Zydenafil Review: Is The Male Enhancement Legit Or Scam?

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(Last Updated On: March 30, 2022)

Problems related to lack of sexual desire, sexual drive, and vigor are common among males, especially when they start getting older.

Zydenafil is a male enhancement supplement that promises to enhance your sexual performance and bring back your lost good old days.

However, trusting a supplement like this without evaluating its safety and effectiveness is surely not an intelligent move.

In the Zydenafil review, we did a thorough evaluation of this male enhancement supplement to find out how it works, is effective, and the side effects it has. Also, we looked into some real users’ testimonials to know their concerns about Zydenafil.

Having said that, let’s dive right in.

What is Zydenafil?

Zydenafil is an advanced male enhancement support formula that says to increase your sexual performance, provide a strong erection, and boost testosterone level.

What more? Zydenafil pills besides increasing libido can also increase your energy levels. This in turn can also boost your sexual drive and get you a more satisfying bedroom experience.

Here are some claims Zydenafil makes for its male enhancement supplement.

  • Improve erection and size
  • Powerful and Intense orgasm
  • Manufactured Under FDA registered and GMP facility
  • 100% money-back guarantee

The claims it makes are surely appealing to a man in the first place. But, it’s of no use unless the formula and the ingredients it uses are effective and safe.

Zydenafil Manufacturer

Zydenafil is manufactured by a company based in the United State. Not much is known about the manufacturer.

However, you can contact the manufacturer through the mail and a contact number which they provide on their product page. On Amazon, the product is sold by S.O. labs. 

Ingredients In Zydenafil

Now, as we already know what the product is and what claims does it make, it’s time for the most important part, evaluating the ingredients.

Zydenafil mentions containing ingredients that are best for known male enhancement properties. Also, the ingredients they use are clinically proven. 

Even though the ingredient looks potent, theirs no disclosure about the dosage of each ingredient. This makes it hard to evaluate the safety of Zydenafil.

Let’s take a brief look at the ingredients and the science behind them.

1. Tongkat Ali

Logifolia extract or Longjack, the two common names for Tongkat Ali have long been used for their medicinal properties. Research shows Tongkat Ali can be beneficial in relieving stress and boosting testosterone.

A 2014 study showed Tongkat Ali to restore serum testosterone levels and thus improve the sexual health of subjects significantly. 

Animal studies on Longifolia Jack extract also showed it provides a dose-dependent increase in sexual performance. However, the dose of Long Jack used was very high.

Besides boosting testosterone levels, there have also been studies that showed Tongkat Ali beneficial for stress, tension, and anxiety. 

Overall, Tongkat Ali in Zydenafil can show results for male enhancement. But since we are not certain about the amount of Longjack included, the results can possibly vary.

2. Tribulus Terrestris

The next common ingredient found in almost every popular male enhancement product is Tribulus Terrestris. It is an herb that also has powerful properties for enhancing male sexual health.  

Tribulus Terrestris is generally used for enhancing vitality. Some studies show Tribul Terrestris when mixed with other components might boost testosterone.

However, it is not completely known that with what other component does it work the best.

Another study in which men were given 750-1500mg of Tribulus Terrestris for two months found it to increase sexual desire by 79%.

Overall, Tribulus Terrestris can have some helpful properties for sexual health. However, the scientific evidence for the same is moderate.

3. Muira Puama

It is a bush that grows in the Amazon forest and it is known for several properties such as preventing sexual disorders and increasing sexual interest.

Just like the previous ingredient, Muria Puama too in combination with other ingredients can help male sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction. 

It can also help with menstrual disorders in females. However, the amount of evidence supporting these uses of Muria Puama is very limited. 

4. Horny Goat Weed

The next popular aphrodisiac you’ll encounter in most male enhancement supplements is the Horny Goat weed. 

As per a study done by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Horny Goat weed was found to improve erectile dysfunction in the subjects.

Another study showed that the compound present in horny goat weed is effective at inhibiting the release of substances responsible for blocking erection.

Besides these male enhancement benefits, Horny goat weed can help with high blood pressure, low libido, fatigue, and blood disorders.

Overall, horny goat weed again has insufficient evidence for improving sexual and libido but it may help erectile dysfunction.

5. Nettle Root Extract

The last key ingredient we found Zydenafil uses is Nettle Root extract. 

Its anti-inflammatory properties have long been used to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and eczema.

Now, how is it beneficial to males? Even though the nettle does not increase your total testosterone count it may significantly increase the available testosterone.

Nettle root is especially effective at improving your prostate health. In fact, a comprehensive review of stinging nettle also shows nettle roots to be effective in BPH treatment.

Studies also find stinging nettle to be beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels.

Overall stinging nettle could be a proven remedy for BPH. However, for male enhancement, the herb has insufficient research.

Verdict On Ingredients

Zydenafil contains few ingredients with strong evidence for male enhancement support. However, some ingredients do not have convincing evidence for the proposed benefit.

lso, since the amount of ingredients used isn’t known, making a statement on its effectiveness is a little tough. 

Zydenafil Benefits

The formula inside Zydenafil does contain some ingredients that are potent to provide male enhancement benefits. However, since this is a dietary supplement, results can vary.

Benefits Zydenafil may provide include:

  • It May provide a long, thick, and more hard erection.
  • Increase blood flow to your penile tissues.
  • Can boost testosterone levels.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Increase desire to participate in sexual activity.

How Does Zydenafil Work?

Most Male enhancement supplements claim to work through a combination of natural ingredients present in them. Zydenafil works in a similar way.

Zydenafil contains a mixture of natural extracts and libido enhancers that can improve your sexual performance. It mainly increases blood flow to the penis in order to increase the duration of the erection.

So how does it increase blood supply to the penis?

As mentioned above the herbal ingredients extracts present in it promote blood to extremities and the penile chamber.

Thus making it easy for blood to flow into the penis, and the result is a bigger and more strong erection.

In this way, Zydenafil can work to improve your sex performance and make you gain a powerful erection. 

However, it doesn’t mean that Zydenafil will work for everyone who consumes it.

It doesn’t have any scientific evidence or clinical trials to back up the claims it makes. Also, similar to most male enhancement products, Zydenafil too doesn’t have any research done to showcase its effectiveness.

Zydenafil Side Effects

The risks of taking male enhancement supplements are high because most of the ingredients present in them aren’t transparent about their active ingredients and contain some unknown ingredients which can lead to side effects.

Zydenafil is a natural formula and can be tolerated well in small doses but overdosages may cause adverse side effects and just like any other supplement it also carries side effects and symptoms based on the ingredients used in the formulation.

These ingredients include:

  • Horny Goat Weed: This ingredient is possibly safe when used in smaller doses and for the short term. But It may cause an upset stomach and dry mouth also, some horny goat weed can lead to effects like nosebleeds, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, and mood swings.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Taking Tribulus Terrestris supplement is safe when used for the shorter term. Longer-term side effects are unknown but they can cause side effects including irregular periods, sleep disorders, and upset stomach.
  • Muira Puama: There isn’t enough reliable information is available on the Muria Puama so it’s better to avoid it to stay on the safe side. But the side effects are unknown of these ingredients it’s possible safe when used at a dose of 500-1050 mg daily for up to 1 month.

Zydenafil: Pros And Cons


  • Can boost testosterone and increase sexual desire and energy levels.
  • Get you an intense and powerful orgasm.
  • Made in FDA registered and GMP certified facility.
  • Gives you a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Available on Amazon and Walmart unlike other male enhancements.


  • Expensive compared to other male enhancement products.
  • Zydenafil has a significant number of negative reviews.
  • Doesn’t provide enough research to back the claims it makes.
  • Supplement fact isn’t up to the mark without proper labeling of the doses.
  • Zydenafil pills might be hard to swallow as per users’ complaints.

Dosage And Warnings

Zydenafil dosage includes 2 pills a day. You can have it at any time however most people would preferably like to have it half an hour before the intercourse.

Now, what warnings should you follow with Zydenafil? First of all, it’s a male enhancement supplement so women should strictly keep away from it. 

Secondly, strictly adhere to the recommended dose. Do not overconsume it in a hurry to see results. Doing so can lead to seeing unknown side effects. 

Also, just like most male enhancement supplements, Zydenafil is not suitable for children under 18 years of age. 

Cost And Where To Buy

The cost of Zydenafil varies across different retail stores. While at retailers like Amazon and Walmart, the product has fair pricing, on the official website, the product is unbelievably expensive. 

While on Amazon you get a pack of 2 for $39.95, on the official website you get it for $189.95. 

At the same time for a pack of 3, while on Amazon you get it for 49.95 dollars, the official website of Zydenafil charges $295.95.

You can buy Zydenafil at Amazon or their official website. The huge price difference of Zydenafil across different locations makes us distrust its legitimacy. Also, it might be a scam you won’t like to be part of.

Zydenafil Reviews From Consumers

However great the supplement is, the opinions of users who tried that supplement really hold some importance. 

While navigating Zydenafil’s official site and Amazon we didn’t get to see a bunch of Zydenafil reviews. Still, we did manage to select some legitimate reviews from the ones available out there.

Note: The best reference for products testimonials is always a trusted third-party seller like Amazon or Walmart. It’s because on the official website the reviews are easy to manipulate as you can see.

zydenafil official website reviews
Zydenafil Official Website’s Reviews

Let’s look at some real reviews now. 

“This works and works FAST. 20 times better than viagra” – Chip

“It has worked so far” – Mellisa Anne

“Not worth wasting your money on it. Very hard to swallow and the pill is too big…. Better to waste your money on junk food than this pill” – Amazon Customer

“Tried for a month virtually unnoticeable” – Kyle Beausoleil

Zydenafil: Is It Worth Your Money?

To be very honest, after the Zydenafil review, we are not really satisfied with the formula and response of the users who gave this stuff a try. 

Some of the ingredients used by Zydenafil do have the potential to boost testosterone and increase sexual desire. But that’s the case when they are taken alone and not in combination. 

Also, the proper dosage of ingredients and warnings of the supplement isn’t mentioned. This makes us suspicious to trust the efficacy of Zydenafil.

In case you want a male enhancement supplement for yourself, first have a detailed comparison of different brands to ensure it’s legit.

That was all for the Zydenafil review. Now we would love to listen to what do you think about the supplement? Also, if you want a list of top male enhancements, let us know.

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