Mutsu Patch Review: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2021)

The busy lives of working people have forced them to find an alternative to workouts for shedding some weight. For people who want or wish to try Weight loss patches that contain natural ingredients (just like the Mutsu patch) seem to be the perfect solution for these.

In fact, most of the manufacturers of these types of weight loss patches would make you feel or believe that their patches are a perfect spot for losing weight loss but there are much more things to consider while buying any weight loss patches. 

But are these Mutsu patches reliable? Do these patches really help you lose weight? Many people are still struggling to find an answer to it. That’s why in today’s section we gave an attempt to review the Mutsu patch and uncover the reality of these weight loss patches.

Excited to explore! Let’s dive in.

What are Weight loss Patches?  How do they work?

Weight-loss patches are kind of stickers that can be applied over the skin (like the navel in the case of the Mutsu patches) and help you lose or cut some extra weight.

These patches claim to make you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and preventing your body from absorbing carbohydrates. 

Now, how do these patches work? These patches are made of several weight loss herbal ingredients. They create an active delivery channel through the skin’s surface to supply these ingredients to your bloodstream. After these ingredients enter your body, each ingredient’s individual properties help you shed some weight. 

Mutsu Patch Overview

Mutsu patch is a premium weight loss patch solution that helps to cut the body fat cells by boosting metabolism. It also improves blood circulation by using natural ingredients like Japanese mint, Salicornia herbacea, and Essentials oils.

Mutsu patch contains 50 pcs if you prefer to buy 1 quantity of it. Mutsu patch is available in many parts of the world but recently due to Covid-19, their product is only available to the USA & UK.

Talking about the company profile they do not have any team behind these weight loss patches. Even they don’t have an About Us page where at least you can learn why, how the company started.

You can contact them from their contact us page and they have a refund policy applicable.

Although there is an FAQ page available on their official website. Here you can find answers to your queries in case of any issues you faced with their weight loss patch product.

What Ingredients Mutsu Patch Uses?

Ingredients of a weight loss patch decide its effectiveness to a larger extent. Let’s peep into the ingredients of Mutsu Patch and look at the effectiveness of each.

1. Japanese Mint (Shiso)

The first and the most predominant ingredient in Mutsu Patches is the Japanese Mint. It’s long been used for relief during digestive issues like gas, indigestion, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The presence of mint in Mutsu patches helps facilitate the absorption of nutrients actively into your body. And when your body starts assimilating nutrients properly automatically your metabolism starts to improve. 

Speaking of the side effects of Japanese mint, there has been little or no research on weight loss claims around Japanese mint. More research is still needed to prove its effectiveness in weight loss. 

2. Salicornia herbacea

The very next ingredient used in Mutsu patches after Japanese mint is Salicornia herbacea. Its extract is known to have antioxidative and skin-whitening properties.

A study on mice in the year 2015, showed Salicornia Herbacea to decrease weight gain and liver weight. Thus, its presence can help control your weight gain. In addition to this, the presence of Salicornia herbacea can help improve the sensitivity of your skin to other ingredients.

3. Essential Oils

Mutsu patch uses a number of essential oils. Essential oils have long been known to provide relief during nerve pain. 

Also, the essential oil can help you to lose weight but the main issue is, it isn’t safe to ingest them orally. You must dilute the essential oil with some carrier oil before its direct application to your skin. 

Thus, Mutsu patches can prove to be a good medium to supply them to your bloodstream and allow you to benefit from their weight loss properties.

Other ingredients of Mutsu patches include:

  • Hawthorn Berry.
  • Citrus Pericarpium 
  • Semen Paphani and Poria

Note: The product page of the Mutsu patch doesn’t have a clear-cut ingredient list, because weight loss patches aren’t regulated by FDA, and you won’t know exactly what you’re getting with their product.

That was all about the ingredient profile of Mutsu patches. Most of these ingredients’ side effects are not fully known due to a lack of research. So there’s very little we can confirm to use it for your weight loss program. 

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Mutsu Patch: Pros and Cons

Before we get into the details of do Mutsu patches help to lose weight, here’s a quick snapshot of the benefits of these patches. Along with benefits we also had an attempt to let you know its potential drawbacks.

Pros of Mutsu Patch

  1. It helps in increasing energy level and supports the blood circulation level of our body.
  2. It helps you to control the blood sugar level and thus this leads to feeling more active and strong throughout the day.
  3. It can help you to increase the metabolism rate by burning extra calories and also lowering the appetite level.
  4. Helps in maintaining the body weight and while using the patches you won’t feel any pains or aches.
  5. It may help to detoxify the entire body by generating good bacteria in your gut.

Cons of Mutsu Patch

  1. Using any weight loss patches may suppress the treatment of obesity-related disorders which can be treated by exercise, diet and medical treatment.
  2. Having the natural ingredients there is no guaranteed claim or proof that these weight loss patches are safe for use without having any side effects on our body.
  3. People who have sensitive skin may face skin irritation while using these patches.
  4. They do not have any scientific evidence or well designed clinical trials that show these ingredients are getting into the skin via patches.
  5. Using a weight loss patch in the initial days can give you mild headaches and nauseating feelings.

How to Use Mutsu Patch?

Weight loss patches, just like a Mutsu patch, are quite easy to use. They are as easy to use as a bandage over your skin. 

Here’s a simple step by step process to use the Mutsu weight loss patch:

Step: 0- Make sure your navel area is clean and dry before applying a Mutsu patch.

Step: 1- Take off the patch from its package into your hand.

Step: 2- Remove the upper part of the patch which prevents it from sticking to other places.

Step: 3- Apply the black dotted magnetic part to the center of your navel and press hard the rest of the patch area around your navel.

Using a Mutsu patch is as simple as that! Now, how many patches should you use, and for how long should you use them? 

You must use at least 4-5 patches in a week and leave every single patch for around 8 hours over the skin. 

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Can Mutsu Patches Help You Lose Weight?

Now let’s face the reality! Does a Mutsu patch or any weight loss patch really work? Looking at its reviews on the official site of Mutsu, people seem very unclear about their experience. 

Most of them are like, “I received it today, smells amazing, and hope it will work.” Nobody, by far we saw appreciating its benefits. So, there’s very little chance that mutsu would work for you. 

Surely, you may feel little change in your appetite and also your metabolism, but losing weight using a Mutsu patch is highly unexpected.

At the same time, these patches haven’t been clinically tested, and are sold under the category of dietary supplements. Hence, it may seem to show some placebo effect but the result wouldn’t really meet your expectation. 

Is Mutsu Patch Legit Or A Scam?

Many users have faced issues or problems regarding the security of their official website while ordering it. Some users have placed an order but didn’t receive the Mitsu patches and others have faced a delay of 2 months in receiving the product.

Mutsu company doesn’t have a good reputation from the consumer regarding their shipping issues or many other issues which their users have faced. Also, this company does not have a certified B rating as in the case of Your Superfoods. It is always a good decision as a consumer to double-check the pieces of information from their official site as it may change over time.

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Mutsu Patch Reviews: Final Verdict

Let’s have the final touch on the Mutsu patch review. Mutsu patch may improve your metabolism and bring a positive change in your appetite. But at the same time, you might not receive the expected result even after using this for long.

Now, we would love to listen to you. What’s your personal take on using Mutsu Patch? Have you ever used any weight loss patches? How was your experience? Do share your views with us using our discussion box below. 🙂

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