How To Use Selenite Crystals? 7 Ways To Exploit Benefits Of Selenite

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(Last Updated On: July 11, 2021)

Selenite crystals are capturing many headlines due to its healing, cleansing, and forgiveness qualities. These crystals are even believed to carry some spiritual benefits with them. 

A study conducted by NCBI on people who believed in practicing spirituality, prayer, and meditation showed, “These people tend to have an increase in positive relationships and are less likely to generate separation in them.”

In fact, even Carol Boote, certified meditation leader, and crystal healer declared that selenite crystals have great healing properties for the mind and soul.  But the part where most folks get stuck is, how to use selenite and harness its potential?

This article leads you through all the possible ways you can benefit from selenite crystals. The Best Part? All of these ways have their unique benefits and are working great even in 2021.

Excited to explore selenite! Let’s dive in.

What are Selenite Crystals? And What are They Made Up Of?

Selenite crystals are water-infused stones and a habit variety of Gypsum, a mineral used much often, with an Earthy-Dull and clay-like texture. These crystals are used since the 15th century and have no visible crystalline affinity. Selenites rods attract the energy of positivity and light. 

These selenite crystals are made up of calcium sulfate dihydrate which has a chemical formula CaSO4.2H20. Crystal healing experts recommend selenite to a must-have a component in your energy toolkit. These stones do not need any recharge and thus operate with the same intensity and high-vibe always. 

Selenite crystal’s power can be imagined with the fact that oftentimes they are used to recharge and cleanse other crystals.

Selenite Crystal Benefits

Some potential benefits selenite crystals are believed to carry include:

  • Using selenite crystals can help you provide mental peace by replacing negative thoughts and energy with positive ones.
  • It could help provide a happy environment around your home. These crystals achieve it by raising the vibrations inside your home and spreading positive energy throughout.
  • Selenite crystals can help clean and purify your jewelry items.
  • These crystals may help clean blockage within specific parts of your body where you feel soreness or weakness.
  • Selenite crystals may increase your focus level and meditation powder.

How To Use Selenite Properties?

Let’s come to the main point. How to use selenite crystals, if you already have them? There are few very simple ways to enjoy each of the selenite benefits mentioned above. 

Here’s the step-by-step process.

1. Crystal Healing

Crystal healing as the name suggests that selenite crystal is used to heal your body, mind, and soul, etc. It is one of the most straightforward steps you can follow right now to get started with selenite.

Steps to Use:

Step 1: Sit down on a mattress and hold a piece of selenite in your hand.

Step 2: Now close your eyes and focus on your mind, remember not to focus on thoughts just focus on mind, just like when you are meditating.

Step 3: Take a deep breath and slowly release it. Do it for around 15-20 minutes.

Step 4: Practice it every morning for remarkable results.

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2. Auric Field Cleansing

To understand aura cleansing, first, you’ll need to know what the terms mean. So, what’s Aura

Aura is the energy field that surrounds your body and this energy field develops from your emotions, health, and circumstances throughout your surroundings.

And cleansing, you all must be familiar with the word cleansing, it simply means to remove or to make things clean. 

Steps to Use:

Step 1: You will need a small selenite wand to practice this step. First of all, you need to use the small selenite wand over your head.

Step 2: Secondly, hold the selenite wand about five inches from your body and slowly lead the crystal down to your body.

Step 3: You will notice a slight positive change in your auric field once you are regular for some days.

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3. Raising Vibration Of Your Home

Selenite crystal not only helps you on the individual level to cleanse energy. But they even carry the potential to benefit your family and home surroundings too. Selenite crystals achieve it by increasing waves within your space or area.

Steps to Use:

Step 1: Place selenite crystals in the four corners of your home. Here, you should not consider or care about the size or shape of the crystals.

Step 2: You need to visualize an invisible line connecting four crystals. By doing this, you will feel a spiritual bonding in your home.

Step 3: Hold a Selenite crystal in your hand too. Walk to the middle of your room or home and close your eyes and imagine a light beam connecting each corner.  

Step 4: After following the third step, you have to place the selenite crystals in your next window. By doing this you may receive additional benefits

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4. Cleaning And Purifying Your Jewelry

Cleaning Jewellery Items Using Selenite

Selenite works as an excellent tool when it comes to cleaning jewelry and making them pure. They even help you gain forgiveness of your mind and help you move forward in your life.

Let’s see how.

Steps to Use:

Step 0: This step notably works best if you have (or using) moonlight jewelry or sage bracelets.  

Step 1: Take a piece of selenite crystal before going to bed.  

Step 2: Now, place these selenite stones in a place where you usually store your jewelry. Do this every day for over 4 to 6 hours a day.

Step 3: You may notice the results within a week of doing this.

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5. Clearing Blockage Within Your Body

Selenite is the # 1 crystal for removing the blockages in your specific part of your body. The blockage could be of any kind including headaches, removing negative energy, mind, and self-limitation.

Steps to Use:

Step 0: To enjoy this benefit from, you will need a selenite wand with one side in the shape of a triangle.

Step 1: Wrap this wand around a specific area of your body.

Step 2: Leave the specific area for about 20 – 30 minutes to get the result 

Step 3: Now, notice the difference in your specific part of the body.

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If you do not have a habit of doing meditation every day then selenite will help you to add a new habit to your routine.

6. Increasing Focus And Meditation Power

The habit is mediating, and we all know that doing mediation on a daily or weekly basis holds (or has) its particular benefits.

The second use of these crystals is that if you start using them for a while at the time of meditation they will support your body to connect through your spirit.

Let’s have a look at what benefits this crystal will provide during your meditation process.

Steps to Use:

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable chair so that your feet can reach or have access to the floor or ground of your room.

Step 2: Gather a bunch of selenite mini cubes of rectangles shape.

Step 3: Deposit a bunch of mini selenite cubes under your feet and close your eyes. You will slowly start feeling a deep connection with your spirit.

Step 4: Follow all these 3 steps given above each day to notice a remarkable improvement in your mental state.

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7. Selenite Space Clearing

What is space clearing? Space clearing is defined as removing or clear energy from your room or within your spaces.

By practice, space clearing will give you an additional benefit to your yoga room or mediation space

Steps to Use:

Step 0: For this everything you need is, a selenite candle holder.

Step 1: Light a candle in your room.

Step 2: Place a selenite candle holder in the center of your room or around the window sills. It helps to maintain a positive living environment within your spaces.

Step 3: Also, place a candle holder in the center of your room or around your window sills to maximize positivity in your space.

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Why Only Selenite Crystal? 

For centuries, people have been hungry for correlations between religious power and spirituality. And not only selenites but many different crystals surprise humans with their powerful powers.

Many researchers found that people used to give much more priority to healing by themselves than giving someone else credit for the same. 

It’s completely acceptable that you may not know about the benefit these crystals carry with them. 

Selenite crystals help you to shift the energy index from negative (like physical and emotional) to positive along with carrying healing properties to heal your mind, soul, and body.  

Side Note: Besides these benefits, you also need to keep in mind that there’s no scientific evidence backing these benefits from selenite crystals. These are popular beliefs and can differ from individual to individual.

The Bottom Line

Selenite crystal is a calming stone that can be helpful in many ways starting from increasing your focus and meditation power to raising positive vibrations within your home. Also, there is no doubt that these powerful crystals or stones can bring a significant change to your quality of life.

A simple way to use selenite is to place it over your space, chakra or any body part you want to feel its benefits. It will help clear the blockage and clean the negative energy of that specific space.

Now we would love to listen to you! Which benefit do you think you want to feel first? And, which fact about selenite you liked or loved the most? Let us know this by commenting down below. 🙂

FAQs on Selenite Crystals

What are selenite crystals used for?

Selenite crystals are widely used for mental healing, body cleansing, purifying your jewelry, and raising the vibration of your home.

Where do I get selenite crystals?

You can get selenite crystals from popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Etsy and check out crystals is real by seeing pictures or by reading reviews of that specific product.

Is selenite good for manifesting?

Yes, selenite is good for manifestations because as you know that selenite is energy cleanse the crystal, and if you add it to your bag then it will keep things moving like a charcoal cleanser.

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