Slimvance Side Effects: What You Should Know?

Slimvance is a weight loss supplement from BodyDynamix that is stimulant-free and designed to promote your body’s natural ability to lose weight. 

Not just the fat over your belly area, Slimvance also promises to target fats accumulated over your waist and hip areas.

However, even though the supplement claims to be free of stimulants, the use of a few ingredients in Sllimvance may cause side effects. And before getting started with any supplement knowing its side effects should be one of your first priorities. 

In the Slimvance side effects, we did a thorough research of the ingredient in its formula to let you know all its possible side effects. Also, you will also get to know how to avoid these Slimvance side effects and if it’s really effective at weight loss. 

Having said that, let’s dive right in. 

What is Slimvance?

Slimvance as you know is a weight loss supplement that uses its own patented blend of three natural ingredients (Moringa, Turmeric, and Curry) to help you lose weight. 

The company claims that Slimvance core slimming complex has the potential to make you lose 6x more weight than diet and exercise alone.

BodyDynamix Slimvance’s unique feature is that it helps reshape your problem areas too like the waist and hips so that you can lose your weight in the right places.

Let us have a look at the claims proposed by the manufacturer for Slimvance:

  • Reshape your whole body including problem areas.
  • Body transformation just within 16 weeks
  • Help shed weight around the belly thighs and back. 
  • Increases your metabolism for faster weight loss

However, the flashy claims don’t help unless they have some strong formula in their supplement with enough scientific claims. Thus, after the Slimvance Side effects, we will have a look into the supplement formula and ingredients. 

What Are Slimvance Side Effects?

As you know Slimvance has 3 ingredients present in it so the side effects of these ingredients revolve around these ingredients.

Turmeric present in Slimavance usually well-tolerated and it’s falls in the category of generally safe ingredients. 

But the curcumin present in turmeric may cause mild side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, headaches, and nausea in some people (1).

Another ingredient Niacin in Slimvance can cause side effects like upset stomach and diarrhea but make sure that these effects tend to fade away or goes over time.

Additionally, moringa contains properties that negatively affect fertility in males, and also these ingredients can interact with certain medical conditions including thyroid medication and health.

A 2019 study showed that moringa leaf may lower the blood sugar levels in your body.

Caffeine is likely to be safe when not taken up to 400mg daily if taken over 400mg then it can cause side negative effects including increased heart rate, nausea, insomnia, nervousness, and restlessness.

If you’re taking medications related to lowering your blood pressure levels or blood sugar, you should consult your doctor before taking Slimavance.

Nevertheless, if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned below or any of these foods then you may have a reaction so this can be easily avoided if you consult with your medical doctor prior to starting this supplement.

Are Slimvance Ingredients Safe?

When you are researching the side effects of Slimvance or any dietary weight loss supplement, you can’t do it without knowing the ingredients. 

Ingredients in Slimvance besides letting you know the side effects also give an idea of the effectiveness of the supplement. 

One this that’s plus points about Slimvance is, it lets users know about the dose of ingredients except for its Slimvance potent blend. 

The key ingredients that make Slimvance include

1. Niacin, 20mg

It is a B vitamin whose main role in your body is to convert food to energy. Niacin also has a role in maintaining a healthy nervous system. skin and digestive system.

BodyDynamix Slimvance contains 125% of the daily value of Niacin. Though no direct evidence exists for niacin to help weight loss, it can keep energy levels high. 

This in turn can help your body burn more calories and reduce the chances of fat accumulation. Also, its dose in Slimvance is safe and shouldn’t show any side effects.

Overall niacin is a healthy Vitamin that helps your body convert food into energy. However even though it helps your overall well-being, it doesn’t have any evidence to help weight loss. 

2. Caffeine, 200mg 

Slimvance also contains Caffeine anhydrous whose amount is 200 mg. So, people who are allergic to caffeine should better avoid this weight loss supplement.

Even though there’s no solid evidence that caffeine consumption is beneficial for weight loss, it can increase your metabolic rate. 

In fact, during a study, caffeine supplementation was found to increase metabolic rate along with showing a significant increase in fat oxidation.  

The safe dose for caffeine is 400 mg which makes its dose in Slimvance safe. However, you should know a higher dosage of caffeine can cause side effects like restlessness, anxiety, jitteriness, and trouble sleeping.

Overall, caffeine can improve metabolism and energy levels but no strong evidence exists for it to help weight loss directly.

3. Piperine, 5mg

The next ingredient in Slimvance is an alkaloid found in the most widely used spice, black pepper. Piperine has several properties such as antioxidant, antidiabetic, cardioprotective, and antiaging.

During a study, when piperine was combined with curcumin (also present in Slimvance), it was able to enhance serum concentration, the extent of absorption, and the bioavailability of curcumin. 

Another animal study shows piperine has potential fat reducing and lipid-lowering effects and that too without making any change in food appetite 

Piperine could also boost brain function. In fact, a 2015 study on mice showed piperine to decrease inflammation and have neuroprotective properties. 

Thus, piperine has several benefits to count upon. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer effects besides its fat-reducing properties. However, human trials are still needed to come up with strong evidence.

4. Curcumin

Another active ingredient in Slimvance is curcumin. Just like piperine, curcumin also has antioxidants, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory effects. 

However, taking curcumin directly may not provide any health benefits due to its poor bioavailability. Piperine as mentioned can increase the bioavailability of piperine by 2000%. 

During a review, Curcumin was found to have beneficial effects on Arthritis and Metabolic. Now, does Curcumin have any side effects? Higher doses of curcumin can make you experience diarrhea, headache, and rashes.

The dose of curcumin in Slimvance is well under the safe dose. Also, the most benefits of curcumin are due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.   

5. Moringa 

It is a tree native to the Indian subcontinent with the common name drumsticks. The leaves of moringa contain several important nutrients including calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins.

Mixing moringa powder in your morning tea is believed to show benefits in weight loss. It can decrease fat formation in your body along with enhancing fat breakdown. 

Besides weight loss, moringa can help you manage problems like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.

Moringa on its own hasn’t been studied for weight loss. However, supplements containing moringa, turmeric, and curry leaves did show to make people lose 10.6 pounds in around 8 weeks. 

The trials on humans showed no side effects of Moringa and it is found completely safe for use. 

Thus, moringa has impressive weight loss benefits only when supplemented with other ingredients. Also, it can help regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. 

Verdict on Slimvance Ingredients

The ingredients in BodyDynamix Slimvance have moderate evidence for weight loss. Out of many ingredients in the formula, only a few are associated with direct weight loss benefits (like Moringa and piperine).

However, ingredients like Anhydrous Caffeine and Curcumin can accelerate your metabolism. This can increase energy levels and help your body burn more calories.

Looking for safety and side effects, the dose of ingredients is well within the acceptable limit and shouldn’t cause side effects unless you have an allergy. 

Is Slimvance Good For Weight Loss?

Now that we are done with the Slimvance side effects part, let’s see if the supplement can show weight loss results! 

Slimvance has a patented proprietary blend of Moringa Oleifera, Murraya koenigii, and Curcuma longa. The proprietary blend is claimed to have been tested for results.

During the study using Slimvance, it was found around 50% of the weight loss occurs in the first 8 weeks while 67% in the next 12 weeks and 80% in 16 weeks.

Slimvance conducted two double-blind placebo control trials for its formula, in which both the study came up with similar results. A higher weight loss was seen in subjects who took Slimvance compared to the placebo group.

Also, moringa leaves extract present in the patented blend of Slimvance is well known for its weight loss benefits. Other ingredients like curcumin and caffeine can boost metabolism to help burn more calories and provide higher energy.

Slimvance: Cost And Where To Buy?

Slimvance is available on popular online storefronts like Amazon, Walmart, and GNC. One pack of Slimvance contains 120 capsules and a one-month supply, and the cost is different in these online stores.

  • 1- month’s supply at GNC is $59.99.
  • 1- month’s supply at Walmart will cost you $44.77.
  • At Amazon, the same options of the supplement are out of stock.

Additionally, you can only claim the offer and discount on the GNC website where you will be able to save 10% and get free shipping on your order only if you subscribe to the monthly subscription.

Also, both GNC and Walmart offer you free 90- day returns and a 30-day returns policy if you’re not satisfied.

The best place to buy the Slimvance supplement is from Walmart and GNC where you will get additional perks that you will not get from Amazon and other such websites.

Pros And Cons


  • The company offers you a 30-day money-back guaranteed.
  • Slimvance has all-natural and Non- GMO ingredients.
  • The product may help to reduce fats from stubborn areas like the stomach, thighs, waist, and hip.
  • Customer services on their official website are here to help you 24/7 and the official website has clear contact information.
  • Suitable for both men and women.


  • Limited evidence for effectiveness and less clinical research to support the claim for weight loss.
  • The product is expensive when compared to other weight loss products.
  • The ingredients present in its show the side effects and also intractions.
  • No link to any research or study on their FAQs page to showcase the clinical research.

Slimvance Real Users Reviews

Slimavance has more than 80 consumer reviews on GNC and got a star rating of 3.5/5. The same supplement secured a 3.3-star rating when the total reviews on Walmart were 780+.

Most unsatisfied customer says that it doesn’t work after trying it for a month to years and waste of money and face allergic reaction and side effects like stomach issues, diarrhea, burning sensation, and many more.

And on the other hand, satisfied/happy customer says that they have lost only a couple of pounds and curbed their appetite, haven’t noticed a difference and no changes seen.

This led to us that only a few people have seen weight loss results.

Here is a look at some of the positive and negative Slimavance reviews: 

Kenny says – It Works

“I’ve been taking Slim Vance for two years now. I’m on my first bottle of the XP, and I’m here to say that the product works great for me with a proper diet and exercise. I wish I could show before and after pictures. I’m 5′ 10″ 185lbs coming from a whopping 300lbs 5 years ago. Works best for me taking it and exercising while in a fasted state”

Lyle E says – Not Impressed

“I’ve used this with Omega Lean and I’m kind of disappointed I’ve only lost a couple of pounds in 3 weeks”

Adriana B says – Unpleasant side effects

“I just started to use these pills and for some reason, after 15 min I started to feel a burning sensation from my throat to my stomach. Is this a normal feeling? I’ll use it for about a week and come back with a full review. The current weight is 155.2.”

Brenda C says – No Results Yet

“I purchased my first bottle on 7/27/18 and have not had any results to date. I was hoping to at least notice a change in my energy level and a reduction in my cravings but ‘NOTHING’! I will give an update to my review once I have completed the entire bottle. I will say, if you are looking for quick results, this is not the product for you”

Slimvance Side Effects: Final Verdict

In general, people had a satisfactory experience using Slimvance Core slimming complex and many saw results too. However, some reported it to cause side effects like a burning sensation in their stomach and headaches. 

Also, some of the potential Slimvance side effects due to its ingredients may include nausea, diarrhea, and low blood pressure. 

So if you want to avoid Slimmvance side effects, it is recommended to start with one capsule at first and then go for the full dose. 

Also, if you face side effects of Slimvance, reach out to your doctor immediately and stop taking the supplement. 

That was all you need to know about the Slimvance side effects. Now, we would love to listen to you, what’s your take on the Slimvance weight loss supplement? Let us know.

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