Sharp Bone Left Sticking Out Of Gum? Here’s How To Treat

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(Last Updated On: July 11, 2021)

Did you ever face a sharp bony growth sticking to your gum? Or a sharp bone hitting your tongue while moving them around your jaws? These bony outgrowths are commonly called bony spicules or bone spurs.

Bony spicules/sharp bones sticking over your gums could have several underlying causes. These causes range from ONJ (osteonecrosis of the jaw) to a dental procedure you had in your past weeks. 

Want to know what causes these bony spicules to stick to your gums? What approach can you take to treat these bone spurs? And, what safety measures should you keep in mind while handling them! Then, this article is for you.

We covered all your doubts and queries related to bone spurs in today’s section.

Excited! Let’s dive in. 

What Are Bony Spicules In The Mouth?

Bony spicules/bone spurs are sharp bony outgrowth in the mandible (lower jaw) of the mouth, giving the appearance of unpredictable teeth. 

The spicules can be a result of a dental procedure in which tiny sliver-like fragments remain attached to your jaws. Most of the times these spicules are visible in a mirror 

What Causes Sharp Bone To Stick Out of Gums?

Bony spicules out of your gums have a wide range of causes, the list could really go long. So, here are the ones that are the most prevalent.

Common causes for exostosis/bony spicules sticking out of gums: Mandibular Tori, Wisdom Tooth Eruption, Bone Spur Formation, Excessive Calcium Deposit, Dental Trauma, and a Genetic disorder.

Let’s get a bit deeper into each individual cause, this way you can figure out the exact reason for your bony spicule!

1. Mandibular Tori

Torus mandibularis or mandibular tori is a bony outgrowth in the mandible. Mostly these outgrowths happen along the surface close to the tongue. 

Such bony outgrowths are more common in males than in females. The widely known causes for mandibular tori include bruxism and adulthood. These tori are not the sole result of genetics but primarily due to local stress conditions.

2. Wisdom Tooth Eruption

Sometimes bony spicules may get left sticking out of gums due to impacted wisdom teeth extraction. In this situation, wisdom teeth are not able to erupt properly out of your gums.

Due to improper eruption, the bone spicule which is left sticking pushes the bone inside against your adjacent teeth. Thus giving the appearance of excessive bone growth or false teeth. In certain cases, your gums might also reject some part of your tooth and leave you with a bone spur.

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3. Excessive Calcium Deposit

Calcium deposits are a result of excessive calcium accumulation over the jawbone following the condition of stress or damage to the bone or nearby tissue. 

During the healing process, your body maintains a continuous supply of calcium to affected areas in order to fasten the procedure. In some cases more calcium gets supplied than the actual need, leading to its excess deposit. Thus, giving you an unpredictable bony spicule.

4. Dental Trauma

Bone spurs are often a result of trauma involving your jaw or mandible. This can be due to structural damage to the teeth leading to a change in their shape. The newly acquired shape can be a sharp bone leading to discomfort and irritation in your gums.

5. Genetic Disorder

As you know most of the problems within the body can be transferred genetically and so a bone spur in your gums can be a result of genetics. Though this cause for bony spicules is quite rare and seen mostly in males than females. It can possibly be transferred from father to son.

That was all for the reasons leading to the growth of bony spicules over your gum. If you feel, you got a bone spur due to some other reason let us know that cause.

That was all for the cause. Now, the question which pops up in your head immediately after thinking of a bone spur is, How can I get rid of it? Let’s learn how to treat these sharp bones.

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How To Get Rid Of Bone Sticking Out Of Gum?

To be clear, bone spurs have the least DIY solutions. In certain cases, it may fall out of the gums themselves. But, most of the time looking for a dentist becomes a necessity. Below are a few ways to help you get rid of sticky bones over gums.

1. Sharp Bone At Home Treatment

As already mentioned, sharp bones are hard to get rid off at home. And even if you try taking a forceps and treating it yourself, you may put yourself at big risk. And the more complicated the sharp bone would get, the more expensive the treatment would become.

Caution: Do not try removing sharp bone over your gums at home. Even if you feel it can get normal, leave it as it is and see if it recovers by itself.

2. Alveoplasty

If the extent of bony outgrowth is very minimal, then Alveoplasty could be the best choice for you. Let’s know what alveoplasty is and how it works.

Alveoplasty is a process in which your dentist tries to smoothen the jawbone and thus decreases the likelihood of bone sticking out of the gum. It is best recommended for bone spurs that remain just after tooth extraction (source).

In Alveoplasty some extra instruments are used to grind off the extra remaining bony part of your jawbone that could turn out into a bony spicule. Simply, it makes everything smooth to prevent you from irritation.

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3. Dental Procedure For Bony Spicule Treatment

The safest procedure which can treat any bony spicule irrespective of its size is a dental procedure. This might look scary by name, but it’s a minimally invasive procedure. 

It is done to prevent the entire area from getting infected and reduce the chances of inflammation by the sharp bone. The surgery is very brief and doesn’t cut your pocket.

Generally, the above methods are sufficient to get rid of a bone spur. In case this doesn’t help, your dentist might like to have a radiograph of the area, to check the extent of sharp bone within gums.

If the bony spicule has a length of more than 4 mm, then it must get extracted, keeping in mind it doesn’t cause any future complexity. You don’t need to worry much once you reach your dental provider, as they will use their clinical experience to find the best solution for it. 

Symptoms Of A Bone Spur In Mouth

The bone spurs in your mouth give you some noticeable symptoms to help you identify them. (Mostly, bone spurs occurring in different parts give almost no symptoms.)

Bone Spurs Symptoms:

  1. Rough feeling of your gums
  2. White fragment visibility while looking at your gums in the mirror
  3. Your tongue feeling discomfort/irritated by sharp slivers
  4. Painful gums due to unknown cause

How To Ease Pain And Discomfort Caused By Sharp Bone?

There’s a high chance of bone spur leading to pain, swelling, and discomfort in your gums. So how can you ease these symptoms? Here are the steps to follow.

  • Take painkillers prescribed by your dental provider at scheduled intervals.
  • Have saltwater gargling if your dentist doesn’t say to avoid it.
  • Do not try to pull bony spicules by yourself taking a pair of forceps, as it may dislodge the clot formed after tooth extraction, leading to delayed healing.

That’s all you can do at home to get relief from pain due to sticking bone out of gum. 

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The Bottom Line

Sticking bone out of gums is not new to the field of dentistry. If you feel you got an oral bone spicule in your mouth immediately reach out to your dental provider. As there’s least you can do at your home to get rid of it.

Did you feel something was missed out? What leads you here? Do let us know by commenting down below.

FAQs On Sharp Bone Sticking Out Of Gum

What Causes Bone Growth On Gums?

Bone spurs in the mouth may get formed due to several causes, such as a wisdom tooth extraction, a trauma involving your gums, and mandibular tori.

How Do You Get A Bone Out Of Your Gum?

Sticking bone can be removed using several different methods like Alveoplasty, a minimally invasive surgery, and sometimes it gets removed by itself. Never try removing the bony spicule forcefully as it may lead to serious health complications.

Is It Normal To See The Bone After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Bone after a wisdom tooth isn‘t normal, it is a result of a faulty dental procedure. So you must contact your dentist if you see a bone after a wisdom teeth eruption.

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beth Hess
beth Hess
3 months ago

I have an are of bone about 3 4ths of an inch long, along my jaw bone. I have been to the dentist twice now( after an extraction of molar) It looks like a white line protruding from my gums. Can you tell me what it is?

Health On Planet
3 months ago
Reply to  beth Hess

Probably you got a bony spicule as a result of molar extraction. And as these spicules do not have a DIY solution, you must speak to your dentist without fail about the issue. Hope it gets better.

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