Konscious Keto Review: Is Their Keto Program Effective And Work?

The ketogenic diet or in short keto diet has been used for many years. However, the purposes have been different. Traditionally it was mainly used for diabetes and epilepsy.

In modern times, the keto diet has started gaining special attention as an effective weight-loss strategy. It is a low-carb and high-fat diet. 

However, planning a keto isn’t as easy as you may think. Planning a keto diet is challenging that is why there are companies like Konscious keto and others who help you crack it. 

Konscious Keto is a solution for those who struggle to find a perfect plan for their keto weight loss. Konscious provides you with a complete 28 days plan that includes recipes, supplements, and all you need to get going. 

In the Konscious Keto review, we will have a detailed discussion about how the company works and operates. What did users experience on their journey with Konscious keto? And, if the keto program is really effective!

Having said that, let’s get into the article. 

Konscious Keto Overview

Konscious Keto is not specifically a supplement brand as most of you would think. It’s a company that markets a keto program with the name Simple Keto System.

Simple Keto System Is a 28-days personalized keto meal plan combining technology and keto-based supplement shakes to help achieve weight loss. 

The plan contains several keto recipes that are likely to help support your ketogenic weight loss. It says to eliminate the hurdle of planning and thinking about your keto. 

Keto-activated dark chocolate truffle and Supreme greens are some popular supplements by Konscious Keto as a part of their program.

The formula in Konscious keto usually includes BHB, MCT Oil, Inulin, Avocado, and grass-fed whey protein. With the help of these ingredients, Konscious Keto makes it handy to jumpstart your ketosis for weight loss. 

Even with so much, the company has received a poor rating on the BBB profile

How Does Konscious Keto Work?

To understand how the Konscious Keto works, you’ll first need to be familiar with how keto works. The idea is simple. during keto, you need to shift to a low carb, high fat, and moderate protein diet. 

Carbohydrates, that your body uses generally in order to get energy will be replaced by fats. Thus, during keto, your body utilizes the stored body fats to provide energy, which accelerates the fat-burning process. 

When you are about to the Konscious Simple Keto System, you’ll need to pass through a series of questions in the form of a quiz. 

The questions are mainly related to what things you want to include in your keto plan or diet, and what you want to avoid. 

After you have completed the quiz, Konscious suggests you a variety of recipes you can try to get sufficient ketones in your diet. 

Alongside, it also provides details of the supplement that you can start using to jumpstart your keto weight loss, which is their main business model.

Konscious brings in use the ketogenic power of MCT oil, Avocado, and BHB to help your body burn fats. 

Benefits Of Konscious Keto

Many of the ingredients in Konscious Keto products are natural and purported to provide benefits that may include:

  • Boosts metabolism and enhances mental focus & clarity.
  • Ingredients present in it release the hormones that suppress the appetite and subsequently lead to weight loss.
  • It balances your blood sugar levels and increases your body strength, and muscles, gains, and burns fat.
  • The product contains a lot of micronutrients that help to maintain your body structures and systems.

Konscious Keto: Pros And Cons


  • Konscious keto shake helps you to satisfy your cravings and reduce waist size. The supplement is designed to support a ketogenic diet.
  • The company backs its shakes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Konscious Keto has got good customer reviews on Trustpilot and Amazon.
  • Theirs customized Keto meal plan has a support group and coaching. They deliver blogs on various keto recipes salty, sweet, beverages, and many more categories.
  • The product is free from gluten, soy, hormones, artificial color, artificial flavors, and Non- GMOs.
  • Konscious Keto Shake is available in different flavor options. You can choose from chocolate, banana, and strawberry.
  • Konscious Keto is an excellent choice for following a vegan, paleo, and ketogenic diet. 


  • Konscious Keto doesn’t have an impressive BBB profile for its business. 
  • No third-party testing and clinical trials on their product to guarantee the safety and purity of the supplement.
  • Limited research and studies on ingredients to show the effectiveness of the Konscious Keto Shakes supplement.
  • Contains high levels of calories, fats, and carbohydrates which could lead to imbalances, increase the risks of heart diseases, poor metabolic health, and raise your cholesterol levels.
  • Their shakes are expensive and no free trials are available. Also, people are not very positive about the Konscious Keto supplement on Amazon. 

Where To Buy Konscious Keto? And Cost

The company offers you two choices. They sell a keto plan (Simple Keto System) and subsequently, they sell products/supplements related to keto.

In they have a total of 6 products and from which the best seller is Konscious Keto Shake (Strawberry cheesecake) which is aviable on their official site and on Amazon.

Currently, you can only find Konscious Keto Shake (Strawberry) from konsciousketo.com since this supplement is unavailable on Amazon.

On other online retailers like Walmart, GNC,eBay, and Walgreens it is not available.


The cost of Konscious Keto Shake (Strawberry cheesecake) depends on how many packs you buy:

  • One Pack: $69.00.
  • Two Pack: $128.
  • Three Pack: $177.
  • Six Pack: $297.

For Their Keto Meal Plan (Simple Keto System) you have to pay $39, also you can avail of the 50% discount on their Keto Meal Plan. 

If you buy Konscious Keto Shake (Strawberry cheesecake) from the company website you get a 30-day money-back guarantee also they do not ship their products that are outside of their control.

You can learn more about their Shipping info and refund policy on their site.

Customer Review Of Konscious Keto

The vast majority of customers who have purchased Konscious Keto Shakes and got their Keto Plan give it good reviews and are satisfied with the benefits claimed by the meal plan and supplement.

Overall, Konscious Keto has a got a good rating for the effectiveness of its products and its meal plan. 

The shakes on Amazon have got a below-average rating of 3.5 out of 5 from 11 total ratings which are very low to judge the product. But on Trustpilot, it has got an above-average/great rating.

Users who have taken their Meal plan say that their recipes are truly amazing, easy to follow delicious, taste good, love the customer service, and it works & lost weight.  

And those who have given it lower ratings because they feel the supplement tastes not so good and overcomplicated recipes in their meal plan didn’t lose ponds nor inches after taking a meal and many more mixed reviews.

So far there are 8 complaints filed against the company, Konscious Keto has responded to 6 of 8 these complaints.

Overall most reviewers are happy and satisfied with the purchase and their meal plan and recommend it to others.

Below are some of the positive and negative customer testimonials of their Meal plan and their Shakes from Amazon and Trustpilot:

Elaine Gerstein says – Love it 

The shakes energizer and activate help curb appetite and make me feel good all day. I eat less and enjoy the low-carb foods and snacks very much. If I should cheat on a high sugar food your products help me to get right back on the keto diet and products. I really don’t feel deprived of any foods or desserts because the keto plan has delicious bread cakes and snacks. I have lost 8 pounds and for me, that is a dress size as I am only 5 feet tall. I am enjoying the new me‼️ Thank you Konscious

Suzanne S. says – The Meal Plan is amazing and it works 

I would like to thank the team at Konscious Keto for helping me and guiding me through my 28plan meal. The meals are so good and delicious, that you don’t starve you eat till you are full. Konscious Keto really works. I lost two and a half from my waist and nine pounds in four weeks. I’m very happy thank you so much, Konscious Keto. Whenever I will be healthier I will be back and continue.

Judy says – Tastes good

The banana-flavored keto shake is excellent. I mixed it with unsweetened almond milk and the taste was great, very creamy, and satisfying. I felt l like I was cheating on my diet. My only complaint is the price. $69 per container will limit my use of the product. Also, I used a 1/2 scoop serving and was happy with the taste

Joan R. says – Taste is awful

The taste is awful. Does not taste anything like bananas and has an odor that prevented me from trying to drink no matter how hard I tried

Ann Hazlett says – I gave this one star because…

The only reason I gave this one star is that I maintained my weight for 12 weeks. Stayed the same. The meals were wonderful. I followed them according to the servings and felt very satisfied. For a while, I had energy and overall felt very good. I just didn’t lose pounds or inches. I’m ready to stop and just refresh myself using the recipes I’ve been given

Angie O says – The Plan was not customizable as…

The plan was not customizable as deceptively promised in the ads. I tried asking questions and for help but was not helped at all and when I asked for my money back I was told the refund period was over. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!

Konscious Keto Alternatives

Having learned most of the things about Konscious keto, it’s time to learn some of the better alternatives of Konscious Keto alertness.

A major con about the Konscious keto you’ll find is, that not many people have given positive ratings about the supplement on retailers like Amazon. 

So, for an alternative, we looked at something that has more trust among users and has shown impressive results. 

Some popular alternatives for the Konscious Keto supplement include:

  1. KetoScience Ketogenic Meal shake – CHECKOUT
  2. Orgain Keto Collagen Powder shake – CHECKOUT
  3. SlimFast Keto Meal shake – CHECKOUT

These are some of the alternatives that are highly trusted and have received tons of positive responses from users for their ketogenic benefits. 

Besides having more trust than the Konscious Keto supplements, these supplements are pocket friendly and affordable for most. 

Konscious Keto Review: Is The Plan Worth It?

So, what do we conclude from our Konscious Keto review, is it worth it? While we think the program may have a positive effect on your ketosis, when it comes to supplements, you may have better choices.

The Simple Keto System can help your ketosis weight loss by guiding you and providing you with a list of recipes to make the process more convenient. 

However, we do not recommend Konscious keto products unless you consult your doctor about the same. 

One positive thing we find about them is, that they let you avoid what you don’t like in real life while including your favorites.

Thus, Konscious keto might be a helpful solution for those who want to bring a complete change in their diet plan for ketosis and don’t know where to start. 

That was all for the Konscious Keto review. Now we would love to turn to you and ask your opinion on the same. What do you think of Konscious keto? Is it worth it according to you? Let us know in the comments.

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