Itchy Teeth: 7 Potential Causes And Its Treatments

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(Last Updated On: July 11, 2021)

The very first query which your mind may struggle to find could be! Can there be anything like itchy teeth? Ya, itchy teeth issues occur.

Teeth itching is not that usual and common as other teeth issues but it does exist. In general itchy teeth are often much more disgusting than itching of other body parts (like head, hand, or back).

It’s because you can deal with itchy gum, hands, or back but you can’t literally scratch your teeth! Isn’t it? If someone can do it, let me know in the comments down below :D.

Let’s look at what all aspects of itchy teeth we will cover in this article.

Is Itchy Teeth Common?

I know itchy teeth, the term itself might sound weird for some but it’s a prevalent thing. And it is experienced by many dental patients.

So, if you are getting the feels of itching of teeth don’t hesitate, because it’s quite a common occurrence. All you need to do is identify the cause of your itchy teeth.

Because itching of teeth is something you can’t find a direct remedy for instant treatment. Thus, identifying the cause, in this case, becomes the topmost priority. Do not worry this article is going to help you with that.

Once the cause is identified you can accordingly take action to treat your itchy teeth. So let’s first dive in through causes for itchy teeth.

Itchy Teeth: Causes And Cure

When it comes to causes for itchy teeth, the list could really go longer. But we will only consider the more prevalent ones. Let’s have a look at potential causes of itchy teeth and their treatment options.

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1. Plaque Buildup on Teeth

The building up of plaque over teeth is also seen as a frequent cause of dental itchiness in children as well as adults. Plaque is a sticky film that accumulates over your teeth. Having soft milkshakes, soft drinks, cakes or candies frequently is the major cause for plaque buildup. 

Bacteria inside your mouth feed upon the plaque material releasing acid as a byproduct. This acid is the prime reason behind irritation and itchiness in teeth caused by plaque.


Luckily, this type of itchy teeth is most easy to treat. All you need to do is maintain clean oral hygiene. 

You can maintain cleanly oral hygiene following some basic tips that include:

  1. Brushing teeth at least once each day without fail.
  2. Flossing teeth after your meals.
  3. Having a regular dental checkup. (At least twice a year). That’s all.

2. Clenching Or Grinding Your Teeth Regularly

Many people are in a habit of clenching their teeth. Clenching as well as grinding of teeth also leads to dental itchiness. 

As per a 2011 study, clenching teeth (also referred to as bruxism) are found more in females than males. So, itchy teeth cases are certainly seen higher in females than males.


Bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching) is a common habit in people with more stress and anxiety. Most of the time symptoms are minor but sometimes facial pain, teeth itching, shortening in tooth lengths are seen.

If you feel your teeth are itchy because you lie into this group then you can follow some stress and anxiety reduction techniques. Some basic techniques include breath focusing, mindful meditation, yoga tai chi, and prayers.

3. Dental Work In Past Might Be Another Reason

Did you go through any dental work in the past like having fillers for your teeth or getting braces for them? If yes then this could also prove to be a potential reason behind the itchy-feel in your teeth.

This happens if your teeth have got a mild injury during the procedure. It is not a rare cause but a usual one. 


If this is the case for your dental irritation/itchiness, then you must consider revisiting your dentist to whom you gave the job. (Job could be anything: fixing braces, crowns, having jaw fillers, reshaping teeth, etc.)

Ask your dentist to check if your teeth have got mild damage during the procedure. And also mention that your teeth are itching. Surely he would fix it up. 🙂

4. Structural Damage of Teeth Can Also Give Itchy-Feel!

If you met with an accident recently involving your jaw and teeth, you may face teeth itching. As it is quite possible that the accident gave structural damage to your teeth. 

Most of us may probably guess it as a tooth pain occurrence, but initially, it’s just like an itchy tooth. The itching in teeth might go soon and if left untreated it may follow as a toothache.


If your teeth remain itchy for a long time, then it may give you a severe toothache not too long afterward. So, you must look for a dentist asap to have a look at the situation of your teeth after the situation.

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5. Gum Disease Or Gingivitis May Lead To Dental Itchiness

If you have itchy gums, sore gums, irritating gums or infection in your gum line can be a serious cause for your dental itchiness.

Though quite uncommon Gingivitis (development of plaque over your gums) can also lead to itchy teeth. During gingivitis, the build-up plaques can cause itching, swelling, redness, and even bleeding.

Gum disease can be caused due to using some specific brands of toothpaste, mouth cleanser, or even tobacco consumption. A recent 2019 study shows that consumption of electronic cigarettes or vapes has also increased the odds of gum disease.


If you feel your teeth itchiness is due to certain gum disease or gingivitis, look for a complete gum check-up. You can visit any dental clinic nearest to your home for the same.

6. Inflammation Of Dental Nerves and Blood Vessels

Our teeth have some specific nerves called dental nerves which are quite sensitive. Inflammation of these dental nerves due to any cause (like infection, trauma, or dental cavity), may cause potential itchiness in your teeth. This could be a serious cause for your teeth.


Mostly this case of dental itchiness is treated with the help of root canal therapy. This treatment is done to treat the pulp of a tooth inflamed by bacteria and protect the decontaminated tooth from further infection.

For root canal treatment too, you can visit a dentist of your choice who has a specialist in this field.

7. Foreign Object Between Tooth

Detection of foreign objects between your tooth can also be a potential cause for temporary tooth itchiness. This is an auto-generated response by your body to get rid of the foreign particle.

The foreign object is most commonly a food particle triggering itchiness.


Most of the time this kind of dental itchiness lasts for a day if you clean your teeth correctly. And still, if cleaning doesn’t help try flossing your teeth around the area.

The above method works most of the time still if it doesn’t help, it’s time to give a call to your dentist.

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The Bottom Line

Itchy teeth are normal and there’s least to feel strange if you get dental itchiness. 

Now we want to hear from you! Did this article help with resolving your itchy teeth? If yes, let us know your experience commenting below.

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