Trim Down Club Review: Is Trim Down Membership Worth It?

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(Last Updated On: July 22, 2021)

Trim Down Club is a health company focused towards helping people to maintain good health and reduce weight.

In addition to nutrition advice from expert dietitians, you also get access to their tools, apps, start guide, personal menu planner as a part of their membership. Along with it, you receive expert calls for answers to your diet, nutrition, and fitness-related doubts.

Trim Down’s initiative may help you cut down the burden of having pills and powders for weight loss. With an extensive weekly menu and a wide array of tools to choose from, the Trim Down Club may also help you to save time on meal preparation.

This article takes an in-depth look at the Trim Down Club, reviewing how it works, how much it costs, and also helps you to decide whether to give a try to their program or not. Along with it, it also focuses on aspects like what downsides you may face with Trim Down, what their tool does, and few others.

Excited lets’ dive in.

What Is a Trim Down Club All About?

Trim Down Club is a weight loss program to trim extra pounds off your body so that you can live healthy and happy and most importantly feel better about yourself. The programme is membership-based and you get all the material on their website. The best part about the program is it’s developed by dietitians and nutritionists. 

The whole thing operates on their website, i.e. The program can also save your time as it provides you with a weekly menu, tools experts call, and research-based content. And, saves you from all the hard work.

They even encourage like-minded people to build their own community and help each other. This is the reason why they decided to call themselves a “CLUB”.

The company offers membership that provides a comprehensive suite of user-friendly tools and resources. Along with it, they share articles on free extra tips and tricks about TDC Diet, keto, intermittent fasting, diabetes, and many more.

To help you achieve your desired goal Trim Down has several add ons at their sites like tools, recipes for different times of the day, and public forums. You can say, they have a complete pack offer at a reasonable price. 

Dieticians and Nutritionist Faculty at Trim Down

Trim Down has a good collection of registered nutritionists at their site. Ossie Sharon, director nutritionist at Trim Down is a registered dietitian and has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of holistic nutrition.  

Lauren Richer, another registered dietitian and personal coach at Trim Down help members restore their body balance and customize their diets. 

The Trim Down Club Dietetics Faculty is something that is really impressive. As they are available for your service 24/7, in a community format. Even if you get nutrition or diet-related queries at 12 AM midnight, they are happy to serve you.

How Does Trim Down Club Work?

The working of the Trim Down Club weight loss program requires a simple three-step process.  They even feature these three steps on their homepage to maintain the transparency of their program and let you know how they work.

The three-step working includes:

  1. Customization of your meals based upon your lifestyle and taste of mouth.
  1. Providing fat-burning recipes collection which is nutritious, satisfying, delicious, and most importantly enjoyable rather than boring.
  1. The highest level of accurate nutrition advice from their registered dietitians in a practical way.

As you can see the process they have designed for their product to work for weight loss seems realistic. Along with these, they promise you to help eliminate each bad food in your diet with at least one good food. This way you can live your life without any hunger or deprivation.

The active Trim Down community and their experience help you keep inspired throughout your journey. That’s how everything at Trim Down works.

Benefits of Trim Down Club and Weight Loss

Trim down club boasts a massive library of accurate nutrition advice and educational articles which are presented to you in a clear and practical way. This makes it an exceptionally useful option in case you love expert advice for trimming extra calories, losing weight, and building endurance.

Pairing the advice with a healthy weekly meal routine adds to a more practical way to achieve your weight loss goals and stay energetic and healthier.

Trim down club provides you with apps that are helpful for you in their program, if you use their valuable apps it allows and helps you to create menu, stay motivated and track progress. 

Also, their community support helps you to guide and connect with health experts for solving your problems just to reach your weight loss goals.

If their program doesn’t work for you you don’t lose anything. As their program is backed by an unprecedented money-back guarantee. That’s why if you haven’t lost any weight within two months of joining their program, you can get a full refund.

Note: There’s no official recommendation for how long you should stay on the Trim down club program. But on their about page, they have a margin that within two months if you haven’t lost any weight, you can apply for a complete refund.

Because there’s such a wide selection of activities happening, the Trim Down Club program allows you to show it to your doctor or health professional.

Potential Downsides Of Trim Down Club

While the trim down club has many benefits to join, it also has quite a few downsides. So before joining their weight loss program, keep these downsides in your mind.

  • Once your membership is canceled you lose access to all resources and the entire library that you receive from Trim Down Club after joining it.
  • You have to prepare your own meals and snacks at home which could be frustrating for people who don’t have much time. And also for those who are in the habit of ordering meals rather than preparing them oftenly.
  • Though they have dietitians to help you on call, you don’t get a contact facility for availing refund.
  • Another downside could be they bombard your inbox with emails related to pills and supplements you can buy from third parties.
  • To lose weight you need to get committed throughout their program, in other words getting the desired results requires commitment.

Takeaway: The downsides faced by the majority of people with this program was getting their inboxes burdened with emails and email being the only option to contact while refunding.

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Does Trim Down Club Help You To Lose Weight?

The Trim Down Club program is designed to teach people to lose weight by reducing calories through their unique menu planner and healthier fat-burning recipes to create fat-loss meals.

While the Trim Down Club doesn’t provide options geared towards weight loss, it offers you detailed information on creating menus and meals on the weight loss resources & tools.

A study associated that individuals planning their meals are less likely to be overweight and improve their dietary quality. Also, research suggests that a variety of tools and strategies, info and advice incorporated into personalized eating patterns can facilitate weight loss management.

Their menu planner contains content like that to keep you checking your hormones balanced and also it contains content that they claim-free yourself from unwanted and dangerous fat that may help reduce weight loss.

Trim Down Club Recipes

You might have seen a recipe section at the Trim Down Club site if you ever gave a visit to it. So, what kind of recipes they offer to make, and how advantageous they are? Let’s brief up Trim Down’s recipes section. 

Trim Down provides several recipe options for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s available in forms like Soups, Salads, Condiments, Sauces, Keto, Seasonings, and Drinks. And the best part about them? You can access all of it without even becoming a part of their club. 

The recipes by Trim Down are arranged in the best possible manner. They let you know how much time it would take for its preparation, the difficulty level, and how healthy it is. Their recipe section also has an active comment section, where you get answers to your questions directly from experts even if you aren’t a member yet!

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Tools Provided By Trim Down Club

The Trim Down Club assists you with several tools which help make the process easier. They have a total of three tools – A Progress Meter, A Menu Planner, and a Diet Journal. 

  1. Progress Meter by Trim Down helps you track your progress every passing day. It allows you to set your weight loss goals and monitor your success level. Somewhat, this contributes to keeping your motivation up internally.\
  2. . The Menu Planner works like you got a nutritionist hired for yourself. You just need to pick up the foods you love eating and the menu planner will prepare a delicious weight loss meal capable of melting pounds away.
  3. The Diet Journal tool from Trim Down helps you select the best routine for your food and exercise. It gives you a handful of options to go with.

All Trim Down’s tools are in a software or app form which gets quite handy to use. Unfortunately, you can’t use these tools without becoming a part of their membership programme. Still, if you ever gave Trim Down a try their tools would be something you would miss even after you leave.

Membership Plan for Trim Down Club

The Trim Down’s Membership fee is $1.99 for the first month, which is barely nothing in front of what you receive. And from the next month onwards you need to pay $9.90 per month to keep your membership alive.

Is Trim Down Club Membership Worth The Costs?

With membership starting at just $1.99 for the first month, Trim Down Club could be an easy and affordable option to go with for reducing weight. Even though you don’t receive any form of supplement, the personal dietitian’s advice could really pay off.

It doesn’t let you rely on pills and supplements to accomplish your goal and their program mainly relies on an easy-to-follow diet and effectiveness.

So, obviously, the program may work for some while not for others. But, the best thing is Trim Down Club is more than just cutting calories and losing weight. It teaches you a healthy diet routine. Maybe losing weight takes longer for some people, but the process isn’t boring.

And the sum of the amount you invest as its membership is quite worthy for the diet manners and expert advice you receive. And, even if you don’t find the results satisfying, you may go for a refund. Their refund policy acts as a protection against your money.

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User Opinions on Trim Down Club

While many users had positive feedback for the Trim Down club, some didn’t feel much better about it. So we decided to break down users’ reviews on Trim Down Club into three parts. 

1. Who were positive about it and recommended you to go for it. 2. The average , who found something good but also faced some downsides. 3. The Negative Ones, who found Trim Down Club a waste of time and money.

Users Reviews Of Trim Down Club
Positive Review Of Trim Down Club Program
Users Reviews Of Trim Down Club
Average Review Of Trim Down Club Program
Users Reviews Of Trim Down Club
Negative Review Of Trim Down Club Program

The Takeaway From Trim Down Club Reviews

Trim Down Club might be a good option in case you want to rely upon yourself for losing weight rather than some unknown supplement brand. The advice from dietitians could be something you might love throughout the process. 

We don’t recommend buying everything they recommend but of course, choosing the recipe and tracking the progress is completely in your hands. The two-month refund policy by Trim Down Club saves you from feeling robbed in case you don’t find the program useful.

That was all from us for the Trim Down Club Review. Now we would learn to hear from you. What do you feel about Trim Down and its program? If you already have experienced it, we would love to hear about your experience.

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