Prosvent Review: Is It Safe And Effective For BPH?

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(Last Updated On: December 15, 2021)

Prosvent is a prostate health supplement that claims to help with prostate, urinary tract, and bladder conditions (like post-urination dribbling and frequent toilet visits).

As per reports, more than 80% of people above 70 experience prostate symptoms, namely Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). 

BPH is caused due to enlargement in size of the prostate gland leading to interrupted sleep, weak stream, and urgency. Prosvent offers a solution to these issues.

But, is Prosvent safe and effective? The Prosvent Review covers everything you should know before you give a shot to this prostate supplement. It discusses its ingredients, side effects, benefits, dosage, and a lot more.

With that being said, let’s dive in.

What is Prosvent?

Prosvent is a male dietary supplement that promises to help you with BPH symptoms within 30 days of its use.

The formula is mainly designed to boost up your prostate functioning and health.

This mainly helps to reduce the frequency and urgency of urination in men. Taking Prosvent can help empty your bladder completely and thus may reduce your number of bathroom trips.

Prosvent isn’t approved by the FDA, so it must not be used to prevent, treat, or diagnose any health condition. 

Prosvent Manufacturer

Thera Botanics manufactures Prosvent in an FDA-compliant facility. The formula is designed by Dr. Larry May who is a Harvard trainee. 

Prosvent has been in the market for the past 12 years. The company also manufactures several other products related to the brain, women’s health, and digestive health.

Separately, the Prosvent LLC is BBB accredited and has received an A+ rating by them.

How Does Prosvent Work?

Herbs and other nutrients Prosvent uses can promote normal health and functioning of your prostate. This in turn can help reduce urgency, and frequency of urination.

The ingredients in Prosvent also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can prevent prostate and other body part inflammation. Thus, it also supports overall health in men.

These factors help Prosvent to show results as early as within a month.

Ingredients In Prosvent

When it comes to evaluating Prosvent or any other supplements’ effectiveness, there can’t be anything better than going through its ingredients.

Prosvent says it uses ingredients whose claims have clinical evidence for prostate benefits. Well, most of the effective ingredients it uses are listed under its proprietary blend.

Thus, you don’t get to know the exact amount of dose used in it. 

Ingredients in Prosvent: Vitamin D3, Zinc, Lycopene, Beta-Sitosterol, Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin seed oil, Pygeum Bark Extract.

1. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 helps keep your bone strong by helping your body with phosphorus and calcium absorption. 

Deficiency of Vitamin D has been linked to several premature deaths due to ovarian, colon, breast, and even prostate cancer.

Increased intake of Vitamin D has been correlated with a decrease in the prevalence of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Same time it also helped decrease prostate volume. 

Overall, Vitamin D has positive benefits for prostate health, but the amount used during studies was much higher than that used in Prosvent. 

2. Zinc

A higher level of zinc is essential for your immune as well as your prostate health. Men with prostate cancer are found to have lower levels of zinc than normal.

Zinc helps prevent the growth and invasion of prostate cancer cells in the human body. 

You must also know, the concentration of zinc in prostate cells is higher than any other cell.

One study found lower levels of zinc are directly associated with increased risk of BPH. Thus, the importance of zinc for good prostate health can’t be disregarded.

3. Lycopene

Lycopene is a carotenoid mostly found in red vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, papaya, grapefruit, red carrot, and watermelon.

The compound is known for its antioxidant property. Getting lycopene through raw fruits may be more effective than supplements.

Lycopene supplementation has been studied to improve male fertility and general immunity. Also, it was able to increase viability and sperm count.

Research data also suggests lycopene circulation to have a direct association with decreased risk of prostate cancer. 

Thus, for prostate health lycopene could help but more studies are needed to determine its significance for BPH.

4. Beta-Sitosterol

Beta-Sitosterol is gaining popularity in recent years for its properties of alleviating enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms. It is also known for lowering cholesterol levels. 

A 2000 study on 519 men, showed beta-sitosterol to improve urinary flow measures and other urinary symptoms. 

Beta-sitosterol may not directly help with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), but it can help reduce symptoms of it.

Also, most studies conducted on Beta-Sitosterol are as old as 20 years. More recent studies are required to establish its benefits for prostate health and BPH.

5. Stinging Nettle

The anti-inflammatory property of nettle root has long been used to treat conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and gout. For prostate symptoms, this is even used by supplement brands like Vigor Labs.

Recently, stinging nettle is also gaining attention for helping with BPH symptoms like frequent urination, and reduced urinary flow. 

Also, during a clinical trial, nettle was shown to have better effects on patients with BPH than the placebo group.

In combination with other herbs like saw palmetto, stinging nettle can help with a wide variety of urinary issues. But it doesn’t help reduce the size of the enlarged prostate.

6. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is another ingredient that has widely been researched for urinary tract benefits and its role in BPH.

However, a 2006 study on 225 men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, saw palmetto did not show any improvement compared to placebo.

The men in the study were diagnosed with moderate-to-severe BPH conditions. 

A recent 2018 study concluded saw palmetto was safe and effective for mild to moderate conditions of BPH.

Overall, the results of studies for Saw Palmetto effectiveness are mixed. And, also the amount of dose used in Prosvent is far low to show results for BPH.

7. Pumpkin Seed Oil

The pumpkin seed oil is well known for improving cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels.

The pumpkin seed oil also supports urinary tract health, the reason why Prosvent uses it. Along with it, pumpkin oil may improve BPH. 

The study suggests, using pumpkin oil with saw palmetto in combination, could be a safe and effective alternative to BPH medications.

However, the amount of pumpkin seed oil and saw palmetto (320mg/day) used during the study appears to be far more than that used in Prosvent.

Beta-Sitosterol when taken by mouth may show adverse effects like diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion in some cases. You might have experienced it if you ever used a supplement containing Beta-sitosterol like Prostagenix.

Bottom Line:
The ingredients used in Prosvent have moderate clinical evidence for improving symptoms of BPH and prostate health. While some ingredients require longer clinical trials, the doses of ingredients used in Prosvent seem fairly low.

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Prosvent Benefits

The variety of herbs and nutrients provides Prosvent with some really good benefits for males. The benefits are mostly related to urinary conditions.

Benefits of Prosvent include:

  1. It can help regain uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Prosvent can provide your stronger streams.
  3. Reduces bathroom visits by reducing urination frequency. 
  4. Prosvent contains ingredients that support prostate health and function.
  5. It can help empty your bladder completely and thus prevent post urination dribbling.

Overall, the main benefit of Prosvent is, bringing your life back to normal by improving your urination pattern.

Prosvent Side Effects

The use of clinically researched ingredients in Prosvent prevents it from showing any common side effects. 

This is because when an ingredient is tested for its effectiveness, its safety is evaluated beforehand. Still, Prosvent may show some mild and uncommon side effects.

Some ingredients in Prosvent like Lycopene, Saw Palmetto, and Stinging nettle might show adverse effects like mild digestive issues. These could be dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, and headache.

Also, we consider what disappointed users have to say about the side effects of Prosvent. But, in this case, no one reported their conditions to become severe.

Though Prosvent is safe for most individuals, you must consult your healthcare provider before you plan on sticking to a supplement.

Dosage and Warnings

Prosvent comes in capsules or soft gels form. Each container of Prosvent contains 60 capsules. The effective dose of Prosvent is taking 1 capsule 2 times a day.

It should preferably be taken with your meal otherwise speak to your health specialist. 


Do not exceed the recommended dose of Prosvent. Also, if you are already taking drugs for BPH or any other condition, you must not take this supplement before you speak with your doctor.

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Where To Buy Prosvent And Its Cost

You can buy Prosvent through their official website as well as from Amazon. Buying from their official website gives you an advantage of a 1-month free trial.

You are only charged $9.95 for shipping and order processing. From the following month, they will charge $39.95/month for one bottle unless you cancel the subscription.

At Amazon, you need to pay $57.00 for each bottle (1 bottle lasts for a month). 

Considering the price, Prosvent could be an inexpensive option for BPH symptoms compared to a doctor visit. But, if the case is severe, visiting your doctor is a must.

Prosvent Customer Reviews

Considering people’s experience with a supplement could be a good option to some limit. Most online Prosvent reviews look positive, and people looked satisfied.

The official website doesn’t include any written customer reviews for Prosvent, though there are some in video form. 

Prosvent is rated 4.1/5 by 1500+ people on Amazon at present. Let’s listen to what good and bad they say about this stuff.

I absolutely love this supplement! With many of these types of prostate supplements, the key in this area is a decrease in the night time need to get up and urinate – urinating once through the night versus three times a night is the sign of a good product. Since taking Prosvent I have seen and felt a significant difference! I recommend this product to all who may be in need and will continue to use it myself! – Jonathan M


This did not work for me. I have been taking it for almost 30 days, but I am still frequently urinating. The product seller says they will return the item “no questions asked” . But I get a message “not eligible for return” – Naseer Babar

Note: The Prosvent reviews were picked from the supplement product page on Amazon.

Prosvent Review: Bottom Line

Is Prosvent worth your money? Definitely yes, as it offers a safe and effective solution for BPH symptoms. Also, most of the ingredients used in its formula have clinical evidence.

Again, with Prosvent or any other dietary prostate supplement, individual results may vary. But, to save you from loss, it does offer you a one-month trial and a 30-day refund policy. 

Prosvent is for you in case you are looking to deal with BPH without the use of medication and any surgery. 

Not all cases of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia are mild and moderate. If you find it severe, better discuss it with your healthcare provider.

That was all for Prosvent Prostate Health Supplement Review. Now we would love to listen what’s your take on this stuff. Ever used it? Did it help? Share your experience with us.

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