Pro B Fresh Review: Does It Relief Bad Breath?

Have you heard of probiotics and how they can help you with conditions like gastrointestinal problems, obesity, mental health, and overall well-being? If not, you may have searched for probiotics for better health on Google. In fact, one study found that prebiotics and probiotics are the third most commonly used supplements among adults, following minerals […]

Bone Spicule In Gums: Know Its Causes And Treatment Options

Well, let’s begin by enquiring about a question first! Do you feel something sharp hitting your tongue right now? If yes, then the chances that it’s a bone spicule are very high. Sharp bone or bone spicules are the results of either faulty or normal dental procedures. However, if you have a sharp bone, you […]

Can I Drink Alcohol After Tooth Extraction? How Long Should I Wait?

Everyone has their own preferred way to enjoy or have drinks, especially, when it’s summertime. It can be anything, a cold refreshing beer or a bottle of wine, anything which typically has some alcohol mixed in it. If you haven’t forgotten your mind, your dentist might have advised you not to eat certain foods and […]

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