Neuriva Review: Is It Effective And Improves Brain Function?

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(Last Updated On: March 11, 2022)

Neuriva is trending and one of the best-selling brain health supplements that are relatively new in the market. It improves your brain’s performance by fueling up 5 brain health indicators. The indicators are focus, memory, concentration, accuracy, and learning.

The brain health supplement neuriva can improve your cognitive skills and give the necessary boost needed to gain sharp focus.

The active ingredients used in Neuriva have some research to support the claims they make.

But you can’t trust a brain supplement blindly without researching its effectiveness and safety. The Neuriva review contains almost everything you must know about this brain booster supplement.

Further in this article, we will look into the effectiveness of Neuriva ingredients, the benefits Neuriva may provide, and what possible side effects could it have.

With that being said, let’s dive right in. 

What Is Neuriva?

Neuriva is a brain health supplement that claims to improve your memory, focus, reasoning, accuracy, learning, and concentration.

The dietary supplement comes in gummy form. Neuriva says their supplement has been scientifically proven for Memory Fueling and supports Neuron and Brain health.

Neurofactor and Sharp PS are the two main active ingredients used by Neuriva to show results.

It also contains Vitamin B6 and B12 along with folic acids for improving brain health. 

In addition to their supplement, Neuriva also has a Brain Gym App that helps to track your progress. The app contains games and exercises to train your brain.

Neuriva Manufacturer

Schiff Vitamins is the manufacturer of the brain health supplement Neuriva. The company has existed since 1936, as mentioned on their site.

Apart from Neuriva, Schiff Vitamins also manufactures omega-3, digestive, vitamins, and joint supplements.

The company doesn’t have a good record on the Better Business Bureau. Schiff manufactures its supplements in Salt Lake City, USA from where it is shipped across the world.

How Does Neuriva Work?

Many people experienced positive results like improved focus and cognitive function, using Neuriva. But, how does Neuriva work in the first place?

The active ingredients in Neuriva do most of the work.

Neurofactor, which is a coffee cherry extract, triggers the release of BDNF, a brain protein. BDNF promotes the health of your neurons and brain cells. This in turn helps your brain perform more efficiently.

Sharp PS, another active ingredient supports the declining health of your brain with aging. 

PS also facilitates communication between your brain cells which in turn may improve attention and focus.

This was how Nueuriva worked and helped thousands of individuals with their brain health and cognitive function improvement.

Ingredients In Neuriva

The effectiveness of brain-boosting formulas like Neuriva can be best evaluated by having a look at their ingredients label.

Neuriva contains two active ingredients namely Neurofactor Coffee Cherry Extract and Plant-Sourced PS (Phosphatidylserine). Apart from these active ingredients Neuriva also contains a few other ingredients.

Other Ingredients In Neuriva: Rice Bran, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Carrageenan, Hypromellose, Pectin, and Titanium Dioxide.

Now as you know what Neuriva contains, it’s time to look into the effectiveness of its active ingredients.

1. Neurofactor Coffee Cherry Extract

What is Neurofactor? Neurofactor is a natural extract of coffee cherry patented by a company called FutureCeuticals. 

The unique polyphenol profile of the Neurofactor has been studied to stimulate BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic factor) production. 

Now, what’s the role of BDNF in your brain? BDNF plays a key role in the growth and survival of your neurons. It also acts as a neurotransmitter modulator which is essential for learning and memory.

During a study, coffee fruit extract was found to enhance BDNF levels in the brain by 143%, and thus was found effective at BDNF modulation. There are other studies too that found the coffee cherry extract to increase BDNF.

The amount of extract used during the first study above was 100mg, the same amount used in Neuriva.

A 2021 study showed whole coffee cherry extract could be effective at preventing cognitive errors and providing sustained attention.

Overall, BDNF promotes the health of your neurons and brain cells. This can have a direct impact on your focus and attention improvement.

Thus, Neurofactor coffee cherry extract has enough clinical evidence to support your brain’s health for better functioning. 

2. Plant-Sourced Sharp PS (Phosphatidylserine)

The next active ingredient Neuriva uses is Plant Sourced Sharp PS. Sharp-PS is another patented ingredient of Phosphatidylserine (PS). 

PS covers and provides protection to your brain cells. It also promotes the sharpness of your mind and memory and acts as a message carrier between your brain cells.

The compound is also thought to have a key role in cell death or apoptosis.

A 2015 study on PS found it to support: cognitive function, the ability to learn and focus, short-term memory formation, and long-term memory consolidation.

The amount of PS your brain produces naturally decreases with age. Thus its supplementation might help recover your declining brain health with age.

Another 2010 study showed soybean-PS supplementation can resolve memory function complaints in elder persons. The phosphatidylserine Neuriva uses is also soy-derived.

Also, soy PS was considered a safe and comparable alternative to Bovine cortex PS.

Overall Phosphatidylserine is effective at improving memory function and improving attention, especially in aging individuals.

Verdict on Neuriva Ingredients

Neuriva contains two powerful ingredients which are effective at supporting brain health and promoting attention and focus.

The use of Neurofactor Coffee Cherry Extract can help improve your neurons and brain cells’ health. At the same time, PS can improve your cognitive functions like memory and learning with growing age.

Neuriva Benefits

The benefits of Neuriva are mostly related to improving your basic cognitive skills like focus and concentration. 

Neuriva Benefits includes:

  1. You may feel enhanced focus.
  2. Neuriva may improve your concentration while doing tasks.
  3. It is proven to support your brain health.
  4. With Neuriva, you may feel improvement in your learning ability.
  5. Neuriva can help improve your accuracy.
  6. Unlike Addall Xr, Neuriva is caffeine free which is good for people trying to cut caffeine.
  7. Neuriva is gluten-free, GMO-free, and completely vegan.

Overall Neuriva supports your brain health and can prevent memory loss that comes with age. And as every individual is different, results may vary.

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Neuriva Side Effects

The ingredients used in neuriva are in safe dosage and thus, there are no known side effects of Neuriva so far.

But the phosphatidylserine (PS) in neuriva is sourced from Soy. So if you are someone allergic to soy, simply avoid this supplement.

The individual ingredients of Neuriva used on patients during clinical trials showed that they were completely tolerable.

Also, higher doses of PS (generally more than 300mg) may result in an upset stomach and insomnia. In case you already suffer from any of the two issues, consult your doctor before use.

If you are on some medication already, neuriva interaction with your medicines might show some unknown side effects. So, in such cases do not take it without doctors’ advice.

Dosage and Warnings

The recommended dose of Neuriva is one capsule/gummy a day. The capsule must be taken before bedtime.

Those who have insomnia may take it during the day, to prevent your situation from getting worse.


There are a few warnings you should keep in mind about Neuriva.

  1. Neuriva is not meant for individuals or children under 18 years of age.
  2. Nursing or pregnant women must keep away from this.
  3. Do not exceed the recommended dose of Neuriva i.e. one capsule a day.

Where To Buy And Real Cost

Neuriva is available at both official websites as well as third-party retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, and a few others. So, you may buy Neuriva at either of these places.

Now how much does Neuriva cost? On their official website, Neuriva costs you $44.99 for 50 counts (capsule) which is less than $1 per capsule.

On Amazon, Neuriva costs you $34.99 for 30 capsules which are around $1.17/capsule. While, if you buy a pack of two it will cost you $63.58 for 60 capsules, which is still $1.06/capsule.

In addition, when you log in to the Schiff website, they apply an extra discount code. So, the decision is yours, you may buy it either from their official website or somewhere else.

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Neuriva Customer Review

After you have learned almost everything in the Neuriva review, it’s time to listen to what the consumers think about this stuff.

Looking at third-party customers’ reviews is always good for this purpose. As these can’t be manipulated like the ones they have on their official website.

The positive side of Neuriva reviews said it helped them feel more alert and gave them a better sense of well-being. While many said, Neuriva improved their memory recall power.

Some people who were disappointed with this brain supplement said, it didn’t suit and help them. Some felt foggy and gave up on this product. 

It’s time to directly listen to their words. The reviews will range from good to bad.

It does just what it says; plus the energy to do more. I got them because I’m starting school again after 15yrs. Gives me the motivation & memory that I need. – Crystal Hamblin

I’m a 59 yr old teacher and noticed that I was having problems recalling words during instruction. Since I talk for a living, I wanted to find something to combat this. Neuriva definitely helps with my word recall. My thoughts are clearer too. – Lisa Bijit

It’s all BOLONI!!! It doesn’t do anything. Make no difference whatsoever! These reviews must be paid for, there’s no other explanation. – M. Luca

I wanted to try this product to see if it will help me focus and think more clearly but it did no such thing, I felt groggy and spaced out for the 2 weeks I tried it and finally gave up. – Micaela

Neuriva Review: Bottom Line

Now let’s face the real deal. Is Neuriva worth a try? We would definitely say a yes. If you are someone who finds it hard to gain concentration and focus, give Neuriva a chance.

The use of clinically proven ingredients in Neuriva may help improve your focus, accuracy, learning, recall.

It’s even better because there are almost no known side effects/health issues with Neuriva. So, even if it doesn’t help, you won’t face a health risk. 

Also, as security, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you purchase it from Schiff’s Vitamins, Neuriva’s official website.

You may track or simply check your progress at the Neuriva Brain Gym app.

That was all for the Neuriva Review from us. Now we would love to turn to you. What’s your take on Neuriva? Do you think of giving it a try? Let us know.

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