean you out. This is not it. I wish I would have just brought my concerns to my doctor

Rajesh Bansal says –  Never take this product

Like many, I assumed all the positive reviews for Intestine Pro must be true. I mean, how could they not be given the level of specificity regarding parasites. I was DUPED. PLEASE do NOT take this. It caused my HAIR to fall out AND has given me stomach rashes. My stool hasn’t been the same since I discontinued use and it’s been 4 weeks…I understand many of you like me are desperate for a fix if you have symptoms of a parasite

The Bottom Line

Generally, it is recommended to be careful while you are using a supplement that has a proprietary blend but we think IntestinePro is different. 

The unique formula used in the IntestinePro Gut health supplement can eliminate toxins present in your intestine to promote better absorption of nutrients from food. It can even fix gut issues like bloating, gas, leaky gut, and inflammation.

In general, the customers looked satisfied with the experience they had with InstestinePro. However few users also complained about feeling constipated after taking these pills.

Thus we always recommend speaking to a healthcare professional before you think of getting started with any supplement.

That was all for the IntestinePro review from us. Now we would love to take your opinion on the same. What do you think of IntestinePro? Do you find it worth your money? Let us know.

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