What Are Jaw Fillers? Cost, Procedure, Recovery And More

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(Last Updated On: May 4, 2021)

A better jawline gives you a better aesthetics and makes you look attractive. But unfortunately, everyone doesn’t enjoy a perfect jawline.

According to Allergan Survey,

51% of people are not happy with their jawline and chin and want to get it reshaped. The development of dermal fillers (like jaw fillers and chin fillers) finally made it possible.

Previously, reshaping jaws were too complicated and surgery was the only choice. But, jaw fillers proved to be an evolution in this field.

They not only helped people escape surgery but also helped them to cut down the cost. Along with it, jaw fillers need negligible recovery time. Quite impressive!!

Let’s learn everything about jaw fillers and the filling procedure.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

 What are Jaw Fillers?

Along with increase in age you start losing bone density and also start accumulating some amount of fat in your chin region.

This simply results in the loss of your jawline definition. Not only aging but, many times people don’t have a better jawline from the beginning. 

Thus, these days jawline sculpting demand is on peaks. Jawline sculpting has many options, from invasive (surgical) to non-invasive (non-surgical).

When it comes to facial improvement, people rarely prefer invasive treatment over simple injectables or fillers. 

Jaw fillers are dermal injectables (in gel form) which helps to reshape your jawline thus improving your facial definition. 

They not not only help with improving jawline definition but they can also make your neck slimmer. This adds to an overall stronger facial attraction.

Let’s turn over to the types of jawline fillers.

Best Jaw Fillers For Getting An Ideal Jawline

At present, the most widely used jaw filler to reshape jawline is Juvéderm® VOLUX and Restylane. They both are completely safe go-to options as they are FDA approved

Both are non-animal extracted HA (hyaluronic acid) filler. Thus, they both help in adding quality definition to your jaw. Let’s discuss them briefly.

1. Juvéderm® VOLUX 

Volux is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler which has brought an evolution in the field of dermal fillers. Juvéderm® VOLUX was launched at 17th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging World Congress (AMWC) by Allergan.

When asked, they stated that this product was specially created to restore facial volume. Since long, the non-invasive treatment for jaw and chin restoration were too limited. 

Juvéderm® VOLUX is capable of providing you with a jawline which is much tauter and well defined.

Cost of Juvéderm® VOLUX Jaw Filler

Before every treatment, it’s necessary to know the overall cost you need to pay so that you can prepare yourself.

The average cost of an injection is around $600. The cost may vary based on demographic and other factors. 

Now, how many injections do you need at a time? This question can only be answered by your surgeon. As it depends upon the level of sagging, fat and some other factors which are face specific.

How long do Volux Jaw Fillers last?

Juvederm Volux fillers last for around 12 months. After it you need to get another dose, if you want to see your jawline and chin the same as before. 

The results are seen immediately after you take the injection. So, the general expectation for this jaw filler is one dose a year.

2. Restylane Filler:

Restylane is not new to the field of dermal fillers. In fact this was the first stabilized HA filler developed in 1996. 

After its development, the innovation kept on improving and making products which focused on an individual’s needs rather than a group.

Till date, restylane has around 40 million happy patients. As decrease in facial volume and fat, descending of cheeks towards jawline and appearance of fine wrinkles on face are the problems people wanted to get rid of for a long time.

Restylane  is not only used for jaw filing but along with it, this also helps people with chin augmentation, refining lips, chin enhancement and also with nose bridge reshaping

Cost for Restylane Jaw Filler

Restylane costs slightly less than Volux Jaw filler. As per a medical facility, it says, the average cost for a restylane injection is around $300-$600.

Again, the number of injections you would require depends on your facial characteristics. 

How Long Do Restylane Fillers for Jaw Last?

The effect of restylane filler for your jawline definition enhancement typically lasts for around 6-18 months. It depends on the procedure and also your facial complexity.

Compared to Juvederm Volux, the time it takes to show the output/result is relatively longer. 

While Juvederm Volux shows the result immediately, restylane takes a few days to show the result. 

What Should You Expect?

Now, what result should you expect from jaw fillers? How realistic they appear? Are they worth it?

The answer is, results are highly satisfactory. Jaw fillers do really well at hiding double chin, saggy skin, and improving jawline definition. And of course, they make you look younger and worth your money.

But, if it’s your first time, it may take a few days for you to appreciate the final results. 

For men, they can expect a strong and chisel sharp jawline. Feels great!! Women can expect well-defined feminine features which are highly attention-grabbing.

Jaw Sculpting Procedure Using Filler

The procedure of jawline sculpting is nothing complicated. It’s simply an outpatient procedure which gets finished within 30 minutes for most of the cases.

You may even get it done on the same day of consultation. 

The jaw filler injections mostly have lidocaine, a chemical substance that decreases pain during a procedure. To lessen discomfort and pain your surgeon will also apply any numbing agent above your jaws. 

After it, jaw fillers get injected along your jawline using a needle. 

There’s no downtime for the process, so you can stick to your regular routine, the same day. It has always been a plus point of non-invasive treatment. Isn’t it?

Potential Complications With Jaw Fillers

Is jawline filler dangerous? What possible complications may arise with Jaw fillers? 

The above mentioned question always strikes our mind before we go for any new treatment. And they should be kept in mind before proceeding any step further. So, let’s get to know them.

Non-invasive treatments aren’t that risky, but at the same time never confuse it with risk-free. They too can lead to complications. 

Both Juvederm and Restylane carry different potential complications with them. So, let’s break them down in parts.

1. Juvederm Volux

Some basic side effects due to juvederm jaw fillers include: headache, swelling around the jawline area (site of injection), itching, pain, bruise and bump at the site.

The above mentioned complications were the one seen commonly. But the case isn’t always the same. In some cases (of course rare ones), the complication could be too critical. 

Some serious complications which may arise due to juvederm jaw fillers include: 

  • Numbness
  • anaphylaxis (an allergic reaction which has life threatening potential 
  • Changes in skin color
  • Necrosis (the stage when the cells of organs starts vanishing/dying)
  • Scarring

2. Restylane Jaw Filler

Common side effects include itchiness of jawline, redness in the area, swelling and bruising.

Serious risk (rare ones) which may arise during post surgery period include:

  • Hyperpigmentations (patches on skin)
  • Severe swelling
  • Infection in the region

Above mentioned were the possible complications which may occur after having jaw sculpting. Some conditions as you saw are even dreadful and much scary.

But keep in mind they are rare (like 1 from 10000 can face it). If you don’t have a bad medical history, then they simply might not be worth considering. 

Are you an Ideal Candidate for the procedure?

How to know whether you are fit for having jaw fillers or not?

Well, if you are above 18 and do not have any history of poor medical issues, then you are fit for it. But if you have a history of medical issue like:

  • Allergy to lidocaine or Hyaluronic Acid (present in both the jaw fillers)
  • Skin pigmentation disorder
  • Bleeding disorders (like prolonged bleeding) or
  • Scarring
  • then you shouldn’t get jaw fillers for yourself (especially Juvederm VOLUX). Still, if you are eager to get a high definition jawline, ask your surgeon. He will help you pick the best restylane product for your jaws. 

    Aftercare Tips For Smooth Recovery

    As you are aware now that redness, swelling, itching and mild pain are the common issues after jaw filling procedure. So what can you do for the same?

    Follow these tips, they will help you to get relief from them:

    1. Apply ice over the area.
    2. Cut down alcohol and smoking the following week.
    3. Avoid intense physical activity (which makes you tired within minutes).
    4. Last but not the least, avoid touching the area unnecessarily.
    5. Stay hydrated and practice stress reduction techniques.

    What Happens to Your Face When You Stop Getting Fillers?

    Fillers are temporary, and their effect would end after a year. So, the question which hits us is, what’s next? Are they going to ruin your face after a year?

    The answer is, jaw fillers never ruin your face even after its effective period gets over. They simply take back what they gave i.e. definition to your jawline.

    After the effective period of jaw fillers, your jaws, neck and chin return to their previous state (when you didn’t have jaw fillers).

    Do Jaw Fillers Help With Double Chin?

    Yes, jaw fillers can help to hide double chin. The main reason behind double chin is excessive fat in the chin and lack of jawline definition.

    Jaw fillers help overcome these issues, and helps you get rid of double chins to a greater extent.

    Final Thoughts

    Jaw fillers are a good go-to option as they are minimally invasive and don’t let much money go out of pocket. 

    They also help you play safe with your jaws as if anything goes wrong, it would be temporary. That’s all.

    Still stuck with something regarding jaw fillers? 

    Let us know by commenting down below. We will assist you with the best expert advice 🙂

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