Prolessa Duo Review: Is the Herbalife Fat-Burner Legit Or Scam?

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(Last Updated On: February 3, 2022)

Prolessa Duo is a weight loss product that works by cutting your hunger and supporting fat reduction. Herbalife is the parent company of Prolessa Duo.

With time we saw several weight loss supplements, however very few were able to stand by their claims and promised benefits. 

This fact leads us to question the potential of Prolessa Duo too. Thus if you came across this supplement and are planning to give it a try, the Prolessa Duo review might be of great help.

In the review, we covered how the formula in Prolessa Duo works, its ingredients, users testimonials, and more. Besides, we also looked into the Prolessa Duo side effects to ensure its safety before you try.

Having said that, let’s dive right into it.

What Is Prolessa Duo?

Prolessa Duo is a 7-day weight loss formula designed to help you burn fat by reducing your craving and curbing your appetite.  

The dietary supplement helps support your weight loss program by dual-action strategy. The dual-action strategy is nothing but first, it controls hunger and then reduces fat. 

It can reduce fat with the use of linoleic acid in its fat burner. Other benefits of Prolessa Duo are attributed to the use of clinically tested ingredients in its formula.

The claims made by Prolessa Duo include:

  • Reduction of body fat.
  • Reduce calorie intake.
  • Stimulant-free fat burner.
  • Promotes a feeling of fullness
  • Prolonged satiety

However, the above claims can only be verified once you go through the formulation of Prolessa Duo and know how it works. 

Prolessa Duo Manufacturer

The fat burner, Prolessa Duo, is manufactured by the popular herbal supplement brand Herbalife. Besides fat burner, the company is also well known for its meal replacement protein, tea, and several other nutrition products.

Some popular products from the Herbalife International Of America are Herbalife Nutritional Shake mix, SKIN Collagen Beauty Booster, and Aloe Concentrate. 

The brand is well recognized all over the world and Herbalife is also a BBB accredited company. They claim themselves to be the number one brand in Meal Replacement Shakes.

Benefits Of Prolessa Duo

The key benefits Herbalife promises with this supplement are based on its clinically tested ingredients and with a unique blend of CLA, oats oils, and palm oils but remember they don’t provide any further details or insights in those clinical trials.

Here are some of the claims benefits of Prolessa Duo by the Herbalife:

  • The supplement contains CLA which helps in reducing/decreasing your body fats.
  • It promises to reduce calorie intake and provide a feeling of fullness with the help of the emulsion of palm and oats oils.
  • The manufacturer claims that the supplement is stimulant-free and contains only natural substances.
  • Ingredients in the Prolessa Duo help to fight you against overeating by keeping you full longer for better appetite control.

How Does It Work?

Prolessa Duo is basically a weight loss program that works on a dual-action formula. It involves first suppressing your appetite and reducing your body fat. 

The safflower oil-derived conjugated linoleic acid has been studied enough to provide weight loss effects in both humans as well animal subjects.

Palm oil and oat oil are two fatty acid oils used in Prolessa that can suppress your appetite and give a boost to your metabolism. 

These processes on a whole make Prolessa Duo an effective fat burner. However, the results on its use can vary from individual to individual.

Prolessa Duo Ingredients

The efficacy of any supplement is solely dependent on the ingredients it uses in the formula. Besides, using ingredients in the right amount is also an important factor.

The primary ingredient that you come across most often in Prolessa Duo is Linoleic Acid. It is derived from Safflower Oil. Palm Oil is also a key ingredient in Prolessa Duo.

The amount of ingredients hasn’t been disclosed on the supplement label by Prolessa Duo which is a little concerning. However, most weight loss supplements these days come the same way.

Even though there are more than 10 ingredients in Prolessa Duo, most of the benefits come from it’s 3 key ingredients. They include: 

1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid: 

The main ingredient that is allegedly promoted to help fat reduction in Prolessa Duo is Linoleic acid. The compound is derived from Safflower oil and can provide several health benefits.

Linoleic acid’s major role is to support your heart health. It can also reduce total cholesterol as well as LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Little evidence also suggests linoleic acid supplementation to regulate blood pressure and improve insulin sensitivity.

Now, the most important question is, does linoleic acid help reduce fat. As per a review of high-quality studies, conjugated linoleic acid was found to have modest effectiveness for reducing body fats in humans.

Overall, conjugated linoleic acid can have little weight loss benefits as per the evidence from different research. Thus, conjugated linoleic acid can have significant fat-reducing benefits in Prolessa Duo.

2. Palm Oil:

It is mainly used in Prolessa Duo due to its ability to increase your body’s metabolism and achieve your weight loss goals.

The manufacturers mention, Palm oil in combination with oat oil provides you a feeling of fullness and helps reduce your calorie intake. 

Palm oil can also prevent Vitamin A deficiency. Studies have found Palm oil to boost Vitamin A in both young children as well as adults.

Since palm oil is also high in antioxidants, it also protects your body from free radical damage, especially your brain.

However, there isn’t enough evidence backing palm oil use for reducing calorie intake which is of little concern. 

3. Oat Oil benefits: 

Oat is mainly known for providing benefits related to your skin as for people who have dermatitis oat oil can reduce inflammation and soothe inflammation.

But what role does it have in a fat burner like Prolessa Duo? Oat oil has a high concentration of omega fatty acids as well as antioxidants. 

Omega fatty acids can help you with weight loss since they can help increase your metabolism. This can increase the number of calories your body burns each day. 

Since oat oil is high in fiber this can promote greater satiety and promote a feeling of fullness.

Thus, the presence of oat oil can help Prolessa Duo promote satiety and improve your metabolism.

4. Other Ingredients:

Besides the above three key ingredients, it has Glucose Syrup, Silicon dioxide, Soy Lecithin, and Natural flavors. 

Glucose presence can provide your body and brain with a good amount of energy. Silicon dioxide has a protective role in Prolessa Duo, it protects it from clumping.

At the same time, you should know this supplement contains both soy and milk. Thus it isn’t soy-free or dairy-free.

Verdict on Ingredients

Prolessa does contain ingredients that are helpful at helping weight loss. However, studies related to the key ingredient are insufficient. 

It can help you see a significant effect in your weight loss journey when combined with the right amount of workouts and diet. The ingredient was also effective at suppressing your appetite and making providing prolonged satiety.

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Prolessa Duo Side Effects

The formula of Prolessa Duo is well balanced with natural ingredients and stimulant-free. There are very little to no reported side effects by its users and the ingredients constituent in it have no potential adverse side effects been observed.

But every individual body is different and their body responds to different manners to different doses of the supplement. And in the case of Prolessa Duo, they don’t mention a specific dosage of each ingredient in their proprietary blend.

Some minor side effects associated with it’s ingredients based on the available research or due to its overdose are discussed below.

  • You may experience side effects if you take CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) in larger amounts such as nausea, headaches, fatigue,upset stomach and diarrhea.
  • Palm oil present in Prolessa contains a type of fat that can increase your cholesterol levels. However, this too occurs when you take it in higher doses.
  • If you are allergic to soy and milk then you can experience some allergic reactions. Thus, if you are looking for a soy-free and dairy-free fat burner Prolessa Duo isn’t the right choice.
  • Finally, Prolessa Duo may lead to flatulence, indigestion and constipation.

Also it’s important to note that if you consume this supplement as directed or in addition to diet & exercise there is a less chance/ risk for you to experience these effects.

It’s recommended to speak/ask or discuss the dose with your healthcare provider. By doing this you are simply able to lower the dose of this supplement and discontinue it after the recommendation from the doctor.

Although Prolessa Duo doesn’t contain any banned ingredients if the symptoms or effects continue to prevail then immediately stop using the supplement and consult your practitioner.

So before starting any supplements never forget to talk/consult with your doctor.

Dosage And Warnings

Usually, adding 1 scoop (about 11 g) of Prolessa Duo is recommended as a standard dose to your favorite & other protein-based products such as milk or yogurt and mix it for an additional 5-10 seconds. 

Before adding 1 scoop the manufacturer suggests you gently shake the canister before each use. As hunger strikes, you can take Prolessa Duo one time per day this suppresses you to use the product once a day.

Each canister of Prolessa Duo contains 318 g of powder for a 30 day supply and you can ask or speak with your practitioner for the proper dosage according to your usage and issues. 


The warnings and directions aren’t mentioned on the back of the canister or written on the leaflet at the back of the box. But there are some basic warnings you should consider before taking any dietary supplement.

  1. Try not to exceed the suggested dose of the supplement without asking your doctor or health care provider.
  2. If you’re in certain medical conditions or taking medicine, talk with your doctor before starting to take it.
  3. If you experience any side effects, symptoms, reactions, or downfall in your health then immediately stop using the supplement and go to your doctor to avoid any serious complications.

Last but not least don’t hesitate to discuss anything with your healthcare provider regarding your health and this supplement to avoid any future tribulations.

Important Note: This supplement lacks certain vital ingredients which are necessary for burning fat. They include including amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and many others, as a result, this shows the nutritional value and quality of the supplement.

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Prolessa Duo Cost

The cost of the supplement on their official stores is around $30.45 for a 7-day program with a Net wt of 74.2g. 

On the other hand at Amazon US the same supplement with a 7-day program will cost you $35.99 and for the 30-day program, the price of the supplement goes up to $96.35.

The best place to order this dietary supplement is obviously their official stores but you can also purchase it from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Ubuy. At eBay, the supplement is currently sold out.

If you purchase the supplement from other online stores you will notice that the price of the supplement varies because the seller changes in the online stores.

So make sure you go through the reviews and seller section at any online stores for confirmation that the supplement you are purchasing is legit or original.

Prolessa Duo Reviews By Consumers

If you check on their official stores you will find that there is only pricing information available and no reviews and customer ratings are available. So we need to take reviews from Amazon only because no other retail stores like Walmart and ubuy.

At Amazon, you will discover that the supplement has got an excellent rating on both of their programs 7 days and 30-days. 

Most people claimed that the product works as advertised and some people have mixed opinions saying that it doesn’t work, taste and smell aren’t good, and product packaging/or manufacturing issues.

Let’s have a look at some positive and negative reviews from the real consumers from Amazon:

Shakira Torres says –  Yes it works but

“So for starters, I’m 23 years old, 5’7, and 160 lbs. Prolessa helped me a lot with cravings and did help me lose a lot of weight. Obviously, if you’re overly obese it’s going to take you some time to see results. No one wants to hear that, but it’s the truth. Yes, Herbalife works, but you have to work with it too. This means, don’t just take the shakes and eat whatever you want… NO, you should be eating healthy AND exercising (at least 30 minutes daily). Most of you guys don’t see results because you expect Herbalife to do all the work for you. My cousin lost 35 lbs in 3 months, but she worked out for at least an hour in the gym every day”

Erika Manuel says –  Finally found a product that really works 

“Appetite is completely under control,especially during the afternoon snack attacks.:-) This is a must try. I started with 7 day trial, since then have ordered monthly supply”

Krystal K says- 

Not a bad product if you’re looking to shed weight fast. Lost a full pants size in one week BUT I did experience horrible side effects. Bloating, gas, abdominal pain and Diarrhea. It was awful. If you can handle dying for a week it’s worth the pain. Pricey but if you sign up as a preferred member it’s cheaper.  – Krystal K.

Tammy says – Bad and old product 

“ It does nothing it Also taste horrible i don’t if the product I received was outdated because I had this before from the actual company”

Kar says – Shaddy seller

“ I’m not sure why the facts section has been cut out! So guess what! I’m returning it immediately! This is wrong on every level! I wish I could give 0 stars!!”

Prolessa Duo Review: The Verdict

As a fat burner, Prolessa Duo can be a good choice since its formula has the potential to provide benefits as claimed. Also, it is completely natural and cost-effective.

While navigating through user experience, we found most users found Prolessa Duo to work for them. Not just that, there even have been reports of seeing the results within a week.

Even though Prolessa Duo is free from stimulants, it isn’t soy-free and dairy-free. Thus, in case you are allergic to dairy and soy products, this isn’t for you.

Even though most people saw results using it, there were people not satisfied with their experience. So individual results are likely to vary. 

That was all for our Prolessa Duo review. Now we would love to listen to you. What do you think of it? We would be more than happy to listen to you.

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